All Access Star Trek Catches Up On Q’s ‘Picard’ Secrets, ‘Lower Decks’ Revelations, And ‘Strange New Worlds’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 43 - TrekMovie

Tony and Laurie have a lot to catch up on after a week off: They check in to see what new secrets John de Lancie’s been spilling on Cameo, Rebecca Romijn’s latest report from the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds set, and Mike McMahan and Jack Quaid’s musings on Lower Decks. They cover Denes House’s review of Una McCormack’s book Wonderlands about Michael Burnham’s gap year, the newest addition to Star Trek Online (with a bonus giveaway), what the future might hold for ViacomCBS and Paramount+, and Tony’s interview with Todd Thompson, the director of the Nichelle Nichols/NASA documentary Woman in Motion.

They wrap up with a look at William Shatner’s new K-pop connection, and a book by Star Trek writer Paul Robert Coyle. 

Links to news topics discussed in the pod:

John de Lancie Indicates Data Is Back For ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season Two

Akiva Goldsman talks Data’s arc in Nemesis and Star Trek: Picard

Rebecca Romijn Teases TOS Easter Eggs And Fun With Spock On ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

Mike McMahan On Exploring Ensigns And Unexpected Cameos In ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 2… And 3

Jack Quaid On Boimler Freaking Out On The Titan In ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 2

Book Review: Feel The Burn With ‘Star Trek: Discovery: Wonderlands’

Star Trek Online releases ‘House United’ season

Star Trek Online Giveaway: Win A Mini Bat’leth Tool And Klingon Cruiser

ViacomCBS changes could mean changes for Paramount+ and Star Trek

Interview: ‘Woman In Motion’ Director On Being Inspired By Nichelle Nichols From ‘Star Trek’ To NASA Recruiter

Additional topics: 

The Shuttle Pod Crew Takes A Seat To Talk Star Trek Chairs

Picard and Q in the white void / John Oliver’s white void

Homer Simpson in the real world


Tony: William Shatner endorses Jungkook from BTS’ “Live long and prosper”

Laurie: Paul Robert Coyle’s Swords, Starships and Superheroes From Star Trek To Xena To Hercules: A TV Writer’s Life Scripting the Stories of Heroes

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments, and please post your suggestions for topics we should cover in the future as well as guests you’d like us to have on.

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I watch ‘Woman In Motion’ yesterday and was utterly floored how much NASA and this country owes Nichelle Nichols for her contribution into the space program. She was bound not to be just a talking piece but a participant. We all owe her a debt of gratitude.

I agree 100%. I knew a TINY bit about her work with NASA but the doc really opened my eyes to how big her contribution was and how many people it affected.

I’m not seeing this episode on Apple podcasts

Heya, there’s something funky going on. I see the episode under the main feed for the network (the feed that includes both podcasts). Will try to sort it out.

So here are a couple thoughts:

1. I loved Message in the bottle, not because of Andy Dick but because of the Prometheus. Awesome Ship!

2. I haven’t seen woman in motion yet, but you just sold me on it… but I will watch it….too bad there is no wishlist on Paramount +.

3. I didn’t know Lorca had a Gorn Skeleton on his wall, so my head canon says it’s not a Gorn, it’s an Aldebaran Lizard. When did he have time to hunt? He was probably in the Prime verse for what? 6 Months ish?Maybe during his psych review after the loss of his ship?

4. Deep Space Snore? Ha! That’s how I feel about TNG Seasons 1/2/4/7. (I’m a hardcore Niner fan lol)

5. I just want Paramount+ to put out good original content outside of trek. I just watch it for Seal Team and Trek. Their app needs serious serious attention.

Thank you for a great Podcast and letting me share my thoughts!

thanks for the feedback. I think Ilike the Message in the Bottle episode more than Laurie.
Not sure what I said in the pod, but she calls it “Deep Snore Nine”… lovingly I am sure.
P+ is adding My List this month… finally!
They are also adding ton of movies this summer, see latest article. And there are more originals coming.

I’m the one who doesn’t like Message in a Bottle. It has some moments, but that’s about it. Also the hilarious thing on that ship is where the captain sits. It looks like they rolled that chair in at the last minute from a conference room next door. (Chairs again!) Thanks for listening to the podcast, so happy you enjoyed it.

I’m glad they are adding a my list. I really do want p+ to succeed. I would love to have new star trek for years so I want them to get subscribers and new content. Let’s keep the trek train going!