The Shuttle Pod Crew Celebrates William Shatner’s 90th Birthday

Today, March 22nd, is William Shatner’s 90th birthday and TrekMovie kicks off our celebration of the occasion with a special happy birthday podcast celebrating the legend!

To honor the birthday of our dear Captain Kirk, Brian, Jared, and Laurie share their favorite William Shatner stories and moments, whether he’s out there hopping galaxies or pushing


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Happy birthday, Captain Kirk! Spock himself called you a “superlative starship commander,” and we all know the galaxy is safer with you watching over it.

Oh, and a happy birthday to Mr. Shatner, as well. :-) Still impressive after all these years!

Happy birthday to William Shatner!!! His work I know had a positive impact on my life, all the best to you and your family.

HAPPY 90TH BIRTHDAY to Mr. William Shatner!!

A truly unique individual. He still always seems to have so much energy and enthusiasm! Quite remarkable with 9 decades behind him now! Hope he fully enjoys whatever celebrations he has planned!

I grew up in a different era, so TOS was not my introduction to Star Trek, but the dynamic between the ‘big 3’ is one of the main reasons I’ve since been able to enjoy it as much as I have. Shatner is obviously a HUGE part of that.

I think he was a GREAT lead for TOS and think you’re quite right about how the iconic character of Spock was able to develop so well precisely because of playing opposite Shatner’s Kirk.

Interesting thoughts about GEN too. Will perhaps always be a case of ‘what might have been’ that film, but I also really enjoy that Nexus meeting between Kirk and Picard. Shatner really shines there.

Away from Star Trek, I definitely enjoyed his role as the Big Giant Head in 3rd Rock too – Shatner at his exuberant best!! Thanks for giving that a mention :)

Many Happy Returns!!

‘i saw something on the wing of my plane!’
‘so did I!’

Yes! That’s a great line! Lol.

Had been trying to decide between a rewatch on THE WIRE or TWIN PEAKS when I next come up for air, but now I’ve got to throw BOSTON LEGAL into the mix, too.

Will probably rewatch THE INTRUDER again too, which I think is still his best role, in terms of a character demanding Shat’s full range, instead of Shatner injecting his full range into roles that didn’t necessarily call for all that jazz.

If I make it to 90, I hope that I have the verve of William Shatner. Happy Birthday to him.

If you want to know how to age gracefully this is how you do it. He’s done his best work over the past 25 years and has never slowed down.

A very Happy Birthday to Mr. Shatner!

Hey happy birthday to Mr. Shatner he is an iconic person now at age 90.I must say he truly entertained us over the star trek years. Great job live long and prosper.

Thank you Shuttle Pod Crew, I enjoyed that.

All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer me by

Happy 90th Birthday William Shatner!
The Greatest Captain in Star Trek History, a True American Legend and an inspiration for generations yet to come.
May we all live as long and prosper as much as you have.

He’s Canadian.

I’m Italian, we both live in America, what’s your point?
Oh. no point.

Happy Birthday William Shatner!

Man it’s crazy he’s now 90. I’m half my age and yet he’s waaaaay more active than me lol. He created one of the most celebrated and iconic characters in popular culture over fifty years ago now and it’s great to see he’s still working and creating even today!

Uh, I’m half his age, not half mine. ;D

We are talking Star Trek, so with all of the time loops and wormholes and what not, it is possible that you could be half your age, at least in some timelines…

Tiger2, I had half a mind to point that out! :>)

How could you leave out any mention of Mr.. Shatner’s illustrious musical career? From Mr. Tambourine Man and Rocket Man to the the legitimately great Has Been album…

I was thinking that after we recorded! We could’ve done a whole podcast episode just on that.

Here’s to him somehow managing to grab another 90!

He announced he’ll be preserved for posterity as part of an interactive, A.I.-assisted video program, similar to that of Professor Brian O’Blivion.

The Canadian connection again, as VIDEODROME was made up there. Wonder if Cronenberg ever thought about him for Patrick McGoohan’s role in SCANNERS?

I don’t care what anyone (other than kmart) says about ST:TFF, it is flat out, hands down, the most entertaining out of ALL of the ST movies! Y’all can put that in yer pipe and smoke it! =D

He’s inspirational on so many levels, and has had and continues to have a great influence on my life – all the best to The Captain.


Thanks folks for another entertaining podcast! As someone who has never had a chance to go to a ST convention, I really enjoyed hearing everyone’s stories about Mr Shatner’s energy and enthusiasm at those celebrations. Makes me really want to attend one before it’s too late.

Favourite Non-ST appearance: The Barbary Coast TV series. This was a fun show about spies in the 1800s that totally reminded me of Wild Wild West. Wished it had lasted more than one season. He still had Kirk looks but he often donned disguises!

Favourite ST moments: All of Kirk’s interactions with Harry Mudd and bots on I, Mudd, when he’s getting nervous about not getting transported off the Constellation while flying it into The Doomsday Machine, in The Enemy Within, Shatner really is menacing as evil Kirk when he assaults Rand in her quarters. I was really happy to hear you folks vocalize the fact Kirk was never the caricature he’s made out to be.

Favourite Kirk-fu move: I have always liked the body slam like when he dives sideways to take out two of the white-helmeted machine gun cops in Patterns of Force.

Looking forward to the next pod!

Wow. That was a great podcast. Thanks Brian, Jared and Laurie. Absolutely loved the discussion. As you said at the end “nobody does it better”.