Teaser Video Reveals Michael Dorn’s Return As Worf Is For New Star Trek Game

On Monday Michael Dorn lit up Trek fans by teasing he had been “summoned back into action” by Starfleet. After TrekMovie confirmed it this wasn’t for a new Star Trek TV show or movie, a new game promotion was assumed as the most likely home for the return of Worf. Today that appears to have been confirmed.

Worf needs your help… in Star Trek: Legends (probably)

On Wednesday – in his first tweet since he got this whole mystery going on Monday – Michael Dorn shared a short animation clip without any text explaining what it is. Check it out.

The teaser is designed to be mysterious, showing a choppy distress call from Worf from the Star Trek: The Next Generation era. The static-filled audio cuts off abruptly, but it appears Worf is saying: “Come in. Repeat come in. This is the USS Artemis. If you are hearing this…”

Based on the animation style and the inclusion of the “USS Artemis,” this appears to be a promotion for the video game Star Trek: Legends which launched on Apple Arcade this month. The game is set in the Nexus from the feature film Star Trek: Generations. The main ship for the game is the USS Artemis, which was designed to traverse the rift into the Nexus.

USS Artemis (StarTrek.com)

The game features characters from across the Star Trek eras, including Worf. You can see from the image below that the game style matches the teaser video released by Dorn today.

TrekMovie had reached out to the publishers for the Star Trek games in active development. So far a spokesperson for Legends publisher Tilting Point has replied, but neither confirmed nor denied they are behind Dorn’s teasing campaign.

By the way, unlike the Monday teasing tweet, Dorn’s Wednesday video tweet didn’t include the ‘#ad’ hashtag, which was a curious omission if this is part of a sponsored campaign. However, that seemed to be an oversight as an hour later he posted another tweet… this time with just the “#ad” hashtag. These hashtags again indicate this is all part of a sponsored promotion.


So if all this viral marketing is working on you, check out the game at apple.co/-StarTrek. You can also watch the release trailer below.

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Bit of a shame that the tease was just for a video game.

Told you so….

I don’t think Dorn’s record of most appearances in Trek will ever be repeated.

Indeed, especially given the smaller number of episodes per season these days.

I like video games, but the sort that Star Trek puts out is sadly not my cup of Earl Grey.

A single-player BioWare RPG like KOTOR or an adventure game in the vein of Jedi: Fallen Order and its obvious predecessors — I’d be here for that. The gacha mobile games don’t do it for me.

Regardless, meh. I want Worf back on TV!

I agree with you ontbe video games. A self-contained RPG I would love. The mobile games ain’t doing it for me.

All games on Apple Arcade are full games without any in-app purchases. That being said, I do believe this is still a gacha game in spirit, you just won’t go broke playing it.

I’d play this game myself, except I’m an android user and a Windows user. And I’ll bet there are tons of other Trek fans who are the same as well. If they want this game to have a large audience, whatever exclusive deal they have with Apple is massively hurting that.

Every platform has its own exclusives. This is nothing new in that regard. And by it being on Apple arcade then you are getting a game that doesn’t fall into the worst aspect of mobile gaming, constant in-app purchases to make progress.
Google Play also contains a number of exclusive games that only appear on Android platforms. You could make the same argument that those games are missing out on a wider audience as well.
Ditto for Playstation, Xbox, Switch, etc. But apparently, there must be enough lure to being an exclusive game to any given platform otherwise it wouldn’t be a thing.

I miss the games from the, I guess, “peak” of Trek games (in my opinion) in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. The Armada series, Away Team, the Elite Force series… loved all of those. Even the Elite Force series as an FPS still had an interesting story to go with it with some fun puzzle mechanics.

These mobile games leave a lot to be desired no matter how nice they look with whichever visual style they go with.

Wow I would love a line of action figures based on the look of the characters in this game! It would be a great way to seemlessly get characters from all of the series and shows. The characters from Lower Decks and The Animated Series could all be leveled up to this animated realism without compromising the translation of the character. I do hope for a good toyline to once again capture the imagination of kids and collectors alike.

I’m sorry Worf says “Please…”, ummm no…

Oh a turn-based punching game. Sublime.

That’s not what I consider roleplaying either, much less Star Trek roleplaying.

Wish they would do an Elite Force or DS9 fallen games again. some adventure and storyline instead of these ‘best of’/arcade style ones.

Huzzah! The Fallen was a great game, even if they couldn’t get Avery to voice Sisko.

I don’t even mind that it’s for a video game except it’s a MOBILE video game. It’s been YEARS since we’ve had a good singleplayer Star Trek game, I think there were a couple games tied into the 2009 Star Trek film series but nothing else…I would love a new AAA title set in the Star Trek universe, maybe a new Starfleet Command or Bridge Commander style game or a new FPS like Elite Force or even a new strategy title like Armada…RTS is seeing a resurgence lately I would love a new RTS game.

Agreed! Some really good titles there.

I especially enjoyed Bridge Commander and Elite Force. Thought Away Team was pretty good as well: Dorn featured in that one, though I seem to recall you could only play as Worf in one level and he didn’t have any special abilities.

Enjoyed the likes of A Final Unity (TNG) and Harbinger (DS9) too. And whiled away many an hour playing Birth of the Federation at one stage.

If they’re ever looking to make a game based on one of the new shows, I actually think DIS would be ideal for an Elite Force-style FPS.

If you’re looking for a Star Trek RTS, check out Star Trek: Armada 3. It’s a full conversion mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, built as a hobby by an awesome team, and is outstanding. It has single player, online multiplayer, and they’re currently retooling for a big patch/full version update.

Not an ad. Just a fan – it’s lots of fun.

I miss the point-and-click adventure games that Star Trek was famous for in the 90s, like Judgement Rites and A Final Unity. Those were the days.

With DOSBox, you can still play them to your heart’s content! Might be hard to get a license for the games, though.

I don’t mind that it’s a mobile game, but I’m not dropping several hundred bucks for a device that’ll play it.

Best Star Trek video game ever was Elite Force (and its sequel as well).
Star Wars has had loads of great video games of the years and Star Trek sadly has had little to nothing nothing, particularly in the last 15 years. Lot’s of potential for it too, so it’s a bit strange that so little has been done.

$4.99 a month. Sigh.

This turn-based game was enjoyable for about two weeks. After that, it becomes the usual grind of leveling up characters. It’s not that much fun. It’s a LOT like Star Trek: Timelines, although the grind for that game is probably worse.

Did anyone every play Bridge Commander? It was so good for it’s time. I wish they could just release a really good console/PC game of that ilk, or some kind of space opera style RPG like Mass Effect or something. I think there is an audience for it, us!

Well….thats profoundly dissapointing.

Oh thank the Lord, I don’t play games….I don’t have to worry about Worf showing up in a series or movie.

Thank god!!! Was actually worried they’d do a boring asf Klingon show based around him. This is acceptable