11 Star Trek Movies Now Available On Paramount+

Paramount+ touts itself as the home of Star Trek, with every single episode from every series, including a number of original series. And now the streaming service is finally becoming the home of (almost) every Star Trek movie too.

Star Trek movies arrive on Paramount+

Earlier we reported that Paramount+ was adding over 1,000 movies this week to the U.S. streaming service. That big chunk of feature films is now available, and included is the addition of eight additional Star Trek movies. This brings the total up to eleven Trek films.

The Star Trek film offering from Paramount+ now includes all six Original Series films and all four Next Generation movies. Today they also added the latest film in the franchise, 2016’s Star Trek Beyond. However, the first two Kelvin universe films from J.J. Abrams (2009’s Star Trek and 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness) are not currently part of the streaming service.

The films can all be found under the movies tab in the A-Z listing or under the “Action” category.

The current exclusion of two Star Trek films is likely due to issues of complicated licensing rights, and so it is quite possible that all thirteen films will become available on Paramount+. The streaming service is committed to adding more films this summer, bringing the total selection to over 2,500.

Other films added today include Terminator: Dark FateMission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Skyfall, Gemini Man, Rocketman, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Birdcage, The Dictator, The School of Rock, Tropic Thunder, Dora and the Lost City of Gold, Sonic the Hedgehog, and The Addams Family. Today was also the launch of the exclusive new sci-fi action movie Infinite, starring Mark Wahlberg and Chiwetel Ejiofor and directed by Antoine Fuqua.

There is more original television content coming this summer including season two of the animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks on August 12th. Also arriving this summer: iCarly, (June 17), Evil (June 20), RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars (June 24), RuPaul’s Drag Race Untucked! (June 24), The Good Fight (June 24), Behind the Music (July 29), and more.

The new $4.99 Essential plan with limited advertising also launched this week. Later this month, Paramount+ will also roll out a new feature called “My List” that will allow subscribers to save shows and movies to watch at a later date, available with both Essential and Premium plans.

One month free of Paramount+

You can sign up now with one free week and they are also offering 16% annual discount for both the Essential and Premium plans at paramountplus.com. They are also offering a free month promotion currently.

Keep up with all the Star Trek streaming news at TrekMovie.com.


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The films can all be found under the movies tab in the A-Z listing or under the “Action” category.

Paramount+ should have a dedicated “Star Trek” page the way Disney+ has a dedicated “Star Wars” page. That would be easier than going to “Action” (why not “Sci-Fi”?) and much easier than going through Paramount+’s entire list of movies. Has anyone ever looked at the A-Z list of “movies” on Paramount+? It’s filled with Smithsonian documentaries and comedy specials. Those aren’t movies, Paramount+!

Thanks for that. Is it easy to find the way they are easy to navigate on D+? I haven’t upgraded to P+ from CBSAA yet.

They do but that’s only the TV shows. It should be like Disney+ where ALL Trek content is in one place. And maybe they will do that since they now have most of the films. But there should just be one dedicated area for shows, films, documentaries, TV specials, etc. Look at how Marvel and Star Wars are done on Disney+ where EVERYTHING is in one place and in multiple categories.

They even do things like pick out a particular character like Ashoka Tano and recommend specific movies or episodes to watch. That would’ve been a great idea and had a section to highlight certain TNG episodes with Picard before the Picard show started. This is why P+ just still feel SO behind when you see what other streaming sites are doing to highlight their big franchises.

Honestly why don’t Disney just buy out Star Trek at this point… why not lol?
They are buying up most of everything else.

I really hate to say this, but I feel Star Trek may not be a big enough franchise for Disney to feel its worth buying. :(

Star Trek isn’t profitable enough for Disney to buy it.

Why would you want that? Star Trek is a crown jewel for Paramount and CBS and they have a vested interest in keeping it viable. It would be a far lower priority at Disney.

Yes, I’d dearly love it if Paramount did that for its own franchises. Really, I’d like it if all the streaming services offered “playlist” features”, with the material organized in different ways, so that one could watch in whatever order one liked – say, for example, watching all of Star Trek in the internal chronological order of the franchise, or in production / release order, whatever, as well as being able to follow specific characters or narrative arcs over curated selections of episodes and movies.

That’s only for the TV shows and not the movies. Disney+’s Star Wars page is for the entire franchise. That’s what Paramount+ needs.

The Star Trek movies haven’t been sci-fi since 1979.

I only clicked because I realized that wasn’t All The Movies and was curious which were excluded. Weird. Well, if you’re only going to have one Kelvin movie, that’s the one.

Totally agreed. Though I do like all three and may be the only person who finds ID to be a really fun guilty pleasure kind of movie.

ID is a fine stand alone movie; as long as you look at it in that fashion.

Really? I would say it doesn’t work as a movie at all without WOK to lean on

Anyone care to comment on what the quality if like on 1-6 are they remastered in 4K? Cannot get this service outside the US!

You probably could with a VPN.

It’s very doubtful they are in 4k. Paramount doesn’t seem too bothered upgrading the transfers.

Digital Bits reported in the last day or two that 4K versions of Trek 1-10 have shown up on pre-order lists for outside the US, so probably not long before the US as well.

That’s very cool if true.

Update: It actually is just Star Trek I-IV and in France.

Can anyone comment as to the overall quality of the service? Not the content, but the *stability, picture quality, hang-ups, menu navigation, etc. Has it improved since CBSAA, because I found that pretty awful. I’m thinking accessing it through Amazon may provide a stronger signal. The content doesn’t much matter if the platform sucks.

I’ve been watching a DS9 episode or two almost every night for a few weeks. Once every few days, the picture freezes for a second or two. That’s the only trouble I’ve seen.

I haven’t had too many issues with Paramount Plus and only had problems with CBSAA during the first season of Discovery. Also, as others have pointed out on Twitter, the picture quality for DS9 and Voyager seems to be better on Paramount Plus than it is on Netflix. Not sure why that would be though.

Occasional buffering issues, which I attribute to sh**ty AT&T.

Honestly Danpaine, I’ve had no real issues with it.

I can’t think of a single issue since it switched from AA to P+. I have it on my Roku TV and use it on my computer and phone at times and its all been fine in terms of picture and streaming quality.

As far as the user interface, it’s literally the same as it was before and if you weren’t a big fan of it then, then you won’t be now. I don’t have a big issue with it, but yes I’m hoping they add a few more features with it like other sites. They said they were going to add a ‘My list’ feature but it still doesn’t seem to be there yet.

For me, the technical quality of P+ back when it was CBSAA is not very good. It would still stop and buffer more often than one think. This is when comparing it to Netflix, D+ and HBOmax. I have heard some claim that getting it through Amazon gives a better stream but the fact is customers shouldn’t have to subscribe to another service just to get a better quality from another. At this point, overall P+ is a trainwreck.

I do love and enjoy Paramount Plus and I can find what I Star Trek wise by typing in Star Trek under the search feature. I don’t need to go to action to find the Star Trek content. The search feature can be used by find the magnifying glass symbol and hitting that. Next, type in Star Trek and there you go.

I do agree that the service needs a separate page for their Star Trek content.

As for the picture quality it is great. No problems streaming their content. The Original Series is in the High Definition remaster and not the original standard definition. It looks great on my television and computer monitor. They are both High Definition Sets that I bought recently.

I am disappointed that not all of the Star Trek movies are not available to stream.

As for this limited commercial service, I am not for it as I hate and can’t stand commercials. That is why back in February 2020 I bought their yearly commercial free service at $99.00 this year and next February 2022 I will only be paying $49.00 because of the special they had at the time. I will be back to paying $99.00 come February 2023.

It is a great service and I do enjoy it and no issues of any time when streaming their service. I did notice that the streaming service Hulu has most of the Star Trek content over their. I am not the sure if that is the case now. Paramount Plus is worth the price.

Is Star Trek TMP the Bob Wise director’s cut AND is it in HD?

If it’s the same version that used to be on Hulu, the answers are NO and NO. The Bob Wise director’s cut is not up to snuff for HD because the FX aren’t in 4k or some such thing. Sad, really, that Trek is the crown jewel in Paramount’s collection and they’re being so cheap with it.

Hmmm… What does Robert Wise need with your 4Ks any more than what God need with a starship?

Honestly, if one owns the movies on disc then there is no reason to worry or care about what service has the rights to what movie. It is easily the better way to go.

Still good to know where to go if you are not home and want to watch them with someone else. Or just need to direct someone where to go to watch.

I’m trying to come up with a circumstance where I would want to watch a movie with someone else when I was not at home. If I’m visiting a friend who wanted to see it I would simply bring my disc with me and watch it on my friend’s set up. But if I am visiting someone it’s highly doubtful we’d spend time watching a screen. If I’m traveling with the Mrs. we wouldn’t waste our time watching a movie either. Both of us vastly prefer watching movies at home on our large screen with surrounding sound. My suggestion on how someone could watch would be for them to just buy the discs. They don’t cost much. And they would pay for themselves in just a few months.

Not everyone has a blu ray player these days. A LOT of younger people don’t, and good luck convincing Gen Z of the merits of physical media. As for trips, I don’t take discs with me on cross-country trips. And a lot of people still watch movies on trips. My personal idea of a good vacation or visiting a friend does sometimes include a late night or two watching a movie.

Conversely not everyone has all the streaming services required to get the content one wants as said content bounces from one provider to another. I don’t take they physical media on trips either. But if I am visiting a friend on a trip, I don’t waste our precious time watching a movie, especially one we have both likely seen plenty of times. I personally don’t know anyone who watch movies on trips apart from perhaps when in the process of getting there. Once at your destination why waste your time doing something you can do at home under vastly superior circumstances? Call me crazy but when I go somewhere I want to do or see something that cannot be done at home. Maybe I’m just old fashioned that way.

Believe me, I am well aware of the viewing habits of the younger generations. I have young relatives who don’t even own TV’s! But my advice to them is still buy the discs if they are concerned about access to content. But you know what? They really don’t care about what service has what old movie to begin with.

K, great chat.

God the cover art they are still using for these movies is awful. Cheap, ugly, boring photoshop with dull headshots, bad lens flares right out of the ‘90s. The space battle art for Generations doesn’t even make any sense.

I hate the trend of having DVD/Blu Ray cover art ditching the theatrical poster art, especially when that art was actually good, as it was for most of these movies.

Oh, are we ever in agreement on that, but so many folks seem not to care. I don’t know why they feel the need to go with the this cheap-looking, dull-looking standardized art across the line when so many of the movies have such gorgeous key art from their original release campaigns, but there you go.