Giveaway: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Blu-rays And USS Discovery Hats

Star Trek: Discovery season 3 Blu-ray hat giveaway -

Today season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery was released on Blu-ray, DVD, and Steelbook, and to celebrate, we have a special giveaway.

Disco Giveaway has three prize packages to give away. Each winner will get a copy of the brand-new Discovery season three Blu-ray, complete with two hours of special features.

In addition, each giveaway winner will get an embroidered Property of USS Discovery hat.

To enter the contest, simply post a (single) comment below by telling us something you love about Star Trek: Discovery. Winners will be selected at random from comments made before Friday, July 23rd at midnight (Pacific). To qualify you must be in the United States and make your post using a valid working email address. Good luck!

And if don’t win (or can’t wait), you can also order the Blu-ray, DVD and Steelbook at Amazon.

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I love Star Trek Discovery for the diverse cast.

Best part of Discovery was the nod to the Guardian and the episode where they explored some alternative options for the Emperor. Can’t wait for Section 31.

I am thrilled to see so much LGBTQ+ representation! Wish I saw that as a kid, but so glad & PROUD that it’s there now for the new generations who need to see positive role models.

++++1 Nice!

I love Discovery for the amazing visuals and wonderful cast.

It is great to see how a team can form and become a family.

“Family is what you make of it” has more or less been my slogan for 33 years and counting. I don’t have close ties with blood relations so fictional works with casts like Discovery’s always make me smile. I feel welcomed!

Love Discovery for the chosen-family themes. And Tilly!

I love that Star Trek has finally come out (pun intended) with LGBTQ+ characters on screen. Paul Stamets and Hugh Culber are the best! (Also Saru. Saru is also the best!)

STAR TREK:DISCOVERY, and all of the TV shows and movies in the franchise, don’t get enough of the industry’s recognition for all of Trek’s diversity and inclusion. Is it because it’s science fiction? Trek was woke before woke was a term!

I loved when the Enterprise came in. Hope Pike’s Enterprise continues to transition closer to TOS in SNW.

Tilly, my favorite human Trek character in ages!

Tilly is awesome! The Wesley Crusher character should have been written like her’s

The cast and characters are TOP NOTCH. Great story writing. I love this series <3

For continuing to boldly go…. 55 years after the original.

I could say something lofty, like Star Trek’s optimistic vision of the future, but by god, I love Star Trek: Discovery because I love Tilly!

I love the character growth through out the seasons, the special effects are movie quality!

The effects blow me away

I love Star Trek discovery for being inclusive to all people from every walk of life, diversity, gender and geographical location- sadly I am in the U.K. so have been excluded – maybe the owners of this site can consider making it more inclusive like the show??????

I love Discovery for its great story lines!

I love that Discovery builds on the ideals that all of Star Trek represented; hope, inclusion, diversity, unity. I loved the inclusion of Pike in season 2, specifically Anson Mounts performance and seeing the enterprise bridge updated was a big highlight. Looking forward to what comes next!

I love the diversity of the cast and the heart the show has. I swear I think I cry once an episode. I love the crew.

I love Disco for it’s inclusion of queer characters and themes.

P.S. I’m not in the US so don’t pick me, just wanted to comment. :)

What do I love about Star Trek: Discovery?

Well, the cast for one thing. The characters for another (Saru has turned into a favorite). The theatrical quality special effects. Their unwavering belief in the United Federation of Planets (which in turn tells of humanity’s potential). More of the “minor” bridge characters are getting time in the spotlight as compared to previous Treks. And finally, for now, their usage of Captain Christopher Pike. They took a one-off character (from “The Menagerie”; “The Cage” both does and does not count since it really didn’t air, except as that one time special) and turned him into a fully fleshed out character, one who is worthy of being captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise (although, it wasn’t until Kirk that she became the flagship of the Federation).

I love the comradery exhibited by the crew of Discovery. A true found family.

Since the first episode, I have been in love with Discovery. The diverse cast, the revamped Trek technology, the great adventures that grew more intriguing as each week passed.

I love Star Trek Discovery for the great acting, diverse cast and amazing special effects. Looking forward to season 4.

I love Discovery because it’s Star Trek and it’s well done.

It doesn’t always work, but I appreciate that they take chances with the storytelling and swing for the fences.

Disco has great visual effects and story telling.

I adore Tilley! Really, the diversity of the cast and the genuine love they have for each other is lovely.

I like the fact that season 2 spoke to the USS Defiant and its slippage into interspace.

I love Disco for its beautiful hope and diverse, inclusive cast. It’s exactly what Trek should be.

I loved Airiam because I always wanted to see cyborg on Star Trek, and also because she reminded me of Peter Weller’s Robocop.

I love Star Trek Discovery because it goes so beyond TOS or any of the movies while still respecting everything that’s come before, and respects that canon.

I think Star Trek: Discovery is visually stunning. The design work, costumes, props (though rank insignia are too small to read!), set designs, special effects, prosthetics, etc take Trek to another level of quality. The acting is excellent. Sometimes the story choices are questionable. But some of the best episodes were those that picked up something from earlier Trek and tried to fill in the blanks. It’s a great show that is introducing the franchise to new and diverse audiences.

Sonequa Martin-Green and Doug Jones are awesome actors!

Nice to read so many positive comments regarding DISCO… Honestly, I haven’t been always been positive about the show and I still dislike some minor aspects, especially the forced visceral TV-MA visuals in S1 and 2, but all in all it is incredble to have Star Trek back. DSC has made that dream come true and for that I’ll always been grateful. And yes, I like most of the cast /crew, especially Tilly, Culber, Stamets and Adira… I wasn’t a huge fan of Georgiou but apart from that, great cast!

And yes, Trek has always been very “woke” before the term was even a thing. It’s great how far we’ve come but then, it is sometimes intimidating how much heat Trek takes for being woke, even from within its own fanbase sometimes…

I love discovery for it’s celebration of diversity

The wonderfully unexpected Tilly arc!

I love Discovery because of the world building they are doing in the 31st century!

32nd :-)

I love how we went from the familiar past to all new eye candy and tech

I love Discovery because it continues Trek’s legacy of showing the indomitable human spirit.

I love Disco for the new air it breathes into franchise. Love it or hate it , you’re still thinking about it. That’s what Trek needs is the numbers so we get more :)

Discovery brought Star Trek into the 21st. Century

I loved the inclusion of the Talosians in Season 2 and that Season 3 had some effective themes that ran throughout the season.

Discovery has that hopeful vision for the future, is inclusion with diversity, and does smart SyFy.

I loved the Klingons in season 1 so much I had “Remain Klingon” tattooed on me. In Klingon, of course.


Star Trek Discovery is a welcome addition to the canon of stories that have preceded it. I love the way the creators have repeatedly challenged the viewers every season with their brilliant storytelling and emotional character arcs. And I can’t wait to see where they’re going next!

I like Discovery’s cinematic visuals. And Saru.

The diversity and representation are outstanding. Beyond that the visual effects, and make-up special effects have really set a bar for Trek going forward.

I love that Star Trek: Discovery has taken us into the far future!