‘WandaVisions’s Matt Shakman To Direct 2023 Star Trek Film, From ‘Captain Marvel’ Screenwriter

In April news broke that Paramount had set a June 2023 release date for the next Star Trek feature film. We are now getting the first details about the project, including which Marvel vets are on board.

Matt Shakman to captain next Trek feature

The Hollywood trades are reporting (first on Deadline then confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter and Variety) that Paramount has made a deal with director Matt Shakman to helm their next Star Trek feature film. This would be the “top secret” untitled project produced by J.J. Abrams we reported on in April, which Paramount set for a June 9, 2023 release date. According to Deadline, the project is now moving at “warp speed” with a script already written and plans to begin production next spring.

Shakman is an award-winning director for his extensive work on theater and television, including helming episodes of Six Feet Under, House, Game of Thrones, and Succession. His profile has risen this year for directing all nine episodes of the Disney+ series WandaVision, for which he has been nominated for a DGA award and an Emmy Award. According to Deadline, “Shakman’s now an A-list film director who chose Star Trek over several other offers.” According to the trade, nabbing Shakman is “a coup” for Paramount movie’s chief Emma Watts who joined the studio last summer and put a hold on the various Star Trek projects in development at the time.

Matt Shakman in 2019 at WandaVision presentation at D23

Co-written by ‘Captain Marvel’ screenwriter Geneva Robertson-Dworet

Deadline is also reporting that the film is based on a script written by Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Lindsey Beer. Robertson-Dworet co-wrote the 2018 Tomb Raider movie and 2019’s Captain Marvel. She is also writing the upcoming Silver Sable movie for Marvel and the animated Gotham City Sirens film. Beer and Robertson are also working together on M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, which is part of the Paramount/Hasbro GI Joe series. Beer was a writer for the animated series The Magic Order and attached to a number of movies including a Short Circuit reboot, an adaptation of the popular The Kingkiller Chronicle fantasy series, and the next entries in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Pet Cemetary franchises.

Geneva Robertson-Dworet (R) with her Captain Marvel co-writers Meg LeFauve and Nicole Perlman at 2019 premiere

UPDATE: Maybe Kelvin?

There are no details yet on how this Star Trek movie fits (or doesn’t fit) in with the Kelvin Universe or the Prime Universe television shows and films. However, after the story came out Deadline reporter Justin Kroll indicated the film is written for the Kelvin crew, but “no deals are done for talent.”

ICYMI: There is another Star Trek movie in development

In March it was revealed that Paramount and Abrams had tapped Discovery screenwriter Kalinda Vasquez to write a new Star Trek film based on her original idea. As we reported before, this project was not the same as the one Paramount put on their release schedule for 2023. There have been no updates on the Vazquez projects since March, but Paramount has had multiple Star Trek films in development for most of the last few years, which has become commonplace for other film franchises.

This is a developing story so keep an eye for updates.

Find more news and analysis on upcoming Star Trek feature films.

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Not a week goes by without a new writer or director attached to a potential Star Trek movie. At this point, half of Hollywood has been in the running for those jobs. Let’s see what will happen.

That is a factually incorrect statement on many levels.

Maybe but he’s right it does feel that way

Is it? Over the past five years, there have been half a dozen separate projects in pre-development, and none of them materialized because Paramount is lacking any coherent strategy – they have no clue what to do with the movies at this point (which is funny, considering how well the TV side handles things).
The Hemsworth script had already begun casting, then fell apart. Abrams and Tarantino had a writers room and commissioned a script, but it didn’t go anywhere. They made a big deal out of S.J. Clarkson being the first female director before they dropped her again. Hawley’s script was almost in pre-production when they pulled the plug. And that’s only the ones that went public.
Looking at the current picks for director and writer, I’d bet they are playing it safe and try to get a medium-budget Kelvin movie off the ground and then see if they can spin off Hawley or Tarantino or whatever else they have from it.

That is also factually incorrect on many levels.

Enlighten me please. You seem to know a lot.

Lorna is being a troll. What you say is true.

No. It isn’t.

People love to throw the “troll” label around a lot, but it’s often inaccurate. This is one of those times, since I’m not trolling anyone. Your reply, however, IS an example of trolling. I have a feeling the irony is lost on you.

Troll or not, it’s certainly reasonable to ask you to set out some facts in support of your position that Alex’s statement is “factually incorrect on so many levels.” The fact of the matter is that we *have* seen the next Trek film in development hell, with several aborted projects announced, since 2016. What, precisely, has he summarized incorrectly?

Stop being a troll, Dune. You are making false statements about people to rile them up. That is the definition of trolling.

And all of that happened over the span of several years.

Exactly. Alex is being melodramatic and non-factual.

Oh come on Dune.

At this point, announcements in the reputable major trades are hardly worth paying attention to.

This many announced projects with major players have failed to reach production over a 5 year period.

We’re definitely long past the “boy who cried wolf” point.

He meant it as a comically hyperbolic statement obviously, and in that sense it is true. Since Beyond over five years ago, the Star Trek movie series has been stuck in development hell with numerous failed attempts to revive it from numerous different people.

Yeah I mean, c’mon, everyone knows what the OP meant.

This is the same company that announced another movie before Star Trek Beyond even came out. What’s crazy is that original Trek 4 announcement was made July 17th, 2016–nearly 5 years ago now. And it’s been one announcement after another that’s gone nowhere ever since. People are very cynical for a reason.

Yeah it sounds like things are moving this time, but so did the last three projects. They constantly throw out these reports and you have to wonder why???? At least wait until EVERYONE is onboard and that’s been the issue. Noah Hawley said they were literally building the sets in Australia before Paramount pulled it. Maybe he was exaggerating but it just tells you the studio just does not seem confident in any of these projects.

That included the Tarantino one. People kept saying if you have a talent like Tarantino you use him, and yet not only were they not bothered with him deciding not to direct it they clearly never gave that script any serious consideration because they hired someone else before he decided not to do it. That’s another thing, every announcement is ALWAYS a completely new team. None of these guys even get a chance of coming up with a new script or idea. Now we have a completely new set of people yet again.

Maybe this will be different but this ‘breaking news’ still feels like a big shrug until they A. announce the freakin cast B. a budget and C. an actual start date to the production. It’s really odd to feel so cynical but we’ve literally had five years of these ‘announcements’ now. Maybe we will finally be proven wrong. But until then I’ll keep crossing arms and shaking my head..

They had greenlit Bob Orci’s Star Trek 3 , even down to choosing a cinematographer, shooting locations and then pulled the plug after stalling production after ordering rewrites. Publically all we know is from Pegg it was too Star Trekkie.

Yep, you’re right, Orci had A, B and C and they still pulled it! I don’t understand a series that started off with so much promise and momentum seem to have fallen into trouble when the third one rolled around and absolute disaster after that one.

They really should’ve had a movie out this year for the 55th. And the funny thing is I remember thinking 5 years between movies would be waaaaaay too long. I was so young and naïve back then. ;)

‘too star trekkie’ in favour of ‘too Fastie/Guardiansie/Avatarie’

I think you brought up the better point down below– people forgetting all the false starts in the 3-4 years leading up to TMP. First a TV series, then a film, then a TV series again, then a film again. 3 or 4 different scripts, amalgam scripts… this is nothing new for Trek.

TMP was the first Star Trek movie EVER! It’s a bit different to now where Star Trek has had movies for over 30 years and a dozen movies now.

And we know why there have been so many false starts for the next movie, because the studio is just not very confident it will do well, no matter who is making it. Beyond did a lot of damage in the same way Nemesis did after that flopped.

TMP was the first Star Trek movie EVER! It’s a bit different to now where Star Trek has had movies for over 30 years and a dozen movies now.”

I’m not sure how this is relevant because to your next statement, the point is the same: the studio wasn’t then, and isn’t now, confident in the direction of the franchise on the big screen.

It’s really not any more complicated than that.

No… but the first time in 40 years. A mass generation that has no clue of the 70s, that lives and talks at a 4x faster pace.

Exactly! And yes it’s also not the first time since TMP that the studio has been hesitant about making another Star Trek film as well. That also happened after TFF flopped but, ironically, the 25th anniversary got them motivated to try again. But the OTHER issue is these movies weren’t costing the ridiculous amount of money they do today. And for all the grief TFF got, it didn’t actually lose a lot of money, it just didn’t make any either.

But this is clearly the most hesitant they been since the movie franchise started and for good reason.

As I have said before, I will believe it when the post movie credits are scrolling down the screen. Too many false starts and rumors to believe anything that is reported.

Yes, we all understand hyperbole, but it comes from a place of genuine disdain which i’ll never understand.

Because this is pretty standard when you have a brand like Star Trek, with a lot of value, but also a lot of baggage; or a property from another medium (book, comic, play, tv, etc) that has struggled to be adapted. How many different versions of Superman were tossed around in the 5 years prior to “Superman Returns”? At least 3 or 4. How many more in between that and “Man of Steel”? How many versions of “Watchmen” struggled to get off the ground? “Without Remorse” was in development hell for 20 years, and even in the last 5 there were at least 3 different scripts before Michael B. Jordan stepped in as producer and star.

“The Flash” famously went through 5 or 6 directors over the past 5 years, and at least as many scripts before filming commenced earlier this year.

This is Hollywood. This is the process. We just hear more about this sort of thing now than we used to even 10 years ago. People need to stop being grumpy about it.

I get the “grain of salt” thing, that kind of cynicism, that kind of “i’ll believe it when I see it” hesitancy to be excited is fair. But people should let go of their anger here.

>there were at least 3 different [Without Remorse] scripts before
>Michael B. Jordan stepped in as producer and star.

…they should have gone with a different one. There’s only so many times Tom Clancy fans are going to keep going back to the well.

I haven’t seen it myself. Was always a big fan of Ford’s “Patriot Games” and “Clear & Present Danger.” Wouldn’t mind them revisiting that universe with Harrison Ford, as President Ryan, as he currently is in the books.

If he can return to Blade Runner, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, why not Jack Ryan?

The difference here is that all of these projects get announced and then cancelled abruptly. Most Hollywood development that you cite happens behind the scenes and then is revealed years later, if at all. A few months ago the studio announced that a new movie script was being written by a Discovery writer. This week that was apparently nullified when they announced a new director and new writers.

Agreed. This is perhaps the most extreme exaggeration I have seen on the internet this year, excepting Trump and company of course.

Trump? He’s old news. Didn’t you just read that the Jackass Supreme Biden bragged about ‘creating’ 850,000 jobs? Exaggeration extrodinaire.

ES&D you worthless SofS, Go suck the Trump hole. It’s what you eat best.

Wow, couldn’t have said it better myself, burgerman. I really hope this latest sewage spilling from Trelane’s lips gets used in court against him, when Trump admitted that he calls bad (probably can’t spell unfavorable) news ‘fake.’ That’s an admission of outright and perpetual habitual lying that should be grounds for all sorts of action against him.

Completely unnecessary political comment. But it’s from the left, which makes it A-OK and immune from censorship.

I’m glad something from the left is A-OK with you, since so many on the right seem focused on and committed to obliterating human rights while continuing to deny truth about their own nature, so aptly demonstrated 1/6 and especially since then.

Congrats. That was the dumbest comment in this thread–and that’s saying a lot.

Poor wittle whiny baby. God, you’re so effing ignorant.

Anonymous leftist jerks doing what they do best – name-calling. Ho hum. Go beat some pro-freedom Cuban protestors over the head and call it a day

Wow, EVERY WEEK??? LOL Seriously, dude???

Lay off that crack pipe, my friend. :-))

Call Braga and McFarlane and we’ll get the best Star Trek film since First Contact and get Frakes to direct

I’ve finally watched both seasons of the Orville… and loved it! You just might be on to something.

If you mean MacFarlane,I totally agree Lukas! THAT would be great!

You’re not wrong here. Stay tuned.

WandaVision was wonderful. He’s a great choice and I’m excited for something new.

Eh. WandaVision was okay, with a novel week-to-week classic sitcom setting premise but the ending was… um, anticlimactic to say the least. The three Marvel TV miniseries so far have demonstrated very clearly why none of these characters got their own movies.

Andy was right, it was wonderful.

Throny was correct , it was okay, it was fortunate to air during the pandemic when there wasn’t many other new things to watch.

The first couple of episodes were somewhat creative, it turned into the typical marvel assembly line formula after that.

And yet when BW did get one, it was immensely boring (I snoozed through nearly 20 minutes of my screener, and only really perked up when I found another scene inspired by a past Bondflick.) Whereas I was rewatching each WV ep at least a couple times. Have given up on LOKI and found the other show pretty unspecial, will grant you that much.

Well said, agree with all of this.

Haven’t seen BW yet. Probably this weekend./

WandaVision has definitely been the best of these Marvel shows so far. Hopefully this director will do just as well with Trek.

I like Loki more! Can’t wait for the final episode this week!

The first episode of WandaVision turned me off. Having not read anything about the series and also being a fan of Bewitched, I just didn’t like it at all. I was not until I talked to my grandchildren that I learned what occurred in succeeding episodes. I went back and watched all episodes and although I still do not like episode 1, I did come to like the entire series. I think both WandaVision and Loki start off slow but grow more interesting with each succeeding episode.

I actually preferred the early episodes, when the show was weird and different, and we had no idea what was going on. The later episodes were good too, but they just felt like typical Marvel stuff.

I like Loki too, but it just isn’t as unique as WandaVision.

I think this indicates that the Vasquez script is unofficially on the back burner. A-list Marvel talent on a Star Trek feature film is much easier to market and sell than a screenplay from a staff writer on a Star Trek television series on Paramount+.

Captain Marvel and WandaVision? Broad appeal. Star Trek Discovery? Not quite as broad.

It’s how this business works.

I still haven’t gotten more than about 45min into CM and that is after three tries. Instead of complexity in terms of which aliens are good and bad, it just seems to be confusing and vague. And, the kiss of death for me is, I don’t care. That’s hardly the recipe I want applied to TREK, seems too much like a tarted-up overbudget version of INSURRECTION, with me only engaged by one talk scene in mid-movie and just bored out of my mind before and after, except when they get to the reshoot and got to blow some nice miniatures up along with the mediocre CG.

I mean, I cared in both ANTMAN movies, even if the second one wasn’t great and the Wasp seeming to have no chemistry with AntMan (how can any woman not have chemistry with Paul Rudd? my wife asked.) MCU seems to only get it right part of the time, enough to retain overall interest, and when they hit one out of the park, the goodwill carries them along a couple films more, but I can tell you I would never choose to rewatch a IRON MAN movie, or try to finish THOR2.

I don’t know that MCU talent or approaches would work for TREK; be an interesting experiment, I’ll grant you that. It can’t be much worse than what we’ve gotten on the tube, that’s my best takeaway, as Kurzman and Goldsman have drowned, buried and cremated TREK, and still aren’t done abusing the corpse.

I don’t think it means anything. It’s likely her film will be made for Paramount+

Hopefully they don’t turn Star Trek into the lazy, assembly marvel formula, with low stakes and lots of quips.

Denny Crane.

This is like the 6th? version of ST XIV? that must be some kind of record only rivaled by Trek IIs multiple scripts that were blended into TWOK by Meyer

Hemsworth/ST3 writers/SJ Clarkson, Tarantino/Mark L Smith, Noah Hawley, Disco writer Vasquez, Nick Meyers pitch… now this..

You forgot the Simon Pegg/Doug Jung script and a mystery unnamed script, both mentioned by Zachary Quinto in 2018. That makes this 7 or 8.

wonder what Pegg/Jungs ST4 wouldve been? .. maybe another Edgar Wright meets FastFurious meets Guardians type romp

Just realised you did include the Pegg/Doug one as the ST3 writers.

no i meant the 2 writers who were attached to Orcis ST3 who were writing the Hemsworth script

Wow, so it really is 7 or 8 scripts publicly announced and an unknown number that didn’t even get that far. Madness.

I’ll be fair and say maybe its not THAT unusual to have so many different writers and aborted scripts. But what is so head scratching is its not usually THIS public lol. There are tons of franchises out there, many getting multiple writers and ‘visions’ but you rarely get so many different announcements about them.

Now this is just the top of my head but one famous example that had constant writers and directors announced before they finally landed on something was Superman. And that took nearly two decades between Superman IV and Superman Returns. But they had gone through about 10 different writers and their own version including JJ Abrams himself. There were so many different directors and writers attached it almost became a joke.

Another was Indiana Jones getting rewrites for a long time but that was always by the same team of people mostly. The writers changed but everyone else stayed. It wasn’t trying to completely reboot the franchise so it was just about finding the right script….and they never found it. ;D

Star Trek, they just seem sooooo lost! No one seems to know if they want to completely reboot it (again), bring back the same Kelvin cast or maybe do something that ties closer to the TV shows.

It just sounds like they are going with whoever gives them a good idea for a movie, no real strategy beyond that and probably explains why they keep shelving all these ideas.

I vote for a Strange New World’s movie as an introduction to the crew! Maybe a different approach, ok to late as we will get the show earlier ;)

It may get the old fans to watch (lets be honest, we will watch almost anything lol) but it’s zero guarantees at all it will get new or even casual fans to see it. That’s really the issue, they know we will see whatever they make but now they are trying to go beyond us, which was exactly the issue with Beyond. They actually tried to market it to get non-Trek fans interested and that seem to backfired tremendously.

yeh the 2 JJ films were succesfully marketed to appeal both fans and non fans. whereas Beyond was (initally) marketed for Fast and Guardians audiences who were like ‘ooh what this?!.. oh, star trek.. i’ll wait for Fast 8 and Guardians Vol 2’

Well, I don’t want another Bad Robot Star Trek movie. Sooner or later I hope someone with pull at Paramount/CBS gets rid of this J.J. Kurtzman fellow and sets ST up for something better. ST 11 was passable. I’ve enjoyed it at least 5 times. Into Darkness is…( watched 1 1/2 X) anyway Beyond (2X) is Beyond description. ST Disco started out very good, (season 1 3X) but season three has so much virtue signaling I can’t stand it anymore.(1 each S2 S3) I think we here could agree ST doesn’t need to do that. Picard is a great I love it. (2X) Lower Decks has too much yelling and isn’t funny. I can’t even get through the last episode. So it doesn’t look good. I WILL watch ANY Star Trek production. I love it even when it’s bad, but Bad Robot has got to go. Hopefully they might set it up for failure like Nemesis, just to get rid of it.

Who is J.J. Kurtzman?

Ask your Star Trek friend.

Just reading this fanboy rant is *exhausting*.

Um, arent we all fanboys? Isn’t that kinda the point around here 😜. But seriously, I agree, the last 3 films were… okay, and with 3, okay films in a row all about revenge, arent we due a change as fans right now? Yes ST 2 and ST FC are the best films. But every ST 2 needs its whale movie. Also, all those movies were made by people who were either brilliant, were smart enough to let brilliance on the scene (such as Nimoy directing) or learned from their mistakes (First Contact came from the ashes of Generations, right?).
Anyways, since we are all fanboys and since we love the franchise, and Star Trek is partly all about tolerance of others with differing whatevers, let’s take a chill pill and move on.

It was a little wordy. Thanks for getting my point. LLAP.

I’m a fanman. Reading shouldn’t be exhausting. I find it relaxing.

I don’t understand the hate for the Bad Robot films…They hit a grand slam with Star Trek 09. It was both a critical as well as a commercial hit…Into Darkness actually increased the global box office and was a solid if not spectacular film..,Star Trek: Beyond was a well liked film that was marketed extremely poorly and the box office suffered for it.

Those films are made for a general audience and usually succeed with what they are trying to accomplish. They aren’t perfect, but generally speaking I think they are very well done. I look forward to more films with Pine/Qunito

Well, THAT was certainly a pointless, melodramatic and incoherent rant. It’s the kind of thing The Simpsons has mocked many times with Comic Book Guy.

I’m very excited for a new trek film. I would love to see the Kelvin crew back but I’m down for anything!


I wish Beyond had been the first of the trilogy. I feel like each movie get better (yes you heard me!). If they can take what was good about Beyond and build on it, we could have a really great movie on our hands!

Huh really? I thought JJTrek was diminishing returns, Trek2009 had some good parts, Beyond was very silly , basically Fast and Furious Trek.

Another websites writes it like this: “According to Deadline, Shakman has made a deal to direct Paramount and Abrams’ next Star Trek movie, the script for which has been written by Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson.”

…which has been written…

So the script is already done. Maybe. Likely just draft #1.

WandaVision ended March 5th. So P+ has been circling the new director and writer since at least late February. P+ then spent from March to June-ish negotiating contracts and hammering out a 1st draft of a script.

They likely had to get draft 1 to a place to show minimal promise / viability, at which time the director had enough confidence to sign on.

So with an acceptable 1st draft, the director and writer will now spend months refining the
script with new drafts and rewrites. They will likely review a final script with cast candidates by Jan 2022, and announce a final cast by March 2022. Production will start by May-ish of 2022.

If this is a JJ-produced Trek, then I think the chance is high that Chris P / Zach Q / Zoe S / et al will return and that it will be another Kelvin timeline story. The JJ cast is known and appreciated and are easy to market. P+ will be looking for a low priced investment that will give them revenues north of $600 million. (ie do better than ST Beyond.). They won’t take chances. They will use the Trek formula.

Which answers my question unfortunately.

The thing that gives me pause is the speed with which the initial script has been written. Thankfully there will be many drafts. But I wonder if the script will reflect a thoughtful and layered Trek, or if it will instead reflect a space actioner with a big evil, a destroyed ship and a noble sacrifice (ie the typical Trek formula).

P+ is pulling in the MCU names for a reason:
– make the Trek formula work as well as the MCU formula…
– deliver the film by June 2023 (just after Guardians OT Galaxy 3 in May 2023) when theater attendance should have fully rebounded…
– then use “New Trek Brought To You By The Makers Of WandaVision and Capt Marvel” to reach $600 million.

Noah Hawley implied he wanted to get away from the typical Trek formula to do something unique.

While Hawley’s take has been rejected, I hope the powers that be took note of the benefits of rising above the formula.

the fact theyve hired mcu people for this might indicate the way they want to go: shared universe crossover stuff. kelvinverse meets primeverse (shatner/TNG/7of9) vs a big bad thanos villian (maybe even Nero again if they blend some of the old Hemsworth ST4 into this version)..
end = the 3 kirks leading the various Enterprises into battle

I think it’s actually simpler than that: Hiring MCU talent ensures greater visibility and credibility for this project. The last several announcements were simply entertainment stories and news for fans. This announcement is already generating buzz.

IDK, I thought both the Tarantino and Noah Hawley announcements got a lot of buzz too.

Unfortunately they got buzz for the wrong reasons: because of the names attached, not because they were viable projects.

I would LOVE a shared universe, crossovers between Trek films and TVs, between Kelvin and Prime. But I think a streaming event might be a better place for that; a movie could have plot threads that set it up, however.

Tarantino generated buzz but skepticism. I don’t think anyone ever really thought it was going to happen. Hawley is successful and well known in the business but beyond that the general public it was “Who?” and if the response was that he’s the guy who does Fargo for FX the response from most would be, “That’s a series?” The same can’t be said for the announcements made yesterday.

Agree with most of that, especially with Tarantino. I think the idea of him directing a Star Trek movie was probably more exciting on paper than in reality. Especially when some of his ideas were finally revealed. Paramount itself didn’t seem all that enamored with it and why they didn’t exactly beg Tarantino to develop the movie or at least had someone else use his story idea.

As for your point about Hawley, I don’t disagree about that either but it’s a big ‘who’ for me with these new people too. Sure I know their names NOW lol, but two days ago you asked me who they were it would’ve been a huge shrug and I watched both WandaVision and Captain Marvel. I don’t really think either is known with the exception of the hardcore MCU fans sort of the way only Star Trek fans is really familiar with previous Star Trek writers and producers but most people wouldn’t have a clue who any of them are.

But yes in the industry itself, they probably have garnered a lot of attention lately.

“As for your point about Hawley, I don’t disagree about that either”

Noah Hawley did an amazing job with the recent Fargo season (stunt-casted Chris Rock also turned out to be a revelation, in a deadly serious role). Apparently he’s now the showrunner for an impending Alien tv series (yes the Ridley Scott franchise) and it sounds like he’ll have an interesting take on it. It’ll be sophisticated and thoughtful too, if Fargo is anything to go by. I think Hawley would actually have created a very intelligent and nuanced Trek movie.

JAI -> Thank you!!!

This is the buyer’s remorse point that needs to be repeated.

I have said a few times… Hawley would have been an excellent story teller for Trek. But when P+ goes with the more commercial choice who will likely follow the typical Trek script formula, will we look back and think or wish that we could have had a more intelligent Star Trek narrative?

What we will get from these MCU alums will be shiny, stylish, fun, and full of action. A step or two above JJ Trek with zero mystery boxes… which will be good. I will watch and enjoy it.

But I think some fans ( me included ) will be wishing for the sophistication and intelligence that Hawley would have delivered.

I’m feeling the same way too.

Hawley is someone who would have had a cool and interesting truly Trek movie at a lower scale, but not a tent pole blockbuster. I would have got out of the house to watch that.

But then, I stopped finding MCU movies (other than X-men) interesting at Spiderman 2.

I think that is both for publicity and for paramount thinking hopefully they may bring more movie viewers for the profit from the association of these people with MCU.

Hopefully they don’t bring the lazy marvel assembly line style and terrible quips to Star Trek.

Methinks someone has never seen a Star Trek movie…

I certainly do not know anything about making movies but it just seems to me that in order to achieve the stated release date, that either toy would have to have both cast and script nailed down.

Very good news. Glad the movie side is getting back on track after so many false starts.

Sounds promising.

I have a bad feeling about this.

UPDATE: I take back what I said. This guy has directed everything. Mind you most of it is for TV but geez he’s done a lot and he’s directed some really good stuff.

The working title of the next Trek film is Star Trek: Believe It When You See It.

No, it’s “Star Trek 4ever…in Pre-Production”

:-) very likely – let’s hope for the best nevertheless

I wasn’t alive then but i imagine its like the years between TOS and the Motion Picture and all those projects and scripts that never happened even if its about half of the time in actuality 5 years instead of 10. Why are they spending millions of dollars on screenplays they don’t intend to produce. They are so afraid of failure after one film underperformed. If they had that same mentalty with Mission Impossible the series would have ended after film 3. The realty is Beyond lost only 20 million. They are going to put the brakes on their entire franchise over that or about 6 million over Chris Pine.

Back then they didn’t know how to make a Star Trek movie…unlike today.

skyjedi – I was at the Star Trek convention in NYC in Feb. 1975 when Gene Roddenberry announced that he had signed a deal with Paramount to make a Star Trek movie. If I’m not mistaken, it was the end of 1979 when the movie hit the screens. So yeah.

I would love to see how the first planned Star Trek Movies “The god thing” and “Planet of the titans” would have look like. The same with the “Phase II” series. Maybe with CGI and AI somewhen in the future…

having read all but one page of a TITANS treatment and also the Kaufmann version of same, gotta say, be careful what you wish for. I had some ideas about how the story would play, which built up over the years, and those ideas were far better than the actual execution. Far far better.

It is not only the story, but especially style-wise would I love to see these hypothetical movies. How a Star Trek movie in the mid-70s could have looked like…

Where do you get that 20 mil figure? That doesn’t track at all, sounds like you are missing a zero.

Also, you’re ignoring that there was a pretty big gap between MI 2 & 3 (something like 6 years, not sure as I never saw III except enough on tv to know I wouldn’t continue watching) and all the issues that led to that, like trying to get David Fincher.

I’d say the title of the next Star Trek SERIES is Phase III and its pilot will become the next movie. ;-)

or Star Trek 14 (Years ‘Til It Gets Made)

Want to be excited! I do.

Part of me feel maybe this time, this is the real deal.. Yes we heard they had a date and all of that but I was still very very skeptical. And yes its nice they announced another writer and director, but we had those too, multiple times.

But hey, maybe this will happen, we actually have a release date. BUT THEN the article goes on and says the movie is suppose to be for the Kelvin crew but NONE of them are contracted yet??? Huh? I don’t understand. Isn’t this why The Hemsworth movie didn’t happen because they couldn’t make it work with Pine?? So are they now suggesting they are once, again, making a script around the same actors who you couldn’t convince the star of them to work for a different pay?

I know I’m naïve to all of this, but wouldn’t the news be stronger if you said the actors were all signed on first BEFORE you announce a script and a premiere date? New actors, OK that’s different, but this is not. Or maybe they are wrong and the script is for a completely new cast (I’m fine with either personally).

Anyway, we’ll see and maybe it will all work out, but I don’t understand Hollywood sometimes.


I think this one is happening and primarily because of the talent attached to this project behind the camera. It’s too high profile to fail. They’ve hired a director and writers who can pretty much chose any project of their liking.

Noah Hawley and Kalinda Vasquez are both talented people but they’re not as marketable or will be able to generate the same kind of buzz or interest as directors or writers coming out of the MCU. “From the director of Fargo” doesn’t have the same impact as “From the director of WandaVision” when you’re trying to create a project that appeals to a wider audience.

Star Trek has never been off Paramount’s radar but CBS and Viacom were in a state of flux for several years. Anyone who worked at Viacom knew that a merger with CBS (reunification, if you will) was pretty much a given after Les Moonves was pushed out the door for sexual harassment. Things have stabilized over there and final pieces have fallen into place over the past several months. With that stability comes a studio that can focus on a path forward.

Yeah maybe, but let’s be honest, no one has really heard of these people either, at least until they got their jobs at Marvel. I mean neither is exactly a household name. Of course that doesn’t really matter but I just don’t think that’s a sure guarantee its happening because of who they hired. Even huge A-list directors and writers get their projects dropped all the time. End of the day it all comes down to money and how viable they think the project is.

But of course I want to be more positive about it so hopefully this will happen. I just won’t believe it’s 100% until we get an actor in a Starfleet uniform shooting their first scene of the movie. Until we get there, I will probably be somewhat skeptical. ;)

In the business they’re well known and now considered “a-list” talent, for the general public it will be enough to know what they’ve worked on. That goes a long way.

In terms of high-profile talent attached, they did have Quentin Tarantino and the writer of “The Revenant” and then let them go.
But maybe getting “Marvel people” attached is the way to go these days ;-) That franchise is certainly a gigantic money maker.

QT was never going to do it, another of his pipe dreams like directing a bond film

Agreed. Like the original article says, the guy had his choice of projects after WandaVision and he chose Trek.

Stardate is already set :)

Paramount needs this to happen. WandaVision generated the most buzz of any TV show or movie this year.

It may be my imagination but It does not seem that Pine is in as much demand as he was when Star Trek 2009 came out. Maybe he is more willing to negotiate a salary. Also the dispute I thought was due to Paramount wanting him to take a salary reduction after a deal had been made. I also remember reading an article on an interview with someone from Paramount that hinted that negotiations with Pine might resume after WW84 came out in theaters. Of course that was before covid-19 shutdown, but still wonder if Paramount’s thought process is the same.

Sure that’s all possible. But seem like if you would STILL work out a deal with the guy first before you announce another movie starring his character. But maybe they have been talking and he has said not too long ago he still wants to do another Star Trek movie, so we’ll see.

And of course this still may have nothing to do with the Kelvin cast. One tweet from someone doesn’t make it so. ;)

he is a big screen D&D movie and isn’t he suppose to be paying ‘the saint’ for paramount?

The doubters forget that this is under the new unified Paramount now, who has their financial house in much better order, and the executive staff integrated.

That’s why this is for real this time.

I’ll least say this, I really enjoyed WandaVision (it just been nominated for 23 Emmy awards, so he’s clearly having a great day) so if this doesn’t flatline in a few months like I’m sadly expecting it to, I would like to see what he does with it. But I liked to have seen what they ALL done with it lol.

As far as the co-writer who wrote Captain Marvel (and never saw Tomb Raider), that movie wasn’t great and had lots of issues, but I don’t think anyone should live or die by a movie alone. And of course it made a billion dollars, so yeah monkeys could’ve wrote that script, but once something makes that much money in Hollywood, they are now considered A talent.

The Kelvin movies have run their course and the streaming series aren’t worth spinning off into big-screen movies. What to do. How about wait and see how Strange New Worlds does and maybe that’s the new theatrical direction.

They already waited 5 years, I don’t think they want to wait 5 more and just to see how one TV show does.

Beyond didn’t perform as well as expected but that wasn’t the cast’s fault. There is life left in the Kelvin crew!

Pine, Saldana, Urban, etc are top flight actors.

Strange New World cast aren’t movie actors, sorry to say.

When the model is the best actor in the cast that says a lot.

Its been so long Kirk would have finished his second five year voyage of the Enterprise under his command on the Enterprise A. For all we know David Marcus was born already and Kirk is an Admiral behind a desk.

Maybe this is a movie about Kirk and Carol Marcus raising their kid.

I suppose Kirk is sent into the future and meets David to fight against evil aliens. ;-) After that (or before) he joins his father (believed to be lost) to prevent those events. ;-)

One thing I think the Kelvin movies have missed out on are the paths not taken… they’ve hinted at them… like Kirk thinking about an Admiral’s position in Beyond, but in the end have stuck to making movies that really could have been set in either the Prime or Kelvin universe…

Potentially good news for the Trek franchise if this holds. I would vote for Shakman over Hawley or others that have been attached to TrekMovie projects as of late. Keep in mind WandaVision had to serve a lot of ongoing corporate interests- so if you isolate what was original about it versus what was imposed upon it, Shakman comes out looking promising as a creative force. (And the same could be said for Waldron with Loki, so two more feathers in the cap of Feige).

Pet Sematary

I just read that in Ezra Miller’s Flash voice. Pretty much sums up the state of Star Trek 14 at this point.

“Sometimes dead is better”

“I want to believe” – but I can’t!

I will start to believe it, when the first trailer made of actual scenes is out there.
But khan can we finally have a movie with a plot without a villain who wants to seek revenge, using a super-weapon?

Am I the only one concerned that the writer specializes in comic book and superhero movies? That doesn’t sound to me like a recipe for a thoughtful Star Trek movie.

Star Trek isn’t exactly known for thoughtful movies so that would be nothing new.

IMDB only lists two finished credits for the writer. All the others are just announced. And both of her finished movies were co-written with other writers so it’s kind of hard to guess what her style might be. It does suggest that Paramount is looking towards another tentpole.
On the other hand, the director they’ve hired is known almost exclusively for TV.

TMP is the closest thing Trek has produced that’s thoughtful. The rest of them have all been variations on the theme of the intrepid crew of the Enterprise (A, B, D, or E) saving the (earth, Federation, ally, or galaxy).

I agree. One thing I like about STAR TREK is when it provokes thought.

But I do find it odd that ever since Paramount dumped Sherry Lansing for that tv exec, it doesn’t matter how many times the regimes change hands, they keeping hanging on to this idea that they are going to comicisize the Trek movie franchise?

Odder still, that they are going to do it without consulting or in concert with the current semi-successful Trek comics?


I agree with you completely. First JJ said he wasn’t smart enough to understand Star Trek and he liked Star Wars, so he dumbed down Trek for the masses. Now they want to hire comic book writers for the next Trek movie. Star Trek movies are not thoughtful, the posters below say. Huh? Trek used to be thoughtful until JJ and Kurtzman took 25 IQ points off of it to sell tickets. Now it looks like they are going to take 50 IQ points off if it. And they will probably make Paramount rich while destroying the soul of Star Trek for good.

My assumption is that the Shakman/Robertson-Dworet film will be Kelvin-set and a big feature release, while the Vazquez film will be a stand-alone, Paramount+ release (aka a TV movie).

Great news, but like others I’ll feel happier when it actually starts filming.

Also, it forever feels that complaining about Trek has become a sport. Me, I’m always excited to see new content. If it sucks, it sucks (as did a lot of episodes across all the series), but I still want it because when it’s great, it truly is great.

Sounds like good news to me BUT we’ve been down this road many times before and nothing has happened. When they sign the cast and begin production – then I will get excited. For now, some muted cautious optimism.

The Kelvin timeline did its thing and ended well I think. We’re established back in prime with tons of good content. This will just confuse casual fans, especially with someone else playing Spock now. I hope it’s something other than another Kelvin timeline Enterprise Adventure.

Looking around, audiences seem to be able to cope with different actors playing the same character in various DC movies and TV shows.

That Par has tapped two people with “genre cred” is no surprise to me.
Any Trek/genre movie is expensive. You need to get folks in theatres. It’s show BUSINESS, folks.
Also, I’m not surprised that Trek has plan B and C going, as well. Start developing other projects in case the A-List deal falls through.
A lot of people watched WandaVision. I quite enjoyed it. I watched Captain Marvel, as well. It was a popcorn movie. Par is trying to get THAT audience into the theaters. Look at the squabbling on this post. Trekkies nitpick things to death. We can’t agree on what Trek “is” or “isn’t.” Par is going to do its best to get a BROAD audience into the theaters. I’ll do what I always do, go in with an open mind. The IP holders get to decide what Star Trek is. I get to decide if I like it or not.

You also get to decide if you want to bother going to see it in the first place. If a movie looks too little like Star Trek (and too much like Captain Marvel 2) people might decide its just a studio bandwagon movie and not bother. That’s what happened to Beyond, which was marketed bya desperate Paramount to make it look like Fast & Furious In Space.

The one thing that seems obvious, each one of the Star Trek shows seems to target a different audience. Some fans like myself will watch all (or most) of the shows, but clearly Discovery is geared to a completely different audience than SNW or Picard or Prodigy etc.
I think the same will go for big screen Trek. Studio execs want the massive mainstream blockbuster, that might not appeal to many old-school fans like myself, but will make a ton of money by targeting fans other than myself. Many did not like Capt Marvel but it still made $billion in revenue. Did that stop fans of the Marvel universe from watching Wandavision or Black Widow. Nope.

As “old school” fans like myself age, it is vital that the franchise appeal to new fans and gain more of a broad mainstream audience if it is too live on for another 50 years.
The trick of course will be to do so without losing what made Trek so poplular with fans like myself. The entertainment industry seems to be at an inflexion point with streaming becoming so popular and cinemas reopening up after the pandemic. We shall see what Paramount does to navigate our favorite franchise through these tricky waters and into its second half century.

Films stuck in development hell for years can go one of two ways, either brilliantly, or turn out to be turkeys. Hopefully it’ll be the former. I’m down for another Kelvin film, but more Beyond than STID please.

So this is going to be a $150-175M ish tentpole if Pine will agree to waive his post Beyond sequel $6M fee & take a bit less to get the movie made…Pine would not agree before lets see what he thinks now time has marched on a few years! If they are not going to go with the Kelvin crew no point another relaunch so its all or nothing or Paramount Streaming+!!!

Excited to hear that Chris Pine + crew are likely involved. I just don’t care enough nor do I believe that there is an audience for an all new cast and characters…Kirk and Spock still mean something to people.

I’ll believe it when I see it, but bring it on, I say. At least they’re not recasting Kirk and Spock & Co. again, yet. Ha, just realized that the next Trek film will come out after I retire. Bring on the afternoon senior discount!

A Star Trek movie in any guise will NEVER reach Marvel or Disney tent pole blockbuster level of box-office.
I’m sorry to say, but it just doesn’t have the public appeal.

The Star Trek brand alone (like it or not) is enough to deter a sector of the audience. And no Star Trek movie is going to have a strong enough audience on fanbase alone, to turn a profit enough to warrant a sequel.

The ceiling of the Kelvin movies is all that they’ll ever reach, no matter what they throw into the mix. Once Paramount except and build the movies on that foundation, and budget at a modest level, then the franchise will have stability.

If the movies aren’t based upon an established crew, it’ll be seen as just another sci-fi movie IMHO. It will have no immediate draw.

Comic book movies are pretty tired at this point, more lower budget and different genres films are needed, badly.

D+ shows and other superhero tv shows are re energising the brand

I think we should wait until “Star Trek Movie Is done Filming” can be the headline. I don’t care who’s being attached to write/direct something. Tired of hearing about a person doing something maybe. Just make the film, or don’t already!

Wandavision was a fine piece of television and some really cool sci fi. Marvel movies in general I take no enjoyment from. The Kelvin movies have become a gradually sorer and sorer spot for me. Beautiful setup and sputtered after takeoff — kind of like everything JJ Abrams does who I think is a massively overrated filmmaker. I think Star Wars Rise of Skywalker pretty much put to bed any debate on JJ’s credentials. All that being said, I’m highly engaged with what is going on on Paramount+ and just don’t care about any Star Trek movie news anymore and just don’t see the point of this. I’ll go see it, of course, and I’ll root for it. But if we have to suffer through one more worthless, keeping up with Marvel, Johnny Come Lately, Kelvin movie, I really hope that they’ll get a little more creative on the next one and use the TV shows to setup a movie series that feels a little more cinematic. Star Trek gets a big budget and all we get is more CGI, a bigger story with more shooting locations, some heavier drama and I dunno…strange new worlds…would be nice.

Shakman is using a ‘Captain Marvel’ writer? Yeuackk…my least fav Marvel Movie.

I can see them tying into Paramount+ DSC Captain Burnham to come back from the future via Angel Suit to help them save the day…or some alternate reality plot.

She sent back the angel suit to the 23rd century in the first episode of third season.

But maybe Carl/GoF could be a new resource to send her back? ;)

Please show me a single good science fiction film that didn’t have a complicated promotion, advertising and audience awareness process. I mean, anything after The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Gee, I wonder if Uhura will play a HUGE ROLE in the next movie. Just sayin’…….

Back to the Star Trek

Kirk goes back to 2020 to save the future.

Who is going to play Pavel Chekov in Star Trek 14?

Assuming it is even a TOS-cast movie, they could simply say Chekov is in command school at the Academy (what Saavik was doing in Wrath of Khan) or just got promoted and is now on the Reliant.

If they want to recast, I nominate Tom Holland.

No offense, but no Holland please.

Just move him to
Another ship.

We’ve no idea at the moment who is being featured in this film. Don’t really care who plays him, if the character is even in this movie, I’m sure casting will figure it out.

We’re still a long way away from this picture being a done deal.

It’s funny, you can practically feel the fan skepticism on other boards because since it’s been announced there is hardly any comments about it on most of the Trek boards and the ones who are commenting half seem to be wondering if its really going to happen this time like this board. I’m looking at Reddit and less than a 100 people have even commented on it it so far. Compare that to when it was first rumored Tarantino was directing a Trek movie, that got over a thousand comments in a day. But of course that was nearly 4 years ago now. ;)

I think most of us really want this to happen. I don’t really care who makes the movie, whose in it, when or where it takes place, etc, I just like to see another movie before I hit 60 and its halfway decent. So far, the only one difference between this announcement and multiple others is that they actually have a premiere date. None of the others ever did. That still doesn’t mean much (and even if the movie really does happen, I still see it getting pushed back easily seeing it’s less than 2 years to go now and they are not even in pre-production yet) but it’s something I guess.

@ Tiger2.- although Tarantino’s announced interest certain got tongues wagging at the time, there was especially quite a bit of buzz generated by the hints of Shatner’s involvement somehow, when Orci was still in the frame with a storyline I recall.

Sadly, this latest announcement hasn’t produced the same level of interest as either of those possiblilities did, but like you, I’d just like to see some kind of decently-realised continuation of the franchise on the big screen again before too long. Hopefully one which involves a storyline which doesn’t involve an adversary out for revenge in the proceedings this time around.

there seemed to be alot of buzz even in the general media about shatner in ST3 around 2014. but paramount must not have liked the buzz bc soon after they replaced the director and script for being ‘too trekkie’ for perhaps an even more ‘trekkie’ script but that was easier to market as Fast meets Guardians meets eww ‘star trek’

Hate to be a downer, but based on the writing credits I’m bored with this film already.


Yup. It promises to be even more meaningless action than Nemesis, Into Darkness or Beyond.

Since watersides, antigravity boots, dune buggies and motorcycles have been exhausted already, perhaps we can have Kirk on an aerial skateboard.

“Now an A list film director”

By directing TV? 🤔

That said, at least the first few episodes of that Wanda vision were somewhat creative, it turned into typical lazy, quippy marvel stuff by the end though.

worked for the russo bros.
and nimoy, frakes,

I just ask that the Enterprise A be a heroic ship in this movie. I’m tired of it getting it’s ass kicked in the JJverse.