Watch: Kirk’s ‘Wrath Of Khan’ Scream But In Claymation

Kirk’s “Khaaaaan!” scream may be the most iconic moment of the Star Trek film franchise, and it has been recreated and referenced multiple times. This week brought a new and rather unique spin for the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan moment.

Clay Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Check out this (very) short film from Dust, celebrating the 5-year anniversary of their sci-fi site and streaming channel.

As reported by io9, Dust – the sci-fi offshoot of the Gunpower & Sky entertainment company – commissioned claymation recreations of five of the greatest sci-fi scenes of all time, with the first being from Star Trek II.

To learn more about Dust and to watch more of their original films or other sci-fi content visit

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This is pretty damned accurate.

I’ve got to get my old super-8 movies onto digital. Back in the 80s I did a perfect version of this KHAN! thing myself (along with a ‘get out! Get out of there! Get out of there now!’ from Kruge and ‘klingon bastard, you’ve killed my acting career!’) at the end of a couple of rolls of film when there wasn’t enough left to do another scene. I got the trembling face part really really right, probably because I used to do the Clint Eastwood, ‘where’s the girl?’ part of DIRTY HARRY also.

I appreciate the animator’s fine attention to detail.

Sometimes my husband thinks that my passion for Star Trek has gone too far. For those times, I collect examples of people who are further out there than I am. Okay, husband, there’s a person who has spent the enormous amount of time Claymation takes to re-create Kirk’s scream in TWOK. :-)


Amazing what salons can do with mud to deage us old buzzards.

He’s so… human.
Nobody’s perfect, Saavik.

What are the other four?

Will anybody ever animate PIcard’s ‘there are x-number of lights’ bit? Or ‘the line must be snorted HERE!’ for that matter. Not quite as memorable in the same way maybe?

Snorted? A coked up Picard does explain a few things…..

I remember during TNG season 2 thinking Stewart had to be on coke, because he seemed to be sniffing and sniffling a lot, and it reminded me EXACTLY of how Heather Thomas had sounded on her TJ HOOKER episode (It’s basically 48HRS with her playing the Eddie Murphy part), and that was a case when her addiction became very public shortly thereafter.

Have heard absolutely nothing to ever support that, but it’s how he sounded to me, and I watched at least 18 episodes of s2 before giving up on the show till partway through s3, when I found out they were taking unsolicited scripts.

Kirk was acting. “Hours into days”. His scream was part of the act, lol. Kirk was a better actor than Shatner, lol.

Yeah, the way he say ‘captain spock, damage report,’ was a very subtle flag that nobody seemed to notice opening night except me.

Then again, I’m also the only person in my group who recognized Julian Glover as the bad guy in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY the year before — that was on the basis of him suggesting a wine that Moore-Bond passes on as being too scented for his palate.

If only there was a way to translate this kind of thinking into financial rewards. (I never figured out a way of making money off how I could recite Pete Rose’s first 11 years of major league batting averages from memory either: 273, 269, 312, 313, 301, 335, 348, 316, 304, 338, 284.)

But Spock was the captain. Kirk was the admiral.

Yeah, but the way he said it mattered. It wasn’t like the way he said ‘captain’ or ‘captain’s discretion’ during the dock departure, it was ‘off’ — but not off in a Shatner way. I really wonder if Meyer dared to give him a line reading for that, or led him to that reading in some other way. Hope it didn’t take as long as ‘here it comes.’

Acting, indeed. But more importantly, he was selling it because he knew exactly what his radio audience was shopping around to buy.

We should get Spock’s ‘Khan’ yell from STID too.

This will probably be the last post I’m able to write here.