Paramount Releasing Star Trek: TOS Movies 4K/UHD Blu-ray Set [UPDATED]

The news keeps on coming for Star Trek home media. Following Wednesday’s earlier announcement that Paramount is remastering the Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture for Paramount+, they announced more ways to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the franchise.

Original Series 4K Movies Collection

Paramount just announced that on September 7th they will be releasing a brand new set featuring the first four feature films with the original Star Trek crew in 4K Ultra HD. The movies are newly remastered from original film elements and presented with Dolby Vision® and HDR10. The collection includes four Ultra HD Blu-ray discs as well as four remastered standard Blu-ray discs with all the previously released bonus content.

The following is a detailed description of the set:

Star Trek: The Motion Picture 4K Ultra HD

(Note that this is the theatrical version of The Motion Picture.)

  • Isolated score in Dolby 2.0—NEW!
  • Commentary by Michael & Denise Okuda, Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens and Daren Dochterman

Star Trek: The Motion Picture Blu-ray

  • Isolated score in Dolby 2.0—NEW!
  • Commentary by Michael & Denise Okuda, Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens and Daren Dochterman
  • Library Computer (HD)
  • Production
    • The Longest Trek: Writing the Motion Picture (HD)
  • The Star Trek Universe
    • Special Star Trek Reunion (HD)
  • Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 001: The Mystery Behind V’ger
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Storyboards
  • Trailers (HD)
  • TV Spots

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 4K Ultra HD

  • Commentary by Director Nicholas Meyer (Director’s Cut and Theatrical Version)
  • Commentary by Director Nicholas Meyer and Manny Coto (Theatrical Version)

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Blu-ray

  • Commentary by Director Nicholas Meyer (Director’s Cut and Theatrical Version)
  • Commentary by Director Nicholas Meyer and Manny Coto (Theatrical Version)
  • Text Commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda (Director’s Cut)
  • Library Computer (HD)
  • Production
    • Captain’s Log
    • Designing Khan
    • Original Interviews with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, and Ricardo Montalbán
    • Where No Man Has Gone Before: The Visual Effects of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
    • James Horner: Composing Genesis (HD)
  • The Star Trek Universe
    • Collecting Star Trek’s Movie Relics (HD)
    • A Novel Approach
    • Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 002: Mystery Behind Ceti Alpha VI (HD)
  • Farewell
    • A Tribute to Ricardo Montalbán (HD)
  • Storyboards
  • Theatrical Trailer (HD)

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock 4K Ultra HD

  • Commentary by director Leonard Nimoy, writer/producer Harve Bennett, director of photography Charles Correll and Robin Curtis
  • Commentary by Ronald D. Moore and Michael Taylor

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Blu-ray

  • Commentary by director Leonard Nimoy, writer/producer Harve Bennett, director of photography Charles Correll and Robin Curtis
  • Commentary by Ronald D. Moore and Michael Taylor
  • Library Computer (HD)
  • Production
    • Captain’s Log
    • Terraforming and the Prime Directive
    • Industry Light & Magic: The Visual Effects of Star Trek
    • Spock: The Early Years (HD)
  • The Star Trek Universe
    • Space Docks and Birds of Prey
    • Speaking Klingon
    • Klingon and Vulcan Costumes
    • Star Trek and the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (HD)
    • Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 003: Mystery Behind the Vulcan Katra Transfer
  • Photo Gallery
    • Production
    • The Movie
  • Storyboards
  • Theatrical Trailer (HD)

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 4K Ultra HD

  • Commentary by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy
  • Commentary by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Blu-ray

  • Commentary by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy
  • Commentary by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman
  • Library Computer (HD)
    • Production
    • Future’s Past: A Look Back
    • On Location
    • Dailies Deconstruction
    • Below-the-Line: Sound Design
    • Pavel Chekov’s Screen Moments (HD)
  • The Star Trek Universe
    • Time Travel: The Art of the Possible
    • The Language of Whales
    • A Vulcan Primer
    • Kirk’s Women
    • The Three-Picture Saga (HD)
    • Star Trek for a Cause (HD)
    • Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 004: The Whale Probe (HD)
  • Visual Effects
    • From Outer Space to the Ocean
    • The Bird of Prey
  • Original Interviews
    • Leonard Nimoy
    • William Shatner
    • DeForest Kelley
  • Tributes
    • Roddenberry Scrapbook
    • Featured Artist: Mark Lenard
  • Production Gallery
  • Storyboards
  • Theatrical Trailer (HD)

The Star Trek: The Original 4 Movie Collection Ultra HD Blu-ray set isn’t available yet for pre-order and there aren’t any details on pricing, so check back for an update.

Paramount will also be releasing the newly remastered versions of each film individually, along with all the bonus content detailed above.

UPDATE: Available for pre-order

Amazon pre-order for the 4 Movie Collection is now available for $70.48, with a low-price guarantee.


TOS Steelbook Set

Star Trek: The Original Series is also being re-released on standard Blu-ray with a special Steelbook edition. The set is the same as the previous Blu-ray release with all three seasons remastered in HD along with all the same special features… but now with new Steelbook packaging. This set is also arriving on September 7th to honor the September 8th anniversary of the original Star Trek. You can pre-order the TOS Steelbook set now at Amazon for $109.99.

Star Trek IV returns to theaters in August

Paramount also announced a special theatrical event with Fathom to celebrate the 55th anniversary. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home will be shown at select theaters on August 19th and 22nd. More details on this special event will be provided soon.

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Yet we still don’t have Voyager or DS9 in HD.

Indeed, but that’s a much much much bigger undertaking than 4K remasters of theatrical feature films (with an emphasis on the word “film”) for reasons much-discussed elsewhere. Also these movies all predate both DS9 and Voyager in their production and release, so it makes sense to get them first. Also also these movies predate both DS9 and Voyager in the internal chronology of the franchise, so again it makes sense to get them first. ;) Also also also these movies were originally designed for theatrical exhibition, and 4K presentation just helps bring them that much closer to how they were originally designed to look under ideal projection circumstances, whereas both DS9 and Voyager were originally created with standard-definition NTSC broadcasts in mind, so their best versions currently available already pretty much reflect their originally-intended presentations (and HD remasters à la TNG would offer a far *more* technically ambitious presentation than they were ever originally intended to have, a little like if the movies were to get 3D conversions).

Which is not to say I don’t more than sympathize with the desire for HD remasters of both DS9 and Voyager; I absolutely, dearly, desperately yearn for both. But it totally makes sense to give this treatment to the movies first. I just hope that it *does* eventually make sense to Viacom’s bean counters to eventually bring DS9 and Voyager, the last two SD holdouts in the franchise, into the HD era with everything else.

Not really. Even under the most ideal projection circumstances, these movies had an effective resolution of 2K at the time they were made. They were shot on 35mm film in the late 70s / 80s, and that film stock was nowhere close to modern 4K resolution (see the research done by RCA on this topic). Scanning these movies into what we now call “4K” will show no additional details than the earlier 2K scans. But I’m sure people will still purchase them, and they’ll make money! ;)

The same RCA that gave us VHS over Beta? You are going to have to cite a superior alternate source if you want us to accept their image quality research as unbiased.

Come off it. RCA doesn’t have a dog in the nonexistent 35mm high-def fight.

I’d really like to see the research from more than one source on this effective resolution business, because many cinematographers I’ve interviewed continue to claim that modern 35mm anamorphic’s true resolution is closer to 8k or 10K, while flat 35mm going back to the 70s was at the very least 7K (though a direct reading is impossible because analog is organic and therefore is always going to have something unique about it.)

Personally, I’d absolutely dispute this figure, because on the relatively few films that I saw conventionally projected in ideal conditions from the late 60s to the early 2000s, I’ve only been able to recapture the look and feel of those memorable theatrical experiences with a few blus, but with a LOT of 4Ks. That suggests the full amount of info on those films exceeds previous homevid versions by a considerable amount while supporting the contentions of countless industry professionals.

I will say that when they started finishing films digitally at 2K in the last couple decades, the look of movies went to hell, because the scanning essentially ‘clipped’ the quality of the original 35mm film down to something that looked CG. My go-to on this as reference is the first X-MEN movie, which featured for a static hangar scene, a good miniature of the x-jet, but by the time that element was comped with a matte painting and live-action of Stewart and Jackman, it all just looked like mediocre CG. This again suggests that film stocks were resolving at much higher than 2K, since the original film element (which I was shown at Matte World Digital) looked so much better than the comped version.

Looks great. But why not Star Trek 5 and 6?

Rumor has it they will indeed do all ten of the pre-Kelvin movies, and that Star Trek V and Star Trek VI will be in a three-movie set with Star Trek: Generations, and then a final three-movie set will bring the last three movies to 4K. That’s not yet confirmed, though.

It’s not a rumour, it is fact. They are doing the movies in batches. The first 4 this year. Partly decided by the fact that 2,3 and 4 form a loose trilogy of sorts. The remaining movies will be done after. TMP Directors Edition will also be done, with it needing 6 to 8 months of work to bring it to 4k format since all of it was originally just done at standard DVD resolution in 2001.

I don’t know which episode it is, but Daren Dochterman talked about it on Inglourious Treksperts awhile back. He said it would take time, but it’s not like it all has to be completely redone. The way they did it in 2001 (I’m paraphrasing) doesn’t mean it has to be artificially up-rezzed. They an essentially work from what they have and do not have to recreate it. In other words.. they can do it cost effectively, and not re-do. That’s what makes it possible. I’ve got to find that episode.

Thanks for the info on “The Motion Picture” because I prefer that director’s cut and know now to just wait!

Much appreciated.

I’ll just say that if breaking it up is part of what makes this physical media happen, then I’m 100% ok with breaking it up this way. I would also think this keeps the price point more palatable. I know, they’re breaking them up for individual sale as well, but it allows for some marketing buildup, for sure. But the fact that this is finally happening? I have no complaints.

Maybe ST V is still being remastered/upgraded/corrected/fixed. ;-)

OMG TVH in the movie theaters??? Fun fact I’ve seen every Star Trek movie in the theaters except 2 of them: TMP and TVH! Looks like I will be watching TVH in theaters now lol. It’s still my fourth favorite movie and even though I seen it enough times to count (including 2 months ago) I can’t pass that up!!!!

I, too, have seen all but two in theaters, but the two I’ve never seen theatrically are Star Trek: Nemesis and Star Trek Beyond. Sadly, I think Nemesis is quite possibly the one least likely to ever have another theatrical screening; I’m kicking myself now for passing it up in 2002, even if it’s generally poorly-regarded. At the time I was sort of taking a break away from Star Trek, to my everlasting regret, but oh well. First-world problem, I know.

I’ve seen Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home at least five times in theaters, possibly six, but the last time was at the Star Trek 25th anniversary marathon event in September 1991, very nearly 30 years ago (the other time were at least three, possibly four times when it originally came out, and then once more as part of some special event programming at a local mall in 1990). I’m very much looking forward to seeing it once or twice more on the big screen.

i’d like to see any of the first 6 films in a 70mm premium showing with the original 6 track sound. I’m not sure if TMP ever had 70mm prints made, i know at least they weren’t made for the original release.

Really? I remember watching on a huge screen in a now long-closed 1750-seat theatre (the Paramount in Edmonton). I was 9, but I thought it was 70 mm. Man I miss those huge old theatres.

I miss the big theaters as well. The last one in my area closed some 10 years ago now. A very sad day and that closure led to me going to fewer films in theaters. I used to go a lot but going to the mall theaters in tiny auditoriums just doesn’t cut it for movie night. Even their attempts to make the chairs comfy is a fail. They don’t recline nearly enough to make them worth anything.

Nemesis broke my heart. I can’t tell you how excited I was to watch it in the theater only to feel complete sadness by the time it was over. Don’t feel too bad, at least you saved your money lol. I will say it’s gotten s-l-i-g-h-t-l-y better over the years but still my least favorite Trek film.

As for Beyond, ironically I saw that movie in the same place I saw Nemesis, just 14 years later at the Chinese theater in Hollywood. I have to say while I didn’t love it, it is the best out of the Kelvin movies for me and the ONLY movie I have ever watched twice in IMAX. Definitely enjoyed it at the movies although not so much at home for some reason! Sadly though, both of these movies basically ended each of their movie franchises, but I digress.

As for TVH, I was still just a kid and I remembered asking my mother to take me and she said no because it looked like a monster movie due to the probe scenes in the trailer (NOT a Star Trek fan ;)).

Oh, I know that if I “had” to miss any of the ten pre-Kelvin movies, at least I lucked out in making sure it was Nemesis. :p Still, though, watching it all these years later, I can’t quite bring myself to hate it the way so many do. I think the main thing I really don’t care for about it is that once again Troi is subjected to a psychic violation, a scenario she’d already endured on the show and which already rubbed the wrong way then. But I think the movie does have some good stuff too, and isn’t a total loss (though perhaps I’m a more forgiving viewer than most). If nothing else, I have to say I don’t care what the box-office records or the Rotten Tomatoes rankings say, I will go to my grave maintaining Star Trek: Nemesis is at the very least quite a bit better than the next movie in the franchise.

… which leads to Star Trek Beyond, the only Trek movie I’ve not only never seen theatrically but never seen at all. I do kind regret that now, as well, even though (with all due respect to those fans who love the Kelvin movies, and whom I’m not out to antagonize) I truly loathe its two predecessors. I’ve heard and read many times from sources I trust that it’s the best of the three and the one most true to the spirit of Trek, and I kind of wish I’d seen it (and Nemesis) at least once each in theaters, if just for the checklist item of being able to say I’d seen ever movie in the franchise in theaters, as a point of pride.

I hear you about the Kelvin movies. I know they are very divisive for many reasons. I’m not a HUGE fan of them but I always liked them. I just don’t look at them in the same way I do the classic Trek shows and movies, just more fun popcorn spectacle. I always think of the irony how many fans back in 09 thought they should’ve been the new direction of the Star Trek universe going forward and leave the prime universe and all the old characters behind entirely. Thankfully that didn’t quite happen. ;)

As for Nemesis, this is the thing, it’s my least favorite Trek movie and YET I’ve seen it 8 times now lol. So clearly I don’t hate it. That’s the other thing about most of the Star Trek movies, with the BIG exception of TMP for me, most of them are still very entertaining even if the quality lacks. And as said it has improved for me over the years. But man, after watching it the first time, I was so soured on it, I told myself I would never watch it again. But that didn’t last obviously. I’ve seen it easily much more than any of the Kelvin movies as well. I think I’ve seen all of those movies about three times each, although I might have seen STID four times. Again, not a GREAT movie but still very entertaining to me. Others like you may disagree with that though. ;)

As for Beyond, if you hated the first two that much, I don’t know if you’re going to like Beyond that much more. I mean it IS better IMO, but it’s still just like the other two in many ways, ie, uber-villain want to destroy the Federation for (very) confusing reasons, plot of the film really just an excuse for loud big action set pieces and Kirk doing a lot of running and jumping per usual. But there are actually a lot of strong character moments in the film and yes definitely feels the most TOS out of the three and why so many seem to like it, even if they still didn’t like the first two much.

Crazy that movie will be 5 years old this year.

I love Nemesis! Only thing I missing is a fight scene with Data since I love to see his physical strength.

I really have never understood why some fans give Nemesis such a bad rap. It was a very good send off for them. I think it mainly did poorly because it came out at a time when Trek was experiencing some real franchise fatigue. Enterprise felt it as well. I think the actors knew it because in promoting the film they all practically begged people to go see it. Also, I still to this day feel that TNG fans were just a little envious that their finale was not quite as good as the TOS finale. Other than that I just fail to understand the hate.

it def was abit of a downer coming out of Nemesis (the only highlight for me was the brief reprisal of the same TMP score when the Ent was in drydock at the end..thats it!)

in a way Beyond was similar downer feeling for me. with the only real highlight again near the end (the Trek V photo and then the Ent A in drydock with the TMP football field floodlights)..

i guess had Beyond been the Orci ST3 things mightve been quite different!

To me the downer was Into Darkness.
Had Into Darkness been an evil Kahn who hid his identity and then manipulated the post Vulcan destruction Starfleet into thinking that they needed them or would be taken out by the Klingons and Romulans working together (with a hint of some truth in what is coming) only to end up setting Starfleet up for a coup under him as opposed to poor poor Kahn, just trying to get his family back… could have been the greatest Star Trek of all time and got the Trek TOS reboot firing on all thrusters on the 1701 (can the adventures of the 1701 rebuild Starfleet?).
and/or thought we were going to have Robert April gone rouge disagreeing with Starfleet using Kahn as a tactical genius with ENT sent to capture him at the start.
Alternatively I thougth we were going to get Earth taken over by Gary Mitchell, pulling Starships out of the sky.
I actually thought ST:2009 was just all about getting us ready for the adventure of Into Darkness, only for ID to be some horrid analog gone terribly wrong.

There are a number of ways the same plot (or at least a very similar one) could have been improved. The first thing I would have done was loose Khan. That was a bad move right there because the first thing it does is get fans comparing the two. Lose the “Badmiral”. We’ve seen far too many of those.

Another mistake was they continued to play fast and loose with galactic geography. Beaming to “Kronos”? It takes a few hours to get from Earth to Klingon space? What? I know they needed to speed up the plot but there were workarounds to that.

It’s unfortunate because the underlying theme they wanted to do was needed. That Kirk had to not only earn the chair but get a much better understanding of what it means.

Your feelings for Nemesis are very close to my feelings for Voyage Home. I was so very very excited to go see it. I heard about all the local filming they did. Was still giddy for time travel stories back then…. Heard it was going to be more light hearted and that felt like the right move so was hoping to see something more in line with Trouble with Tribbles… All sorts of wonderful pre-vibes heading in. Then… Right from the start.. I was just stunned at how horrid everything in that film was. From the actors to the script to the plot… Absolutely nothing worked. I didn’t think the franchise was dead… But jeez…

Nemesis, on the other hand, worked fairly well. It was the one and only time that group felt like family. And it managed to do what 7 seasons and 3 films failed at. Making one care about Data as a character. The nature vs nurture theme was nice. The 3rd act was pretty spectacular. And it served as a really good finale for the characters. If you are going to end, they were fortunate to end on arguably their highest note. Not even TOS was able to do that. TUC was very good, but they hit their zenith on their 2nd feature.

think i saw TVH at the cinema the most i seen of any Trek film – 4 times if memory serves.. (a special advance screening, a proper screening, a holiday camp free showing and finally as part of an all day I-IV showing summer 87 or 88). the rest think i saw twice each (except TMP too young to see and VI think saw x3 as was awesome beyond all expectations – something that hasnt been done since really)..then just once for Ins/Nem, twice for ST09 (as it was an real event for Trek), and then just once for last 2.

WoK was the one I saw in theaters the most. I think it was 4. In fact, the only other film I saw in the theater more than once was twice for TMP. For one film (TVH, obviously), 1 was too many…

Shatner recently tweeted he intends to go back on tour with a Trek movie that possibly wont be the usual Wrath of Khan so maybe its TVH ?

Wow that’s cool. I live in L.A. (and I THINK Shatner does too) and it would be cool if I could catch a screening here if he was taking part of one. The chances are very tiny but I would certainly work to see one if he was touring with TVH.

Maybe he refers to ST V which is his own “baby” to get it fixed. ;-)

Man, I’m in SF right now but leaving in 2 weeks, would’ve loved to see TVH in SF!

Oh, wow, that *would* be the best. I envy everyone who gets to see it there.

Heck, I envy everyone who gets to be in SF at all, assuming they can afford it (I know I can’t!).

Oh man , soooooo taking my kids to see IV in theatre!!!!!! Ironically we got to TAFS so perfect!!!
Thinking back that was the first Trek I saw in theatres!!!!
Also… I lost my VI blueray.
For some reason I am ok with rebuying those movies again and again. Message Spock?

Hopefully the blu ray copies are brand new transfers the same as the 4K, i got bamboozled on Indiana Jones only the 4k were new transfers.

That is my concern. When they came out on BD years ago only one got the true HD treatment. The others were just digital transfers with no upgrade. So I’m reluctant to get these until I find out for sure.

This is great news, but can someone tell Paramount to change the Enterprise to the correct version on the front of the box. It is the Phase 2 version which is wrong on many levels.
Please ask they correct to the refit model.
But aside from that looking forward to seeing these in 4k

Maybe there is a hidden “alternate-Phase 2-pilot-cut-version” in the box. ;-)

I’m not a fan of the artwork on the box, if I’m being honest here. Not at all. The original BD set had nice packaging, however.

Saavik missing from the (otherwise cool mash up) cover. Saavik was a major part of the Genesis trilogy and should’ve been there (preferably Kirstie Alley)

I imagine the character would definitely have been there if not for the fact two different performers played her across the three movies. But given that fact, I can see why they didn’t include her, not wanting to snub one or the other. Of course they could have used both, but then that would give the impression they were two different characters, and/or look strange to prioritize this one character over even some of the core series regulars who appear only once.

In an alternate universe Nick Meyer got his way, Saavik became the new Spock and the heart of the follow up Trek to TOS.

I just wish they could have gotten Ms. Alley to return to the Saavik role for TUC. The new character was the obvious saboteur. Having it be Saavik would have been less obvious.

Apparently Meyers original choice for Saavik was Kim Catrall (and was later approached to replace Alley in III but was filming Police Academy)so if shed been available maybe shed have been saavik in VI. Of course Alley should have returned for III/IV and then VI (bizarrely she did the Tom Selleck scifi Runaway instead of STIII..)

good news about the blu-ray but, not diggin’ the artwork covers.

Anything is better than the hackjob photoshop that graced the blu rays and is still used as the Paramount+ art.
But the individual 4K releases will use the old poster art at least. So silly. Apart from Nemesis and maybe Insurrection, all the old movie posters are quite lovely.

ah yes, of course when I finally pull the trigger to buy the blu-rays because I was fed up waiting… NOW they announce them. xD. I’ll wait for the inevitable box of 1-10, and price reduction

who lent Captain Kirk that awful blue jacket?

I’m digging the art. Weird choice not just to have all 6 though.

mostly likely so fans have to fork out for 3 sets instead of 2..

If Robert Wise were still alive, there is no way the original theatrical cut of TMP would be the one being released :(

Sadly, half or more of the folks in the credits block on the TMP poster are no longer with us – Wise, Roddenberry, Barrett, Nimoy, Kelley, Doohan, Khambatta, Goldsmith… the march of time is pretty sobering sometimes.

i had that feeling just other day when heard about Richard Donner and then thought about Superman..most of the major players are now gone..

To be ‘Fair’ this is so they can sell it twice.

I’ve been dying for this to happen. I’m so glad Paramount is fully behind Dolby Vision.

Lovely I’m sure, and I know people have been waiting for this for ages, so more power to you. But I’m just not buying these films again, I’m simply not. First went to see all in the theater, most more than once, then purchased all on VHS, then all on DVD. I’m officially done. The DVD’s will have to do. ‘Fool me “quaduple-times,” shame on…(?)’

According to, the Star Trek IV Fathom event will be on August 19 and 22, however above here on TrekMovie it says that the event will be on the 18th and 22nd. Which dates are correct? Is there any word from Fathom events or Paramount Pictures officially? Not sure which is correct, the 19 or 18th?

It’s the 19th. That was fixed. We will be working with fathom and do a full article just on this when tickets become available and locations are identified.

Thanks! :D

Like the art, but personally I think the art for the new individual blu rays is better, love the gold bars on Search For Spock.

Looked up these on after seeing your comment, yeah those new individual blu-rays look nice.

Really? They put Collins on the cover art? Really? I know they can’t digitally excise his face and voice from the movie itself (now there’s an upgraded version I’d pay for), but do they really think spotlighting his character is appropriate, given the circumstances?

I know it’s only a small part of the art in comparison with the rest, but they could have just had Persis Khambatta represented without him next to her.


What is the rationale for not having V and VI in this set. I also really like the framing of this story that just seems to pretend they don’t exist or ask/answer the same question? This is bizarre.

What if… they are secretly not only remastering ST V but also redoing the effects and sets?

why not just put all 6 of the movies in 1 box set…

I got my ticket for Star Trek 4. I can’t wait to see this in theaters.

Is the NEW REMASTERING any different from the 2016 Meyer Edition of KHAAN for that picture?

Just the first 4? Hmm… I’m interested in a full on good HD version of the other films (WoK was fully remastered a while ago) but this does not include both versions of TMP and again, is just 4 films. Don’t think I’m into this just yet. Let’s wait and see what the future brings. It might be better to just buy the other 4 films individually instead of a group. Don’t need WoK as that has already gotten the good HD makeover. Don’t want TVH for obvious reasons.

And regarding the VH screening….

No thank you. Once in a theater was one time too many. I’ve watched it about every 10 years since to see if my feelings for it change as they have on some other things as I’ve grown. But they haven’t. Each time I’ve seen this horrid film it remains just as bad as the previous one. Easily the worst Trek film thus far. Final Frontier isn’t very good either but TVH is light years worse.

When do these new transfers of these films become the versions that are on Paramount+?