CONTEST: Vote Now For Your Favorite Star Trek Fan Art Design

Last month, TrekMovie and TeePublic called upon fan artists to create new Star Trek inspired designs. Now, all the designs are in, and they will battle it out for YOUR vote. The winner will have their design featured in the TrekMovie TeePublic store, will get a free tee-shirt featuring their winning design, and will win a QMx USS Enterprise-D Mini Master Ship Replica!

Get Your Vote On

We have 10 killer designs from 5 super talented artists for you to choose from.

To vote, simply click on your favorite design below, and then click the bright orange VOTE NOW! button. That’s it! Got a favorite? Recruit your friends to vote as well!


The winner has been contacted and will be announced soon!

Can’t wait to grab one of these tees (or totes, or mugs, or…)? They are all for sale now on TeePublic! Click the links below for each design to go to that page on the TeePublic store:

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Okay, I voted. Why haven’t I received my prize yet? I’m almost nearly 100.2% positive I was promised some sort of participation prize, but then again I’m not sure.

sooooo no shade but seems silly to design a lower decks shirt with characters in a different style of animation than their actual show…. Anime, really? How about just how they normally look… ok so spoiler alert didnt vote for one of those

OTOH, the animation is actually somewhat unique here, unlike on the actual show.

Nice to see so much Lower Decks love!!

But they all look great. Definitely voted.

Not feeling the Troi Cake or Uhura designs (at first glance the “American Pickers” show uses a similar looking graphic, that might be in IP problem), but other then that the rest look great. I’ll need to pick one soon…

Is it just me, or does the design by FrostyEnterprises have the Orville hidden in the middle of it?

No… that is definitely the Orville in there. You can tell by the three distinctive aft rings! Good eye.

Some really good and inventive designs there. Went for what I personally felt was the most eye-catching and unique. And it happened to be in the lead (at the time of voting).

Good luck to all of the participants!

Ok, this is weird, but what happened to the article that stated the winner???? It was posted and then just gone. And I’ve never seen an article that was retracted before. Just odd. Is it coming back?