Paramount Sets Top Secret Star Trek Movie For Summer 2023; To Be Produced By J.J. Abrams

After a five-year hiatus, it looks like Paramount Pictures is ready to get back into the Star Trek movie business.

J.J. bringing Star Trek back to the big screen June 2023

Today, Paramount Pictures revealed a new release schedule for a number of its upcoming movies, moving several films, like Top Gun: Maverick, the Mission: Impossible 7 (and Mission 8), and more around. But buried in all the reshuffling was a “untitled Star Trek movie” set to be released on June 9, 2023.

There are no details on this Star Trek movie. TrekMovie reached out to Paramount Pictures who provided the following comment:

The UNTITLED STAR TREK film is a top secret project that we’re developing with J.J. Abrams producing.

Paramount said they were not able to share any other details at this time.

J.J. Abrams at Star Trek Beyond fan event at Paramount Studios in May 2016

The latest news about Star Trek feature films came in March, when it was reported that the new head of Paramount’s movie division had ordered a script from Discovery writer Kalinda Vazquez for a new Trek film to be produced by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot productions. No details are known about that script except for it being described as “an original movie that [Vazquez] hatched.”

This latest script is at least the fourth Trek film that has gone into development at Bad Robot and Paramount since the release of Star Trek Beyond in the summer of 2016. However, today is the first time in the last five years that Paramount has set a release date for a Star Trek movie. It’s possible this June 2023 Trek film is from the Vazquez script, or it could be related to one of the other scripts completed over the last five years, or it could be something completely new. It would not be surprising for Paramount to be looking to develop multiple Star Trek films, as they and other studios are doing with other franchises.

This is a developing story. TrekMovie will provide updates as they become available.

Find more news and analysis on upcoming Star Trek feature films.

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We Got This Covered, which is notorious for getting this stuff wrong, actually got this right a couple of weeks ago. Go figure.

They post plausible made-up stories and get them right occasionally by chance.

Blind squirrels, nuts, all that

It would be healthy for them to close the Kelvin loophole somehow with a final film, and open the door to new projects

Agreed. But man a 7 year gap between Kelvin films is outrageous.

A lot of folks weren’t very enthused about the JJ-verse films. But at this point there might be an appetite. ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’.

And a lot of others were.

True. Over in Star Wars there was is lot’s of explicit excitement about Hayden Christenson returning as Vader/Anakin in Obi-Wan series. This guy was apparently a terrible actor and was terrible in the Star Wars prequels (which I totally disagree with for many reasons) and yet here we are 16 years later and many were so happy he’s back playing the role again.

Agreed. It’s a curious pattern. Freshly despised outings make older, formerly criticised outings VERY popular. The Star Wars ST has turned the PT into a fan-favourite!

Same for Trek with VOY and ENT… Those two shows used to be shred to pieces by fans back in the day. But the controversial reception of DSC, PIC and LDS turned both shows into classics mentioned alongside TOS and TNG…

I don’t think it was the new shows that made fans appreciate ENT and VOY. For me, it was the decade of time away from them. I came to love them more after they landed on Netflix around 2010.

At the time of first airing we had just come ff TNG and DS9, two highly acclaimed, superior shows; we’d had 9 seasons of weekly Trek when VOY premiered. When ENT hit, we’d hat 21 seasons over the span of 13 years.

ENT was so different in comparison to the previous shows. We were burned out, and the stories felt tired.

Ten years later I was able to give both shows (but mostly ENT) a fresher eye and while I don’t think it’s a GREAT show, I do enjoy it a lot more now. Nothing to do with current shows.

But who knows, in 10 years I may be able to rewatch DSC and appreciate it more.

I personally always loved Voyager, so that was never an issue for me. With Enterprise, I definitely wasn’t a fan at the beginning and stopped watching it after its first season. But I will say when I did try to watch the series years later I really did learn to love it and realized I judged it too quickly. Which is odd since so much of Star Trek started off pretty bad (including the new shows DIS and PIC). But I also felt a little fatigued of the franchise in general and it being a prequel definitely didn’t help either.

But I do agree both of these shows seem to have more fans now today than when they first started. But also there are literally entire new generations of fans growing up who are watching it for the first time and don’t have the same hang ups as some of us older fans did back then and another reason they are more popular now.

Perhaps. Sometimes people get older and start seeing things differently. I liked Voyager better when I went back to re-watch it for the first time since it originally aired. But it doesn’t work for everything. I hated the SW prequels when they came out and I STILL think they were garbage. Christopher was terrible and I hate that he has been cast in the TV show. As much as I hate this and as evil as that scummy practice is, part of me is hoping he gets Gina Carano’d. That is how bad I thought he was in the role.

But to be fair, it wasn’t entirely him. He was not right for the role but it was terribly written and badly directed.

He’ll spend most of the time in the Vader suit so not a problem

Only dementia can help you to forget what damage JJ did to BOTH Star **** series. At least the damage in Star Trek can be still considered easy fixable, as the Kelvin Crew had a very good chemistry and was never written in a corner as it was done with Star Wars. The movies were bad written, but if they finally find a good script, it might finally work.

Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Chekhov should still be in star trek 14.

Look at Avatar. A sequel has been promised since the original movie in 2009. It has now been nearly 12 years and its going to be another year or two if I’m not mistaken.

With regards kelvin movies. They are all self contained stories really so actually it really doesn’t matter that they are released so far apart really. Beyond wasn’t successful financially so Paramount would never have been in any rush to go into production on the next film.

Difference is Cameron has actually been filming at 2 instalments waiting to be released

Healthy? If the 6/23 release date holds, it’ll be seven years between projects. They can do whatever they want at this point, no one will care.

True. Ironically the last time it was 7 years between movies was between Nemesis and the 09 film. By then it was pretty easy to move on to something new because so much time had passed; especially since Nemesis had bombed….just like Beyond did last time.

Nope. Actually I disagree that Beyond bombed. It didn’t make much of a profit because of its insane budget (turning the saucer section upside down must have cost more than an entire Picard-era movie), but for a Trek movie it still made a lot of money and earned more in China than most of the Star Wars movies.

Beyond doing not as well as ST09 or STID was a return to normal form after two far too successful outings. Trek doesn’t have that sort of mass appeal and shouldn’t need to. Returning to a moderate budget would make these movies profitable again…

Exactly! It did not bomb. It was a financial failure, but it did very well in terms of tickets sold, and was well received by audiences and critics.

Sorry Garth Lorca, but at USD 185M budget a movie with USD 345M box office is a bomb and costs studio money. It is estimated that a movie must make 200% of its budget to break even due to marketing, etc.

That’s exactly what I said. It’s the budget’s fault. It didn’t make any money because of the budget. But attendance was okay for a Trek movie, more than okay if you compare it to the TNG movies. Paramount expected too much after the JJ films.

Still I won’t call it a bomb. Semantics. I know. A bomb is a movie that does hardly have any audience at all… The Spirit was a bomb, Pan (2015) as well, Gods of Egypt, King Arthur (2017), Robin Hood (2018)… those are bombs in my book… Beyond had a huge audience, its problem was its even higher budget.

A movie that just fails to return its insanely high budget is not a bomb. It’s bad studio policy…

Garth we can split hairs of what to call it all day but it lost money. A LOT of money. Some places have quoted losing up to $120 million. Now we don’t know the exact figures, true, but if it’s true, that sounds like a huge bomb to me. But you can call it something else.

Well, this would be the fourteenth movie, so an even-numbered spot. So it should be good!

(I know that Nemesis and Into Darkness were also even-numbered, and those movies were bad. But most even-numbered Trek movies are the better ones.)

That’s a popular but incorrect myth. TMP, Star Trek III, the 2009 film and Beyond are all excellent films, while Nemesis and Into Darkness aren’t.

TMP is one of the weakest Trek films, and SFS is fine but not great.


I view TMP as one of the very best in the series, and pretty much every other fan I know does as well. Your mileage may vary.

TSFP has its flaws, but it’s always been dumped on unfairly. It’s a worthy middle chapter of the Genesis Trilogy.

SFS is the well-intentioned mess everybody says TFF is; TMP is a very ambitious and strangely compelling miss, but still among the only three TREK films that ‘matter’ to me (TWOK and TFF being the other two.)

TFF isn’t a well-intentioned mess; it’s a well-intentioned (albeit by a narcissist) disaster.

Ruined by paramount releasing it in a terrible condition.

Hey Michael. Just rewatched the first six films (plus opening 10min of GEN, but my ops on these are still pretty much the same.)

Thought of you the other day when I wound up coming across an old thread here discussing the look of the Enterprise on DSC s1; in it, you mention your purchase of CITY ON THE EDGE graphic novel adaptation artwork … made me very jealous.

It’s weird, the more I do searches on topics of interest, the more I keep finding my own posts from here (and further back in time at trekbbs and hobbytalk — quit the former, banned from the latter) coming up.

What’s weirder though is that there are some posts I actually do remember making (esp at trekbbs) that I would like to find but now cannot; there was a very lengthy piece from the early 2000s about how to reimagine TOS, where I came up with a revamp of BALANCE OF TERROR as a feature-length relaunch/first mission under Kirk, with added action beats, like trying to rescue trapped folks on some of those neutral zone starbases while the asteroids they are on cave in around them. Figured the whole Spock’s loyalty thing would actually play better if nobody knew anybody well yet, and I think I threw in a wrinkle, like there actually being a genuine Rom spy/saboteur aboard who was passing for human after some serious surgery and genetic manipulation. Maybe that was the guy Spock saves at the end, not knowing he is saving the guy who shorted out the phasers and has been doing his best to get everybody killed and the ship destroyed.

Sorry for digression, just came off a weekend of urgent writing projects about editing on Oscar-nominated films and needed to spew about fun stuff to get my head clear. BTW, if you’re looking for something really edgy to talk about at your [now-virtual] watercooler, Amazon’s THEM might be the one. I saw the first 4 eps a month or so back and was amazed how unnerving they were, and how unrelentingly tense they played. Now that the series is up and streaming, have been steeling myself to watch the remaining six, because I know they have seriously disturbing stuff coming from talking to camera folks, who admitted to having nightmares about some of it and who felt emotionally drained just watching the actors go through a few scenes. Not for the faint of heart — the horror here is not just boogeyman stuff — a lot of it is very much based on the everyday real problems of race, and of course, that seems ever so much more harrowing and disturbing. It’s a real showcase for old-fashioned in-camera visual magic, too; tons of split-diopter shots for Brian DePalma fans — well-executed ones, not like the mostly mushy-looking ones in ST-TMP — plus very inventive use of the zoom-in/dolly-back ‘warp’ shots Scorsese likes, though these throw in a pitch/roll/yaw action from a dutch camera head.

SFS is not a mess, it a great film with Kirk pushed to the edge to save Spock

Agreed 100%.

The even-numbered thing has got to be one of the dumbest urban myths in nerddom.

Agreed! Not logical! And, Rios, you have a rather high tolerance for mediocrity if you judge TMP and III to be fine films!

Man, The Search for Spock is my hill to die on. I love that film and it may be my favorite, which is clearly illogical because there are obviously four other films considered better than it. Despite it’s tv movie budget, I just love the story, especially the journey it takes Kirk on. If you think about it, TSFS is the first time Kirk truly sacrifices anything. Pretty much every other time in the show or films, he has an escape hatch of some kind, but he clearly sacrifices his career in Star Trek III. He doesn’t know that he’ll lose the Enterprise, let alone his son, during the adventure. But he gives up his Starfleet career completely to violate the rules and get Spock’s body off of Genesis. That’s one of the things I wish they’d spent more time on in the film. Kirk is stealing the Enterprise and breaking the rules just to get Spock’s body for ceremonial purposes on Vulcan. He doesn’t have a clue that Spock has been reanimated on Genesis. Plus he’s doing it to save McCoy as well, who for movie drama reasons is going to be put in an insane asylum. I wish they’d spent a bit more time in the movie discussing how Starfleet/Federation officials have absolutely NO IDEA about Vulcan biology (like in Amok Time) to help explain why they don’t understand “Vulcan mysticism.” But man, that movie has a lot of great story elements in it. And this has become a rant. Sorry guys, long week, losing my mind…

Search for Spock is pure, classic Trek. I understand that there are better movies but this one is the most fun. And up until being surpassed by two choice scenes in Star Trek Picard, Search for Spock held the title for my favorite single Star Trek scene of all time…David’s death and Kirk’s reaction.

You nailed it. STIII isn’t a great movie, but it is a FUN movie; despite all of the loss it deals with. If I stumble across it on TV at the right point, I’ll stop what I’m doing and watch from “The word is no. I am therefore going anyway” to “Best speed to Genesis!”, every time. It has some of the best character beats the original cast ever had. (Even if George Takei still thinks “Don’t call me tiny” took away from Sulu instead of Sulu telling the guard to go f**k himself after Sulu moped the floor with him and wiped all of the security feeds)

TSFS really delivers the “damn the rules” version of Kirk, that didn’t really exist until then, no matter what people seem to want to remember.

Same here (long week and love of STIII, flaws [Saavik] and all).

“ If you think about it, TSFS is the first time Kirk truly sacrifices anything. Pretty much every other time in the show or films, he has an escape hatch of some kind…”
I would like to point out there is a not so obscure episode you may want to recall. It is titled “The City on the Edge of Forever.” Kirk must actively cause the death of his great love and soulmate, sacrificing her to save the future.

Hear, hear.

My grandmother had II, III, IV and VI on VHS. As a kid, I always assumed this meant those four movies were nigh-universally well-regarded.

I was pretty surprised by TSFS’ reception when I first braved the net. (Then again, I had lived in such a bubble that I genuinely believed VOY was as popular a TV show as anything else on earth.)

That got a good chuckle out of me, Bryant. So true.

I’d add that ‘Beyond’ was a damned good entry (on the Kelvinverse scale, at least).

Yeah, Beyond is a great fun movie.

Beyond was great! One of the few films that actually included an alien planet. The space station alongside with the theme it got… gold… Too sad S. Aghdashloo only got a few lines. The plot was a bit contreived but it was impressively done…

I wouldn’t call TMP, TSFS or Beyond excellent. I think they’re all good films, but I can see why they aren’t considered top-tier Trek.

It’s a low hanging fruit type situation based on a stereotype which people have taken much more seriously further down the line.

And the whale movie is ridiculously overrated.

I have to agree with Rios. ST09 and TSFS are good movies, not the “creme de la creme” but good ones. TMP on the other hand is my absolute favourite as far as style and mood is concerned. I LOVE the slow pace, the incredible score and sound FX, I love the time the film takes to introduce both the Enterprise and V’Ger. It’s epic from start to finish, but from another era of movie-making that I sadly miss in these days of shaky-cam and lense-flare-gasms…

I think the even/odd numbered thing has run it’s course post TOS/TNG films. Particularly if that is saying Into Darkness was better than Star Trek 2009 :)

I am glad to see a Star Trek film scheduled for a Summer release date. Trek is one of few huge franchises ViacomCBS has that can even get close to what Disney has with Marvel and Star Wars or Warner with DC Comics. I’m in no way comparing Trek to those franchises, which regularly have films make $1 billion, but it’s the closest thing they have.

I hope the the Kelvin cast returns. I just think you’re not going to be able to cast better than Chris Pine, Karl Urban, etc. Seeing this crew again, more seasoned, would be fun. Quinto was the last actor to have Leonard Nimoy’s blessing, so I always have respect for his portrayal as Spock because of that.

Of course, I’m open to some type of TNG/DS9/Voyager mash up movie as well, but that’s wishful thinking. We’ll probably see more of that on TV with Picard.

There’s the Galaxy Quest fix. Arguments about the quality of TMP and SFS aside, the whole even numbered rule completely falls apart with Nemesis and actually kinda reverses after that with the odd numbered films being good and the even bad. However, if you slot in Galaxy Quest between Insurrection and Nemesis when it came out, making it the new 10th film, Nemesis 11, etc, it fixes it back.

So lets see the four scripts in play are: The original sequel to Beyond (the one planned to involve Chris Hemsworth as Kirk’s dad), Tarantino and Noah Hawley’s scripts and the last one from Kalinda Vasquez. I wonder if they might find a way to produce all of them and I also wonder which one they chose as the first one out of the gate?

I was excited to see Tarantino’s take on Trek. The idea of having that movie stand along, like Joker does within Warner’s DC movies would make sense. Revisiting the gangster planet from TOS sounded fun and would shake up the Trek universe a bit.

I like Hemsworth and Pine, so I’d be on board for that script. Seems like that one is the most “Hollywood”. Ratcheting up the odds and increasing the star power of the movie another degree.

The Vasquez film intrigues me. We know she obviously has an affinity for TOS. She wrote one of the better episodes last season on Discovery, Terra Firm Pt 2.

They’re going with Kalinda Vasquez’s. Tarantino’s is out of play.

But do you really know this or just guessing? I really really hope it’s not the Tarantino script though, or at least the one based on the rumors.

You were right about LDS getting a third season though! So if this is more than just a guess, I’ll take your word for it.

Everybody is pretty much guessing at this point, my friend.

Tarantino’s script might make a better Paramount+ halo project to try to draw in some of his fans who aren’t Star Trek fans and see if they can be sold on the service and the franchise. It seems like this next film is the end for the 2009 cast. Either they get one last film or Paramount pushes them to the side and moves on. I hope that CBS is willing to spend a little more money and authorizes Paramount to pay the Chrises what they want, and they make some version of the originally planned follow up to Beyond. It seems like a script that can put a bow on the era. The studio then has the Hawley and Vasquez scripts in hand to go forward with big screen Trek post-2009 crew. I’m not saying post-Kelvin because CBS might find it covenant to continue to have TV Trek and Movie Trek take place in separate timelines, abet ones that aren’t as segregated as they were when CBS and Paramount were separate corporations. It would allow the movies to do what they wanted without stepping on TV’s toes. Then again, they may not. I do not know, nor do I have a preference. I’m just pointing out the possibility.

Do you have some kind of insider info on that? Your statement seems a bit too certain.

At this point, this has to be close to equaling the pre-TMP era for the number of different scripts considered for a Trek film. They went through a whole lot of options during that ’75-’78 time period before settling on the TMP script that was still being written during production.

I’m not saying that the plethora of Trek scripts that have been optioned is a bad thing, I just feel like the closest the franchise has been to it is that pre-TMP period. Hopefully whatever they choose is an interesting film with a worthwhile story.

Considering this statement had zero information in it, there could easily be another “secret” script out there. Or not so secret, if they dusted off Orci’s rejected treatment and ran with that.. The point is, no one knows….

Absolutely true, but I was going with the information we already have. There may very well be another secret script out there, perhaps one with a mixture of elements from all of the other ones.

And there was Meyers pitch, thats five ST4s

TMP and Beyond had locked-in release dates and had to be cobbled together on the fly because their scripts were a mess with no time to fix them, resulting in not-good movies. Hopefully this is not history repeating itself in a bad way.

I loved Star Trek Beyond. To each their own. :)


I liked it, but it was the third “angry guy out for revenge” movie in a row, and like the first two, the rationale for that revenge wasn’t all the well explained.

BEYOND was the first TREK movie I came out of the theater actually liking since TFF, but man, it needs some time shaved off act 3. All of that weird gravity stuff just drags this cat in by its backside.

Fourth in a row if you include Nemesis. I’m waited for them to actually explore some strange new worlds and seek out new civilizations. Might as well change the title from Star Trek to Space Revenge. They’ve focused so much on the action, explosions and special effects over character and story or any sort of sense of wonder.

Oh yeah. I’m still trying to forget Nemesis exists.

5th in a row if you include Insurrection. Ru’afo certainly had an axe to grind with his parents and their fellow village elders.

It’s also the 4th movie in a row where the Enterprise gets the tar beat out of her in an unwinnable fight.

JJ-Prize went 0-3 before being forced into retirement. Perhaps the A will do better.

As did I!

Interesting. I really didn’t like anything about it, but I also saw it originally on a really dim theatre screen (and right after a 4-hour marathon screening of the first two). It was just dark and muddy, visually and plotwise. I think that affected my impression.

It’s one of a handful of Trek movies (incl TFF, Insurrection and Nemesis) that I can’t rewatch from start to finish without getting bored.

I’m glad folks enjoy it.

Beyond is my favorite out of the Kelvin movies but it’s not the most rewatchable film either. And it is the slowest out of the three. Which is odd to say considering how much action is in the movie.

TMP is my favorite in the series by a wide margin. So if that’s what happens here, that’ll be fine by me.

I’m glad to finally see someone else of like mind regarding TMP.

You are NOT alone. I love TMP to death. It’s the only Trek from an era I truly love in space movie-making. I’m glad they got around to making it while still in the 70s. It’s got that 70s vibe that also got me hooked on the original Alien, Space: 1999 and classic BSG.

But most of all, it’s 2001 in the Trek universe… that epically slow pace, the beautiful score, it’s a true piece of art… It’s not an action movie like people are used to these days… It’s visual oraphys to completly immerse in…

I truly hope that something like TMP will reimerge some day within the Trek universe. It should be possible, given there have been movies like Arrival, Passengers, Annihilation, Avatar… Those are the ones Trek should be looking at, not Avengers and Star Wars…

TMP was on Epix a few weeks ago. Having a 75″ TV, I noticed some subtlety in some scenes that I hadn’t noticed before. The Enterprise was (and is) beautiful…

Kirk and crew must win the temporal war bleeding into their timeline – tie everything together and open the door for the next movie to be the TOS crew post STNV and that awesome Discovery Enterprise and bridge set?

That could explain why somebody from the JJverse was fighting in the Temporal War in the prime timeline.

I’m still attracted to the idea of Michelle Yeoh’s formerly MU Phillipa Georgiou landing in the Kelvinverse.

Now that MU Georgiou knows and accepts that the MU Terran Empire is a hopeless cause, she will be committed to saving the Prime continuity and Burnham.

But if the Guardian of Forever sends her to the Kelvinverse, she may feel she has some work to do, especially with Spock.

You could be on the money there if the script they are moving forward with ends up being the one written by Kalinda Vasquez. She wrote Terra Firma Part II, Georgiou’s farewell, and the Kelvinverse was mentioned in Terra Firma Part I. Perhaps this was their plan. Georgiou’s appearance in the Kelvin Timeline could be a great way to bring together elements of the Prime, Mirror and Kelvin timelines from the Trek Multiverse. Michelle Yeoh has big box office appeal abroad and it could end up setting the groundwork for her own show, which I was hoping we might have got some more info about on First Contact Day but that project seems dead in the water. :(

It seems to make so much sense, especially as one of the main problems of the Kelvinverse movies, in terms of Return on Investment, was the weak performance outside of North America.

Really big tent, blockbuster movies have to draw audiences globally to get a decent profit margin on several hundred million dollars of production costs and marketing.

And with the decision that Yeoh’s (or any other new live-action series) won’t join the streaming schedule until Picard is done, means that her television series has been pushed back to 2024.

It all fits.

I doubt they will use Georgiou in the movies. If she’s still up for her own show that is… I could imagine her show to be called “Guardians of Forever”, a team of time travellers to use the Guardian to protect the timeline, somehow involving Section 31 as the mother organisation. There must be a reason they gave the Guardian a personality. Philippa is on the team, Carl is the grey eminence and hopefully they think about re-introducing Gary Seven and Isis.

Or maybe THAT IS the movie… and there will be no TV show at all.

“Star Trek – Guardians of Forever” or shortly “Star Trek Forever”, good title for a fourth / fourteenth movie…

After Star Trek Beyond, that would be another Batman title… Looking forward to “Star Trek & Robin” after that :-) Or “Star Trek Begins”, “Star Trek Rises”… best title ever: “The Star Trek” :-)

It’s a nice idea TG47 but I think it comes with too much baggage to be presented as a movie that would appeal to the masses. I think something like this would still be more suited to Paramount+

It’s quite easily imagined how to do Trek 14 with time travel and giving closure to that timeline… The Narada was upgraded with Borg technology. That tech lures the Borg into the Alpha Quadrant a century too early. The Federation and everything gets assimilated. The only way to fix this? Taking Narada out of the equation, thus eleminating the KT…

Not more JJ Trek, the last three were rubbish

You had me until JJ…

Except they weren’t.

Amen. I’ll gladly skip it, watch Discovery and Picard. They are to Abrams “trekverse” what “The Mandalorian” is to JJStarWars.

Wow, I’d say DSC and PIC are to the Abrams what PLAN 9 is to ROBOT MONSTER.


I’d rather see someone else making it, but I guess this is good news otherwise.

Produced can mean a lot of things. There may be a contractual obligation that JJ and BR be “producers” of Trek films the same way Avi Arad is listed as an executive producer on all the recent MCU Spider-Man movies, despite having zero input. Who knows.

Rumor this is the last jj film to fulfill tbe contract

My hope is they bring in a better LEAD producer who can filter BR and JJ’s ideas and distill them into a better movie. I like JJ, I like stuff BR has done. But they are the kind of creative collective that needs a good “manager” to develop their ideas into a better final product. A lot like George Lucas, oddly enough.

It’s the same reason I dislike Kurtzman being IN CHARGE of Trek. I think he’s got a lot of good ideas and good instincts, but would work better if he had someone savvy above him picking out and separating his good from his bad.

I was about to make my own post here, but you said exactly what I was going to. I kind of wish someone else was at the helm, but I’m glad to see a film coming out. Nothing of JJ’s has ever knocked my socks off, but here’s to hoping.

I don’t have the same hang ups that many do here about Abrams. But I will admit, wouldn’t mind seeing someone on it.

I think most of us just want to see another film made at this point. I really started to think we wouldn’t even get another movie until 2025. And that still may be the case. ;)

Yup totally agree regarding JJ Abrams. I know many fans have the doubts about him, but IMO Star Trek 11 (2009) helped keep the franchise afloat after Enterprise went out with a disasterous season finale AND I really liked what he along with Kurtzman and Orci did with Fringe.
Yeah he messed up the Khan movie, but you can say the same about Nemesis and quite honestly I liked 11 and 13.
I may be skeptical about today’s announcement BUT I’m willing to wait and see what happens as well as what JJ ends up deliverying.

Yeah and to be fair to him, Abrams never actually wrote any of the films, so you can’t blame him creatively. Sure he APPROVED of them but my only point is he’s just producing the movie, the story is going to depend on who is writing it, as it’s always been. But yes, after TROS, I think it’s best he’s nowhere close to writing these movies. ;)

I’m willing to wait and see as well. Even though Beyond wasn’t amazing, I did think it was a big improvement over STID and they avoided the worst mistakes in that one. As long as they can learn from their mistakes and try to improve is all we can ask for like everything in life.

A filmmaker who is directing and producing his films absolutely HAS to take the blame for the scripts, because he is the guy saying yea or nay. If he didn’t like it, he could have had other people on it or even walked away, but I doubt he even had any idea of what worked trek-wise in it, since 09 seemed to be about a more conventional mythology than the TOS triad one, and infinitely dumber in its execution. It’s easy to rag on Abrams for the insipid and distracting lens flares and the most insanely stupid art direction I can think of, but he is still the guy to nail to the wall for everything else (which is damned near everything period) wrong with 09.

I agree. I’m only saying he didn’t come up with the story, other people did. But yes he was definitely responsible overall. I’m only saying in terms of this movie, he’s not writing or directing it, so if people are that worried about his influence on this movie, it’s going to be much smaller.

He directed the first two. But Beyond he only produced that one and I’m not saying his lack of involvement made it a better film but he didn’t influence it like the others.

As Captain, you are responsible for the conduct of the crew under your command.

What’s always been frustrating about Into Darkness is that it would have been perfectly fine if the enhanced human had been any other Eugenics War criminal OTHER than Khan. One of Khan’s lieutenants being blackmailed by Section 31 to keep Khan and the rest of the sleepers on the Botany Bay safe. Col. Green found in suspended animation in a deep underground bunker during an archeological dig. SOMETHING! But someone convinced, or a suit at the studio mandated Khan and the script ran into a wall that the plot leak and bad CYA from Bad Robot didn’t help.

I expect JJ has directed his last Star Trek movie. But you never know.! Awesome!

Hopefully it will be the Tarantino script and featuring Shatner

It won’t be.

One can hope..and dream..

It’s sad that I can’t get excited for another Trek movie anymore. Not with the current regime attached.


Make it so….

It’s a Cloverfield!

Instead of Crossfield Class, they could have made Discovery Cloverfield Class. That would have been awesome :-) Given that 10-31 is the Halloween date and that the show was originally intended to be a space horror anthology like AHS…

So where are all the fans who were saying there would never be another Trek in theaters? I swear I just saw another Facebook fansite a few days ago proclaiming “Star Trek movie dead.”

The people who say stuff like that are dysfunctional and delusional.

The past year has shown Paramount very much wants a new movie. They’ve just been struggling to bring it together.

Star Trek movies have “died” from day one… ever since “The Cage” was rejected by the studio / network. Except the ones that always get made :-)

I guess Trek is a very special brand that has had written “failure” all over it from 1964 onward, only to turn the constant danger of cancellation into a fighting chance to live…

Although I have to say this period feels a tad longer… seven years… well, given the pandemic and all, it is still on track :-)

I am quite broad-minded when it comes to new Star Trek projects, and am open to a wide variety of styles, tones, and settings. The sole requirement I have is that any new Trek must be overseen by J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, or Akiva Goldsman. In this day and age, these three are the only ones who have the capacity to wield the Stone of Gol, so to speak. So, with Bad Robot being confirmed for Star Trek ’23, we can sit back and engage for the final frontier of excitement and excellence. Let’s see what’s out there.

Wow, I would almost think this is a joke post, but April 1st was over a week ago. ;D

I’m not AS bothered by any of these people making Star Trek today and they are the ones currently in charge, so we’ll see.

It HAS to be a joke post, either that or maybe Nakamura is fronting for somebody.


So, these are your requirements? What is Paramount paying for consulting fee’s these days?

It’s always a good sign when they barely have a 2 year window to release and there’s no director or cast.

Well, ANNOUNCED. They probably don’t have a director or cast. Knowing Paramount, they may still be deciding which script; but it is POSSIBLE that things are further along and are being kept quiet until they are close to shooting. It certainly isn’t unheard of. The studios have started making casting announcements in the last few years for projects after they have entered post-production and the actors had already completed filming; so I guess it all depends on the level of operational security Paramount has on the film.

Sometimes it works. You just set all the deadlines and by the end if everybody does their jobs right, you have a decent film at the end.

A studio might announce to stake a claim on a weekend – and there may be a post pandemic pile up/jockeying for position. I tend to think they are further along and Kalinda had some idea with easy ways for the studio to confirm actor and crew availability. I even imagine they could be ready to shoot this fall when Doscovery is done with the sets in Toronto.

Yes, it was an odd announcement. They kind of quietly snuck it into a long list of releases and rearranged release dates. With no additional info.

I agree it seems like laying a marker for a weekend date. But we’ve seen so many things delayed during the pandemic era…I think 007 and Black Widow have moved dates 4 or 5 times each. No one will be surprised if dates change.

Kalinda knows her TOS, so it should be interesting if this is her script.

I have faith of the heart that this will be good. But if it’s a JJ Abrams movie it will probably suck. Sorry. :)

So you don’t have faith of the heart, then.

Super no. Not at all. JJ Abrams is a hack who produces trash. I don’t know why the industry feels differently about him. He doesn’t understand Star Trek, nor even seem to like Star Trek, and doesn’t make a priority out of showing up to work for Star Trek. He produced the worst Star Wars production since Life Day, doesn’t know how to pace his films and doesn’t know how to write compelling characters. He’s guilty of the sloppiest of fangasms. When I was a little fan boy nerd playing with action figures and fantasizing about making Star Trek movies, I fantasized about making the kind of trash that they actually let JJ Abrams make. He has the artistic sensibility and discipline of a 13-year-old boy. He is completely and in every way overrated. To his credit, he seems like one of the nicest guys on the planet and I’m sure on a personal level I would really like him.

No JJ please!

I’ll only believe this when Phil officially announces it. Just kidding Phil I couldn’t resist ;)

LOL! I’m with you. If Phil says it’s going to happen, THEN I will have faith in this project. ;)

We’ll see….JJ has pulled off running a production under the radar before.
At worst, we’ll have a little fun with it for a bit…. :-)

You’ve been right pretty much every time with these various movie pitches they were developing but there was always going to come a point when CBS actually greenlit something and this time there’s genuinely a little more reason to be optimistic. You’re right as well JJ has pulled off under the radar productions before, I seen to recall the original Cloverfield coming out of nowhere.

It will be interesting to see which pitch they’ve gone for. The Kelvin story that brought back Kirk’s dad? Kalinda Vazquez original script? The Tarantino pitch with somebody else directing? Or something completely new? I’d have loved to have seen the Noah Hawley movie but that seemed separate from JJ so I doubt it’s that. It may well be that in an era in which studios are changing the release dates for their tent poles every other week that Paramount feel comfortable setting a placeholder date when they haven’t even approved a script and we might be back to square one again in a couple of months but at least, as you say, we can have a little fun with it until then.

Give me a JJ movie over a Ku*tzman series anyday… unless a Berman, Braga and Moore series is on offer. Alas, good Star Trek is dead.

I vividly recall most fans were sick and tired of Berman & Braga Trek by the time Enterprise sputtered to its finale in 2005. Moore, okay maybe. But For All Mankind isn’t exactly great TV.

Yeah, it’s really a treat to see B&B finally be treated with the respect they deserve. All that vile hatred was so pointless back then. Both have been incredibly loyal to the dream. Berman still celebrates his Thanksgiving and Christmas with the Next Gen gang. And Braga co-produces the greatest show on earth: The Orville :-)

Not sure about Moore though. His work on DS9 was okay, his NuBSG felt fresh back then but it somehow became the bluprint for far too many series like that: meandering story-arcs that eventually lead to nothing special… NuBSG, Lost, GoT, Gotham… all great journeys but never a fulfilling conclusion… The Expanse is the last of those super-arc series I’ve started to watch. If this one fails me yet again, it’ll remain the last for a very long time.

I really prefer standalone movies and episodes.

I really liked Season 1-4, but the fifth season of The Expanse went off the rails, focusing far too much on secondary characters that really aren’t all that interesting. I swear, I thought Strait must have filmed all of his scenes in one or two days. He basically sits in a chair on the Roci doing nothing the second half of the season. And Naomi cries more in Season 5 than Burnham did in three seasons of Discovery.

Agreed. S5 was a bit of a letdown but I think this is what has to happen with every single one of these serialized genre shows at some point. They probably won’t be able to finish the show in a way that is satisfying to every viewer. Tastes and expectations are far too different to cater to everyone…

S4 was great because they finally went out there only to return to politics, terror and war in S5. Someone who loves that social justice angle will probably be very pleased but those who finally want to explore the Ringworlds, can only be disappointed.

That said, I still believe a show like that focusing on the early days of space travel would be a fine addition to Trek. Pre-Archer, Pre-NX-01, probably focusing on the infamous Ringship Enterprise… The days of early colonisation of the solar system… Mars has had a different view on space travel and alien contacts even later on ENT. That could be explored. Blue Earth and Red Mars would be an excellent analogy to politics…

But then, after six seasons of EXP, it would feel a tad redundant doing something like that in the Trekverse as well… They should have done that instead of ENT twenty years ago…

Well, I guess my initial appreciation for EXP was based on the fact that it was one of the first space shows after a long hiatus (along with the weirdly creative Killjoys series)… But now that Trek is back big time, EXP has lost a bit for me…

Well, I happen to think that season 5 of “The Expanse” was one of its best, perfectly balancing the intimate and personal with the grandly epic. It’s vastly superior to the current Trek shows, as well most of the other TV franchise offerings of the last few decades. I can only hope that the producers manage to stick the landing, as there have been plenty of recent examples of formerly great genre series that didn’t.

I must have missed the grandly epic. Maybe I just fell asleep waiting for something to actually happen. It finally did in the last minute of the finale, but I have no idea what that actually was. As I said before, Holden sits around doing next to nothing after about Episode 3. Amos wandering around America was as interesting as watching the grass grow. I’ve seen better acting in Community Theater than pretty much everyone on that ship with Naomi, who cried for about three complete episodes (but all anyone on social media can talk about is Burnham crying for a few minutes after saving all life in the galaxy or when saying goodbye to a friend she’ll never see again on Discovery.)

I guess multiple asteroid strikes that kill several billion people, and that take place onscreen, don’t qualify in your book as “something happening.” I have to wonder what would qualify. Given that her son and ex-lover had just committed the greatest war crime in human history, I also have to wonder why you found Naomi crying to be so inappropriate under the circumstances, unless it’s just that girl tears are kind of icky.

Personally, I found Amos’ reckoning with his past and his subsequent trek across the post-apocalypse Northeast to be fascinating, but to each, his own. Likewise the acting, which I’ll gladly put up against any of the modern Trek series, let alone (God help us) “The Orville.”

Nothing confusing about the finale if you were paying attention—and no, I haven’t read the books.

Lol..yes! Those of use around in the TNG-DS9-VOY-Enterprise era know how much Berman was disparaged on Internet forums during that era.
Amazing to see him turned to hero now.
I remember how people said they’d never accept TNG and the bald captain, Data is a poor Spock clone, etc. None of that was rational, but fans hold tight to what they love.

We all knew the original characters would eventually be recast. The characters are too iconic..and profitable…not to. And the TOS Enterprise would have to be updated for the big screen, as it was in TMP. It’s hard to accept change. JJ did it and actually was spot on bringing Pine and others in. I quibble a bit with Quinto’s Spock, but that’s more due to how he was written. And the guy has Nimoy’s blessing. That’s good enough for me.

Would love to be excited….but I’m way passed that at this point. Hopefully it’s true. But if it is, wow, that means that they must start pre-production in the next few months. If it’s not the Kelvin cast (and it doesn’t seem like it is but still could be) then they have to cast it soon as well.

If this does happen, that will mean we’ll not have only six Star Trek productions happening at once but it will be the first time we had both a Trek film and show(s) happening at the same time in ages. That hasn’t happened since Nemesis and Enterprise obviously.

If Abrams is involved, doesn’t that mean that it likely is the Kelvin cast? It seems unlikely that it would be any of the established Prime Universe characters as the TOS cast is either dead or too old to carry a movie. TNG cast is wrapped up in making the Picard series. None of the other established Prime Universe characters would be likely to carry a movie because their shows do not have the pop culture visibility like TOS and TNG did to make a movie viable.

The alternative to the Kelvin Universe TOS cast seems like it would be new characters like Noah Hawley’s project apparently had. Maybe they will go in that direction.

I honestly don’t think any of that matters. Abrams contract is just to produce the Star Trek Movies just like it’s Alex Kurtzman job to make Star Trek shows. Kurtzman obviously has the freedom to make any show in any form, cast or period he wants, I don’t know why it would be different for Abrams? And it could just be brand new characters as you said, right?

Sure it could be established characters or even the Kelvin cast, but I highly doubt it’s in his contract to produce just those movies. That was simply the films they originally came up with. But I don’t why they would say he can only produce more of those movies. It would be like saying Kurtzman can only make Discovery spin offs.

My point was that the Kelvin characters may be the only previously existing characters available to make a movie with, whoever makes it. The TOS actors are gone or retired, and TNG characters are making a streaming series.

The current writer of the movie said it was suppose to be an original film, ie, probably new characters. And we know Noah Hawley’s movie was also new characters. So I’m not following your point? They could use existing ones, but it’s obvious they are open to new characters as well and maybe that’s what this is too.

My point is that I think this likely will be a Kelvin TOS movie. That’s all.

OK, but then they can just SAY that, right? I don’t really understand what is the point of all the secrecy over using characters that was already in the last 3 films and been around over a decade now? When the second and third Kelvin film was announced, did they keep us in the dark who was going to be in those? No. In fact every Star Trek sequel we knew upfront who was going to be in them, usually the group who was in the last one.

You obviously could be right, but it seem to me they would be yelling from the roof tops they got Pine and the others back and ready to go again. Maybe that will happen, just odd they mention the fact Abrams is producing but then not the actors whose been in all his previous films.

I wish they would say what they are doing regarding what characters the movie is about. Abrams’ infamous secrecy has been a thoroughly annoying part of his involvement in Trek. You can tell people basic information about who is in a film without revealing plot secrets; for some reason Abrams does not know how to do that.

The fact that they haven’t revealed anything beyond “secret Star Trek project produced by J.J. Abrams” makes me think that it won’t simply be a continuation of the Kelvin timeline with the existing cast.

If they want a Star Trek movie that will generate a lot of buzz there’s at least one clear path: rebooting the 24th Century in the Kelvin timeline. Casting announcements, speculation about a new Enterprise D and the list goes on.

Yeah I think that would really be a great idea. If you’re not going to keep the original Kelvin cast but want to keep the universe then try it in the TNG era. I don’t see that happening, but would love to be proven wrong.

Rebooting TNG idea aligns with the rumors this week about Tom Hardy being approached to return. Supposedly as shinzon but he obviously played a younger picard as well in Nemesis..

Imagine a movie with Pine, Hemsworth and Hardy…

Man there has been so many freaking rumors who knows anything lol. I just saw a rumor literally today that Scott Bakula is coming back to Star Trek as Archer. Maybe he’s in the new movie too. ;)

I’m pretty much open to anything at this point.

Rumor is this might the last jj film

I saw the Archer rumours a little while back as well, plus there was also talk of Sisko coming back about 6 months go. With Picard season 2 apparently being a time travel story involving Q and there being that big clue that they’re going down the DS9 rabbit hole as well maybe we’ll get a story that sees Picard travelling to different era’s and teaming up with multiple Captains/Trek icons. What? A fan can dream can’t he??

Archer returning may be linked to an entirely new series project. Maybe they are finally gearing up to show us the Romulan Wars. I put my money on Alexander Chase and the USS Horizon, Kobayashi Maru and all that crazy stuff… Archer will be there, either as Admiral or UFP President giving them a send-off…

Archer could show up in the premiere of Strange New Worlds, too. He was supposed to have attended the commissioning of NCC-1701, and SNW could show that as a flashback (with a young Lt. Pike in the crew, or something along those lines.)

I seem to recall the original article suggesting that Picard was the most likely but this was just speculation and SNW could work as well. At the time I figured the SNW pilot would actually be a much better fit, however, that was before I knew Picard season 2 would involve time travel.

Wasn’t Archer still a captain in TATV? That would be some demotion if he was the UFP president during the Romulan War! Maybe they could tell that story, it could be like a Star Trek version of The Hangover ;)

Pine Hemsworth Hardy and may as well get Cumberbatch back..

If that doesn’t appeal to youthful ‘Gen Z’ audiences then nothing will!

Tom Hardy playing Picard… man, I’d so much dig that… I can see that happen, alongside a female Lillian T. Riker, Finn Wolfhart’s Wesley Crusher and Tom Hiddlestone as Datalore, yes, Datalore… in this universe, Data is a Jekyll/Hide good-evil hybrid…
Worf should start out as an enemy and swop sides in the first movie T’ealc-style.

Yeah, that idea would really be awesone. Give us a ENT-D that matches its exterior size on the inside! For a ship of that size, the engineering was pathetic, the bridge was an IKEA exhibition and they never showed the centennial ops, the computer core or other cool locations.

Plus, I really want Lillian T. Riker played by Evangeline Lilly! A female Riker just would be awesome in this universe.

Finn Wolfhard’s Wesley Crusher would also be a treat.

Into Darkness and Beyond really stunk up the place, so it doesn’t bode well for the next film. Gawd, can’t they find any GOOD writers?

Trek has had some great writers. I always think about John Logan, who wrote Nemesis. The guy has been nominated for multiple academy awards, wrote some really respected films like Gladiator, The Aviator, Bond films, etc.

Oh, I know, Nimbus. I’m referring to the stink off any of the Abrams crowd!

Abrams ruins every Sci-Fi franchise he’s been involved with. I won’t give a cent towards watching this.

I loved Alias and liked his mission impossible.

Trek 09 was good, I’d definitely gave the franchise a shot in the arm.

Darkness has great potential, but reciting lines from TWOK word for word was uncomfortable given they were mimicking one of the most emotional scenes in trek history. This crew hadn’t really earned that moment yet. We only had one full film with them at that point. Cumberbatch is a great actor. Maybe Khan is a character like Joker that can be reinterpreted over the years. Just so hard since Montelban killed it -twice – in TOS and TWOK. Special too since it was Nimoy’s last Spock performance ever.

I enjoyed Beyond but was kind of a forgettable film and the enterprise was unnecessarily crashed. I liked the classic “Starfleet Captain gone mad” plot since we saw that in TOS a few times.

JJ didn’t exactly ruin anything. But he tends to handle his franchise entries with a certain formulaic approach that is not everyone’s taste.

His first ST and SW movies were basically remakes of an original movie. TFA was ANH disguised as a sequel. But also ST09 was a REMAKE of NEM… Only so good nobody noticed… Strange Romulan outsider with huge black superweapon supership threatens to destroy Earth… and the crew’s most beloved character meets another older / younger version of himself…

His second outing is always a return of the franchise’s most iconic villain (Khan / Palpatine), whether this return makes sense or not. He has him and others quote direct lines from previous installments…

JJ is very weak with logic and settings / distances… some of the plotholes are bigger than black holes and suck all the coherence out of his opus… transwarp beaming vs. force snatching of objects, locations are way off, distances don’t work… fleets pop up out of nowhere… and the big E goes down into Earth’s atmosphere after losing all propulsion AT THE MOON!

But his style is unmatched, the movies – despite their flaws – look and feel just perfect. Just don’t think while watching JJ movies… They are popcorn rollercoaster rides…

I know this is the first time the studio announced a release date for Star Trek 14, but quite honestly I won’t get too excited about this until the director and cast are announced and production begins.
Sorry for the skepticism, but there have been so many starts and stops over the past few years, it is hard to get too excited.
That said, Paramount seems to be “all in” with Star Trek as a entertainment franchise and that is good news for all of us fans.

Same. I don’t think you have to be sorry to be skeptical. We all have very good reasons for it lol. I remember telling people the fourth Kelvin film was going to happen after they both approved the script AND hired a director and it still fell apart. I’m not making the same mistake twice. ;)

I thought JJ was busy ruining Superman over at WB. I guess that’s one of the perks of being a producer instead of a director; you can wreck multiple franchises at the same time.

We’ll see. Before Box Office Mojo stuffed some features behind a paywall, Paramount schedules were littered with “untitled franchise sequel” slots. Schedules got bumped (like that’s never happend to a Trek feature before), or the projects just languished.

It’s not like JJ hasn’t done this before – one of his Cloverfield sequels flew completely under the radar, as I recall…..but it went direct to streaming, too.

Great. More lens flares, Beastie Boys and unrealistic action.

The addition of The Beastie Boys is the single best thing the JJ-Verse brought to trek. For unrealistic action, see TOS and often even TNG.

The Beastie Boys was okay once but TWICE? The very same song?

My initial response was: “meh” Which MAY turn out to be a good thing. (For myself, anyway.) If I have little to no expectations for the film? They just might surprise me…Now, back to “meh”

I cannot wait to hear more. Before all the Abrams haters come out realize that he is only producing this. Same as Star Trek Beyond (a great chapter to the movies) where Justin Lin directed and Abrams/Bad Robot produced.

A 2023 release date would seem to indicate that they’re banking on everything being back to normal in 2022.

AWESOME! A new Star Trek movie! I am really looking forward to it! :-)

A release date roughly 26 months from now and no director or casting announced? This seems — crazy.

It seems to be more a statement of intent then an actual production announcement. We’ve seen this before, only to see a project wither and die, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens….

By my count this is the fourth time we’ve seen it since Beyond:

  1. The Kirk and his dad story
  2. The Tarantino project
  3. The Noah Hawley project
  4. This announcement which presumably features the Kalinda Vazquez script they announced last week.

Yep, and the cycle seems to be playing out, again, with Quinto saying “yeah, we’d like to do another one, but…..” no one has heard anything. Stay tuned, but my “it’s not a real project” spidy senses are starting to tingle.

Trekkies can get crazy salty on *over-correction*. I see this all the time in fan discourse – when people go into the deep end of “lore” and it becomes a hostile canon shooting match that degrades into juvenile OCD mudslinging and chest thumping. I know it’s not meant to be taken seriously and it’s usually done for cheap laughs or as a symbolic *F U* to the producers – but damn it does become a bummer after a while.

You can take it in jest and go “hey, that’s great you know so much trivia from a 50 year old show…”, but these days I just roll my eyes. It’s funny because here at DeviantArt I have a bit of a following of my own. And if the purist clique around here is to be believed, I’m sort of a pariah because I play fast and loose with *Canon* and I’m sort of magnanimous on the new “Treks” (KT, DSC, PIC, etc). So maybe I wasn’t as *hardcore* as they expected…

The fandom’s canon folks love riding the pole of least resistance. Preaching to the choir, very passionate and dedicated to the “good cause”. But this is exactly the arrogant fan attitude that gave us the maligned Sequel trilogy for example. Woulda/coulda/shouda from the “experts” – that’s cool, and maybe even too good. Us Trekkies are infamous for laser focused nitpicking, but we also deliberately ignore most of the thematic and production context around it. 

For example, there was an 18 year void of post-NEM live action content (2002-2020), that’s a lot of time to make up safe, carry-on headcanon stories. Hell, some fans (like me) grew up in that entire timeframe. Now I imagine PIC is stepping on a few sensitive toes! I was never one to stick with a specific headcanon anyway. I think it’s a childish cop out to just say *delet this* on the entire thing and just plain giving up.

Imagine the isolated fan outrage when quasi-official FASA and FJ blueprints were utterly decimated by Roddenberry himself back in the late 80s. TNG just straight up disregarded that continuity for a more *cohesive* canon they said.

Food for thought.

I’m thinking the next ‘Trek movie should do a SciFi horror/suspense movie.
They need to bring the budget down to at least 60 or 70 million and need to get creative again. It can be done IMO.

Yes! And this is why I tend to think they will go with a new cast and crew. To bring back Pine, Quinto, Saldana, Pegg, and Cho is going to cost $40-50M alone! Pine and Saldana are both bonafide A-Listers now, with franchises of their own outside of Trek.

My idea? Set it ten years after BEYOND. In the opening, Pine’s Kirk is promoted to Admiral, Sulu becomes Captain of the Excelsior, and takes Uhura and Scotty with him. Quinto’s Spock, now Ambassador to New Vulcan, arrives on the Enterprise A to guide the new Captain on an adventure as the new, younger crew faces trial by fire.

Pine/Saldana/Cho/Pegg get early cameos, with Quinto being the only prior cast member to appear in the main cast. He acts as an advisor to the younger Captain, who’s crew will then become the stars of a new series of films.

The budget could still be 100 million, but not more than that. If they go horror, they should have a really good look at some of the Lovecraft ideas, especially Color Out of Space… I really could imagine a horror spin on the V’Ger idea… A shiny rainbow cloud floating through space transforming all live in its own image… This could go beyond anything ever seen on Trek: Event Horizon comes to mind. Lights of Zetar…

I’m not the biggest fan of graphic Trek but at least it should be sci-fi stuff, not a Tarantino shoot-out on some alien planet…I guess an Alien-esque, Lovecraftian take on Trek is upon us. Is C’thulu himself awaiting us in the depths of Trek space?

At last, some real news. Not a pizza cutter of cat book in sight.

I hope we see a Kelvin timeline film. I knew it wouldn’t last forever but I would love two more films to finish the story of this crew.

Hmm, that would follow season 5 of Disco. Might be the right time to end Disco and have a tie in movie (same writer). Assuming disco reestablished the Federation by the end of season 5, A movie could set up a new crew and new ship for that time period. Eliminates any Canon problems. Or it could set up Disco movies, but that would get expensive as the cast would want more money. This would also open up space for the MIchele Yeoh project we have not had much news on.

I wonder if it’s secret because it ties in in some way to one of the current TV shows.

As I speculated earlier, my belief is that Michelle Yeoh’s formerly MU Phillipa Georgiou will be in a starring role that can bring movie audiences to her future television series.

A Trek movie as a backdoor pilot for a series. That would be a first (for Trek). But I don’t think so. Either her project will be a series or a movie series from day one and stay that way. Since movies need to attract a broader audience, I doubt they will do a movie based on a two-parter from DSC S3. Moviegoers must not be given the impression they have to watch a TV show first before going to the movies…

This makes me ALMOST disappointed that we are getting Pike & Enterprise as a TV series, as that cast and concept could work really well as a series of theatrical films. Mount and Romijn are known names, it has the iconic USS Enterprise, and a well known, popular character in Spock. From a business perspective it just makes too much sense.

I suppose they could do films AND a series at the same in between movies. Start with the show, do a movie after 2 seasons, then back to the show. Like Marvel doing shows and movies that go back and forth (Wanda appearing in Doc Strange 2, Ms Marvel joining Captain Marvel 2…).

The most exciting thing though is that there’s now exciting possibilities post-merger, something we didn’t have before.

I suspect they don’t have a plan in place, and are going to really TMP this one as the deadline draws near.

Then the outcome would be fantastic :-) TMP is still the greatest epic in the franchise. They may have finished it in a hurry but you can’t tell. I just dig every second of that classic.

I rather enjoyed the Director’s Cut myself, but I don’t expect them to get that luck twice.

“Produced By J.J. Abrams”


No cast or director announcement tells us a LOT actually! It means its either not going to feature the Kelvin crew as Paramount decided after 5 years against a Beyond sequel (for financial reasons) or they have not reached out to them yet as no story or director is signed up so no way to gauge how much salary is appropriate for the more expensive actors! Paramount & JJ announced when Beyond was about to release the sequel would be a Kirk old & young reunion time travel movie! I still think that has the best chance of ever reaching the production stage a relaunch or another reboot is way too soon!! Tom Cruises next 3 movies all just got delayed to 2022-3 so Paramount are going to have a massive theatrical relaunch in 2023 when most cinema’s will be re-opened & box office will soar!! This makes me think its going to be a Kelvin crew sequel it makes the most financial sense in a very crowded 2023 theatrical market!!!

I hope you are right because I don’t want to see another reboot at this point in time. I also think you may be right because when you think about the time factor between the announcement and the the release date in theaters, there just does not seem like there is enough time to write a script, audition and hire the actors, go through post production and release the movie June 9, 2023 as stated in theaters. I do not profess to know anything about the making of movies, but it just does not seem feasible to me that it can be done unless you already have a script, revised script and/or the proposed actors already lined up for the production.

agreed. although the 7 year gap (and underperforming of Beyond) would ordinarily imply a new cast, if the release date is set it suggests they are not going to go around searching for an all new star trek crew. plus theres JJ/BRs involvement. my guess is they are planning a kelvin/prime crossover movie to bring together the universes (as multiverse crossovers/team ups are very ‘in’ now with DC/MCU and there was the kelvin hint with Cronenberg in Disco) so itd be the kelvin cast and some of the other casts (like a couple of characters from each series including Disco & Picard) and Shatner will probably appear in it deaged. i wonder if the Disco writers script has incorporated anything from the previous Orci ST3/Hemsworth ST4 scripts..

Yeah, I know, wishful thinking. It’s all we have sometimes.

Taranti – no.

Vazquez is a Discovery writer?

Please please please do NOT use that script. The probability is very high the movie will be crap. Please Paramount… Learn from your mistakes.

She’s only wrote ‘Terra Firma Part 2’ for Discovery and ‘Ask Not’ for Short Treks.

Hmm… One decent. One garbage. Small sample to judge.

Still think the safer bet is to stay as far away from anyone associated with Secret Hideout as much as humanly possible.

From what i’m seeing, the scripts and writers aren’t exactly the problem. A lot, to me, seems to be everything around it. The producers, directors, and showrunners.

A lot of great writers have done scripts for awful movies. A lot of great movies have been written by terrible writers. A good script can be butchered by a bad director, or destroyed in editing. DSC has some excellent writers who’ve done great work outside of Trek.

My biggest issues with DSC come from Kurtzman’s overall mission statement and direction for the show, which informs everything from how the scripts are written to how the episodes are directed, to how the actors perform, how it’s edited, how the sets are lit, how the VFX are done, right down to granular things like camera moves and makeup. And while his thumb print is clearly on PIC too, it’s much much more clear and specific on DSC. The overdone melodrama i’ve mentioned before is one of them. His direction seems to writers, directors, editors, even VFX artists, seems to be to amp up the emotion in every single scene.

Second thing to note is that if they are continuing to bring back poeple who work on DSC, it tells me that for CBS, the show is exceeding their expectations. It’s making them money and bringing in fans, and is just overall a success. You and I may not like it, but for them, it’s clearly working. DSC is on Season 4, we’ve gotten 3 new Trek shows from its success, with more on the way. Kurtzman is not only still in charge, but was promoted, I think.

Obviously this is a big hit for them, so to the contrary of your advice, what they’ve learned is “keep hiring these people”– whether you or I like it or not.

It certainly is true that there are other factors involved for all things SH Trek being mediocre at best. But the thing that has been the most consistently bad has been the writing and plotting. Yes, it starts with Kurtzman as he is the one who keeps approving the hiring of these people. But the writers are indeed sub par.

I would not say they have a “hit” on their hands. But that depends on how one defines “hit”. Is Trek the most watched property on CBSAA/Paramount+? Almost certainly. Is it a “hit” in the sense that it’s become something beyond the limited fan base? Sure doesn’t seem like it. So it seems more likely that they are willing to let Secret Hideout continue to do its thing even though it is unlikely the show is making the inroads into CBS/Paramount+ that it was hoping it would. In that sense, using people from Secret Hideout who have produced something that has not put the service on the map in a significant way would seem to be rather short sighted from the Paramount feature film division.

Not a fan of ‘beyond’, not just because of the revenge thing yet again but because it shows this Kirk as a fool for losing the enterprise to the swarm

If JJ is involved, I’m sure it will be the Kelvin cast. I sure hope it is. I don’t think a feature film would work with an entirely new cast of characters.

well its going to suck if JJ is doing it.

I’d take another Kelvin movie aboard 1701A…but 
I wouldn’t want a JJ film with a new cast, if that’s the case I’d like someone else running it.

Watch, the next Star Trek film will be hard core with graphic sex scenes. The soundbite to sell the movie?

“In Space No One Can Hear you CREAM!”

Prepare for Ramming Speed!!!
Oh, Worf….

Phil, maybe we’ll finally get to see the Picard “maneuver” in action! :>)

Oh, Beverly, make it so…..hard.

Kinda disturbing that rated X riffing on Trek seems so……easy.

Phil, when it comes to the X-Men movies, would it now be Professor X-rated?

You have a talented tongue, Charles.
Trek / X-men crossover. Done.

i really hope they’ve moved on to the next generation.