All Access Star Trek Considers What’s Next For ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 44 - TrekMovie

Tony and Laurie start with the news about the new tier for Paramount+ and the movies coming on the streaming service, then dive into the latest on Star Trek: Strange New WorldsProdigy distribution in Canada, Lower Decks’ production status, the tweet that revealed a TNG vet is writing for Star Trek: Picard, and details on the new documentary 1982: The Greatest Geek Year!. After that, they spend the main part of the podcast on a round-up of everything they learned from all the recent Discovery “For Your Consideration” panels.

They wrap it up with a look at fun facts about Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and bloopers from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Links to news topics discussed in the pod:

Paramount+ Launches New $5 Ad-Supported Tier; Adding 1,000 Movies Including ‘Star Trek Beyond’

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ And ‘Prodigy’ Coming To CTV Sci-Fi In Canada

Recording Has Started For ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 3

Picard has a TNG vet in the writers’ room

Crowdfunded Documentary To Explore ‘1982: The Greatest Geek Year!’ Including ‘Star Trek II’

Making Gray “Truly Seen” In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 4 Is “Hugely Important,” Says Showrunner

Book Review: Feel The Burn With ‘Star Trek: Discovery: Wonderlands’

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ – Watch stars discuss the key highlights and best goosebump moments of Season 3

Glenn Hetrick (‘Star Trek: Discovery’ prosthetic makeup supervisor): ‘Working on the show is this dream come true experience’

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ costume designer Gersha Phillips explains how she expanded the world forward 1,000 years for Season 3

Jason Zimmerman (‘Star Trek: Discovery’ visual effects supervisor) on being ‘excited’ for the brave new world of season 3

Anthony Rapp talks “grumpy Stamets”


Tony: 10 Fun Facts About Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Laurie: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Bloopers and Outtakes (from Neil Shurley’s Star Trekking newsletter)

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments, and please post your suggestions for topics we should cover in the future as well as guests you’d like us to have on.

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Instead of 4K for the movies, I’d finally like to have VOY and DS9 on Blu-Ray… I know it’s expensive but it has been done for so many shows by now… X-Files, Knight Rider, even Babylon 5 in streaming… It needs to happen…

And Laurie, you are NOT alone… I love Move Along Home and the Allamarraine song :-)

Allamaraine! Third shap! (Come on, what’s not to love?)

The B5 remaster (remaster of the film elements and AI upscale of the FX) was surprisingly decent and likely the best you could convince Para to do.

Buy the films in 4K when and if they drop. Money talks.

As far as that gravitational anomaly is concerned, I think there is more to it than just a natural occurance. I may be wrong once again, as I had been wrong about the Burn, but maybe this anomaly is some sort of ripple effect from the Temporal War. Maybe we are going to see Future Guy maybe being Archer himself. There have been rumors about Scott being back on Trek. It may be SNW, but if it’s DSC, this may be the way to go… I don’t think they’ll stay beyond all that stuff for good.

TFF is not the worst Star Trek movie. It is far from perfect and technically lacking but I do like lots of elements: the romantic, super-nostalgic Row Your Boat moments, the 80s dark future sort of feeling on Nimbus III and yeah, the overall plot… I’ve said it :-) At least it did some exploring and I loved that very strong Klingon lady. It’s a good movie even if it’s worst of the TOS movies.

By far the worst of them all is STID whose plot and details don’t make any sense on so, so many levels. It’s technically better of course but it’s just empty… And I DO like the other two KT movies a lot, but STID is a disaster from A to Z…

I’m not a huge fan of INS and NEM but they aren’t bad movies either…

My current ranking is:

1 FC

8 ST09

10 TFF
11 NEM
12 INS

1-4 are pitch perfect Trek movies, 5-8 are my beloved guilty pleasures, 9-12 are faulty classics that could have been so much better and 13 is just pathetic.

And yeah, I love the TVH soundtrack for being so 80s. But it’s strange if you listen to Rosenman’s other scores (some old Planet of the Apes movies and the LOTR animated movie): they all sound the same :-) Same with some of Horner’s scores (Battle Beyond the Stars just sounds like TWOK and TSFS)…

NEM never made a lick of sense to me, either, though. Plot holes big enough to fly a Borg Cube through. I’d put STID and INS way ahead of it. I’d also put TSFS much higher, at least ahead of GEN and STB (which also destroyed the Enterprise, but not as well.)

I can NEVER remember what happened in Nemesis. Insurrection, on the other hand, is a lot of fun and actually has a story.

NEM made a lot more sense to me. I always regarded the plot as an homage to Roman history in which unlikely warlords from the provinces made it to the Emperor’s office only to face a gruesome end shortly after. Shinzon is an excellent Heliogabalus in that regard, the introduction of the Remans as a slave race that rebelled also makes a lot of sense.
The only aspect I hate about NEM was the buggy chase – both visually appaling and in grave violation of the Prime Directive. It was a stupid action gimmick and an ugly one.
The space battles are just incredible, almost as good as TWOK.

INS was okay but the plot was a jazzed up TV episode. I like the Riker maneuver but apart from that the movie was visually underwhelming. It’s a close call between INS and NEM but I think NEM is a tad more cinematic.

GEN is a guilty pleasure. It was the first movie I saw in theaters and it came out only months after I had fallen in love with this universe. I cannot judge it objectively. I know it’s one giant plothole but I like every line, every sound effect, every joke… It’s purely emotional but I don’t apologize for having to like it :-)

STB is my favourite KT movie because it finally gave us some strange new world. I also liked the Franklin as it reminded me of the NX-01. It felt like a late rebirth for that era that had been aborted so sadly a decade before that. The Yorktown Station and the score was just superb.

STID on the other hand doesn’t make any sense at all. There are far too many plot conveniences and copy-pasting my favourite TWOK lines didn’t help either. Transwarp Beaming to Kronos… right… The Enterprise going down into Earth’s atmosphere after having lost all propulsion close to the moon… Ridiculous. The Khan superblood thing… C’mon. Admiral Marcus’ “top secret” supership seen as a model ship in his office. Khan portayed by Cumberbatch… I could go on and on. I’m not the person to complain about continuity bloopers and logic bending… That’s why I can still enjoy GEN and NEM… But with STID, I simply cannot look beyond those issues. The movie is the only one that knocked out my willing suspension of disbelief. It’s an oversized Picard face palm…

TSFS is great but since the eight ones above it are fixed, it has to be number 9. :-)

NEM should have been TNG’s UC, a final film for the crew forging a peace accord with an old fed enemy.
but it didn’t quite work that way.

Regarding Star Trek Discovery; correct me if I am wrong but I read the reason they change from the gray uniforms to full color was because the gray blended to much into the U.S.S. Discovery gray walls.

I think you are correct. Initially they’d only used them at Federation HQ, but once they wore them on the ship, they blended too much.

Thanks for another great podcast which as usual was packed to the rafters with news. I’d love to have the original movie series in remastered Blu-ray, so please keep us all posted on developments. Also I’d love to hear both of you give us the low down on your best and worst Trek movies; it would be a great listen.

Thanks for listening, Scott! (And for commenting.) We will definitely keep you posted. And I think it would be fun to team up with the Shuttle Pod crew to talk best and worst movies.

That would be a great match-up. I wonder if you would consider doing a team-up with the Shuttle Pod to discuss TOS and also Enterprise in honour of their forthcoming anniversaries.

All this speculating is good fun! But I don’t get how we can keep Tilly as First Officer. She’s great but wasn’t she a cadet like 10 minutes ago? I’m sure Burnham is a great mentor but that’s just beyond the pale. I’m with Tony…someone from the Apple Store should join the bridge crew. Or make Lt. Nilsson a regular since she’s usually the first choice replacement anyway. Barring that I hope they give this choice some exposition in season 4.

I’m very likely an outlier but I don’t find Star Trek movies particularly compelling. Can’t say I recall the plot of any before the Kelvin ones. And Star Trek (2009) is the only one I’ve seen more than once.

I like Anthony’s idea of someone coming in from Federation HQ to be the first officer. Seems like a great setup for some conflict and good worldbuilding at the same time. I love Tilly but I just don’t buy her as first officer, and I’d rather see her in the trenches doing science-y stuff than standing on the bridge.

Wait, you don’t like ANY of them? First Contact? Wrath of Khan? Undiscovered Country?

I really enjoyed the podcast this week.

I hope they do not make Grey visible through the explanation of “my love is so strong, its like magic and will make him appear.” I did not like the ghost thing, but accepted it. At least, please, I hope for a scientific explanation to bring Grey back and not “love conquers all” cliche.

I agree with Laurie on the coming out scene. It is important to the young audiences to see that moment and to see the crew accepting Adira for who they are.

I watched Woman in Motion and I had no idea Nichelle was so influential in NASA’s history. I absolutely love her even more now. The documentary was mind blowing.

I am glad they put the trek movies on Paramount+. It now saves me the trip of going to my study and putting in the bluray. Hooray, I do not have to leave my recliner.