Exclusive: Watch William Shatner Impressionists Maurice LaMarche And Kevin Pollak Honor His 90th Birthday

In 2009, famed voice artist Maurice LaMarche declared March 22nd “Talk Like William Shatner Day” in honor of Shatner’s birthday. In 2010, actor and comedian Kevin Pollak joined him in celebrating the day with dueling Shatner impersonations. Now, 11 years later, they have reunited to pay tribute to the man that launched a thousand impersonations.

LaMarche and Pollak celebrate Shatner’s 90th

Maurice LaMarche (Animaniacs, Futurama) and Kevin Pollak (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) are both big fans of William Shatner, and both have done impressions of him professionally, with LaMarche doing the voice of Shatner (or Shatner-esque characters) in animation, and Pollak making impersonating Shatner a big part of his stand-up career. They do their impressions out of love, and working with TrekMovie, they reunited today on Zoom to talk about Bill, and of course, they also talked like Bill too. Enjoy.

More from LaMarche and Pollak

Here is the 2009 video of LaMarche declaring March 22nd as Talk Like William Shatner Day, with some tips on how to talk like Bill.

And in 2010, he got together with Pollak for dueling Shatners.

Here is LaMarche doing his Shatner (actually “Willie Slackmer”) on The Animaniacs in “Karaoke Dokie” in 1994.

And here is Kevin Pollak doing Shatner as part of his stand-up comedy in 1988.

Find more William Shatner at TrekMovie.com.

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You could say this video left an impression on all of us!

Check out Bill Nye the Science Guy — yes, the one and only — doing Shatner in 1989 on Almost Live!, the beloved Seattle sketch comedy show where he got his start:

Pause-nea is no joke.

You could say it was a pause for the cause.

You know what’s sad with that stand up Kevin Pollack clip? I remember watching that whole thing LIVE lol. I feel sooooo old! But man I remember how I much I laughed when I first saw it. Still holds up pretty well too.

I’m sure the laughing was over for Pollak once he finally saw Star Trek V though. :(