All Access Star Trek Ponders What To Do About Georgiou

Tony and Laurie dig into the latest news: Kate Mulgrew revealed the setup for Star Trek: Prodigy, writing wrapped up on season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery, and Tig Notaro (Jett Reno) is back on set in Toronto this week. They also give some updates on Star Trek merchandise: books, comics, games, and home video.

Then they use Dr. Erin McDonald’s new interview on the official Star Trek podcast (as she mentions working on six Trek shows at once) and Shazad Latif’s mention of “rumblings” for the long-in-development Section 31 show as jumping-off point for some speculation on what to do with Michelle Yeoh’s Emperor Georgiou. They go through all the options: Georgiou heading up her own series, starring in a feature film, leading a miniseries, and doing guest spots on the other Trek shows. Beyond Section 31, they also ponder alternative show premises for they might prefer to see her in.

Links to news topics discussed in the pod:

Kate Mulgrew Reveals ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Setup And Introduction Of Hologram Janeway

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 4 Writing Wraps; Production Continues With Tig Notaro Back As Jett Reno

Star Trek Showrunner Talks Why ‘Picard’ Needs Q, And Making ‘Strange New Worlds’ Look More Like TOS

Una McCormack’s Star Trek: Discovery: Wonderlands

IDW Launching ‘Star Trek: The Mirror War’ Year-Long Comics Series

‘Star Trek: Fleet Command’ Mobile Game Jumps Into ‘The Next Generation’

Review: ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season One On Blu-ray Keeps Us Amused

Dr. Erin Macdonald On Finding Ways To Say Yes To The Science Of Six Star Trek Shows

Shazad Latif Talks “Rumblings” Of Section 31 Star Trek Series


Tony: “Dr. Pulaski is good, sorry” video

Laurie: William Shatner interview by Hadley Freeman in The Guardian

(William Shatner comments on our Hollywood Star post)

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments, and please post your suggestions for topics we should cover in the future as well as guests you’d like us to have on.

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STDiscovery’s mirrored Georgiou character has been put away in her universe. Thank you for that. The original Georgiou was a great character and belonged in charge but alas the greatest ever muiteneer Burnham has that role now. Its so sad what has been done to Star Trek. My only hope is strange new worlds delivers on its promise of going back to the optimistic future vs. this dystopian nonsense being promoted as great sci fi.

I can see how some people might think a pollyanna depiction of the future is antiquated ect. Not me for the record.

Georgiou would be perfect for a series of Paramount + streaming films. Drop one or two a year. Unique stories that tie together and eventually redeem the character. There are a lot of story possibilities that don’t require an entire series. And if one of those stories had her visit DS9 I think I’d have a trekgasm. Just sayin.



Enjoyed the podcast!

I loved Tony’s idea about a federation suicide squad. I started immediately put a team together in my head including: Michael Eddington, Garak, Seska, Mudd, Thomas Riker, and Leck from DS9. I would definitely pay the money to see that! Lol.

I’m a huge fan of Latif too. I would love to see a storyline involving tos Klingons, Tyler, and S31. Maybe the augment Klingons are considered a lower caste and S31 helps them to overthrow Lrell’s government and that is why we don’t see the bumpy head Klingons in TOS. Maybe there is an advantage or the federation needs them in power…. something like that.

Once again great discussion!

thanks for the feedback and some good suggestions for Georgiou’s squad. Maybe we should do one of our listicle/speculations with everyone who could/should be in to this notional show.

I would definitely read it!

Personally, I’d be fine with them putting the character to rest. Georgiou, to me, isn’t interesting enough to warrant her own spinoff, and if we never see her again it’ll be no great loss.

Same. I just can’t remotely care for Space Hitler but I’m still willing to give the S31 a chance if it gets made while I’m still alive.

The problem with Georgiou is identified by a comment made by Akiva Goldsmith in an article about Star Trek: Picard. Basically he said that he learned that you need to know the ending when you’re writing the series. They had a good actor/character and didn’t know what to do with her. This has, in my opinion, been a continuing issue with every Star Trek creation since Star Trek 2009

Interesting. I would say the opposite! Yes, they had a good actor, but the character wasn’t fully developed and they tried her out in multiple ways and places but they didn’t work because the character wasn’t there. I thought what Michelle Yeoh said on The Pod Directive made the character finally catch my interest, and I wish we’d seen that on screen.

She’s so charismatic in interviews! Hopefully, the delay on the series is due to their taking their time to figure out how to persuasively change Georgiou from what the character is to someone more like Yeoh herself. That’s something I’d be interested in watching.

I wonder if maybe the sixth series isn’t “Short Treks”?

That’s what I was thinking. I wouldn’t get too excited about another new show – I think it’s a looong way off.

I also think Pulaski is good. As I’ve commented before, I wish the character had been given a recurring role on the series (e.g. Vash or Barclay). This could have added some interesting and alternate dynamics to TNG crew interactions and created some story opportunities.

Yeah, I would’ve liked to have seen her turn up now and then. She and Beverly together would be unstoppable.