‘Star Trek: Fleet Command’ Mobile Game Jumps Into ‘The Next Generation’

Last week the Star Trek: Fleet Command mobile game was running promos featuring some big Star Trek luminaries. And this week the game has been updated with new features and a new storyline from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Fleet Command: The Next Generation

Last year the popular mobile MMO Star Trek: Fleet Command branched out from its Kelvin Universe origins to add content from the Prime Universe, starting with Star Trek: Discovery and then Star Trek: The Original Series. This week the game continued expanding by adding Star Trek: The Next Generation content, over 40 new missions, and new features.

The game now features five new officers, including Data, William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Geordi La Forge. Captain Jean-Luc Picard will be added soon. They have even added music from the TNG soundtrack. To welcome new players, the game’s first-time user experience has been overhauled to immediately immerse players into TNG. Fleet Command’s first 20 missions now take players on a unique adventure featuring familiar characters, ships, and storylines from Next Gen.

Fleet Command has also added a new “Away Teams” feature where players can send officers on assignments. Your officers can travel throughout the galaxy to complete unique tasks and earn rewards. Players can create unique teams by mixing and matching officers with complementary skills fit for each mission.

There is a brand new trailer to celebrate the TNG launch…

If you want to check out Fleet Command it is availed to download free at the Apple Store and Google Play.

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LOL I guess paying for the rights to insert Patrick Stewart’s iconic “engage” is just too expensive for this commercial

I looks like they didn’t even pay to have the character look like Patrick Stewart…

I love these guys so much and happy to see the E-D in all her glory! It’s good to see them part of the game, even if its not a surprise. I wish I still played video games!

Sounds like fun!

I hope we see Deanna Troi in full uniform.

Star Trek news a bit slow this week guys?

Oh that is great, now you can use 50 year old BOPs and the Constitution class to crash flying hotels into planets and cause spectacular warp core breaches!!!! It was exciting for oh, a couple seconds before they surrendered, exploded or crashed.

Picard’s face looks kind of like he just smelled a fart waft by.