Great Links: ‘Drag Race’ Does Star Trek, Picardo Recreates Pon Farr Opera, And JJ Trek On ‘Simpsons’

This week there has been a lot of bits of Star Trek out in the zeitgeist so it’s time to bring back The Great Links, where we share some of these fun moments of Star Trek from across the web and beyond.

Drag Trek

The stars of the VH1 hit RuPaul’s Drag Race are doing their part to promote the launch of Paramount+. This week they released a series of photos with the top queens from the show “rocking out some of the more iconic looks from TV series, news outlets and films featured on the platform.” Jackie Cox, who is a genuine Star Trek fan and cosplayer, chose Number One from the “The Cage,” and the upcoming series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Jackie Cox as Number One

The release also included this quote from Jackie:

“Since the 1960s, Star Trek has broken down boundaries and shown us a future where everyone belongs. As a Drag Queen, the female characters of Star Trek have continued to inspire me, from Uhura, to Troi, to Janeway, to Burnham. Created for the first pilot of Star Trek, the character “Number One” was a woman ahead of her time as the smart, capable, and commanding first officer of the Starship Enterprise. Originally played by “the first lady of Star Trek,” Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, this character will finally get her full story told when Rebecca Romijn takes the reins on the upcoming Paramount+ show, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.” — Jackie Cox

Jackie Cox as Number One

Anson honors the “real lead”

Speaking of Strange New Worlds, there was a lot of buzz with the announcement of five new cast members, but star Anson Mount took to Twitter to humbly point to the original USS Enterprise as the “true lead of our show,” showing again how much of a real fan he is and how excited he is about the show.

Enterprise over Mexico

Returning to the subject of the launch of Paramount+, they went all out with the Latin America launch in Mexico City. Paramount held a dramatic drone light show over the night sky in Mexico City, which included many elements from their various shows and movies. The event started off with the USS Enterprise and a voice-over from Star Trek Beyond. TrekMovie shared a clip of this moment on Twitter which you can see below.

Star Trek and Abrams flares on The Simpsons

Last Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons (“Do PizzaBots Dream of Electric Guitars“) featured a storyline where Homer tried to get Star Trek producer/director J.J. Abrams to stop doing a reboot movie featuring beloved characters from his childhood. Abrams appeared in the episode voicing himself, and the episode poked fun at his many reboots and lens flares, as you can see from this clip.

In the episode, Bart and Lisa sneak into Bad Robot headquarters where they were thwarted by a guard in Starfleet uniform.

From The Simpsons “Do Pizza Bots Dream of Electric Guitars”

Pon Farr al Fesco

Last year we reported on how Star Trek: Voyager star Robert Picardo had started recording videos of himself in the woods recreating moments from the series. This week he released a new “Tecnhobabble al Fresco” performing opera from the episode “Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy” where The Doctor turned “La donna è mobile” into an aria about Tuvok’s Pon Farr.

Mulgrew approves of Janeway class

Speaking of Voyager, a few weeks ago we reported on the new Janeway Class ship in Star Trek Online, which got the notice of star Kate Mulgrew. She took to Twitter to give the ship her blessing.

Random Trek of the week: Tom Petty on the bridge

This week the Twitter account of the late Tom Petty shared an image of the singer on the bridge of the TOS movie era USS Enterprise from 1989. It’s not entirely clear, but it is likely from the Star Trek Adventure attraction from the Universal Studios Tour.


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Thanks for sharing me! Big fan of this site! Also, if you check out my latest episode of my Podcast “It Do Take Nerd” I chat with Anthony Rapp who revealed he gets to have scenes with a cast member of Disco he has yet to work much with coming up in Season 4!

Thanks for dropping in Jackie. We will check it out

Big fan of both Trek and you! I felt they should have edited last season so you made top 4. Any chance you’ll perform in San Diego anytime soon?

hopefully later this year!

Let me know when tickets go on sale, because Id love to see you perform and maybe compare notes with a fellow community activist.

Awesome cosplay. Great choice.

I hate when The Simpsons drops in guest stars to play themselves and they basically just suck up to them.

Yeah. The episode was weird, but entertaining enough until they revealed that Hermann sold the robot to JJ Abrams. After that, the whole episode was just about JJ.

LOL I love Robert Picardo so much! That song is so classic now and comes from a great episode!

And get him a spot on Picard already. We need a Doctor-Seven reunion!!


Gotta love Anson Mount for recognising the Big E as a character. He is one of the few green shoots in the past decade of Trek.

A toast to The Simpsons. Eight good seasons and counting.

Ha. I’m somehow comforted that it’s still on, but I haven’t watched it regularly since the mid-‘90s.

Am I missing anything?

I don’t think so. Once in awhile it can still impress, and every episode has a chuckle or two, but it’s the very definition of a tired show. The 700th(!) episode was so uninspired.

IMO Bob’s Burgers is easily the creative high point of Fox’s animation night now.

That Tom Petty shot is cool and all, but I am more interested in the set. When I went to Universal Studios Orlando in 1993, they had the Star Trek Adventure attraction where you could be in a Star Trek mini-movie with the original actors from the show. However, it only had the helm and captain’s chair in front of a blue screen. (IT was very fun to do and “act” with the original cast). But I wonder if this set is from Universal Studios in California? Maybe they didn’t have to do as much blue screen stuff?

Universal Hollywood did have the Bridge, I went to the Star Trek Adventure every time I went there as a kid.