Terry Farrell Says It Would Be Fun To Play Jadzia On Star Trek Again

After a high-profile and fraught exit from Star Trek, Terry Farrell says she is ready to return.

Terry Farrell ready for Jadzia Dax to live again

After six seasons playing the joined Trill Jadzia Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Terry Farrell left the series before the seventh and final season. The resulting decision by the producers to kill off her character in the season six finale remains controversial. In the past, Farrell has said her “heart was broken” by the whole experience, but it appears she is ready for it to mend. During a recent GalaxyCon panel of DS9 actors, a fan asked the group if they would like to return to any of the current Paramount+ Star Trek shows as a guest star, and Farrell replied in the affirmative, along with making a joke about her departure:

Sure, Yeah. Just to be alive again would be fun. [laughs]

Co-star Armin Shimerman joined in on the light moment suggesting, “Your best work may be after you’re dead,” to which Farrell replied, “You never know.”

While able to make light of it now, leaving Star Trek in 1997 was very difficult for Farrell. She had attempted to negotiate to get more flexibility including doing fewer episodes, however, she revealed in the 2016 book The Fifty-Year Mission executive producer Rick Berman tried to “bully” her, telling the actress “If you weren’t here, you know you’d be working at Kmart.” In the 2019 documentary What We Left Behind, Farrell spoke emotionally about being given a “take-it-or-leave-it offer” and the acrimonious nature of the negotiation was the “last straw” for the actress who reluctantly chose to leave, tearfully revealing in the documentary, “I didn’t want to die. But there was a point where I was like, You know what, don’t dismiss me. Talk to me.”

Terry Farrell’s final scene in “Tears of the Profits.”

None of the executives involved with those negotiations are involved with the new Paramount+ Star Trek shows, so it appears Farrell is ready to return if asked. As for seeing Jadzia alive again, in the world of Star Trek and sci-fi, there are many ways that could be done, including some specific to the Trill. Deep Space Nine showed examples of Trill interacting with former hosts, something also seen recently in season three of Star Trek: Discovery.

Nicole de Boer, who took on the role of Ezri Dax for season seven, was part of the same panel and she also indicated she would be happy to return for one of the new Paramount+ Trek shows, saying “any of them would be great.” So, in theory, you could have two Dax hosts show up.

Terry Farrell and Nicole de Boer on GalaxyCon virtual panel

Shimerman wants to get animated

The other actors on the panel nodded along indicating their interest in being guest stars on new Trek, with Andrew Robinson (Garak) exclaiming, “Hire me!” Armin Shimerman (Quark) was open to the idea of appearing on any of the shows, but had a preference, saying:

The animated show would be great because there’s no lines to memorize, no makeup to put on, no blocking to worry about. Animation is absolutely the way I would like to go.

With Star Trek: Lower Decks set only a few years after the finale of Deep Space Nine, that seems like a great opportunity to bring back Quark. The station itself already appeared briefly in a flashback during season one.

The DS9 station seen briefly in a flashback in “Cupid’s Errant Arrow”

Watch the full panel


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Terry Farrell has great bones. Helen of Troy would be envious!

Harry. Only you would say that. But. It’s you. Lol

Well, Emperor Mike, I’m talking about the bone structure in her face. Is that type of comment/compliment now considered off limits? Are we no longer allowed to comment on physical beauty?

Harry. I w3as just kidding. I thought it was a great complament.

Oh, I know, Emperor Mike. I was just spelling it out to anyone tempted to throw shade in my direction. A pre-emptive explanation if you will… :>)

Is there a female version of silver fox? cause she is sill smoking after 20 plus years

That’s one of the weirdest (yet truest) compliments I’ve ever read!

Well, er, thanks, Locutus!

Well. It’s Star Trek. No one stays dead forever. Lol

Yes to Jadzia. She is in my top five favorite Star Trek characters of all time. I wrote a short story on how they could actually bring her back. It is very possible in sci-fi, especially with Trill stuff. I’d love to see her in the Picard show

While it’s true that Farrell wasn’t the strongest actor on the show, that “working at KMart” line was really nasty! Farrell was a model before trying her hand at acting, and with her stunning beauty, I’m sure she could have gone back to it. So KMart was never in the cards!

She very quickly went on to the much more mainstream series ‘Becker’.

She did 4 seasons on that then she got dropped cause she didn’t get the payrise she wanted.

I would say she has a bit of an entitlement issue.

No, she knows her self worth and doesn’t accept scraps!! I admire her for that!! Very Jadzia-like if you ask me!!!

Entitled? I don’t think so. She came to the Set Tour in Ticonderoga. She was wonderful. Kind and generous to the fans. When asked about her departure, she said she just wanted to be “acknowledged” for the role she played. Now, what that actually means? I dunno. Maybe it was just the “boys club” on DS9.
I asked her what she was working on and she gushed about a show she was developing about a brothel in New Orleans. She was going to be the “madam of the house.” She’d written parts for her other female Trek actors. She was hoping to get financing to make a pilot. If it got picked up, she knew all the roles would be recast by younger actors. Both her and Robin Curtis were great to hang out with, at that event…

Yeah, it’s pretty presumptuous to assume that someone would want to get paid for their work.

If memory serves, there was a pay dispute between several of the Becker actors and the suits during that time. Has nothing to do with “entitlement.” It’s about actors getting paid, and Hollywood is notorious for screwing its workers out of money. Contracts be damned, they’ll take every opportunity to see that you don’t get the full amount of what’s coming to you.

Well, actually she -did- sort of get a chance to play Dax again. It was in that 2nd “Renegades” fan film … before Paramount forced the “Star Trek” phrase to be removed from the start of the title and required the script to be changed and footage to be reshot so the characters were no longer using their Star Trek character names like they did in the first “Renegades” film. There’s a scene in that 2nd “Renegades” show where not-really-Nog (Aron Eisenberg, in non-Nog makeup — but, c’mon, we know he was supposed to be Nog) makes a comment about to Farrell’s character about how she was supposed to be dead. And Farrell’s character dismisses it in a way similar to what Michael Dorn did regarding those other Klingons in “Trials and Tribbleations.”

That would be amazing if Jadzia just showed up, alive on Picard arm in arm with her husband Wharf. Perhaps she would have a common experience with Jon Luc of being both alive and dead.

with her husband Wharf”

I sea what you did there.

This could work on Picard, which I think is a different universe anyway- maybe one where Jadzia never died- she could be the captain on DS9?

A different universe? Oh brother… someone call Dr. Wykoff!

It’s the same universe!

It’s the same universe!

It’s the same universe!

It’s the same universe!

It’s the same universe!

The PIcard show takes place in the same universe. Why would you think it’s a different universe? There has never been any indication that it was that I know of.

Great character, strong actress…but another on the “please give me a job because star trek is mainstream again” carousel.

Because she briefly replied to a question?

I refrain from being that critical when actors express this kind of interest. More often than not (Dorn being the rare exception around 7-8 years ago when he campaigned for his own show), it’s just interviewers asking something like “Would you ever be interested in a return because the Picard show is being made in the right time period, you know.”

And the actor responds “sure! Would be fun! My character died, but it’s sci-fi, so who knows! Maybe I was cloned or something haha!”

Inevitably, authors on click-driven websites make headlines like “BREAKING: Casey Biggs Wants to Return as a Cloned Damar in Star Trek: Picard!”

This site is less sensationalistic about it, but that’s often what you see, and it’s usually not like that at ALL.

She answered a question, she didn’t go on a talkshow dressed in a homemade Starfleet uniform. Please.

mrs nimoy!

the two daxs.
just like ‘dr who’

There is a precedent now, what with that weird Trill story still going on ST Discovery, where a previous deceased Host comes back. I don’t dislike Jadzia or Farrell, but she did screw the pooch in letting them kill her off on camera. Of course so did Nimoy, but Nimoy carries a tad more sway in the ST universe.

There was already a precedent; on DS9 Curzon Dax jumped into/melded with Odo for a time and had to be convinced to give up that new, separate existence from Jadzia.

The melded Odo did not take on Curzon’s appearance, and was still played by René Auberjonois. So not really the same thing. The Discovery story, actually has the being becoming a separate entity.

Well this IS sci-fi– if they wan to bring her back, there’s any number of options. We saw them bring back Spiner as a human “brother” of Data’s in PIC, as an android brother in NEM, as his own great great grandfather in ENT!

Whether it’s a clone, an alternate universe version of herself, a changeling, a hologram, a dream– if the writers want to bring her back, they’ll find a way.

Yes, PLEASE bring back Quark! I would LOVE that!

Couldn’t we imagine that Worf was dreaming of Jadzia dying and that Ezri Dax was their child !?!? And Jadzia is very much alive !!!!!

That would erasre the entire 7th season of DS9 and require a doover for all the untied up story arcs. You know, I could live with that.

My god she is still gorgeous. And listening to her on What We Left Behind, I know there’s a lot of heartache there in both how they treated her and her character. I would love to see her as Jadzia again.

And I would love a new Star Trek series written and produced by people who understand character development and story structure, but that’s not going to happen either.

She died yet somehow kept aging. Really I don’t think a comeback would work unless it was with Brooks. I always liked the chemistry they had together.