The Shuttle Pod Crew Takes A Seat To Talk Star Trek Chairs

What started as a goofy idea developed into a serious topic of discussion. From the all important captain’s chair to the lowly standard office chair. Having a place to sit is important, it shows that you have a spot at the table, or a center seat to command from, or maybe it’s a funky art piece for more for display than function. Kayla, Jared, and Matt discuss all of these aspects and more!

This office chair from “The Drumhead” inspired the podcast episode.

Want to learn even more about chairs? Check out these excellent resources we mentioned in the podcast:

Commercially Available Chairs in Star Trek – Ex Astris Scientia 

Chair – Memory Alpha

Command Chair – Memory Alpha


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Anyone else seeing chair adds popping up now? Gotta love the internet…

#Rehabilitation chair! That was a fun and interesting podcast; thanks!


Good pod cast! Other notable chairs:

—the blue skinny chairs on the TOS bridge. Not good for your posture!
—the helm and opps chairs on the 1st season TNG. They were more like beds or massage chairs. I don’t know how Geordi didn’t fall asleep all the time. Maybe that’s why Data was at opps: he wouldn’t fall asleep
— Quark putting back rests on his bar stools after Odo threatened to remove them for violating safety rules
—the little chairs around the central table on DS9 Opps. They were on little rails and had foot rests
—the helm chair on the NX-01 was also on a side to side rail which was cool

Rehabilitation chair! I was skeptical but this was a really good podcast. Great work folks and thanks for all your do.

How do you have an entire episode about chairs and not (sorry rehabilitation chair) and not mention that in the 24th century the chairs are all designed so Riker can do that weird leg swing over them as he sits down?

I was surprised you talked about every show except Picard. Rios had that cool chair with the holograms. And there was that moment early on where Rios asked Picard to take a seat, and he looked at the captain’s chair before decided to sit in a different chair. Then in the finale, he did take the captain’s chair.

Nice episode about something that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but I can’t believe Ru’afo’s Turkish loveseat was left off the list! Also regarding the Voyager discussion, Voyager never had a counselor onboard. Janeway specifically states in an episode one was not assigned because her original mission did not warrant one. I believe it was just a matter of ship size. The D had 3 “command chairs”, Voyager 2, and the Defiant had 1. Even the Equinox had 2 command chairs. Smaller crew and ship means fewer command seating. Also Voyager had those extra seating on the side of the command chairs that Neelix would sometimes sit in like in the episode “Equinox” part one. I’ve always enjoyed how the chairs would be use to show they were in an alternate timeline like in the episode “Parallels” and “Yesterday’s Enterprise” also the little changes they would make to the chairs for a sister ship like the green accents added to the Yamato’s captain’s chair’s headrest. Sorry for the long post, I just like chairs I guess???

I can’t believe you’ve missed the whole episode of enterprise where Trip becomes obsessed with upgrading the Captain’s chair and ends up dismantling the whole thing and putting it back together again. It’s in Season 2, Episode Singularity.

Good point. That was a fun B-story that was better than the A story in that episode.

Miss Kayla, I just realized that you folks missed commenting on ‘The Case of the Invisible Chair’. In Discovery’s ‘Context Is for Kings’, both Stamets and Tilly speak to Burnham about “assigned seating” in Engineering. But there is no seating /chairs in sight and every character remains standing throughout the sequence.

#RehabilitationChair – I can’t believe how much I enjoy your banter.