Surprise Casting Announced For ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2; Watch The First Teaser Trailer

The First Contact Day events have kicked off with big news about Star Trek: Picard, which began production in February. This included a first look teaser and some exciting casting news.

Season 2 Picard teaser

Sir Patrick Stewart started off the First Contact Day virtual events by introducing a first look teaser trailer for season two of Star Trek: Picard. He also revealed that the season is coming in 2022. Check it out…


Q is back… Spiner too!

If the teaser wasn’t enough of a clue, actor John de Lancie was a surprise guest during the virtual event, announcing he is reprising his role as Q in season two. This confirms our report from last December showing the actor hinting at his return.

Paramount+ also revealed that Brent Spiner is returning, presumably reprising his season one role of Dr. Altan Inigo Soong. Also returning is Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, Michelle Hurd as Raffi, Santiago Cabrera as Rios, Isa Briones as Soji, Alison Pill as Dr. Jurati, and Evan Evagora as Elnor. The official announcement also revealed Orla Brady will return as Laris, but there was no confirmation that Jamie McShane will also be back as Zhaban, Laris’ fellow former Romulan Tal Shiar operative who joined Picard at his vineyard. Also not mentioned in the official press release is Whoopi Goldberg, even though the actress has spoken about reprising her role as Guinan on Picard. 

The biggest change behind the scenes for the season is Terry Matalas (12 Monkeys) joining as an executive producer and co-showrunner, along with executive producer Akiva Goldsman. Season one showrunner Michael Chabon remains a writer and executive producer. The other executive producers for season two are Alex Kurtzman, Doug Aarniokoski, Dylan Massin, Patrick Stewart, Heather Kadin, Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth.

John de Lancie as part of First Contact Day panel

First Contact Day continues…

There is much more to come on this big First Contact Day, with more announcements expected. So stay tuned to TrekMovie for our full First Contact Day coverage.

The free First Contact Day virtual panels will be available to view on-demand on Paramount+’s YouTube Channel and on Paramount+ in the U.S., following their initial airing on today from 12:00-2:45 PM, PT/3:00-5:45 PM, ET.

Star Trek: Picard streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. In Canada Picard is broadcast on CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave. It is also available on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

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Yes! This gave me chills. I was higher on the first season than most, but genuinely intrigued about what may be in store

Huzzah! I got goosebumps watching. the whole playing card had to practically disappear before I understood what was going on lol

Same! I was thinking “Queen” as in Borg Queen, but then the Q connection became apparent.

Anyone got a UK link for the trailer?

You can find it on

Thank you!

There is a way around it but you’ll have to do some research lol.

If you go to the link in the tweet by new showrunner Terry Matalas, it’s not geoblocked.

You can get on Matalas’ own page or via a retweet on the Star Trek on Paramount+ account.

You can watch it on twitch

Q!!! I was really hoping Q would be in season 2. I kind of picture his relationship with Picard as less adversarial now, especially after the events of All Good Things…

Same! The second John de Lancie hinted he might be back on the show, that was the one thing I was really hoping would happen. Now that it IS happening, I’m looking forward to this as much as I was first season.

I have to wonder about the adversarial part, given the reference that “the trial” never ends.

Speaking of roads not taken, I think it is safe to say that the events of the S1 finale have negated the “All Good Things” fate for Picard once and for all.

I’ve always felt that that “trial never ends” thing was just dumb. It made no sense. In what sense was humanity on trial? For Q? Who the hell are they that humanity needs to prove anything to? To Q himself? He’s not really putting anyone on trial. He’s already decided ages ago that humanity is fine. At the very least fun to poke at. Is it a metaphor for humanity as we evolve? OK, but then why are we on trial? Are we proving ourselves to ourselves? Not very deep or thought provoking. Honestly the entire concept of the Q was silly from day one.

Not really the irumodic syndrome lead to him dying and having to become a robot. I think that is sort of worse than all good things.

Their “relationship” seems to be one of the most one sided ones ever. Picard has always shown a distain for Q. And would like for nothing more than to never be bothered by him ever again. There is no underlying sympathy or admiration for the guy. Q on the other hand, seems to like Picard a great deal. So much so that he literally told him EVERYTHING in All Good Things. Seems like Q is the guy who thinks he’s your friend when you know he really is just an annoyance.


I’m beyond excited. What a wonderful wonderful wonderful thing to look forward to!

I hated the first season, but this still worked on me. Boy, am I a sucker.

But hey, you never know … maybe it’ll be awesome.

I am the biggest sucker. The best villain of TNG is finally going to get some screen time since 1994!!

Q briefly appeared on Lower Decks.

Have you watched the Q episodes of Voyager? I think that they are all quite good.

The Q episode of DS9 is memorable for Sisko punching Q in the nose. “You hit me! Picard never hit me!”

The Q episode of DS9 was during TNG Season 6, though. He did three episodes that year (after sitting out Season 5.)

Death Wish is one of my favorite Q episodes and one of the better VOY episodes by far. I probably watched it about ten times.

I was just meh on The Q and the Grey though and rewatched it last year. Not bad, but not great either.

Sadly Q2 is the worst Q episode for me, ever. But I’m rewatching the entire franchise in chronological order and will watch it again whenever I get there. Maybe I’ll change my mind. I’ve only seen it twice.

Q was never a “villain.” He was more of a “comic foil” for Picard.

LOL Bryant! I actually thought of you and how you might take the news.

And yeah, we’re just suckers for this stuff. I wasn’t happy how first season ended and now I’m just as giddy again like that first original trailer when we saw Seven and Data for the first time. Hopefully it will be awesome. End of the day while we can be critical of Star Trek (especially these days) but we’re still fans of course. We want to be blown away. Hopefully this time more of us will be.

Hear, hear!

My hope is that maybe they’ll just have some fun. Other than Lower Decks, the lighter side of Star Trek has been sorely missing.

Agree as well Denny C.

I think that was another issue for both DIS and PIC first seasons, the stories were very heavy and political. It would be nice to just have a fun sci fi adventure. If can still be thoughtful and introspective but nothing wrong with some comedy and lighter stories.

That’s why so many people like Q, because you can do both with the character.

Even on Lower Decks the lighter side of Trek has been missing.

But when you have mini-seasons with 10-13 episode story arcs you really cannot take the time to make the lighter episodes. So we can kiss those side trips goodbye for now.

I think your instinct was spot on. People who think Q coming back will give us a better storyline very well could be placed in the category of “sucker”.

Now if they change the show to a light comedy they might have something. Q worked best when he was treated like a clown. Once he revealed his true colors he was never threatening in any way.

Should not Q look like he did in All Good Things… filmed a little under 30 years ago?
Or at least from Voyager’s Q2 filmed 20 years ago, his last appearance as Q to date in live action?
Knowing that CG would be necessary and incredibly expensive I guess I’ll have to just enjoy the fun and forget about the real reason why Q looks so old lol

Q shows up and they use a small amount of budget to digitally de-age him. Then, much like in Tapestry, he “makes himself look old” (ie, remove the de-aging) and Q can just pretend he is looking that way to make fun of how old Picard has gotten. In character for Q, and easy solution to keep budget under control.

Well it’s at least as good an idea as any.

I’m happy Delancie is back and this is all fiction at the end of the day. Its all fun.

I’d say skip the de-aging and just go with a bit of witty dialog instead. Worst case, split the difference with a bit of hair dye and makeup.

Maybe he will just come on as old saying that he’s trying to “rhyme” with Picard or something… “Didn’t want to make you look bad, old man.”

Or maybe he will just appear as a phone caller — someone Fedexes Picard an old-style communicator, it’s ringing, he answers, and a voice on the other side says “What if I told you the trial never ends?”

The “Old Q” was in All Good Things… wasn’t it? In Tapestry he pretended to be the bartender.

That’s exactly what they will do. He’ll show up looking like his old self then he will age himself just for J-L. It’s pretty darn obvious.

I’m totally OK with Q looking like de Lancie’s age. No need for de-aging.

All Good Things is my favorite Star Trek production. I just hope they do Q and that episode justice.

So you want Q to tell Picard everything about whatever scrape is going on? You want there to never be any real stakes? If they do that we will get a season worse than season 1.

It will be a fantastic feat if they can make Q threatening in any way. And he has got to be the antagonist. If he is on Picard’s side then there will be no drama whatsoever. Or will we get 10 episodes of Q doing what he is best at? Clowning around.

Why? Q can look however the heck he wants to.

True. Technically they don’t even need DeLancie if they wanted to do the Q.

I know. I guess I’m thinking for consistencies sake.
Come to think of it Q/delancie definitely appeared older between Encounter at Farpoint and Q2 but no one is bothered because its pretty subtle and DeLancie basically made appearances every season until Voyager ended its run in 2001, so the audiences doesn’t notice that or is bothered by it compared to if he appeared 10 years apart say.
But after 20 years it’s a big change.
It’s not that big a deal I agree. It’s all about the story and the I’m sure DeLancie still had the acting chops to do the part justice.

I feel like they won’t de-age him as a way to show him tormenting Picard about getting old

Data looked pretty good. I’m sure they can do the same for Q.

I agree they did well with Data/Spiner but his scenes to me always seem to have him sitting or is pretty static/stationary. It would he hard to apply CG deaging to such a energetic character as Q.
I don’t think they’ll deage anyway to be honest. They’ll just explain it away which is fine.

Very exciting…Can’t wait!

I adore John De Lancie and hope they do Q justice, not like his Voyager days. I can’t help but feel like Q would be a tad less interested in Picard now that he is just an android instead of, you know, a human to test all of humanity against. Maybe that’s just me… the whole Picard death/rebirth thing still isn’t sitting well with me.

It’s one of the worst decisions ever made in Star Trek, in my opinion — it shouldn’t sit well.

Worst decision?
That’s a bit of a stretch isn’t jt?
I don’t think it was necessary and I didn’t like it for that reason.
But at this point it’s done and until I’ve seen S2 I personally would just let it go and see what they do next.

I said one of the worst, not the worst. And it’s not a stretch for me. But I know some people enjoyed it, and more power to them — I’m just not a member of that club. Who knows, maybe the second season can turn me around.

There are plenty of stinkers on that list. That long, long list.


Or more interested. Its a unique opportunity to see how human a person remains when they are no longer in a human body.

Maybe Q will come in to fix that situation. At this point he seems to be the only one capable of returning Picard back to his original self.

I’m hoping that Q snaps his fingers and makes Picard human again. That android stuff was one of the biggest cop outs in Trek history.

Would be funny if the opening scene of S2 has Q making Picard human again.

I could live with that. It would be invalidating the first season nearly completely.

I got a kick out of all the references. I can’t remember if they already appeared in the first season- the Stargazer, the Enterprise painting from the ready room, a Dixon Hill novel…Paradise Lost is more a Khan thing. But what is the big artifact on the table at the beginning? Please remind me.

I don’t recall the actual name, but it is the time tablet from DS9, which, if I recall, Sisko shattered.

Ah, right! I wonder how Picard got it- or if this is just a figurative space.

The Stargazer model was in the Picard Vault, wasn’t it?

Ok Tiger2, and other 12 Monkeys fans : did your timey-wimey antennae start twitching seeing that trailer, knowing that Terry Matalas is helming the show?

I think that there may have been a serious reworking of this season since he was brought on board.

Akiva Goldsman was saying last spring that they had broken the season and they would have all the scripts done well in advance. However, Patrick Stewart only saw the the scripts for the first half season in January.

LOL dude, you read my mind. I think we are looking at a deep time travel season. You don’t mention ‘time’ three times and show an hour glass going backwards without hinting to time travel. And with Matalas leading the show now, I’m more excited because he proved how well you can do time travel stories.

Fans are bringing up Tapestry and naturally All Good Things…. so we may be in for a ride. If people were excited about seeing the Guardian of Forever again in one scene on Discovery, imagine what they could do with Q and an entire season based around time travel???

This is the kind of news we needed to be excited about second season. Even if you’re not a big Q fan, you still have to admit having him back automatically brings a lot of intrigue and mystery to next season.

BTW, are you still watching 12 Monkeys? If so, what are your thoughts?

I’m not a fan of Q except when his is used as the clown he is. And he really doesn’t open up any intrigue or mystery to me. Normally when Q shows up there are no honest to goodness stakes because he like Picard too much to allow any real harm to come to him or his collogues. Therefore it will be quite the accomplishment if they can make a good 10 episode story with him at the center of it.

That voice over made me think of Professor X.

Not going to lie… it gave me chills at the end with the Queen of hearts being used to real Q

could “Queen of hearts” also tease Beverly’s return as well?
just askin’

I was thinking “Borg Queen” + “Q” but… being haunted by history not made and actions not taken, maybe it DOES have to do with Beverly.

Is anyone else curious about the presence of the Bajoran tablet from DS9’s “The Reckoning”…

Considering that the tablet in DS9 contained the spirit of a Prophet, I wonder if someone is trying to bring Sisko back.

If nothing else, the return of Bajoran lore could mean the return of Picard’s old friend Ro Laren. Would love to see her meet Colonel Kira.

The Sisko?

Awesome so now they can erase everything after 2009.

I wish!!

Q IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG, now I’m truly excited again!! If you want to get Star Trek fans on their feet, you bring in Q!!

This was obviously a no-brainer like bringing the Borg back in first season, but now I can’t wait to hear more about the new season. I’m really really hoping this is going to be an incredible story like I was hoping we got in season 1. But having Q back just sounds like it’s going to be fun and really twisty!

And how did bringing the Borg back in season 1 work out?

I’m sorry but Secret Hideout has a history of messing things up. So even if they brought back an element I was an actual fan of I would probably wish they wouldn’t because they seem to have the ability to ruin everything they touch so far.

Clearly some kind of time travel story. If the references to time weren’t enough, fairly sure the hourglass is running backwards.

Time travel and Q??

They read my mind! I would love to see that again! And I always loved how both Tapestry and All Good Things… are not just great Q stories, but great time travel stories as well,, but yet neither felt like traditional time travel stories.

Tapestry was a rare good Q story. (It’s easily a top 10 TNG episode) It was purely designed to teach Picard a lesson. Which Picard got. But I don’t see how AGT was anything. Picard learned nothing and Q told him everything. In fact, Q gave Picard the opportunity to work things out and he never did. He started dishing out clues and Picard still didn’t get it. Finally Q just flat out told Picard everything. It was a pretty weak episode even for TNG. And I just saw it as I finally finished my TNG rewatch so that episode is very fresh in my head.

Given all the time travel hints and prominent appearance of the USS Stargazer in the teaser it makes me wonder who might they cast as a young Picard…

Maybe Q takes Picard back to previous events in his life including TNG scenes , basically A Trekmas Carol

Well, he already did that in both “Tapestry” and “All Good Things…” so I hope Picard Season 2 is a little more original than that.

yeah but Patrick LOVES A Christmas Carol so this might well be another grander retelling of it.. im imagining Picard and Q going back to various TNG episodes and movies and interacting with events like DS9 Tribulations/Avengers Endgame as well as his time on the stargazer with McAvoy as young Picard (basically AGT on steroids)

So, let’s bring back old characters and do what others have already done.

Who says there is no originality in movies & TV anymore?

More Tapestry than AGT. There was very little Christmas Carol or Wonderful Life in AGT. Well, that’s too generous. There was actually none.

Was there supposed to be these themes in AGT? I don’t think so. I think it was an original take.

If season 1 is the Borg and Data, season 2 is Q, season 3 would be…. Klingons and Worf?

I’ve thought this, though I do wonder if it wouldn’t be too big a thematic come-down after trial-by-Q in season two.

Unless, of course, it’s Klingons/Worf plus the DS9 corner of the universe — a Dominion comeback of some kind, reconstructed Cardassia. (Or at least a teaser for that — maybe the Picard cast continue on in a new-ish show without the retired Patrick Stewart but with a few DS9 alums added in, and the Sirena starts operating in the Gamma Quadrant…)

I also suspect that this cast will continue after Sir Patrick leaves. Like the Closer turning into Major Crimes.

That’s a good analogy.

I think too, this (in addition to Sir Patrick’s advanced age, and likely preference for fewer hours on set) may explain why the show was (to me) more of an ensemble show than I’d expected. And, why Rios is getting a dedicated novel, etc; why they got a rather notably strong cast; etc.

If we are getting a time travel story and it involves the Stargazer then it allows the audience to get used to a new actor in the role of Picard. Should they need to reboot the series in the future they could simply invent a reason to transfer Picard’s consciousness to a younger android body and use the same actor that they cast as Stargazer Picard to play him thus making the transition less jarring because the audience will have already accepted the new interpretation of the character.

Honestly I feel like the show would actually be better without him. All the supporting characters are more interesting than Picard anyway.

I still love Picard ML31 and hope Sir Patrick sticks around for a longtime but I do think that if they recast the character in season 2 to play a younger version it opens up interesting possibilities. I only mention the possibility of transferring Picard into a younger golem body because it’s something that came up in a discussion in another thread but it could also serve as a back door pilot for a Stargazer series.

That’s completely fair.

Regarding a potential Stargazer series, at this point I really don’t see that as an honest possibility.

I bet you probably said the same when Pike was first announced to be appearing on Discovery ;) To be fair this is all completely hypothetical at the moment as we don’t even know for sure if we’ll definitely even see the Stargazer in season 2. I think there would still be an appetite for a show that featured Picard’s early days in Starfleet and featured the likes of Beverley and Jack Crusher though. It might not be something we’ll see imminently but with CBS likely looking to deliver new Trek content for decades I think it’s an aspect of Trek history that they will get to eventually.

I will admit I thought including Pike and the Enterprise on Discovery was a mistake. And it was obviously done because of the lackluster response the show was getting. But after seeing Mount’s performance I changed my tune. It’s possible the same could happen with a young Picard show but I think the odds of lighting striking twice are pretty slim.

That said, SH does seem to be pretty creatively bankrupt so I would not put it past the to continue to mine existing characters.

On the contrary. It would be a significant step up. With Worf and the Klingons there would likely be significant stakes. With Q, there would be none.


But did you notice the Tablet of Reckoning from DS9 on the desk?!?!?!?!

Didn’t notice it until it was pointed out on Reddit, but yes more people seem more excited about that than Q! They don’t just throw these things in randomly. Maybe we may get a major DS9 connection in the story as well!

If they find a way to bring Sisko back I would die of excitement!

That would at least be unexpected. And if done well might work. I just don’t have any faith in Secret Hideout to pull such a thing off.

I think it’s quite possible. Given Brooks’s retirement and the passing of Auberjonois and Eisenberg, I don’t think we’re likely to get a straight-up DS9 sequel. But I could see “Picard” as a launchpad for further Seven-style cast mashups — like, Bashir turning up, say.

Bashir would fit in really well.

Quark would fit in even better.

I’d love to see more Quark, and seeing as how he’s already been name-checked, I think he’s quite likely to pop up at some point. Though I kind of think that narratively, a Starfleet character would be easiest to bring on as a (semi-)regular; Quark, Kira, Garak I think could pop up in guest roles a la Riker, with meaty appearances in one or two episodes. (Jake I think would only appear if his dad did.) Martok could definitely appear as a guest or cameo.

As for which Starfleet characters, it sounds like Colm Meaney would be open to a guest appearance or two, but maybe not semi-regular status. De Boer was a fine Dax, for the year she was on the show, but I don’t know that she’s closely associated enough with the role to justify more than a cameo. That leaves Bashir and — of course — Worf. Siddig has definitely been in-demand and working consistently, but he also seems to have a soft spot for Trek; I think, like Jeri Ryan, he would do it, and they would pay him to do it. Dorn definitely is open to coming back; I could see him being a marquee addition to the regular cast in season 3, actually. (And who knows, maybe if Sir Patrick retires after three seasons, Dorn stays on and it becomes a version of the “Captain Worf” show he’s wanted for so long…)


And I believe Picard is really just a way to bring in more TNG era characters, so I can definitely see more TNG/VOY/’DS9 characters showing up. Once Seven showed up, the door was open for anyone frankly. It doesn’t mean they will NOR do they have to, but yes absolutely nothing stops them either of course. I don’t think we’ll ever see Brooks himself again, but at one point this was said of Nimoy, Stewart and Mulgrew and now look where we’re at.

So I guess these days you can never say never anymore. I been saying for two years now it was only a matter of ‘when’ Q will show up again and we finally got it. But I do think we will eventually see more DS9 characters. They have 3 shows they can showcase them on now.

Of course there’s the big dawg…

William ⚡ SHATNER ⚡

I could see Q bring back Kirk somehow to ‘repair’ Generations/Kirks end like the way s1 repaired Nemesis/Data

Now THAT would be something lol!

Nah. While Kirk’s demise wasn’t exactly the best way to go it is what it is and it doesn’t need any “repair”. In fact, the destruction of Data worked well already and wasn’t in need of any “repair” either. Bringing him back in Picard just felt more like fan service than anything else. There was no real organic need to.

I agree it doesn’t need repair but a time travel story does open up the possibility for him to appear again. Of course they’d need to de-age him and given the results we saw with Brent Spiner I don’t imagine they’d do a stellar job of it but I think most fans would forgive that to get one final appearance by Shatner as Kirk.

I say this as someone whose favorite Captain in Trek was Kirk. As much as I would love to see Kirk get one last hurrah, I have accepted a long time ago that the Shatner-Kirk story is over.

I think you’re right and I’m comfortable with that too but it doesn’t hurt to dream from time to time ;)

What will Q’s reaction be when he realizes Picard is NOT PICARD, but an advance android/golem with his memories and essence. PICARD IS DEAD PICARD DIED – PERIOD and this who is left is an advance copy, a back-up – does he have “life”, does he have a “soul” will Q bring Picard back-to-life (does he have that power? Didn’t he once imply he could make Data human?) This opens alot of storytelling avenues – Picard defended humanity against Q on several occasions and now there’s a Picard who isn’t human…think about it.

Picard isn’t dead. He is still alive. He just moved to a new body.

Picard’s dead baby.. Picards dead *revs motorbike*


Well done.

“That is the exploration that awaits you. Not mapping stars and studying nebulae, but charting the unknowable possibilities of existence.” -Q to Picard, “All Good Things…”

Q knew this was going to happen to Picard. Now he’s going to pop in and say, “See! I toldya so.”

I’m fine with one season of Picard as a bottle season…..but am really dreading how a second season is going to potentially look. This seems to be diving in head first into reunion show territory now, and could turn into caricature really quick….

And, yeah, I’ll probably still watch it. So there’s that….

Really hope they don’t turn Q into a sad sack or do character assassination on him, like they did with almost every other returning character.

They seem to see every character as “what is your damage?” I wouldn’t be surprised if they have Q with a drinking problem or his son who was in Voyager has passed away. It it a shame that the only trait they give any character is damage.

More TNG optimism and positive characters, please.

100% agreed.

Q has a Drinking problem.

Agreed! At this point I actively dread every returning character announcement, wondering how they’re going to ruin them (or kill them!) this time :/

But the damage makes them human and gives them something to overcome. And Picard really wasn’t very damaged. I was sort of hoping he would be but I didn’t see any. At best he had a little regret but that’s hardly something that requires any growth or provides any interesting character conflict.

I very much like the fact they’re bringing back Q. Thanks in no small part to DeLancie’s performance, the character has always let Trek swing for the fences, philosophically, without getting overly portentous or self-serious (the way that “The Motion Picture” arguably did). That said, I am a little hesitant about the time angle — it’s always been a distressingly hand-wavy part of Trek, more “fi” than “sci”. And while I wouldn’t disagree with the premise that “All Good Things” was the best Q episode, the teaser makes me worry they’re going to lean too heavily on nostalgia for it. Hopefully they mix in a bit of “Deja Q” or “Qpid” style levity as well…

Until I started reading this board, I always thought Q was ultra-popular. I mean sure not everyone loves him, but most fans seem to. And based on the reaction everywhere including this board, it was definitely a smart move to bring him back and in such a big way. Before Q would show up in an episode but this sounds like he’s going to be around for the whole season (but probably not in every episode) and influence the entire story.

And I think it will be some levity too. I think it will probably be an introspective Q story (there are basically 3 sides of Q: dangerous, introspective and comedic) but the introspective episodes carries the most weight IMO and probably what they are going for. But Q has always been a fun character and became more funny through the years, so I suspect we will see lots of that as well.

I really like that typology, and second the sentiment. If they made season two like a long-form version of “Tapestry” (which had that humor you mention, too — the “flowers for John Luke Pickard” bit), exploring what it is to be human in light of Picard’s ex-human status, I’d be very happy. Think of it as, updating Star Trek’s humanism into something like trans-humanism or post-humanism. (It would build nicely on the themes of season one too — Soji can parallel Picard’s own Q-assisted introspective journey, maybe with Spiner as AI Soong helping out.)

I agree completely. I actually would love if they explored the idea of trans or post humanism now that Picard is essentially one of those. It’s still kind of shocking there aren’t more transhumans by the 32nd century (but maybe we will see some eventually).

But if done right, they can really go into Picard’s past and even future and explore what it means to be human at this point in time, especially now that Synths are becoming a bigger part of the world. That’s why Q is so popular, he can explore things in ways a starship simply can’t do.

But as good as Tapestry is, drawing such a story out to 10 episodes feels like it would include a lot of unnecessary fluff. I think they ought to go in a different direction. Something that would work better with a longer format.

there are basically 3 sides of Q: dangerous, introspective and comedic

But only one of them worked consistently. The light comedic side. They may be able to pull of a “Tapestry” but the odds of that with SH I think are pretty slim.

I don’t think they are going to digitally de-age him for a couple of reasons. One – apparently it is very expensive and time consuming and two – I have yet to see it done where they took like 30 years off and had it look realistic. I think they will just find a way to explain it. Also I can’t wait until Q meets Guinan again. Whoopi already said she is doing it too.

Hair dye on hair and eyebrows ..voila TNG era Q

Like many have speculated, Q will very likely ‘age’ himself to make it look as if he’d aged along with Picard.

In terms of de-aging technology, it’s getting there and really fast. Check out those Tom Cruise deepfakes doing the rounds on TikTok.. most are absolutely spot on!

Still no Gates McFadden 😞 I want Beverly Crusher to return.

Maybe Pulaski will return instead. This is season 2..

LOL. Nice.

And in all seriousness, I’d rather see Pulaski than Crusher. Pulaski had character. Crusher was dull.

There will probably be many more people showing up including Beverly. The show is not coming until next year and so trying to save some of the surprises.

Maybe but I suspected we would get more in season one than the ones advertised in advance. And we didn’t.

I bet they drop one or two (or more) more returning characters as the premiere approaches. I suspect Geordi and Guinan are locks (and I recall Robert Picardo saying he’d been approached about a possible EMH appearance)… I’d love to see some Crusher and Worf too, but it’s possible they’re holding them back until season three. If that’s the case, I hope that we at least get cameos this season to whet the appetite. If they are held back for season three, maybe season one will have been principled-Picard (a la Measure of a Man), season two will have been philosopher-Picard (a la Tapestry and All Good Things), and season three will be peacemaker-Picard plus romantic-Picard (achieving a reconciliation with the Klingons and Beverly, and peacefully sailing off into the sunset with the latter).

Frustrating that most videos are not available to international audiences… I know there are ways around, but still…

I take that back.. managed to see it all over at I’d even forgotten about that site, this one has been my go-to Trek site for many years now

Exciting news- sorta.
Not a fan of Q.
And the actor no longer looks or sounds the same as he did when he last portrayed the omniscient , ageless troublemaker.
The writers got their work cut out for them.

Q has been one of my favourites. Really looking forward to what the writers have in store for him in season 2.

Despite being omniscient the character did evolve from TNG to Voyager. Just a pity he didn’t make more appearances on DS9.

Q can age, you know, to “relate”. That was the loose rationale for all the costume changes during his appearances.

The problem with him hissing “the trial never ends” now is that with Discovery set ten centuries in the future…..apparently it does.

Why? He could turn up on Discovery and continue the trial, just without Picard. I’m not saying that they should do it but it’s not a contradiction.

In two short sentences, you’ve just queued up why I’d wish Q into the cornfield, and avoid anymore supreme being stories in Trek.

You and I agree for the most part, Phil. Part way through the run of the show it became perfectly clear that Q was not menacing and would never ever allow any harm to come to any human in any antic he was involved in. And it was cemented in All Good Things. No stakes. No lessons. Just handing someone the answer sheet.

I don’t think we should take that line so literally. We obviously know both humans and the Federation will still be thriving centuries from now. He’s not saying humans will suddenly vanish or be limited in the 24th century. I think he’s talking about the fate of humanity in the long term and our importance in the galaxy once humanity has reached our biggest potential. But from Q’s perspective, that potential really begins in the 24th century.

They absolutely do. And given the history of Secret Hideout I would wager money they are not up for it. Q was a tough character to nail down. I don’t think they got a feel for how he works best until they decided to make him a clown. I suppose a menacing Q might work but I strongly suspect it will take more talent than what we have seen from SH.

The ending of the PICARD show was almost as big a disappointment for me as when Kirk died on the wrong ‘bridge’…and I was out as far as another season of it was concerned.

But I’m now back IN knowing that the excellent John de Lancie is onboard once again. Great news!

Is that a Bajoran artefact on the desk there? Is the Sisko coming back too?

its just hit me this is kind of a big fcukin deal right… i mean if you ignore Qs appearances on VOY (never watched it) this announcement here.. today.. heralds the return of The Q vs Picard since 1994s AGT.. when Trek was at its absolute BIGGEST (cover of Time magazine big) .. basically a 10 hour 150m movie sequel to AGT!! one of the greatest episodes of all time!! (and clearly a big inspiration for ST:Picard) remember when everyone was moaning that Q should be the villain in the next TNG movie? well here it is!!

“Q” for “Queen”… Do you think this teases BOTH “Q” and a Borg Queen (since Q was of course largely responsible for introducing Picard and the Federation at large to the Borg)?

As soon as I saw the queen card….I knew Q was back, but the teaser had many more clues in it.

it mightve been the borg Queen

Picard and Burnham

That’ll be s3

Well, Picard did meld with Sarek, and Sarek’s katra is connected to Michael’s.

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Time is the fire in which we burn.

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I don’t see many people mentioning the fact here but remember Guinan is supposedly returning as well. I am thinking with Q also confirmed to return we might actually get some more information on that “conflict” between Q and Quinan that was hinted at back in TNG. Maybe there could be some Clash of Titans style goings on between the two. The problem is I don’t know how they’d connect Picard to this.

Wow didn’t think about that, but you may be right. This could be about Guinan and Q as well. Or at least their backstory.

While I don’t really care about Guinan one bit, I might be interested to learn about her and Picard. Supposedly they had some kind of deep connection. At least there were some lines where they made the claim but we never saw their relationship like that nor even heard of why or how it was. I mean, Picard was shown to be rather emotionally distant. (I guess he felt that made him a more objective captain) But if he truly did have some sort of relationship with Guinan that had any depth at all he sure as hell didn’t reveal any evidence of it. Whatsoever. Might be nice to see what the alleged relationship was and why he berried it so deep.

Great. So who’s Godzilla, and who’s Kong?

Oh, what a surprise! Q!


“Time is the fire in which we burn.”

So will we have to wait the entire season for Q to turn Picard back into a human?

I hope not. It would ruin the ending of the first season if they made Picard human again.

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Not really. The ending was already ruined when they turned Picard into a robot. Which completely goes against everything Picard has said about mortality and humanity.

Picard is still just as mortal as he was before. Putting him in the golem was basically just a radical cure for his brain abnormality. He will still die. As for his humanity, Picard has made it clear over the years that Data is just as much human as anyone. Being in an android body doesn’t make Picard any less human than he was before, except in the most literal sense.

That’s just an excuse. With just a few lines of code he doesn’t HAVE to be mortal. He could give himself robot strength. A robot brain. Robot endurance. So he really is NOT Picard. He’s Robo-Picard. He’s the holodeck with the safeties turned off.

This situation absolutely DOES make him less human than he was before.

Ignoring the “trial never ends” teaser, it wouldn’t be out of character for Q to tell Picard, “you know you’re mortal, Jean Luc, despite this tin can you’re living in now. Your time nears its end, and I just want you to know, I have enjoyed our repartee….”

The curse of the immortal….

I think JL knows Q enjoyed it. I don’t think that Q knows that JL has loathed it.

Yessss! They’re making good on Q’s words at the end of All Good Things that Picard’s true destiny was to explore the meaning of existence. It’s always felt so essential to me that we return to that narrative someday.

WOW! I am sooo happy with the return of Q! This will be just fantastic to see them together again. It is also a fantastic opportunity to close that chapter in Picards life. I cross my fingers for the final verdict on humankind…. ;-)
By the way: I never understood we he wasn’t featured in a TNG movie….

My vote is that it will be the “All Good Things”-style reliving of some Stargazer mission (likely the one with the Picard maneuver), but with the new crew all brought in somehow.

If the harken to anything regarding AGT it would automatically make the season crap. Sorry but AGT was vastly overrated.

Really nice to see Q back in the fold. How about Q bringing in Kirk and having some fun with William Shatner for an episode? I think it could work.

Just how would that work? Two ancient captains, sharing war stories over a drink? And have you caught Shatner on uneXplained? He looks like he’s struggling just to stand there and narrate.

Are you saying he needs a Gollem?

Two Captains. One Destiny

Generations 2.0. Because the first trip into the Nexus wasn’t a s**tty enough movie.

I really hope they don’t rehash the episode Tapestry but with a focus on the Battle of Maxia/Stargazer/Picard learning undoing stuff you regret is bad again.

Tapestry is better than Inner Light. There. I said it.

I don’t entirely disagree. Both were good and honestly I have a tough time picking one over the other.

But even though Tapestry was good it would be terrible if Picard S2 is just a 10 episode rehash of one of the better episodes of TNG. And it would be further evidence the staff at Secret Hideout is creatively bankrupt.

Comparing those two episodes is about as ‘apples to oranges’ a comparison that can be made. Tapestry was an exploration of Picard’s regrets about episodes of stupidity in his youth that shaped who he was at that moment. Inner Light was a ‘what might have been’ episode, had Picard chosen to stay closer to the family business instead of wandering the stars. IMO both are among the best of the TNG episodes…

so this will be a season long 13 episode redo of the TNG episode “Tapestry”? Picard wants to go back and save the Stargazer and Jack Crusher? or its an “All good things” redo on steroids’

They *did* kind of linger on the Stargazer model there, didn’t they? And, from a practical standpoint, focusing on Picard’s earlier career it would mean they wouldn’t have to de-age anyone, since we’ve barely seen any Stargazer crew (aside from that doctor in S1). Though it would be an odd thing to do, narratively, when everyone wants to see the TNG-era characters, etc.

But from a creative point of view it would be The Thing to do, because as a creative you should avoid to do what people “want” and instead deliver something they dont really excpect.
Onthe other hand, damn it, its somehow still helmed by alex “We have seen all this before” Kurtzman.

I actually don’t mind when a redo is done to something that was bad to begin with. That is almost a no lose situation. Even if your effort is bad the original was bad too so no great loss. So if they want to do a redoux of All Good Things then by all means go for it. They certainly couldn’t do a worse job than the original. But Tapestry? Leave that one alone.

I could see Q resurrecting a “blank” new Data for Picard to “raise” in his final years.

A Queen of hearts card is Thanos “snapped” away, to leave only the Q… Antagonism between Q & Picard… Even the Continuum avoids provoking the Collective… Will it turn-out Q accidentally created the Borg & somehow couldn’t “un-create” them? 🤔

Be honest…! How many of you went and watched “Tapestry” and “All Good Things” after watching the teaser?? I did!

I didn’t. But then, I just finished my first rewatch of TNG in decades and All Good Things is still fresh in my head. My updated conclusion is that it still was terrible.

Good lord. So is season 2 going to be a comedy now? Q was much easier to take in smaller doses. An entire stretch of 10 episodes? This does not bode well for the show.

Also, all this talk of time and 2nd changes suggest strongly a “It’s a Wonderful Life” vibe. But didn’t we already get that in the only decent Q episode “Tapestry”?

Will we finally get to see the Stargazer again? Seems to hint a lot toward that —- !!!!!