New Star Trek Stuff: TNG Tubbz Ducks, Discovery Pizza Cutter, TOS Megos, And A Shuttle Tent

If you are looking for ways to Trekify your life there are a few new items that have just hit the stores that might hit the spot.

USS Discovery Pizza Cutter

Ukonic/Robe Factory – makers of the USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter – have followed that product up with one that is even more on-the-nose: the USS Discovery Pizza Cutter. Modeled after the Crossfield-class starship of Star Trek: Discovery, the rotating saucer section will slice up your pizza with ease with its stainless steel blade and solid metal construction. The official description warns that slicing into mushrooms runs the risk of tapping into the mycelial network.  The Disco pizza cutter measures 8.5″ long and is available now at Amazon for $34.99.

TNG Shuttle tent

Ukonic has another Star Trek item in line with their long tradition of making fun products for ThinkGeek. They just announced the Star Trek Shuttlecraft Justman tent. Shaped like a Federation Type 6 shuttlecraft from Star Trek: The Next Generation, this tent is about 8 feet long and almost four feet tall and can fit 2-3 adults. The tent is waterproof and includes an anti-insect mesh and carrying bag. You can pick one up for your next away mission for  $139.99 at Toynk.

TNG Tubbz rubber ducks

Numskull is following up their Star Trek: The Original Series Tubbz rubber ducks with a new series from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Like with the TOS collection, there are four to choose from, with ducks inspired by Captain Picard, Counselor Troi, Worf, and Geordi LaForge. Measuring about 3 1/2 inches tall each Tubbz duck comes with a display stand when not needed for duty in the bath. The TNG Tubbz are priced at $12.99 and can be picked up at JustGeek.

More TOS Megos

We have been impressed with the relaunched Mego figures. The latest waved of these 8-inch tall retro cloth figures include three Star Trek: The Original Series characters: Scotty, McCoy, and the Salt Vampire. You can pick them up now at Amazon for $24.99 each.

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That Disco pizza cutter is long overdue… Spot on. :-) Seriously… I really like that ship but yeah, it is what it is…

At last Discovery in its truest form. Also I’m a sucker for these ducks…why are toy companies so good at selling me plastic Star Trek stuff?

Lol after all these years of calling Discovery a piazza cutter someone finally made it a reality. Perfect match for such an awkward looking ship! 😂

The TNG rubber ducks are too cute!

I like the Geordie duck…a lot!

Honestly, the pizza cutter was obvious and expected. They had sold an Enterprise pizza cutter years before Disco premiered. Much more fitting with Disco though…

Ducks are another one for Hashtag Where’s Bev.

I believe that Mego doll is using the image of my species without proper consultation. Does anybody know a good interplanetary copyright lawyer?

sam cogley, but I warn you, his methods are a bit unconventional.


Can I cut only mushroom pizza with the Disco cutter?

No, seafood is fine, too. Tardigrades live in water…

The Kelpian Meat Lovers is also very cuttable with this.

Happy First Contact Day!

those tents are garbage. i see the same one minus the enterprise livery for 20 bucks. buy one if youre stupid.

Some seriously stupid merchandise exists for Star Trek. Wow.

agreed. absolute garbage.

Strange but true fact: After almost 55 years — and a few never-realized attempts during the past couple of decades — this is the first action figure of the M-113 “Man Trap” salt vampire to ever actually be made available for fans to buy. (Not counting that Hallmark ornament from a couple of years ago.) I am stunned that this finally actually happened!

Where are the action figures from Discovery, Lower Decks, etc? Some company needs to get on this.