Watch: Anson Mount As An Assassin With Anthony Hopkins In Trailer For ‘The Virtuoso’

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is its second month of production, so it will be a while until we see Anson Mount as Captain Pike of the USS Enterprise. In the meantime, you can check Anson out in an entirely different kind of role. We also have an update on what other Star Trek celebrities are up to, including a first look at Sonequa Martin-Green in the new Space Jam movie.

Anson Mount in The Virtuoso

Anson Mount stars in The Virtuoso, a noir thriller where he plays the titular “Virtuoso,” the code name of a professional killer described as a “ruthless rogue-seeking redemption.” The film finds Mount’s hit man accepting an assignment from his mentor, played by Oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins, who sends him to a small town tasked with figuring out who his target is based only on a cryptic clue.

Describing the role, Mount tells IGN, “The protagonist is a killer, a good one, one who perhaps comes from a line of killers, possibly even sociopaths. But there is something in this man that is able to step back, reconsider his lot in life, and determine that he is not defined by his lineage nor his previous actions. Maybe this is his virtuosity.”

The Virtuoso arrives on April 30th in select theaters and video on demand.

First look at Sonequa Martin-Green in Space Jam 2

In between seasons of Star Trek: Discovery, star Sonequa Martin-Green starred alongside LeBron James (and Bugs Bunny) in Space Jam: A New Legacy, the follow-up to the 1996 live-action/animation Looney Tunes basketball movie Space Jam. Martin-Green plays Kamiyah, LeBron’s wife, and speaking to EW Martin-Green stressed “What I really love about this character is it’s not some peripheral wife. That’s another thing that really piqued my interest, that it’s not just this wife that is on the outskirts, or in the background, just taking up space or whatever. She’s the matriarch and really keeps the family going, and it’s reflected in the story.”

Sonequa Martin-Green in Space Jam: A New Legacy (EW/Warner Bros.)

Space Jam: A New Legacy arrives in theaters on July 16.

Michelle Yeoh on set for Avatar 3

Michelle Yeoh jumped out of the 32 century and Star Trek: Discovery, setting up a potential new Section 31 series for Paramount+. In the meantime, she is keeping busy. Last week she was spotted on the set of Avatar 3, with director James Cameron, via producer Jon Landau’s Instagram.


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Cameron has already finished the live-action and motion-capture production on Avatar 2, which is currently in post-production. Michelle Yeoh plays human scientist Dr. Karina Mogue in both films, which will also feature the return of Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana as the Na’vi princess Neytiri. Avatar 2 is due in theaters on Christmas 2022, with Avatar 3 following two years later.

See Doug Jones as the Riddler in Batman fan film

Season three of Discovery featured Doug Jones without makeup, playing a human version of Saru. Getting to perform out of makeup is a special treat for the actor who is so often cast for prosthetics work. Jones is also proud of a brief prosthetics-free role he played in the popular new fan film Batman: Dying is Easy, where he plays The Riddler. You can check that out on YouTube where it has racked up over 4.5 million views in just a couple of weeks.

Star Trek luminaires in demand

Here is the latest news on some other Star Trek stars and creatives…

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The trailer for The Virtuoso is very compelling. I hope to be able to see it somewhere.

As an aside, Anson Monet’s face makeup looks so much more natural for this cinematic feature than it did for Discovery S2. Somehow the makeup team in Toronto needs to adjust the craft for HD and RED. We’re still seeing a lot of dry looking pancake on actors who don’t need it.

I’d never seen Anson Mount before he was cast in Discovery, and when his casting for that show was announced, I saw his picture and thought, “Surely someone who looks like THAT would be a household name if he could actually ACT, so he must be terrible.”

Of course, we all know how wrong I was. :-) I’m hoping Mr. Mount will become a household name any day now… :-D

Not sure what your taste in TV shows is (apart from Star Trek obviously) but you might want to check out ‘Hell on Wheels’.

It’s a post-Civil War drama which focuses on the construction of the US’ first transcontinental railroad.

It ran for 5 seasons and Anson Mount plays the lead (with a very different look to Pike). It’s well worth a watch IMO. Colm Meaney also stars.

I don’t watch much TV aside from Star Trek, but thanks for the recommendation; I’ll bear it in mind.

Loved Hell on Wheels, about to watch the entire show again.

Oh, Anson Mount can act all right. My only concern is about the Director. There is a big gap of years between the few movies he’s done. Long stretches. Also, judging by the trailer, his directing style can only be described as “pedestrian”.

At this rate, we’ll probably see Michelle Yeoh in Avatar 3 in about fifty years.

Like the look of ‘The Virtuoso’. Will definitely watch out for it’s release.

Btw did anyone here watch Inhumans? Anson Mount spoke only one word, so he acted mostly mute. He did a great job, although the show was very uneven. But Mount is fantastic as Black Bolt.

Also, Doug Jones makes for a great Riddler, but he’d be a better Scarecrow or Victor Zasz

I watched Inhumans too. Wanted it to do well, but the show had problems. Writing was poor and they just didn’t give it the budget the Inhumans needed to work.