Some ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Crew Quarantined After Positive COVID Test; Production Continues

With three live-action Star Trek shows currently in production during the pandemic it was inevitable there would be some issues, even with strict protocols. News came Wednesday afternoon that the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds set is dealing with a positive test.

Strange New Quarantine

According to an exclusive report on Deadline, an actor set for a guest role on Strange New Worlds has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. It is believed the actor was flying in from Vancouver to Toronto, where the series is filmed. The test was caught via the CBS protocols before the actor had made it to the set.

Contact tracing has started and those who had come in contact with the actor have been quarantined. According to Deadline, no other cast or crew members have tested positive at this time and production on the show “has not been impacted” as the series continues filming.

Luckily the protocols identified the person involved and isolated those who had contact before it became more widespread. A number of films and television shows have had to shut down temporarily over the past few months due to positive Coronavirus tests including CW’s The Flash, Netflix’s The Witcher, and NBC’s Chicago Fire.

Ethan Peck as Spock; Rebecca Romijn as Number One; Anson Mount as Captain Pike in Short Treks “Q&A”

Shows have had to find ways to work around these issues including Strange New Worlds. In his recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer and co-showrunner Akiva Goldsman said he was not able to finish his directing work in the pilot when the show began production in February because stricter quarantine protocols in place at the time didn’t allow for a scene due to limits on the number of extras. He said he hoped to return to Toronto “pretty soon” to finish up.

Even if there was a delay in production, it likely wouldn’t impact the release of the series, which isn’t expected to debut on Paramount+ until 2022, following the late 2021 debut of Star Trek: Discovery season four, and the 2022 debut of Star Trek: Picard season two.

And even though both Discovery and Strange New Worlds are shot in Toronto, they are produced at different studios and so any issues with one is less likely to impact the other.

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Red alert! General quarters!
Too bad we in Canada are so behind on the vaccine roll out!

Indeed. Laughing stocks of the world now. I’m ashamed

Many countries (not only Canada), are struggling with this stubborn virus, also with the vaccine roll out.

Hope things in Canada get better soon.

Canada is 11th in the entire world, ahead of France, Germany, Italy, etc. so ……. let’s go easy on the rhetoric.

Hope that anyone impacted by this positive test recovers quickly and completely.

Yeah, Canadians are always comparing themselves to the U.S. because we are constantly bombarded with news from America – which has clearly done well with vaccinations along with Britain and the UK. Compared with most other countries with no vaccine production Canada has done well.
Overall throughout the pandemic, Canada did well keeping the number of cases, hospitalizations and casualty rates much lower than other countries – and that helped production of shows like Disco and SNW.
Now however, Southern Ontario as well as certain U.S. states like Michigan are seeing big surges in COVID cases and hospitalizations, probably mainly due to the new variants and the vaccine rollout.
Let’s hope the production crew affected recover quickly with no serious impacts and that the cast and crew stay healthy and safe.

No, Canada is not 11th in the world for vaccinations. We’re more like 44th. Getting a single dose of vaccine does not equate to being fully vaccinated. Especially when Canada is experimenting with its citizens and delaying the second dose by up to 4 months which goes against all virus testing done.

The New York Times has an excellent tools to check out vaccination rates around the world and Canada is clearly way behind. Germany has 6.3% of the population fully vaccinated while Canada is only 2.3%. France is at 5.9%.

It’s going to be a brutal two to three months in Canada until the vaccine supply can be stabilized.

Just to be clear, I didn’t say fully vaccinated — Canada is 11th in the world as of yesterday for first dose distribution. And it is ahead of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. per Our World In Data. Source:

Also, not here to get in an argument over data — ideally, everyone would receive both doses of vaccine as soon as possible; I’m high risk, but live in Nova Scotia, and am not expecting to even get my first dose until the summer. I’m grateful to be in a part of the country where restrictions have worked remarkably well and most people abide by public health orders. It’s kept us relatively safe. Having said that, in the interests of accuracy, I wanted to point out that what I shared is correct. As your source (in the context of full vaccinations) is also correct.

Live long and prosper.

Different sources and different ideas of what being vaccinated really means. But as long as we get it done and everyone can go back to a somewhat normal life.

Stay safe!

Here in Turkey the situation with the vaccine rollout is also quite slow. I am a teacher and I have face to face lessons and I am still not vaccinated.

Australia is also having issues with the vaccine rollout but thankfully our level of infection is still extremely low. We’d definitely be happy to host a Star Trek series if CBS is listening! CBS now owns one of our TV networks (Network 10) so it’s not like they don’t have connections here!

Germany here… our beloved Angela Merkel and the government are torn between the need to contain the virus and pleasing the economy … it’s a darn stop and go approach. As for the vaccination, there’s ongoing controversy over astrazeneca and I guess J&J now. On top of that, the federal structure of government here pits the federal states against each other with the rules and the ordering of vaccines. And the worst thing is, there are major elections on the horizon, so everyone is trying to get on zop instead of unite behind the common cause of stopping the pandemic. Sigh…

Not sure what to make of the J&J situation. There are two conclusions to draw from it. First conclusion: The decision to pause distribution of it was monumentally foolish. 6 cases in 6.8 million doses?? One has a greater chance of getting struck my lightning twice. 2nd conclusion: It is inconceivable a vaccine would be pulled back with such a small ratio. Therefore there is something else wrong with it that is not being revealed.

Honestly I don’t know which it is. Neither is good. And for the record, Mrs ML13 recently got the J&J…

The J&J thing is tough. The government had to do it, and they had to be transparent about it. Eventually that complication would have come out, and if the government hadn’t done this pause to investigate the linkage and do a full cost-benefit analysis, it would have appeared that they were covering something up. Vaccine hesitancy will increase, at least for a while, after this. But it would have been orders if magnitude worse when all this eventually came out and nothing had been done.

I’m not so sure they “had” to put the brakes on it. 6 in 6.8 million is an amazingly low number. More people get complications from the flu shot I read. Honesty I do not know where I sit on this one.

I read a stat that birth control pills cause blood clots in 1:1000 and yet it is recommended for and taken by countless women, both for contraception and myriad other reasons. J&J vaccine is 1:1,000,000, and suddenly it’s halted because…. huh? You’re more likely to get a deadly blood clot from covid!

The UK where I am are apparently doing extremely well with rollout. All over 60s are vaccinated at least with a first dose already. Majority of Over50s are too. The message from UK GOV has been a defiant ‘Yes It’s Safe to have vaccine!’

Then curiously the same GOV revealed that under 30s will be offered different vaccines to the ones involved in the blood clot controversy.

After a shaky start with some foolish priorities the rollout over here was pretty good. There are some who have questions about the vaccine but most trust it works and I think there is plenty of data to support that it does. The J&J thing has really been the only hiccup.

If you are teaching young children then you ought to be fine.

8th grades but our government and scientists are giving different facts. Some of them are saying the new mutant variants are infecting the children too so I don’t know. In either case I think teachers needed to be in the first group to get vaccinated which unfortunately wasn’t the case in our country. Goes to show how much importance they are giving to teachers and educators.

The struggle we face right now in the US is not in the rollout itself, but in the fact that so many do not want to take it. Those people endanger not only themselves, but even those who ARE vaccinated, as vaccines are not 100% immunity, and do not last forever.

But the problem here in the US is the mixed messaging we are getting from elected leaders and appointed “experts”. They implore everyone to take this vaccine but then tell us even after taking it we should expect to still wear masks and socially distance for undisclosed length of time. As if the vaccines don’t work. This leads to the question… Why take it if our lives aren’t going to change towards normalcy? So of course there are going to be large numbers of people reluctant to take it. They are creating a disincentive to.

That’s not mixed messaging. That’s idiots not understanding the very clear messaging as to WHY people should keep wearing masks for a time. Anyone who doesn’t understand that is the problem, not those delivering the message. There are a lot of stupid people.

Thank you. One could easily argue that people who take it and still mask up are the idiots. Why go through the hassle of getting stabbed if literally NOTHING is going to change? It is reasonable and one might say that only the foolish rush out to get a precaution that doesn’t change the situation any. It’s enough to make a reasonable and smart person to wonder if the vaccine actually does any good.

It is reasonable to rush out and get it if the people are told something like “take the vaccine because once we hit a certain threshold the masks and social distancing will END!” But we aren’t even told THAT. We are told to take the vaccine and stay frightened and afraid. And a lot of stupid people are buying it.

The weird part is there is a lot of data supporting the amazing effectiveness of the vaccines not only against the main strain but against the variants as well. So why mask up after the vaccination incubation period? These are proper questions that many smart people are asking.

Masking up doesn’t hurt anyone. You can still get and transmit Covid when vaccinated – it’s less likely, and you’ll be less sick, but yeah.

Vaccination isn’t magic, but it works eventually.

True… The vaccination is a shield. Not a cure. But so is masking and social distancing. The vaccination has so far been shown to be extremely effective. Far better than masking and distancing ever has been. (70% of people who have tested positive have claimed they mask up nearly all the time) Not only does it lessen the chance of you getting it (Pfiser has claimed to be 94-95% effective J&J 80%) from someone else but from you even giving it to someone else. So why continue with life altering restrictions once a certain level of people have been vaccinated? It makes no sense. At some point we just have to say the risk is low enough that is is acceptable. We do that with pretty much everything else that can kill us. Why not this?

That’s not mixed messaging. That’s people not understanding the process and jumping to the wrong conclusions.

You can’t fix stupid!

Maybe the wrong conclusions wouldn’t be jumped to if the people were given all the information available. Right now, they are told to take a vaccine but still operate as if that vaccine doesn’t exist. No time frame given. Not circumstance for when they can unmask given. The best we got is “when there is no more risk”. Well, that means FOREVER! So yes. Mixed messages. If there is more info out there then it needs to be distributed better if it’s not being hidden.

It’s not forever. We just can’t tell you the exact date and time. Stop being difficult for the sake of being difficult.

Not being difficult at all. Just asking reasonable questions. Wasn’t even asking for a specific date even though a time frame would be nice it’s understood that may not be calculable. A required circumstance or happening will do. We aren’t even getting that. The best we got was “When there is no more risk”. Which is forever. There will ALWAYS be a risk. Now when asked we don’t even get that. Let’s not respond to reasonable questions with “Shut up and do what you’re told.”

When cases and hospitalizations go down everywhere because a sufficient number of people are vaccinated, masks can likely come off.

Masks were common in the 1919 flu pandemic – then they mostly disappeared.

They can estimate, but they can’t see the future. They go by what’s happening. This is brand new to everybody.

I still don’t get the big resistance to masks, btw. They prevent the spread of a bunch of stuff (the flu season was almost nonexistent this year and I haven’t had a cold in over a year).

I don’t get what they have to do with freedom. I can’t go into a grocery store naked either (which, arguably, doesn’t spread disease).

Maybe masks will just be part of life for another year or two – or maybe longer. We’ll be fine.

OK. Fine. What level is that? How many people need to be vaccinated? What level of hospitalizations need to get hit? Shouldn’t be too tough to come up with even a ball park figure. It is understood that the future cannot be predicted but knowing there is a threshold for when we can get our lives back would be nice. At least that would give people hope. But we aren’t getting that.

I’m happy that you have no problem breathing through a filter. But would be nice to understand that there is a sizable portion who don’t like it or have a tough time with it for a myriad of reasons. Myself, for one thing, my glasses get fogged up and it makes it hard to see. Also, there are many things that are not possible so long as we are shut down. And please no more non sequitur arguments like your nudity one. You know as well as I that is a foolish comparison. People just want some kind of hope that we can get back to normal and, at least here in the States, we aren’t getting it from those in charge.

My guess is that they just don’t know yet. This is all relatively new. There are a lot of variables. The virus is mutating.

Measles and polio rates took a while to decline after vaccines were introduced. It’s been a few months with Covid.

I get your point: it would be really helpful if they could tell us exactly when we’ll be able to take masks off.

And, no, I don’t think the nudity thing is a non-sequiter argument at all. There are a bunch of restrictions in our lives, even in a free society. Frankly, no-nudity is more arbitrary than a mask rule backed by science. . Here’s some public good/safety-related ones: seatbelts, speed limits…

Sorry you find masks annoying, but I’m a little touchy when it comes to these sorts of arguments. I get yelled at by anti-maskers almost every weekend (ex. “Think for yourself!!” “You’ve been lied to!”) — they protest in a park near here.

They’re yelling about taking the country back and freedom and how they’re being silenced (while screaming at the tops of their lungs). It’s like: fine, don’t wear a mask, but let me choose to wear mine.

Well, I think there is an idea of what would need to be met in terms of transmission, new cases total number vaccinated, etc. New things are being learned about this all the time. It feels a little irresponsible to not at least let the public know what those estimates are.

I do think the nudity thing is a facetious argument because going around nude was not something we were able to do before Covid. People aren’t looking to be able to do new things. They are just looking to go back to the way things were.

Funny that you are getting yelled at by anti maskers. I go outside for walks, with no one around for many yards and get yelled at by people who think I should be wearing a mask. I do carry one with me should I get into a people situation. But I’m not wearing one outside with no one around. And like you, my feeling is if you want to wear a mask everywhere from alone in your car to a crowded store, by all means do so. No one is stopping you. Even in the states that have cut all restrictions. There is no rule that says you must not wear a mask. My thing is lets just be a little more reasonable for everyone and try to respect other people’s decisions on these things. For example, its normally not that much of an effort to give others a wider berth than normal.

And I do appreciate the discourse without getting petty.

Good day.

They are told that because it’s a correct. Not mixed messages, it’s people unable to understand the message because they lack proper logical reasoning and critical thinking.

So if I understand you correctly, there is no mixed message when we are told to take a vaccine that works, and then keep doing what you were doing before you ever took the vaccine.

That’s like buying a new tire to replace the broken one, being told it’s a new tire that will allow you to drive again, but also told you shouldn’t drive your car with it.

How are either of those not mixed messages? You keep saying it is and that only people who lack the ability to think (very arrogant but let’s let that pass for now) know it but you seem unable to explain how it isn’t when asked. Sorta undercuts your own comment, don’t you think?

Because you can still get it and spread it (without having symptoms) after you’ve had the vaccine — and a lot of other people haven’t had their shot yet, so it’s nice not to make them sick if you can avoid it.

There are new variants that are more contagious and we’re still learning how they react to the vaccine.

True but once the vaccine has taken hold in your system (about 3 or 4 weeks after 2nd shot) then the chances are awfully slim. Can it still happen? Sure. So are we going to restrict everything for ever because of a super slim chance of getting a disease with a 99+ rate of recovery if you are under 60 and have no weakened conditions? Seems like overkill to me. Like banning cars because 20K people die in wrecks every year.

It’s also a little far fetched to be worried about “maybes”. I mean, maybe next week a new and completely unrelated disease shows up? Maybe aliens land next month and kill us all anyway? The reality is we can’t be worried about things that haven’t happened yet. And so far the vaccines seem to be effective against both the S African and Brazilian variants. They’ve done a pretty good job with these it seems.

Yeah, but you generally have a handle on containment. We still have plenty of idiots here in “it’ll magically disappear” mode, and longing to adopt the Brazil model…

That picture of Pike with the mask on is hilarious!

I’m glad productions is still rolling. The show must go on!

Glad those strict protocols caught the infected guest star before they infected the regulars. I hope the person involved recovers completely! The reports of “long Covid,” where people have heart damage or neurological damage that seems to be permanent, are nearly as scary as the reports of death.

Yeah, those reports of “long covid” situations are what scares me the most. If it indeed has permanent results for humans it could be even worse than originally thought.

Yes, the Vancouver Canuck’s who got COVID are doomed to have “long COVID”.

In this week’s episode of “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds”, the Enterprise is put on lockdown after the biofilters detect that an alien visitor carries a potentially lethal pathogen.

Nothing new here… :-)

Well… Is it still “lethal” if the mortality rate is less than 1%?

Dude…. That’s hundreds of thousands of people.

Don’t be that guy.

In a large enough sample size yes. Doesn’t change the fact that the mortality rate is amazingly low.

It’s still 10x more lethal than the seasonal flu.

And what about thousands who are hospitalized? In mid January, more than 100,000 people were in the hospital with Covid-19 in the U.S.

It’s killed three million people in just over a year, worldwide. That’s not amazingly low.

True. It is more lethal than the flu. Never claimed it wasn’t so that fact is irrelevant to this discussion.

True, there are hospitalizations. Not nearly as many as was originally projected but yes. That happens. That figure is made up nearly entirely of elderly or people with pre-existing conditions. Which makes sense.

Considering the total number of world wide cases the mortality rate overall is 2%. You figure in the overwhelming majority of deaths have come from the most vulnerable (people over 70 or with pre-existing health conditions) that rate shrinks to at or below 1%. So yes. The number is amazingly low. Even more so when compared to other plagues that infected the planet. And yes, the total is a lot lower today thanks to advances in medical science.

No, the mortality rate for the seasonal flu is amazingly low, somewhere around 1/10 of a percent. There’s a robust flu vaccine program in place that keeps it low. The mortality rate for coronavirus is a bit over 2.1%. Per million, that’s over 21,000 dead compared to less then a thousand. The body count, while tragic (and made worse by 17th century stupidity in the 21st century) isn’t the issue. Most developed countries have the health care infrastructure that can (usually) handle seasonal flu exposures. Coronavirus exposure quickly overwhelmed health care infrastructure.

It was easy for The Flash to fix their issue. Barry just had to grab a mask, run really fast so he went back in time, and then slap it on the guy before he got infected.

No spoiler warning? Not cool, Jeff. Not cool!

Or, he could run back in time to Wuhan and prevent the lab from releasing it.

You need help.

Please enlighten me. Always interested to hear and analyze new ideas.

Hate crimes on Asian Americans are on the rise. Stop this.

Please be careful of what you say about that. My wife is Asian and that gets personal.

Your wife doesn’t give you a pass to be racist. Stop trolling.

Not trolling. You are when you start calling people racists for comments that were anything but. Please stop trolling the thread. All you are doing with those comments is stir up trouble as if it was your intention to. Cease.

It was your trolling that diverted this whole comment section into a pointless series attacks and arguments. You are on the thinnest ice possible for permaban. I suggest you move on entirely.

now because of you i have to close all the threads.

Final warning for trolling.

When will he learn to stop messing with time? It never ends well.

Correct. It does not.