CONTEST: Get Your Art Into The TrekMovie TeePublic Store

Calling all artists! TeePublic and TrekMovie are teaming up to solicit new Star Trek-related designs to be featured on shirts, mugs, pillows, stickers, and more in our Star Trek Fan Art Contest. TrekMovie readers will vote on their favorite design, and the winning artist will have their design featured on the TrekMovie TeePublic store. Artists will be paid for each sale featuring their design.

UPDATE! Voting has begun!

Voting is now open. Head over to the voting booth HERE to cast your vote.

Bonus Prizes

In addition to being added to the store, the winner will also receive a free tee-shirt with their winning design! And as a bonus, the selected artist will win a QMx USS Enterprise-D Mini Master Ship Replica.


How to enter

To enter, artists should create a designer account on TeePublic and upload their design using the primary tag TMFANCOMP2021 before April 30th, 2021. Voting will begin May 5th, and a winner will be chosen and notified no later than May 20th.

  1. Create a TeePublic designer account here. (If you don’t already have one)
  2. Upload your image (transparent png, 150 dpi or higher) using the primary tag TMFANCOMP2021 and a secondary tag (we suggest either TrekMovie, ArtContest, or another descriptive tag) before April 30th, 2021. (IMPORTANT! You must use this tag when uploading your design, or it will not be entered into the competition. DO NOT use the tag “Star Trek” or similar as the art will be declined.)
  3. To be sure your designs will get approved, you may email with the email address of your TeePublic account. We will make sure your submission gets through.
  4. Check back on TrekMovie on May 5th, when voting on designs will begin!

NOTE: Designs should not use any trademarked Star Trek designs, symbols, or imagery and must be a completely original design.

If you are looking for inspiration, check out the TrekMovie TeePublic store to see the great Star Trek-inspired designs we have been curating.


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This sounds great! Unfortunately I don’t have a single artistic bone in my body but good luck to the contestants!

Oh definitely will!

Same here. I’m a writer, not a visual artist, but hey — we can appreciate their work. The audience has its necessary role. :-)

Our family has really enjoyed the mugs, masks, t-shirts and cookies from tee-public.

The quality is reasonable and they seems to provide gift options that people actually want and that aren’t electronic. Even found a few things for my mum–in-law.

But the Star Trek offerings really lean to the classic series.

So, I will be keen to see what new things the TrekMovie competition will attract.

(And as an aside, it would be really great if Displate could sort out licensing with ViacomCBS and TrekMovie could affiliate with them. Our kids really like the metal posters that attach to the walls with magnets, but Star Trek wasn’t one of the featured franchises last we looked at Christmas.)

It needs me to add a secondary tag, if I put tmfancomp2021 again it won’t let me, if I use Star Trek the artwork is declined.

hi! Can I participate even if I already have a Teepublic account?

Of course


I just uploaded my designs, almost in the deadline ^.^´