‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Soundtrack Out Now

Season three of Star Trek: Discovery jumped the show into an entirely new era, with new characters—and new music too, of course. Now Jeff Russo’s score is available to bring home.

Jeff Russo’s ‘Discovery’ Season 3

Lakeshore Records released the Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Original Series Soundtrack digitally on Friday, April 16. The new soundtrack features 40 tracks from the original score by Emmy Award-winning composer Jeff Russo. A limited edition vinyl edition will be released later.

Says Russo:

“The music for the third season of Discovery posed some pretty big challenges—from the recording of orchestral music during a pandemic, to figuring out our theme for Grudge (the cat) and the rest of the new characters. It’s certainly proved to be the most thrilling and fulfilling season to date.”

Cover art

Listen to “Andorian Opera”

Lakeshore has released the complete “Andorian Opera” track from the new soundtrack.

Full Track List:

01. Burnham Crash Lands
02. Book’s Ship / Hello Grudge
03. Federation Is Gone
04. Sanctuary
05. Meeting Zarah
06. Georgiou and Zareh
07. It’s You, Saru
08. Grow Through Change
09. Starfleet Academy
10. Hugh’s Log
11. Entering The Pool
12. Adira Accepted
13. Gray and Adira’s Melody (Discovery Lullaby)
14. Federation HQ
15. Barzan Family
16. Cryo Tombs / Attis Attacks
17. Leaving Nhan
18. Reunited With Book
19. The Escape
20. Osyraa Wants Ryn
21. Kyheem and Osyraa
22. Work Together
23. Duet for Cello and Piano
24. Terran Stories
25. The Charon
26. Fireflies
27. Killing Traitors
28. The Guardian
29. Georgiou Goodbye
30. Meeting Survivor
31. Andorian Opera
32. Michael’s Win
33. Michael To The Rescue
34. Sending Stamets to HQ
35. Dots Will Help
36. Deliver The Bomb
37. Resetting The Datacore
38. Book Jumps
39. Reuniting The Federation
40. Captain Burnham

You can pick up the digital edition of the Discovery soundtrack at Amazon for $9.49. It is also available on iTunes, Spotify and more.

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Bach. Mozart. Beethoven. Goldsmith. Russo.

Nah… I like Russo but he cannot compete with Goldsmith… or Horner… or Giacchino… Those three are way out of reach for him.

He’s not bad, but Russo is so far beneath Goldsmith in quality (to say nothing of those other three fellows) that it doesn’t even merit conversation.

Yeah, I think Russo is sort of an emulator of great modern TV composers such as Bear McCreary and Ramin Djawadi. Unfortauntely, he’s not in their league.

The main Trek composers all had their own style which tends to be a bit redundant after a while. Dennis McCarthy, David Bell and Jay Chattaway all had their great moments and micro themes but after 10+ season sof 90s Trek, they simply ran out of fresh ideas. Even the great Ron Jones is a bit redundant…

That’s why I think more people need to work on a series. Russo composing for both DSC and PIC as the only composer is a mistake. I really hope there will be a new name for SNW, someone who is willing and able to embrace classic Roddenberry era Trek music… Someone like… John Debney?

Yeah, he too is redundant but he has never worked on Trek as far as I know and his SeaQuest and Orville scores are simply the closest thing to classic Trek imaginable…

John Debney actually scored one episode of TNG and 2 episodes of DS9.

I don’t remember if it was for Strange New Worlds or for Prodigy but I think the producers said that they would hire one of the young composers they “tested” during the last season of Short Treks for one of the new shows.

As a general rule, I think it can help give a show consistency if it’s scored by one composer, especially for a heavily serialized show.
Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to use the same composer for several shows.

For SNW it may be actually a good idea not to have this musical continuity you mention. If the series is gonna be more episodic than other modern Trek, then music may be one of the ways to make individual episodes stand out more.

Well, for SNW I still hope for some retro-continuity to the Roddenberry era… TOS and Ron Jones-style early TNG.

There’s way more synth orchestration replacing traditional instruments throughout compared to the first two soundtracks. I hate synth brass. God we need COVID to be over.

I don’t hate synths per se. It depends on who uses it! Christopher Franke did an incredibly job back in the 90s with Bablyon 5. But McCauley on Andromeda didn’t really work for me. It sounded cheap.

Yes, agreed. Sean Callery and Mark Snow are also good examples, but they approached their compositions knowing that they’d be fully synth.

The sample track they released sounds pretty synthy. I don’t remember recognizing more synth while watching the show so maybe it’s not all tracks. Given the difficult conditions with the pandemic and all I was actually surprised how “normal” the music sounded during the show.

I’ve listened to it multiple times. It’s synthy, but not more than DSC 1+2 and PIC which also came off not as fully orchestrated when compared to classic Trek. It’s just sounds like Russo Trek scores sound like… Good but not great. ..

The very first track from the show and on this soundtrack is almost entirely synth. I can guarantee you that nothing like that happened in seasons 1 and 2 or Picard. Those shows use a 60-piece orchestra. Though Picard had some synth-forward tracks that sounds like they’re off the soundtrack from Mass Effect. I’m not saying synths are bad but they’re jarring to the ear after the prior three seasons of shows. I felt like it was season 4 of Enterprise all over again.

I guess CDs don’t exist anymore, then.

As a collector I miss them too as hell, but honestly, I’ve digitalized all franchise scores to listen to them… so it doesn’t make that much of a difference in everyday life…

I am so happy I finally got that soundtrack! It was really missing in my collection and I was desperatly was hoping for a new Star Trek soundtrack release to hear something new! Awesome work by Jeff Russo! I really hope that the Star Trek Lower Decks Season 1 Soundtrack will be released as well soon. I really like it and I am really frustrated that you can’t even by a title theme of a new Star Trek series months after its release. And yes I miss the CDs to. I would like to by a digitally copy asap and a CD for my collection a little bit later. LPs are not interesting to me.

Fully agreed! I’m not the biggest fan of LDS but I want that soundtrack, too!

I’m an avid Star Trek soundtrack collector and I truly think we’ve been blessed throughout the last decade or so. When I became a fan in the mid 90s, there were those two 3-CD sets for TOS and TNG, some TOS re-recordings and a single CD release for each movie and TV pilot…

Some 20 years later, we got a complete TOS box set, the TNG Ron Jones set, double disc expanded scores for each movie, two TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT box sets and that wonderful 50th aniversary set that finally included the TAS score… and now we get new score releases for the new Trek shows (and The Orville) regularly… It’s so great… But yeah, that LDS score is still missing. :-) Jammern auf hohem Niveau :-)

Andorian opera is so underappreciated!

Where is the CD release of this and also Season 2?

CD has been wiped out by the Burn, don’t you know? It’s all in the history Books. You can Burn’em yourself though…with Nero Burning Vulcan…


I always thought that Nero was burning Quark’s younger brother.

I wish they still put episode titles on these

Does anybody knows the name of the track that plays when Burnham and Book are watching Spock’s hologram in “Unification III”?