Anson Mount Sends Message To “Old School” Fans As ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Begins Finale Shoot

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the upcoming Paramount+ series set on Captain Pike’s USS Enterprise, is closing in on wrapping production on its first season, and the star of the show took a moment today to give fans an update… and some assurance.

Anson Mount’s message to old school Trek fans

On Wednesday morning, Strange New Worlds star Anson Mount revealed on Twitter that they’re beginning production on the season one finale. He also had a message for “old school fans”:  They are going to be “VERY excited to see what we’re trying to pull off with this one.” And while this new Star Trek series is a return to some traditional Trek storytelling, Mount said playing Captain Pike was a personal challenge, and that he was doing “many things I’ve never attempted as an actor.”

Mount’s message is part of a theme coming from the cast and creatives of this series ever since it was announced in the spring of 2020; this was after a year of fans calling for the return of Pike’s Enterprise with Spock (Ethan Peck), and Number One (Rebecca Romijn) at the end of season two of Star Trek: Discovery. Unlike the heavily serialized season-long plot arcs of Discovery and Picard, Strange New Worlds will be episodic, described by co-showrunner Akiva Goldsman as an “adventure-of-the-week but with serialized character arcs.”

Mount recently stated this “classic Trek” format is “founded on the big idea of the week, and the big idea of the week needs room to breathe.” Co-star Rebecca Romijn has also pointed to the format having a different tone than Discovery, explaining last month that “it’s in keeping with The Original Series — they’re standalone episodes. It’s a little bit lighter.”

Ethan Peck as Spock, Anson Mount as Pike, and Rebecca Romijn as Number One in season two of Star Trek: Discovery

Production on track

Filming on Strange New Worlds began in Toronto in February and in May, Mount stated it was going smoothly despite COVID protocols, adding “We’re really happy with the material. We’re all having a good time together.” Romijn echoed the sentiment last month: “We are visiting planets. We are visiting colonies, and we are so proud of our work so far.” While pandemic production does slow things down a bit, wrapping the 10-episode season in five months is fairly close to a pre-pandemic pace.

And Anson Mount isn’t the only one excited about starting work on the season finale. Director of photography Magdalena Gorka shared some Instagram stories today as the camera crew prepped for the first day of the finale.

Strange New Worlds is one of three live-action Star Trek series currently in production. Season four of Discovery began last November in Toronto and is expected to continue into next month after taking a hiatus from filming in the spring. Discovery season four is set to debut on Paramount+ by the end of 2021. Star Trek: Picard began production in February in Los Angeles, and is reportedly shooting seasons two and three back-to-back.

Teaser trailers for the upcoming seasons of Discovery and Picard have been released; however, no trailers or even images have been released yet for Strange New Worlds. It’s possible Paramount+ could reveal something during Comic-Con@Home later this month, but so far they have yet to announce their plans for the virtual event.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is expected to arrive on Paramount+ in 2022.

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This may very well be the series I’ve been waiting since 1968 for…

Let’s hope!

I was thinking the same thing.
May fortune favor the foolish. Warp speed!

I get the sentiment, but “since 1968”?? I mean, I understand it if you think S1&2 of TOS are the high water mark (I can’t agree, but to each their own), but if you think that TNG/DS9/VOY were not good enough, and that SNW will somehow be the better than everything since 1968, I have to question your sanity a little!

I too hope this is a return to classic episodic, less dark Trek after 5 seasons of CBSAA Trek, but I also LOVED peak TNG/DS9 and a lot of VOY, as high quality Star Trek, some of which outdid early TOS. Even lots of good ENT episodes that had that flavor to it.

Well, TOS is Star Trek. The TOS movies are too. Even the KT movies are.

TNG is also Star Trek for being created by Roddenberry and having inherited some of the original characters designed for Phase 2 (Riker / Decker, Troi / Ilia, Data / Xon)..

All the other spin-off are just that… SPIN-OFFS… I like them all, I love VOY. But they are variations on a theme (ENT), loose extensions (VOY, DSC) or even counterpoints (DS9, PIC). That is not to say any of them are particularly bad. Most of them are great, all of them watchable, but they will never equal TOS or even TNG…

It’s like Gotham, Batman Beyond, Nightwing or Titans…or any Justice League incarnation. They are all somewhat based on the core Batman mythology but they aren’t “Batman” at their core. They are something else… connected, based upon… but also seperate entities, independent, standing on their own…

SNW is the first show since 1994 that has the potential to BE Star Trek again, not just being based upon it, for the very reason its groundwork is the very first TOS pilot of 1964…

That’s got nothing to do with its actual quality. It may still be horrible… but SNW will BE Star Trek again…

That’s just my take…

This is just silly. You’re deciding what is and what isn’t Star Trek based on some arbitrary involvement by Gene Roddenberry? First of all, people like Gene Coon had Herb Solow were just as important to TOS. And Roddenberry started to check out of TOS halfway through the second season and was gone by the third. Same with TNG. He was a big part of getting it launched, but he was basically gone by the third season. And that’s when TNG started getting good, by the way.

It’s all Star Trek. Grow up and deal with it.

Herb Solow had almost *nothing* to do with day to day production of TOS and Gene Coon for just a short time (with decidedly mixed results). Roddenberry, however, was intimately involved with the scriptwriting throughout the first two seasons (largely rewriting many of the best episodes, but allowing other writers to be credited. Don’t drink the kool-aid of Solow’s self-serving and self-congratulatory book.

Those shows are every bit as much Star Trek as any other show. This stupid segregating of what’s “real Trek” is the dumbest thing in all of Trekkie fandom.

It’s all Star Trek.

Garth Lorca is a good guy and I know he’s just expressing a viewpoint but this is also what gatekeeping is. STOP telling the rest of us what ‘real’ Star Trek is. YOU can believe what you want personally but it’s really really really eye rolling when someone shows up here and want to dictate what show or movie is considered ‘legitimate’ Star Trek. And people do it here ALL the time. Most of us accept it all as ‘legitimate’ even if we don’t personally love every aspect of it. Because, say it with me, it’s a TV SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

No wonder why newbies or casual fans rarely post here! Most of them probably just want to talk about a TV show like normal people and not get hung up on this ridiculous silliness over what you should consider as ‘authentic’ in your head. It’s not a religion, there isn’t any doctrine out there that dictates which one is more ‘sacred’ than the others or which you should believe because the creator deems it so.

Because it’s a TV SHOW!!!!!!

Thanks Tiger2 for once again holding up the side of welcoming new voices here.

I’d counter that the idea that anything with a “Star Trek” label is good and to be watched regardless of actual quality is why Trek is fading into irrelevance despite all the new shows.

I think the new shows being on a streaming platform most people don’t want or have is the bigger issue why it’s not catching on to new fans, at least in America.

Also, I cannot stress it enough…. It’s not about being “the high water mark”… It’s not about quality. It’s about the existential, fundamental, ontological nature of what is part of the core saga and what is not.

You may still think DS9 is the best Trek show (which I certainly don’t agree upon) or VOY being the most exciting one (which I personally think), but none of them are part of the core legacy… TOS and TNG characters were created by Gene Roddenberry, the Enterprise was devised by him as well… Pike, Spock and Number One were created by him, too. So SNW is not just a spin-off based on Star Trek… It IS Star Trek.

I wish fans stopped this silly nonsense. If it says Star Trek in the title cards, it’s Star Trek. That’s what I watch and now pay to watch. Can we leave all the silly nerd bickering behind now?

I really hope SNW is good! But I hope they are ALL good.


Discovery had the name, but not much else. And the JJ stuff was just awful. Sure you can slap the name Star Trek onto a show and yes legally it’s Star Trek. But studios don’t make money by pissing off long time fans. The way to keep the fire burning, is to keep the old fans happy while bringing in new fans. The second I saw that Klingon in Discovery supposedly get scared when he saw a federation officer then panic with his stabby thing pointed at her, but somehow stab himself, I just knew that the lazy writing was not be worth a CBS All Access account. If the Fanboys say that this new Anson Mount version is the real deal, I will add CBS all access to my Amazon account. But if I get a hint of the non Star Trek style writing that I saw and Discovery with that ridiculous mutiny, and somehow this new person is suddenly Spock’s sister then I just can’t deal with people crapping on Cannon like that. It’s actually more like the people that were involved never even watched Star Trek at all. It was just so bad, they didn’t even know sonar doesn’t work in a vacuum. The one thing I liked about the original series the best, was that it assumed the audience was pretty smart. The second you begin to dumb down science fiction is the second you lose your audience.

Tony if you don’t like the new stuff or think it sucks, no one is getting on your case about that. But claiming it’s not ‘real’ Star Trek because you think it’s sucks isn’t a fact either, it’s just your opinion. That’s the difference. According to the people who made it, it’s real Star Trek because it’s being made officially under the same property as all the others, from TOS to ENT.

And what the OP was suggesting was a very specific qualification and that is anything that was not touched by the great bird of the galaxy himself (Roddenberry) shouldn’t be considered ‘real’ Star Trek, regardless of quality, but I guess something just in name only. That’s really really insulting not to just all the hard work to all the producers, actors, directors and writers who created it (and actually defined Star Trek in greater ways than what Roddenberry ever did) but also to the fans of these shows. I know the OP wasn’t trying to offend anyone but that’s how it comes across to the millions of fans who is devoted to this franchise and the shows they love. Like their show doesn’t truly count or something because Roddenberry had literally DIED before everything else showed up to deem it so. I mean, my god.

But getting back to your point, again, FINE, if that’s how you feel its how you feel. But it always amaze me how short sighted fans are about this stuff. You seem to be forgetting that was literally said about TNG it’s first few seasons on the air. Then the same thing said about DS9 (by then TNG had became ‘real’ Star Trek according to most fans…but DS9, ugh, how is that mess still on the air??).

VOY never got the ‘it’s not Star Trek’ label but clearly a lot of valid criticisms of it and I LOVE the show personally. I’m literally rewatching the entire show now and loving it all over again, even with its flaws. I don’t think I have to remind you the utter scorn Enterprise got. I don’t know if it ever got the ‘this isn’t Star Trek’ branding either by bitter fans but it certainly got a lot of hate when it started too. No, I don’t think on the divisive level that Discovery got, but pretty up there IMO.

Of course now the irony is ALL those old shows today seems to be accepted by the fanbase overall even if people still don’t personally love them all. That’s the power of time and nostalgia I guess. But mark my words, in the next 10-20 years people will be saying the same about the Kelvin movies, Discovery and the rest but saying the ‘new’ stuff is utter dreck and not worthy of the name of Star Trek. The merry go round keeps spinning. ;)

And FYI, I am NOT a huge fan of Discovery or the Kelvin movies either. I been very vocal of Discovery, especially its first season. Some people here can back that up lol. But I NEVER questioned if it was real Star Trek or not. Of course it is, it’s 100% Star Trek, just different from the other stuff….just like how TNG felt different from TOS and DS9 from TNG and so on. That’s the BEAUTY of Star Trek, I want it all to feel different if possible and set its own stamp on the franchise. But it still has to be good too, which is one of my many issues with Discovery. ;)

But I never questioned it being Star Trek or if it’s really part of the PU and all that other stuff. Never. It is all Star Trek and why they are all my kids, even the problem children!

But if you ostracized everything from 2009 to the present because it doesn’t stack up to the classic stuff, that’s more than fine too. Maybe one day you will change your mind on some of it. And none of this stuff is a contest, I wish old fans stop treating it like it was, but that’s for another thread.

Garth, is it really a saga? Or is it an idea that is malleable? And changeable

Your everything that is wrong with Trek.

7 of 9 is exciting. But unfortunately STV focused almost all of the stories around that character. While I did like the season finale, overall I don’t think it stands up to the story arc in DS9.

And the TOS really stands up to the modern Treks, at least the first 2 seasons do. Granted I really like season 3 episode Spock’s Brain. If nothing else it’s funny as hell. But with the new CGI placed in the TOS and the remastering of the film into HD, it’s really hard to beat.

I think what was being communicated by Anson was that there are some fans out there that solely like TOS and the ST films 1-6. They exist! I’m one of them. I think the 80s/90s trek is okay, but I grew up on the original series and it’s near and dear to me. I think SNW will be targeted to us ‘old school fans’ and that’s okay! I think Kurtzman is gearing Picard to fans of 90s Trek and that’s great too!

“I think what was being communicated by Anson was that there are some fans out there that solely like TOS and the ST films 1-6. They exist! I’m one of them. I think the 80s/90s trek is okay, but I grew up on the original series and it’s near and dear to me. I think SNW will be targeted to us ‘old school fans’ and that’s okay! I think Kurtzman is gearing Picard to fans of 90s Trek and that’s great too!”

I think he is just saying that the show will be more episodic and ‘adventure of the week’ type of story telling like TOS, TNG, VOY and ENT (mostly) was. He’s said similar things like that before, ie, NOT serialized like DIS and PIC is (and where a lot of old school fans are having trouble with those shows). I don’t think he just means ONLY TOS fans will like it. That would not be the best strategy. ;)

And they said the same things about the Kelvin movies and then Discovery. Look how that turned out? The people who seem to hate those series the most are some of the most hardcore TOS fans. Discovery got it so bad, they threw that show into the future and ironically replacing it with SNW.

I think fans should A. just WAIT until it comes on before having those types of expectations and B. accept it on its OWN terms first and foremost. But yes hopefully it will carry the spirit of TOS (at least more than Discovery did).

Lol I might be the only one but I loved TOS and I to VI and then watched TNG… was super excited about VOY premiere then realized I never liked TNG.
Watched some Voyager with a friend who is a big producer now and he remarked “that was awful” and it hit a nerve with me how objectively correct his was and how I was so desperate for more Trek just accepted it.

It hit me then that TNG was a boring waste of time. The final frontier was made lame with crews playing holodeck when not phoning home. All the aliens were learning to be us, not us learning from aliens. Just horrid apart from when Picard destroyed the Starfleet at Wolf 359.

Ironically by then DS9 was good but by then I was watching sporadically (the Dominion War arc was good).

I came back for ENT because it promised wagon train to the stars exploration, humanity cooperating after WW3 where the Vulcans think we are illogical, Andorans see us as push overs , Romulans want to conquer us, Klingons want us dead. No sub space coms, nuclear weapons, fighters given no transporters, no phasers on stun. It was going to be FASA and SFB on screen… then it was TNG want to be with peace with the Klingons and transporters in one hour. Sigh.

Pulled back in by Trek 2009 (which I thought was good given the decades of spam Trek) only for Khan to be a poor dude abused by big bad Admiral GWB trying to get his family back in the horrid St:ID.

Hopefully Strange New Worlds is good that I’m not watching Trek news for nothing.

Less dark? Have you watched TOS lately? You have people literally getting their faces removed, people being stuck halfway through the floor, having to let their love die, etc.. TOS, especially the first season, was basically twilight zone in space. The Twilight Zone was dark. Yeah, it was the 60’s, but it was dark.

I think a lot of fans have their nostalgia blinders on, or to them, the epitome of Trek was Data’s Day.

I personally hope that SNW brings back the horror/SciFi aspect of Trek.

As a child that bulbous head alien right at the end of the end credits was pure horror!

I consider the High Water Mark to be what I would call the Gene Coon era: most of season one through first half of season two. The guy just understood Star Trek and storytelling. But that certainly doesnt mean I didnt enjoy the other Trek series, especially DS9.

Hey, don’t forget to be a total Gene Coon toady by neglecting to mention his last brilliant contribution to TOS in the form of ‘Spock’s Brain’. LMAO.

DS9 was my favorite of all the spinoff series. I’m a Marine and we’ll, whomever wrote Avery Brooks Captain Cisco must have known a thing or two about Naval Officers. Probably doesn’t hurt that Avery Brooks is also an excellent actor. But I also really enjoyed the storyline in that one. Particularly the story arc surrounding the Cardasians Civil War and breakaway from their very own Deep State. Very cool. And I like the spiritual journey of said Captain. And the banter from Quark and the Grand Negas was priceless. Very cool series!

Everything after TOS sucked. TNG was dry and long winded at times. The original was a 45 min leap into the future that didn’t require watching last week’s or any installment to enjoy that 45 minutes. The Character development was shown to us by their actions and not by a well planned backstory. Spock and Kirk became the unforgettable icons because they weren’t allowed to evolve episode by episode and with Many suggestions from the actors playing them. TNG turned it into a soap opera, and even though Picard is a great Captain in his own right, I don’t think of him as I do Kirk or Spock. Everything the followed the TOS was mapped out like a land survey using the original as a benchmark to ascend to and also to keep clear of for originality when the TOS’s only goal was to share one man’s vision of a possible future for humanity. Even the movies, although I love most of them, lost Something and relied alot on nostalgia and the weight of the characters. If the motion picture and kahn had been something other than a star trek movie they probably would have been just another 80s SciFi. Then the voyage home came out is was blown back because finally we had moved onto another adventure that had nothing to do with the gensis device and in my opinion was the best of them all because even without the Enterprise it was a great Star Trek story completely in line with the TOS. So I dont think there is anything wrong with anyone’s sanity, their perception yes sanity, no.


Since 1968? Are you discounting the third season of TOS all together?

As someone who rewatched every single episode of season 3 recently, while it was mostly bad, there were definitely some decent episodes I forgot about. Even some not as bad as I remembered.

I love “The Enterprise Incident,” for example.

Yeah easily the best episode in that season if still clumsily shot, but a good story!

I kinda liked All Our Yesterdays, myself.

Here too. I generally don’t look at S3 very much but while the bad episodes are still pretty bad (That Which Survives comes to mind) there are others that aren’t that good but not as bad as I recalled. Elaan of Troyous comes to mind. Don’t get me wrong… It’s still a pretty crappy episode. But It’s not bottom of the barrel bad as I once thought.

I hope so!

Wow, there was nothing for you, you found appealing in Trek since 68?

fingers crossed

Sounds absolutely brilliant!

Here’s to hoping….

I am so excited for this!

Add a very young Ensign James T. Kirk.

I’m sure these showrunners won’t be able to help themselves.

Sadly I feel like that is something we are going to see but really shouldn’t.

That said, I felt the same way about seeing Captain Pike on Star Trek Discovery. So I guess you never know…. Maybe if they run into the Farragut or something and its handled in an organic and non-sensational way…. But what are the odds with this group?

Can’t be done. In The Menagerie, Kirk mentioned he has never met Pike in person (in this timeline)… Also, he is already a Lieutenant on the Farragut (11 years prior to TOS S2)…

Imagine if we could go back to 1966 when Roddenberry was writing “The Menagerie” and be able to tell him we need to change that one line to “I’ve met him” because 55 years from now they are still going to be making Star Trek and this would open up new storylines.

It can easily be done. He just can’t meet Pike. No reason he can’t meet Spock, Number One, or any of the new characters.

Are we still pretending that Discovery (and SNW) are the same timeline/universe/continuity as TOS? They obviously are not. Just because TPTB claim that does not make it so. Embrace the multiverse.

Seriously seriously not helping.

I’m with you on that, c d. Despite what the showrunners say.

I tend to lean that way myself. Many fans have their own head canon. And I think I like to consider everything in Secret Hideout to be a reboot. Honestly, it just makes more sense to me.

…I don’t think that (canon) will stop them, honestly, sadly.

Relevant point in “The Menagerie,” Part 1:

MENDEZ: You ever met Chris Pike?
KIRK: When he was promoted to Fleet Captain.

Please, please, please do not do that.

It would go against canon anyway obviously. But they can still show him at some point.

I hope not. Kirk had three seasons, and 6 movies to shine. While Kirk, is my second favorite Captain, behind Sisko i do not want to see him. Strange New Worlds should end with Pike giving command to Kirk. Untill then, no Kirk.

Kirk is my favorite captain(Sisko is my 2nd, especially since he has a very similar look to my father), I wouldn’t mind seeing a glimpse of him. I won’t have a problem if we don’t. I don’t need to see him. This IS a story about Pike’s Era. I’ve hoped for a Pike show, a Sulu Show, and a Worf show.

If I had my wish, we would get a reboot of TOS. I would like to see the complete 5-year mission.

I know some people want a new show with a crew, no one ever says they want a new movie showcasing an agent other than 007.

I also wouldn’t mind a reboot of TNG either, especially if they could have a little more personality. That’s why I liked DS9 a little better. TNG was a bit bland, especially with Dennis Mcarthy’s terrible music score.

To me, that is when we see Kirk on SNW. If the show does indeed end with Pike getting promoted and Kirk given the Enterprise. But who knows what the Secret Hideout folks will do? Besides, as I said above because of all the other things they’ve done it’s hard to not think of this as a reboot so they can pretty much do what they want at this point from my perspective.

Agree! No Kirk!

No more Kirk! We know his stories, time for someone new


Lets not….

I guess Pike got used to a woman on the bridge…

More than just one… but that’s gooooood…

Finally, they may actually get a new show right! Long overdue.

Only one thing left to say…

” HIT IT !! “

I just imagined the Enterprise getting badly beat up in the last episode and returning as the TOS ship we know in season2 to fix continuity.

Sooner or later you’re going to have to move on. It’s not happening. It’s simply 2021.

I actually love the DSC enterprise. Was just having a little idea. I’m not one of those “it must all look like TOS” ranting from my elderly mother’s basement in between faps.

OK, no worries. And I apologize if I came on a little strong there. But we been hearing stuff like this since 2017…no wait, make that since 2009 and I guess it’s finally getting to me lol.

And for the record, I was actually bothered by a lot of the changes in Discovery as well, but I just accepted it’s what the show was and just hoped some of it looked a little bit closer in line to TOS in time (which they were saying was going to happen…um). So I’m not some super apologist either, but I do TRY to keep it balanced….most of the time. ;)

Nothing to apologise for my friend, you’re good. It’s not always easy to pick up intonation from the written word, especially if the writer isn’t the best at writing…like me.

Glad you are so understanding about all of this! Really appreciate it!

Trek has been mangling continuity for decades. You did know that, right?

…embrace the multiverse…

All Trek is good! Yay!

Except for TOS (for obvious reasons), I think, every new ST series had in its premier a character from the preceding series (or movie): Dr. McCoy in TNG, Picard in DS9, Quark in Voyager, Zefrem Cochrane in Enterprise, Sarek in Disco, skip the remaining non-Kelvin movies, Data/Riker/Troi in Picard. I hope they do that with this series. Maybe an aged character from Enterprise, like T’Pol or Soval. I don’t watch Lower Decks so I don’t know about that one.

Archer! I think he’ll give the christening speech just like Cochrane did on ENT…

Oh, god, I HATE Archer! He was such an idiot. I spent the entire first season of ENT shouting, “Archer, listen to T’Pol!” The only reason why he didn’t get them all killed the first month out was because the scripts cheated in his favor. :-)

To be fair, the scripts cheat in ALL their favor lol. Most of these people should’ve been dead many times over. Hell, some of them actually were killed, the script just brought them back to life. ;)

And I always cut Archer slack. He didn’t have all the Star Trek DVDs to watch like the rest of us on what not to do. That said, I don’t disagree he should’ve listened to T’Pol more but I think that was his personal hang up with Vulcans at the time.

I don’t really count Discovery and Picard. All the other shows those were literally cameos from other shows. Sarek was PART of the show and the father to the main character. And that wasn’t the preceding show, Enterprise was. In Picard, those are characters that was part of TNG just as Picard was.

I was expecting Lower Decks to return to this tradition as that has been the closest we ever got back to proper TNG era, but alas it was not to be, unless I missed a very subtle cameo. Discovery should have made this cameo with Tpol but that ship has sailed and I don’t think we’ll return to this tradition any time soon.

Sorry to say I had never heard of Anson Mount before Disco. He is an amazing actor and I voted him the character I most wanted to see again on a ST forum poll. So glad they are doing this!!!

Me neither. Since Disco I’ve seen him in a war movie (forget the title) and he was also great in that.


really hard to improve upon his performance there

you have some fun ahead

Excellent show, Hell On Wheels!

Agreed. Earlier seasons better than the later ones, but still pretty good.

Anson Mount and Colm Meaney (O’Brien from TNG and DS9) were co-stars in a smashing-successful TV series called “Hell On Wheels,” which is about the building of the “Union Pacific” U.S. Transcontinental railroad. Anson was the hero and Meaney led the U.P. — the two characters were always butting heads, but they worked together despite their differences and backgrounds to get the railroad built. There are scenes where both run steam locomotives, so it’s ironic they are both part of Star Trek’s STARSHIP crews — engineering seems to be in their blood both on and off ‘Trek. It’s available in Walmart and other stores on DVD, and is amazingly good. Actor “Common” was also a co-star in the series. Jonathan Frakes loved the show enough to compare some of Anson’s work in that series to what he did as Pike in DISCO Season Two (on the DVD extras). If you guys really want to see how Anson Mount’s acting ability can TRULY BE STRETCHED to the limits (—and get a good idea on how this man can take a role beyond expectations—), get “Hell On Wheels” for your DVD collection. (You can also watch clips from it on YouTube.) I like to watch it and note that Anson and Colm went from railroading to outer space, LOL.

LOL same! Well I first heard of him for Inhumans (very bad show) but even then I didn’t actually know his name, just the character he played in it. Discovery is the first time I really learned who he was as an actor.

Don’t form your opinion about him with that lame Inhumans show, do yourself a favor and watch Hell on Wheels. You will see how excellent Anson Mount is there. I was familiar with Mount before and I knew he was a good choice for Pike the moment casting was announced.

I’m looking forward to this, and I’d still very much like to see a show based on a female Romulan commander trying to escape the empire and defect to Starfleet

That was a Diane Duane novel.

It’s sill amazing they haven’t shown a single frame of this show yet. It’s oddly the opposite of how Discovery was treated its first season. Picard was kept under heavy wraps throughout its production as well though and I have to say it paid off in terms of being totally surprised when the first trailer hit so maybe they are doing the same strategy.

Hopefully we’ll be just as giddy when that first trailer hits as well!

I am so looking forward to seeing a new clip! For few weeks, I have been wondering why we haven’t seen anything, for any upcoming show. Then, I remember this is exactly what happens when a new season will begin! I have a hunch they are getting ready to launch a massive campaign, hopefully in the upcoming weeks! :P

It is an odd strategy. I thought we were going to be seeing tons of material to hype the shows for months. But then I do have to remind myself we probably WILL get that and SNW won’t even premiere until next year. So it’s still very very early, but people like us just want to see everything now lol. Or at least have something to talk about.

But I will say it IS odd that we don’t even know who is in the cast of SNW. They introduced some of the actors but didn’t say who they were playing. I figure we would at least be told that very early since that’s a very common thing to do in all the shows and was the one thing we learned about both Picard and Discovery before they started shooting.

But Comic Con is coming up this month, so maybe that’s when we will get our first real look at both SNW and PRO since we got trailers for the other shows on First Contact day. Here’s hoping!

No SNW content, Tiger2! Unfortunately. I meant to hear something new, from the franchise, Lower Decks is next…In the next week or two, they have to begin promoting Season 2 and Paramount+.

LDS is definitely going to get promoted hard soon, but I can still see others like SNW getting introduced at CC. Especially since the entire season is basically done now, so they can show something. Maybe they won’t or just may wait until Trek’s 55th birthday in September, but I’m crossing my fingers we’ll get SOMETHING at CC about it.

Can’t wait, to see new clips from all upcoming shows. Especially, Prodigy, Mulgrew is back!!! So glad Lower Decks is coming soon. It has become my favorite, what a surprise, totally unexpected. :P

LDS just really surprised me in a way I didn’t expect at all. Out of ALL the new stuff from the Kelvin movies to bringing back freaking Picard in his own spin off show, all of those ended up being on the ‘eh’ level but LDS I just loved throughout its run. It hit all the right buttons for me, even if it still wasn’t perfect.

We’re now just a month away from that show and I am so giddy knowing its back soon!!!! Give THIS show 7 seasons and a movie please! ;D

I have a feeling they are going to (re)do THE CAGE. Just the wording he’s using.

What would be the point? And they already covered it again in Discovery.

It’s the ‘drop kicks’ isn’t it? Is that what Anson’s having so much fun with?

hmmm what he doesn’t know is that people who are fans of the old star trek are usually set in their ways and aren’t open to new versions. it’s kind of sad but oh well, they can just watch reruns. other people will enjoy the new ones.

I am one of those fans of the old Star Trek and am usually set in my ways and not open to new versions, until…
I learned to stop worrying and Embrace The Multiverse!


wish this show and all Star Trek shows success..liked some more than others but really can’t wait for SNW to come out..and though not officially Star Trek finally binge watched both seasons of Orville the other day…was blown away what a show insanely good

Agreed, and I need to binge those two seasons again too – Orville really impresses me. Thanks for the reminder.

Looking forward to it. I’m not up to speed, but has there been any word on how all these series will be broadcast? I mean, will they broadcast one series all the way through, then start another and so on, or will they overlap their broadcasts? I hope it is one at a time, anticipation is part of the excitement for me. Either way, I can watch them however I want. I appreciate their efforts and just having new Star Trek is a good thing.

I also wanted to recreate the original feel of Star Trek the Original Series, so I asked the Google Assistant to calculate the value of pi to the last digit, hoping that my LG phone would explode. It didn’t. Next time I’ll try convincing it that running advertisements in apps is illogical, see if that works.

I just wish Paramount + would fix their train wreck of an app. It’s is hard to get excited when every time you try to watch anything, the app crashes before, during, and after.

I watched TOS as a young child in the 60’s. I fell in l9ve with Roddenberry’s view of the future. It gave me hope for the future. Whatever hope fir the future I had, left me when I watched the first episode of Picard. That future is ugly and bleak. Even Admiral Picard lost hope in it.

at the lowest point so that he and others can left the fed/starfleet back to its proper self.

We could see a young Lt Kirk of the Farragut after the attack of the cloud creature. It could be that Spock and Number one who helps him. But Pike never meets him. If he does but Kirk is unconscious.

I can’t wait! Thank you for sharing!!

Again, this all sounds promising. I want to get jazzed up for this but I recall Secret Hideout Trek history and it brings me back to Earth.

Also, It seems to me that they could still produce more episodes in a season. Only 5 months of photography? Back in the day productions would work for 9 months with a couple of breaks and crank out 25+ episodes. Seems to me like it shouldn’t be too hard to get them to squeeze out perhaps 6 more… But honestly that is contingent on the show being good. A bad show’s season can never be too short and a good one’s can never be too long.

We can’t get paramount + in the UK??

He’s a very good actor. Highly recommend Hell on Wheels if you’ve not seen him in that. From interviews of him I’ve seen, he seems unaffected by the politically motivated stories that seem to hammer franchises into poop. Let’s hope the show runner has pulled in the reigns away from the crapfest that was Discovery. I only watched the one free episode, but heard all you loyalists gripe about it. Well, let’s hope all the gripes have elevated this new show back to the heights of TOS.

it’s amazing that nothing has been leaked yet. Not rumors, no pics…

The first 2 seasons of TNG blew chunks, bad acting and awful story telling. However, with that being said TOS was the flagship on which the universe was created and every series has honored that tradition. Everyone has a favorite and as fans, we should honor the legacy. Chritopher Pikes story needs to be told and as long as they honor the legacy, so be it!

Anson Mount was the best thing about Discovery. This sounds hopeful, but, unfortunately, my understanding is that the same garbage writers from Discovery are still involved. I hope I’m wrong.

LOL you old schoolers are going to hate this show🤣