All Access Star Trek Marvels At The 2023 Star Trek Movie

All Access Star Trek podcast episode #48 -

Tony and Laurie start off by discussing Star Trek: Discovery‘s and Star Trek: Lower Decks‘ Emmy nominations, then cover the new (short) scene released to promote Lower Decks season 2, Jerry O’Connell’s new gig on The Talk, the latest from John de Lancie and Jonathan Frakes about filming Star Trek: Picard, Sonequa Martin-Green’s interviews about the journey to becoming Captain Michael Burnham, the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray/Steelbook release of Star Trek: Discovery season 3 (along with an upcoming giveaway).

They also talk about the big news with Playmates Toys returning to the franchise, William Shatner’s endorsement of LeVar Burton as the permanent Jeopardy! host and Terry Farrell’s recent comment about being open to returning to Star Trek as Jadzia Dax.

Then they dig into the BIG news: Director Matt Shakman (WandaVision) has been hired for the new J.J. Abrams-produced Star Trek movie, with a script already in play from Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Captain Marvel) and Lindsey Beer. They theorize about whether or not it will include the Kelvin cast, and Paramount’s strategy for the movie.

Finally, they wrap things up with a claymation version of Kirk’s “Khaaaaan” moment from The Wrath of Khan and some hilarious Tilly cosplay from Mary Wiseman’s brother.

Links to news topics discussed in the pod:

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Jerry O’Connell Joins ‘The Talk’ As Permanent Co-Host [DEADLINE]

Jonathan Frakes shares his love for Maine; talks, playing with Phish [THE MAINE EDGE]

Discovery’s Sonequa Martin-Green On How Michael Burnham Is Like Other Star Trek Captains

Watch: Exclusive Deleted Scene From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Blu-ray & DVD

Details Revealed For ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Blu-Ray, DVD And Steelbook; Arriving In July

Playmates Returning With New Toys From Across The Star Trek Universe

Playmobil Releasing Giant Electronic $500 ‘Star Trek’ USS Enterprise Playset

William Shatner Backs LeVar Burton for Permanent ‘Jeopardy!’ Host [NEWSWEEK]

Terry Farrell Says It Would Be Fun To Play Jadzia On Star Trek Again

‘WandaVisions’s Matt Shakman To Direct 2023 Star Trek Film From ‘Captain Marvel’ Screenwriter

Additional mentions:

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Jonathan Frakes and Rick Berman comment on TrekMovie’s Instagram post about Bob Justman

Terry Farrell says Dax was pansexual

When I transitioned, I looked to Dax [WOMEN AT WARP]


Tony: Watch: Kirk’s ‘Wrath Of Khan’ Scream But In Claymation

Laurie: Noah Averbach-Katz’s post about Tilly cosplay by Mary Wiseman’s brother

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments, and please post your suggestions for topics we should cover in the future as well as guests you’d like us to have on.

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The Argo was awesome!

I was so looking forward to the next movie after Star Trek Beyond mainly because I was hoping that Sofia Boutella would return as “Jaylah” as a cadet/ensign.

I’m with you 100%. I mean, maybe it wasn’t my MAIN reason, but I really hoped they’d do another one and she’d be back as an ensign. And I think it’s the only way we’d accept anyone in Chekov’s seat. :(

Jaylah was great. Beyond is definitely my fave of the Kelvin Timeline movies (the less said about Into Darkness, the better).

I agree with that said Trek is best at a mid-budget level. Get good scripts, save some money, and you don’t need to try to crank out a grand slam in terms of box office each time.

Trek has probably the best “extended universe” of potential characters, settings, timeframes (just stay in the Prime Universe, for the most part, please) of any part of pop culture outside of the Marvel (since DC is failing about 75% of the time). Imagine the possibilities of turning out some awesome thinkpieces with decent action/special effects every year – or even multiple movies each year.

It just seems like a waste to spend 5-10 years to force a big movie that might get a 2-3x return on investment, when you could be turning out a couple of good $50-100 M movies a year and getting larger returns. Heck, with Paramount+ (and Netflix elsewhere overseas), those movies could target streaming (like the shows do) and get even better returns (based on not having to share revenue).


As much as I want that mid-budget film, I do think Tony’s right and it’s not worth it to the studio. It makes me sad but I think it’s true.

Well it all depends on what we are calling mid budget these days. I did argue against them going for the biggest budgets like a marvel or a Star Wars movie. But I would still like to see them try to do Star Trek as a tent pole just not shoot for billion dollar returns. However I do think there’s a world where Star Trek movies could make half a billion dollars.

That being said I think there’s also room for even smaller Star Trek movies perhaps streaming exclusives or even at the box office. We are seeing other franchises do this kind of thing as well.

I was looking at budgets for the TOS films and its quite a fascinating bit of info.

For example, Final Frontier, was the second biggest budget of the six TOS films, only a little behind The Motion Picture?
Did Shatner spend all that money on location shooting?

The Wrath of Khan was the easily the smallest budgeted and yet has gone on to be the fan favourite ever since release. However it didn’t (according to page I was looking at) make more profit than The Motion Picture, which I thought it did for some reason. Most of the TOS films were quite similar in terms of profit they made against budget except for Final Frontier which only made something like 40m.

Star Trek has had bigger budgets that were wasted it seems. Can’t believe Insurrection for example had the biggest budget of the TNG films and yet it really didn’t look as cinematically classy as the other three films. How is it First Contact cost 20m less but looks like it cost 50m more than Insurrection? Maybe it’s me?

Paramount should settle on a budget after seeing seeing the script and who’s attached etc. It all depends on the script probably.
But just throwing money at it, if the script is subpar, won’t make it better.

I really hope we get the Kelvin crew. Those characters are iconic. The cast is great and I don’t want to see a brand new crew……again.


I agree with you on Jadzia Dax. DS9 is my favorite trek series. I hated that Terry left. She was a unique and a character that had many layers to explore. I loved the Sisko/Dax relationship. She was the person he could turn to as a friend and as a mentor. Even though she was really young in the series, her performance was brilliant, I never questioned she was wiser and older than Sisko. Even in the pilot, she hit the ground running, sold me immediately that her and Sisko had a friendship that transcended a lifetime, and I didn’t need any background on the two. Their chemistry was undeniable. If this doesn’t make sense, I apologize, it is hard to put in words. I loved her character too and I have nothing against Ezri but, they could have kept her around and given her the flexibility she needed.


I agree with you on the trek movies. I just want a great trek movie, with a hopeful message, science, and great characters. I was always hoping we would get at least two more kelvin films. I loved that crew too. The characters felt familiar but also they put their own spin on them. Well, Karl did channel Deforest, but I loved it. I hope they do one for the blockbuster and a smaller production for Paramount+. That would make me happy.

Live long and prosper!

It fascinates me that Terry Farrell has said she didn’t know what she was doing when she started. I thought she nailed it from the very first episode.

Enjoyed the podcast as always – it’s become compulsive listening! With the movie, they’ve got such a tough call on their hands. Is another “Kelvin” movie gonna be a big enough draw? Beyond wasn’t (though I don’t think it’s a strong movie). Billing Kelvin 4 as “the final adventure”? Maybe not even that. Doing an original cast movie? Could be fun, and fresh, but would the average cinemagoing audience respond to a no-name new-faces Trek? And if you add A list actors, it becomes expensive. Like I said, a tough call!

Re: Jerry O’Connell

Looks like Jerry, The Doctor, has earned his residency. Congrats.

Now, if I could only find out if those unusually shaved eyebrows he sported early in his guest hosting had anything to do with a Trek gig? Or maybe possibily, THE ORVILLE?