The Shuttle Pod Crew Visits The Continuum To Contemplate The Future Of Q

John de Lancie is returning to play Q in Star Trek: Picard, so Kayla, Brian, and Jared take a look back at this iconic character from Star Trek: The Next Generation and peer forward to imagine how he might fit into the new TV show. Will the immortal Q return as an older man, mocking Picard? Will he and Guinan make jazz hands at each other once again? We speculate about this and much more on the latest Shuttlepod!

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John de Lancie is a talented and charismatic actor. He does a great job as Q.

Well from the shots from the set, it looks like Q is throwing them through to alternate timelines, certainly temporal war-ish. Not a fan of those as it’s a bit like ‘we can do what we want in this universe and get away with it’

Very delighted to see Q return. I met DeLancie when I was 8 years old at one of the first Trek cons in Florida during TNG’s first season (I believe he was the show’s biggest guest). My father and I were photographed with him for the local paper.

He was always a fan favorite after that, and I eagerly awaited his appearances each season.

I wish people would stop saying that the Picard series is the more “mature” series. I understand that’s how it’s branded, but with regard to tackling high concepts, and with it’s execution, it’s childish compared to TNG. Someone stated this earlier, and it would be a bit meta, but probably worth the time if Q put Picard on trial over the first season of Picard.

Q: You will now answer to the charge of being a grievously savage race.

Picard: ‘Grievously savage’ could mean anything. I will answer only specific charges.

Q: Ripping out Icheb’s eye while he’s alive without anesthetic.

Picard: Uhhh, yup. That’s pretty savage.

Q: Condoning the enslavement of Androids on Mars after fighting for their rights 30 years earlier.

Picard: Uhhh, yup. You got me there too.

Paramount should sell the franchise to Netflix or Disney. The end.