Playmobil Releasing Giant Electronic $500 ‘Star Trek’ USS Enterprise Playset

There is a new Star Trek toy licensee for 2021, and they are (quite literally) making a big play for nostalgia with a ship toy full of play possibilities.

Playmobil goes big on Trek

Best known for young kids’ toys, Playmobil is going Star Trek fans who are still children at heart but have some money to spend. Their first new Star Trek product set to arrive this September is a classic Star Trek USS Enterprise playset almost four feet long, full of figures and electronic features. It just arrived for pre-order at Entertainment Earth, with the first look at images at toynewsi.

Playmobil describes the Star Trek USS Enterprise playset as “Possibly the biggest and most deluxe Playmobil playset.” For your $500 you get a playset measuring 42-inch long by 18-inch wide. It includes lights and sounds you can control with an exclusive app via Bluetooth.

It features figures for the original crew, including Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, and Chekov. It opens up on both the bridge and the engineering section. You can display it on a stand or suspended.

Pre-order the Playmobil USS Enterprise playset at Entertainment Earth for $499.99

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I love it! But $500 for a Star Trek toy its outrageous! Wow!!!

Trek merch is always overpriced.

This is reasonably priced for Playmobile. The licensing has likely increased the price somewhat.

The 1-2-3 sets for young kids are less expensive, but this isn’t out of line for a major piece for the older age group. The base sets are typically a couple of hundred dollars.

The thing is that Playmobile has European design values, hyper-realism and great manufacturing quality. If our kids were 5 years younger, this would be a certain purchase. I’d been saying that I wished we had Star Trek Playmobile line for years.

Playmobil is almost as expensive as Lego. But this Playmobil toy is pretty cool.

I assume the famous Spock Helmet is included for free. ;-)


You haven’t mentioned two tribbles that are clearly on the bridge.

It’s unfortunate that the saucer is deformed. I know it’s necessary to fit the figures, but seeing this great design treated this way makes me sad.

Those aren’t Tribbles…. they’re Shatner’s old hairpieces.

I feel your pain. I’m still traumatised by the small nacelles on the 1970s Dinky toy.

$500.00? Wow!! It’s not the price as much as it’s the size of it..Almost 4 feet long? Unless you suspend it from the ceiling, you’d have to charge it rent…

That’s huge for a toy (and pricey) but I love it.

Oh, come on. This is ridiculous. Why would anyone pay $100 for this, let alone five times that amount?

To have it?

Are you new here?

Why would you NOT?

As somebody at the link said, maybe Shatner being on the box three times drives up the royalty costs, but this seems really expensive compared to other Playmobil stuff, even the licensed one. The Ghostbusters set has a lot more parts and spaces and even combined with the Ecto-1 is a lot less. Here I see seven figures, six accessories, two tribbles, and maybe a moveable dilithium chamber.

Another photo I’ve seen elsewhere indicates it comes with (at least) six tribbles, (at least) three phasers and communicators apiece, (at least) one hypospray and one tricorder apiece, the dilithium chamber and lump of “crystal”, and a few other bits and pieces.

I’m not sure it’s completely unreasonable, but I’ll admit for $500 I’d want at least a few more character figures. Then again, I’m not really in a position to spend $500 on a toy in a whole new line I’m not already all-in on (LEGO already soaks up nearly all my toy money). But I admit I feel pangs of desire looking at this.

“It includes trekmovie lights” Trekmovie lights? Any one here care to elaborate on that?

It’s a great looking toy and I wish I was 8 again, but the price is way out of range.

lens flare!

If the lighting effects indicated on the box are accurate and licensed sounds included that’s quite a bit of sophisticated manufacturing. $500 is still insane…

I’d rather they laid off the sounds and created figures with anything approaching accuracy to the character. – have a comic book artist to design the painted face!

“…have a comic book artist to design the painted face!”

Er, it’s Playmobil – their figures have always looked like that (for nearly 50 years, now).

And for everyone griping about how it’s overpriced — jeepers, don’t buy it, then.

It’s a limited edition collector’s piece (people do collect Playmobil) that’s four feet long, for Pete’s sake. What, it should be 50 bucks?

What an absolute pile of cr@p. It’s about 50 years late and unbelievably overpriced.

I seriously hope that’s a mistake for the pricing. Maybe a placeholder price?
Otherwise, it’s going to sell in very limited quantities and they will complain that it didn’t sell.

It took moments to find Lego Star Wars sets that cost substantially more then this. Hey, if this isn’t in your price point, fine. I’ve spotted plenty of Trek action figures at the local antique mall for a buck. That doesn’t make this a load of crap. Just an expensive (and big) display piece.

I just popped over to the website. The Mandalorian Helmet pre-sale sold out….at $750 a pop. A Hobbit statue, sold out at pre-sale…at $2799.99 . Plenty of other stuff available, lots of it at four figures. There’s also plenty of cheap Trek stuff, as well. Enjoy.

Is the market for this really rich fans who will buy two of them because their kids will immediately break it?

Ever since that auction, we’ve been marked for life!

Speaking of, I do believe Picard’s Ressikan flute is under the hammer again shortly. ;)

I feel like 50 or 60 bucks would be the much more logical pricepoint for this.

For a 42” vehicle? With electronics? And figures and accessories? That would be extremely cheap for this.

It *may* be overpriced, but I doubt it could be profitably offered at such a ridiculously low price as that.

Sincerely, our kids had Playmobile sets – firehouse, school, zoo, farm, stables and horse jumping, train set with stations, planetary expedition station among others, plus add-ons.

The base price for most base sets was around $100 – $150 or more, but every base set came with a lot of furniture and props. Most of these were paid for with gift money from grandparents they had a lot of play value.

The airport was discontinued in the United States because it was considered “too realistic” with all the security screening stations.

Maybe for a 12″ model. Stripped of the lights, sound, the app, and all the little figures.

Well hopefully Prodigy brings back real toys for Star Trek again, and not these massively overpriced adult ornaments.

Sincerely, if it’s Playmobil it’s worth playing with.

I miss the old days in the 90s when you can walk in a Toys R Us and see every Star Trek toy, video game and model from TOS to VOY for people of all ages. I remember fondly my Enterprise D toy model that lit up, made engine and warp noises and had its own stand. It was solidly built. I had it proudly on my desk. It cost $25 at the time. Those were the days.

Now it’s nothing but limited overpriced collectables or models on the internet for rich people.

I had a TNG shuttlecraft. I still have my TNG/DS9 figurines.

Oh wow. Lol I would have killed for this as a kid.
I remember my Dad making me something similar out of blueprint holder cylinders for the secondary hull and nacelles and then a round pizza box saucer that opened up. It was a long time ago but I think the crew was a collection of playmobil ironically with Muppet Babies McDonald Happy Meal characters. Lol
That was before I graduated to AMT Connies and ST:IV TVH 1701-A…. my Dad was always building these beautiful models only for them to lose their nacelles in combat. Lol

Now the real dimension of the Enterprise has been revealed! The saucer section only consists of the bridge and the quarters in one deck and there is one deck for the machine room. That’s all!
Therefore they got it all wrong in ST V and in ST 2009!
So, how long is the Enterprise in reality? 20 meters?

How do you even play with something that large?? This is the height of absurdity, I can only imagine so many adventures sitting around the bridge or the tiny engineering deck

Needs a D-7 to counter, a Rom BOP and a Kahn figure at least! Pretty sure
lots of beam down missions for the play mobile crew, needs a transporter lol

far too overpriced. The playmobil Ghostbusters firehouse AND Ecto-1 is only $100 combined and about the same size and number of figures. This honestly feels like deliberate over-pricing so then the Paramount/CBS suits can say “see…Trek just doesn’t sell toys, so it doesn’t deserve to be a tentpole”

Ridiculous price, but I would have killed for this as a kid back in the 70’s. Cheers.

German Playmobil (1974) is a competitor to Danish LEGO, but only in roleplay (where the relevant date would be the premiere of the Minifigure in 1978). The 3-inch scale and fixed/finite nature of the playsets are akin to 3.75-inch “Star Wars” or “G.I. Joe” (more like the former, given the limited articulation), but the simplified/abstracted human figures feels weird (definitely to adults, but evidently not to kids). The limited articulation that’s charming in a 1.5-inch, squat LEGO Minifigure is less tolerable when you approximate human proportions, especially with seated poses (even more obvious with “Star Wars” figures). Note that the photos above obscure the postures needed for Kirk, Sulu and Chekov.

IMHO, like Funko Pop figures, the product appeals only if you’re already a fan of the style; and anybody who’s internalized the “if you don’t like it, rebuild” nature of LEGO will view Playmobil as a waste of plastic and playroom volume.

As a separate matter, one of these days I’ll have to screen Playmobil: The Movie (2019) to verify exactly how it misses the high mark set by The LEGO Movie (2014).

I like Playmobil but $500 is a bit steep for this. I really do hope that Prodigy will get a toy line hopefully back with Playmates Toys. Playmates Ben 10 figures are a nice example of what new Star Trek figures could be! It would be a great time to go back and fill in all those characters that didn’t get figures and new ships and playsets. I also hope MicroMachines will get back in on Star Trek ships. It would certainly be nice to have a revival of real Star Trek toys and not just expensive collectibles!

I honestly think Playmobil is a fine toy system and totally see the appeal, even as a devout AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO), but… I am a devout AFOL, after all, and thus I devote tons of money (and space!) to LEGO, and don’t really have any left for Playmobil. But Playmobil is quite a fine toy system, honestly, as TG47 can obviously attest. I never had any of my own, but very much enjoyed some belonging to cousins and friends when I was a kid.

That said, I have yearned many times for official LEGO Star Trek sets (as though I needed the brick to consume even more of my resources than it already does!).

I haven’t seen Playmobil: The Movie, but in fairness, most movies (toy-based and otherwise) fall short of the high mark set by The LEGO Movie. It’s simply a really good movie. I understand there’s also a Funko Pops! movie in the works; I don’t expect much from that, but you never know…

Trek licensing costs ain’t cheap. And this is probably a very limited run. The price is ‘justifiable’.

I love it. Must have it.

Poor Scotty all alone with no apparent way to join the crew. And probably a lot of people look at this and think that’s all to scale because there wasn’t any Star Trek to watch before Discovery.