‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 2 Arrives In August; Watch The Gang Do Cool Sci-Fi Stuff In New Teaser

The second season of Star Trek: Lower Decks is coming in August. That detail and more, including a first look trailer, was revealed during today’s First Contact Day virtual events.

First look at Lower Decks season 2

Lower Decks season two will arrive on Thursday, August 12, roughly a year after the debut of the series in 2020. The premiere date was revealed in an all-new teaser trailer for season two, which was introduced by series creator Mike McMahan following the “Second Contact” panel during today’s virtual global First Contact Day celebration.

The trailer confirms the return of Jonathan Frakes as Captain Riker of the USS Titan in season two. TrekMovie will do our usual screencap and analysis of the trailer following all the First Contact Day festivities.

Renewed for a third season

Today’s official announcement also revealed that Paramount+ has renewed Lower Decks for a third season. Season 3 will be 10 episodes long, like season one (and presumably like season two).

First Contact Day continues…

There is much more to come on this big First Contact Day, with more announcements expected. So stay tuned to TrekMovie for our full First Contact Day coverage.

The free First Contact Day virtual panels will be available to view on-demand on Paramount+’s YouTube Channel and on Paramount+ in the U.S., following their initial airing on StarTrek.com/FirstContact today from 12:00-2:45 PM, PT/3:00-5:45 PM, ET.

Star Trek: Lower Decks streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. In Canada Discovery is broadcast on CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave. Lower Decks is also available on Amazon in in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Japan, India, and more countries around the world.

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There are four lights!

No. There are five.

Fantastic news!! Love Lower Decks, beyound excited for Seasons 2 & 3!

SEASON 3 CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not shocked seeing how much fans seem to like season one overall (especially when compared to DIS and PIC first seasons). And since they announced it before season 2 even began, clearly season one was a big success! And it’s probably cheaper to do. I see this going possibly five seasons minimum. And season 2 starts this summer! Oh man!

The trailer is only 30 seconds long, but they packed in some amazing stuff! It looks to be a lot of fun. That Miranda class ship looked spectacular. And just seeing Riker back on the Titan is just beautiful fanboy goodness!!!

So much to take in today.

Miranda Class?

yup and they finally fixed the glaring error of the “Refit/Miranda” design. no orange glow at the front


Looks like more of the same, which is 100% fine by me.

Wow. This is great. We haven’t seen Season 2 and Season 3 is on its way!

Animation takes longer to complete. So not that out of the ordinary to renew the shows ahead of time.

Is that a Mugatu?

Jumping out at some Denobulans

You sure they’re not Cardassians?

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Season 1 of Lower decks was great. I really thought i would hate it. But was won over.


I was the opposite. Really thought it would be funny and I’d at least like it if not love it. Turned out to be an unfunny fangasm.

Although Discovery’s and Picard’s trailers were good, it was the Lower Decks trailer that got me excited.

LOL same!

I thought I would love it, but was let down.


When did Riker ever talk like that?

Real world: since Lower Decks and the showrunner encouraged more Frakes to seep into Riker.

Trek world: since Riker got promoted to captain of the Titan, and he feels free to run his ship his way.

“When did Riker ever talk like that?”

Never, but that’s the whole point. Initially I couldn’t get into watching this show due to the totally ridiculous behavior of all the characters.
But then came Riker and Troi. Since I fondly remember the real Riker and Troi from the live-action outings, it was easy to triangulate what a “real” Boimler, Tendi and Mariner would be like in a standard Star Trek show.
This helped to mentally reverse-engineer the entire series so that it can be canon, but canon seen through a very specific pair of glasses, through the layer of animated comedy style.

It’s a simple logical equation:
Riker on LDS – X = real Riker
Boimler on LDS – X = real unseen Boimler

with the X standing for that LDS layer of animated comedy tropes one must mentally cope with in order to alligne the show to Star Trek canon. Riker was the key to being able to decipher LD… Without Riker as a reference point I would have been lost in craze…

Or maybe the LDS characters did a little too much LDS back in the 60s… :-)

I initially didn’t recognize him as Riker. But then I recalled that Star Trek’s version of Homer Simpson was on Riker’s ship at the end. But it still didn’t look or sound like him. And worse, neither his line or Homer’s line wasn’t even funny. Which, sadly, is par for the course on this train wreck.

Oh, I LOVE Lower Decks! I am really looking forward to it! What a great First Contact Day with plenty of Trailers and good news! The only concern I have is that it seems to be that until August no new Trek will be shown….

Efficient eating, Ransom disco beams, jazz metaphors and chill chats in the brigg. Yay! (smiling)

what does riker say at the end?

Sigh. Trailer had nothing funny. Did not denote fun. It implied another 10 episode fangasm.

Guess that means the show is what it was in season 1. Unfortunate. It had so much potential.

But the positive side of this is… It was only a teaser. Maybe it only included the Mugato and other fan service stuff just to get people excited for the show. Maybe it will actually end up limiting the fan service and frantic characters and focus more on being funny, At least, that’s the hope.

Lower Decks season two will arrive on Thursday, August 12″

Is that begins on August 12 or all episodes dropping at once?

I would imagine that it will begin on August 12, since that is how all five Trek seasons that have premiered on All Access have been released so far.

P+ doesn’t drop all episodes at once. It would literally destroy their strategy for the service which is to keep people subscribing to Trek all year.