Watch: Michael Dorn’s Viral Campaign Reveals Itself To Be For ‘Star Trek: Legends’ Game

The viral campaign Michael Dorn kicked off on Monday teasing he had been “summoned back into action” by Starfleet has finally (and as expected) revealed itself to be for the new game Star Trek: Legends.

Dorn’s tease ends with Star Trek: Legends promotion

Micheal Dorn began a week-long viral marketing event on Monday which by Wednesday appeared to be promoting Star Trek: Legends, a video game released earlier this month. And on Friday Dorn returned to Twitter for the third part of this promotion, now officially confirmed to be for Legends.

Released at the beginning of the month exclusively on Apple Arcade, here is the official synopsis of Legends:

Engage in an epic storyline for control of the mysterious Nexus and the fate of the universe as players step into the role of their favorite Star Trek heroes and villains in the hit franchise’s official team-based RPG. Players will embark on missions, experience epic turn-based combat and make choices that influence the entire story as they take command of the U.S.S. Artemis. They’ll warp into the Nexus, where they’ll discover new worlds and recruit over 40 of their favorite characters from the entire Star Trek franchise – Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Star Trek: Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: Discovery, and Star Trek: Picard. Their crew’s skills and ingenuity will prove critical as players choose the right team members from their collection for the task at hand. Each legend has their own unique set of skills, abilities and weapons, from Spock’s Vulcan Nerve Pinch to Worf’s deadly Bat’leth. Explore beautifully rendered 3D worlds, fully realized and lovingly animated characters, and a dynamic graphics system that provides a console-level experience on your Apple device.

Once again, if all this viral marketing is working on you, check out the game at You can also watch the release trailer below.

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That’s it? That was a lot of hype for what turned out to be a Dorn yawn.

This is a new problem in fandom, the perfect storm of social media and the rush to get clicks: every little thing gets speculated upon to the point where an innocent remark becomes potential major breaking news.

Even this site noticed the hashtag #AD, which was a pretty big clue it was for a product, and not a major announcement that he’d be returning in a new movie or show.

Sadly, I agree!

I want to play so badly but I don’t have Apple Arcade.

Yay! The Nexus! Cue When you wish upon a star…

hmmm the game designers put geordi’s com badge on the wrong side of his shirt in the trailer…

I’m assuming the ad company horizontally flipped the video for that scene because they wanted the borg approaching from stage right. This sort of thing happens all the time, even in Star Trek media despite the dead giveaway of the asymmetric uniforms.

They’re alternate versions. They seem to switch the badge to indicate this. The game is kinda addictive–in short bursts.

Stupid game, stupid idea.

Stupid post.

Stupid reply

I won’; lie, but this sounds like the ultimate fanboy movie in video game form. ;)

Looks like fun…I just don’t want to have to sign up for an iChump service for it….

Ditto. The Arcade has a decent lineup, and $5 a month for the service with no microtransactions is reasonable. But, for me, the buy-in for the actual Apple products is way too steep just to check out some mobile games.

I won’t be playing this… I’m just surprised they used the nexus. That took some b#lls.

Why did that take balls? It’s part of the franchise. There’s nothing ballsy about it.

Dude, the Nexus killed Kirk not once but twice!

The Nexus didn’t kill him. It caused the hull breach that caused his apparent death the first time, but it also saved his life. The second time, it was Soran that killed him.

Dude, the Nexus didn’t kill Kirk–not even once. It actually kept him alive during his first “death” from the hull breach, then allowed him to return to the living world the second time, where Soran killed him. In any case, even if it had… why would that count as ballsy? Would it be ballsy to include Khan, who killed Spock? How about Nomad, who killed Scotty? Or V’Ger, who killed Ilia? Or Armus, who killed Yar? Or Janeway, who killed Tuvix? Or the Klingons, who killed David Marcus and Georgiou?

That is some lousy animation. I would have had no idea that was Worf if it weren’t for the headline.

Wait til you see Martok.

still waiting for a real Star Trek Game. Elite Force 2 was the last game, I played. Sometimes I play Birth of the Federation, that game is also very good and very old. I dont like MMOs or mobile games.. :-(

So few great games. Judgment Rites/25th Anniversary, Elite Force 1&2, DS9: The Fallen, Klingon Academy, Birth of the Federation and maybe Bridge Commander stand alone as solid uses of the IP to make great games. There’s fun to be had in Armada, Encounters, Borg, A Final Unity and Starfleet Academy, but none of the mobile and MMO games are good, regardless of platform.

I played it for an hour or so ago this week. It’s actually entertaining for a short amount of time, but the missions can get repetitive, and it’s annoying that there are so many no name characters that get assigned to your crew over and over. After an hour, I had Worf, McCoy, Burnham – and a smattering of randoms in TNG uniforms, and had just unlocked Riker, but was losing interest. Bonus points for McCoy questioning Burnham on her relationship to Spock (hilariously, multiple times), and for a convincing looking Gul Dukat as an enemy in an early level.

Thank you for the review!

It’s basically a simple fighting game that gets repetitive really quickly. It looks amazing, but there’s no depth. The Nexus was used to get characters from across all series interacting, as in The Timelines game.

The idea is fun but also messy. It started to get so silly in Timelines, plus I started to feel like a factory worker just grinding away to level up randomly-assigned characters or sometimes win a nice ship.

I think you posted in the wrong topic. ;)


Interesting choice to use the old combadge as well as Worf’s rank of Lieutenant despite no one being aware of the Nexus until after these changes were made.

It would be pretty great if this were available on Android, too. :-(

If they do make an Android version, it had better start you off with Data.


Hoped more for Picard