‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ S1 Wraps Production, Anson Mount Hopes TOS Fans Will Be Pleased

Filming on the first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds began in February, and despite the extra complications of shooting during a pandemic, they have just wrapped production right on schedule.

Anson Mount wraps up with another message to TOS fans

The main production work for the ten-episode first season of Strange New Worlds wrapped up shortly before midnight on Friday in Toronto. This was revealed via members of the cast and crew on social media. This includes series star Anson Mount who took to Twitter at 11:44 PM to thank both the “phenomenal crew” and the fans for being patient, promising “We will see you soon!”

Mount’s tweet reveals that specifically the principal photography portion for the main cast and crew has wrapped. Doing “pickup shots” for small missing elements after primary production has finished is standard, plus it’s also possible there is some second unit production happening, such as the recently announced VFX location filming in New Mexico.

When the final episode started production on July 7th, Mount sent a message out to “old school fans” saying they should be excited about the series in which he stars as Captain Pike on the USS Enterprise in the decade before Star Trek: The Original Series. Mount, co-star Rebecca Romijn (Number One), and show producers have consistently indicated this new show is different from Star Trek: Discovery and Picard, and more akin to classic Star Trek, including an episodic “planet-of-the-week” format and lighter tone. Last night when a fan expressed his wish that the new show “be true to TOS,” Mount responded with the hope that the fan will be pleased with the result.

More cast and crew celebrate wrap

Anson’s co-star Melissa Navia also chimed in on Saturday morning to praise the crew, adding she “can’t wait for the world to see” season one of Strange New Worlds.

UPDATE: On Sunday Ethan Peck (Spock) showed off a photobooth image of himself with some of his co-stars (Jess Bush, Christina Chong, Melissa Navia, and Celia Rose Gooding). His message was: “Shore leave with some of the crew!”


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Co-executive producer and director Chris Fisher also shared some thoughts late last night on Instagram,  saying that working on the show “has been the greatest honor and challenge of my life. And such a miraculous, expansive, and unexpected gift. If you can imagine how joyous and emotional it might be on set tonight sharing the end of the season together then take that to warp factor 9.99.” He also thanked the crew working under the “extreme safety protocols” required during a pandemic.


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Director of photography Magdalena Gorka shared some Instagram stories in the early hours of Saturday showing the crew celebrating wrapping production, which included fireworks.

(Magdalena Gorka/Instagram)

Meet Anson’s on-set girlfriend

A few days before the production wrapped, Strange New Worlds actor Christina Chong shared a photo of her dog Runa, who she brings to the set to the delight of the cast and crew.

The actress also revealed that Runa has a special affinity for Anson Mount, saying the dog thinks she is his girlfriend, something echoed by the show star.

Still waiting for our first look

Three Star Trek live-action shows have been in production this year, and so far we have seen teaser trailers for two: Picard season two and Discovery season four. Even though many elements of the USS Enterprise and the uniforms were seen in Star Trek: Discovery season two and three Short Treks, the only glimpse of Pike and Spock we have seen this year came from the promotional campaign for the launch of Paramount+ in February.

Ethan Peck as Spock from the Paramount+ campaign

Anson Mount as Pike from the Paramount+ campaign

With Comic-Con 2021 behind us, the next big reveal could be at the upcoming 55-Year Mission convention in Las Vegas in early August, but since that isn’t an official Star Trek event, Star Trek Day (September 8th), the actual 55th anniversary of the original Star Trek, seems more likely.

The first season of Strange New Worlds is expected to arrive on Paramount+ in 2022.

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Fingers crossed!!

Same here.

All I can say is so far it sounds like everyone is saying the right things but I thought everyone was saying the right things about Picard before that started too.

However if they at least avoided ALL the bigger mistakes Discovery made its first season and really trying to do more episodic stories again (and hopefully better stories) it will probably get most fans aboard regardless. I think many of us are missing the TOS adventure of the week feel. So here’s hoping. ‘

And of course, they can’t fix their mistake by throwing the ship 1,000 years into the future this time, so we are stuck with whatever they do. ;)

Well, they MIGHT open up yet another timeline. The moment Pike took the Time Chrystal he was confronted with his fate and the Klingon said that his destiny was now fixed. But if he finds a way to break that “curse”, he may never end up in a chair and we may get to see a bright future in this “Pikeline”…

Maybe but I have a feeling the producers don’t want that headache lol.

What headache? A small minority of fan repeating the same nonsense over and over? No they Good.

Find friends loser. Leave me alone.

Very low class for you. Do better. Just ignore the troll.

I don’t care. I been asking this loser for TWO YEARS to stop responding to me. I stopped asking him nicely over a year ago. He IS a troll, he just comes here to bait people. That’s the point. This is literally why he was banned the first time. He can say whatever he wants here, I have zero issues with that and just ignores his posts anyway.. Just leave me OUT of it! That’s literally all I ask.

And he can’t even do that.

But OK, I’ll take your advice and ‘do better’. From THIS point on I’ll just completely ignore him like I do 99.9% of the time anyway. But I will now make it 100%. OK?

And if he gets too annoying, I’ll just report him. So you convinced me. You just get tired of it after awhile. And yeah, if the place had an ignore or block button like all the other sites I frequent it wouldn’t be an issue at all. But I’ll ignore him for good! Thanks! :)

Well said! And that’s a legitimate opinion, so if someone were to respond to you with a personal attack for just having that opinion, I would hope that Mr. Pascale would adjudicate that.

I would generally agree they wouldn’t want that general headache but at the same time they could solve their own headaches by just saying, “Yeah, this is no longer prime timeline from this point forward” and just go with it rather than saying, “Nope, totally Prime. Totally fits. Nothing to see here… but tune in to watch because lots to see here… totally prime… prime prime prime….”

Or go really big and do the “this is no longer Prime timeline” branch thing and then have the end of the series be another literal “Do what’s right or save yourself” moment and have Pike reset the timeline back to the prime one where he does end up in the chair (perhaps even ending with a less flashy updated TOS styled production design which flows more readily into the TOS stuff just for fan service).

Sure, they can do that. And btw, I’m the guy who was saying they should’ve called Discovery a reboot before the first episode aired (which effectively puts it in its own universe like the Kelvin movies) but my guess is they didn’t do it because A. having it in prime makes fans more devoted to it and B. after the mess of the Kelvin timeline and the weird confusion over it, they don’t want to start spreading these other shows with different timelines as well.

And I think this is a bit different because they want SNW to feel like an authentic prequel to TOS in a way where we can see how that show came together and MORE importantly the development of Spock from young ensign to first officer status by the time TOS rolls around. You set it in another timeline, that goes away, which again was part of the problem with the Kelvin movies for some fans. NOT for me, but yes for others. In other words, it won’t drive the same interest which went to my ‘A’ point.

But I think since Discovery was basically its own thing with a new ship and crew they could’ve done that one much more easily. With SNW, it’s very different. And its just too late to do that with at this point.

But yes I know what you’re saying, many will just question it because it just looks too updated to TOS. For me, I can only say because it’s been 55 years since TOS, there is only so much they can do without it looking like a cheap budget show from the 60s for today’s audience. People just have to suspend their disbelief. As long as they totally don’t go off the reservation like Discovery did but STILL tried to tell you it was suppose to be 10 years before TOS hopefully they have better luck this time.

You have a point. Them continuing to claim this is all Prime timeline doesn’t help them at all. There are just too many inconsistencies for that to hold up.

But this is an old discussion. That all of Secret Hideout should have been a reboot from the very beginning.

It’s funny when a troll is out-trolled! Good one!

Obviously I agree there are definitely tons of inconsistencies but sadly that happens with a lot of prequels, not just in Star Trek. Although surprisingly Star Wars has done an amazing job of lining their prequel shows and films to the OT, but maybe they just have better writers or people who understand that franchise more than people who are running Star Trek right now, IDK.

But yes if Discovery was a reboot from day one, they wouldn’t have had to move to the future to begin with because the 23rd century could’ve just been whatever they wanted it to be.

Agreed that keeping everything in line in prequels is a bit of a task. And there will probably always be a couple of inconsistencies. I think most will accept that. But as you said… Why can the Star Wars folks do it pretty well but the Trek people can’t? I strongly suspect it’s Secret Hideout.

It’s not a case of better writers, it’s a case of less content, and more time. When the first prequels came out all they had 6 years to craft 3 stories that lined up with just 3 existing films.

When Clone Wars came out, it was 6 films to match up with.

And even then, there were discrepancies (talk to any Star Wars fan!). Heck, Empire doesn’t really match up with A New Hope in a lot of places.

But it’s hard creating a sequel OR a prequel when you have to line up with as many episodes and movies as Trek has had, especially when some of the earlier ones were not written with the idea that there would be that much more, and most of them were written in hurry, churning out story after story, year in and year out, for a decade or more.

think the point is he has to carry on, accept his fate and do the job.
that what makes him the perfect captain.

Hey Garth, great post. FYI, if you run across any fan who tries to claim that the reason Discovery went into the future was to correct mistakes in the show, then that fan simply is not very knowledgeable about the premise for Discovery that was developed two years before we got to season 1.

Trekmovie 2017 — referencing Entertainment Weekly article from August 4, 2017:

“According to Entertainment Weekly, Bryan Fuller’s original pitch to CBS had the show starting in Discovery‘s time, but then moving through the eras of Kirk and Picard and then going beyond that, reaching a time period that hasn’t been seen in Star Trek before.”

So the time jump we saw was part of the original Fuller Discovery concept — “reaching a time period that hasn’t been seen in Star Trek before.”

So, hypothetically, let’s say a fan who has a record of hating on Discovery tries to tell you that they did the time jump to rescue a failed series, you should call BS on that and tell them to learn their Star Trek production history and to please stop “making shit up” to fit their weird agenda of always trashing this series. :-)

I think you completely misinterpreted the quote. The concept was the show would be an anthology show. Different cast, different time frame, different setting each season. That was abandoned for a number of reasons. One of which was Fuller’s departure from the show. The plan was to have the same cast in the same timeline. The fact is the show was moved to the future because it was their attempt to fix the inconsistencies the show had. The fans saw it. The producers knew it. Of course moving the show to the future doesn’t really fix the real problems the show had. The bad writing, boring characters and the fact that this ship never belonged in the 23rd century to begin with remained.

I don’t know how serious you are but I don’t think that is the direction the show runners are wanting to go. However I still kinda sorta think of all of Secret Hideout Trek as a reboot anyway. Trying to judge it without considering the Trek shows that came before it. And they still fail.

Regarding Pike being aware of his fate… Personally I consider that a tremendous mistake and really the only way around it is for Pike to simply ignore it. Not buy into it. Consider it voodoo mumbo jumbo. Just continue to live as he would have and never mention it to anyone.


Yeah, the toxic fans are going to hate modern Trek no matter what, so I’m glad they’re just going to make what they want.

Same! I haven’t LOVED anything from the new Trek yet, but I appreciate that they are doing what THEY want to do.

They started reruns of Picard S1 on CTV Sci-Fi channel up here north of the border and I have to admit that I surprisingly enjoyed rewatching the series premiere much more than when I watched it the first time. Not sure why, perhaps because I know how everything ends up – but “rerun watchability” seems to help me guage whether or not I think a show is any good.
We shall see if this lasts for the rest of S1 of Picard although I do know I will still be disgusted by the episode where they kill off Icheb… and I will still really like the episode with Will and Dianna.

Well I loved the beginning episodes of Picard, the show went south for me from episode 5 on, Nepenthe being the exception. But yeah we’ll see. You know I’m doing a grand rewatch of the franchise and naturally will be rewatching Picard when I get there but still a bit aways (although currently in the 24th century and on third season of VOY and fifth season of DS9).

And some have said the show does work better when you binge it all at once so hoping they are right!

BTW, I didn’t realize until a day ago you wrote me back in the thread about Burnham being Captain and her crying issues lol. So sorry, I never looked at that thread again and feel weird to respond after so much time has passed, but I do agree with your point. ;)

I loved Picard. Hated Data’s second death and Picard’s death and becoming a robot. But its the closest thing to Star Trek we’ve had since 2005. I feel the opposite for Disco Season 3, wanted to love it but it was the worst season of Star Trek ever. Only with a few things i loved but the plot went nowhere, it was a filler season and they were just spinning their wheels to get to season 4. Michael, Book and Adira were the only things i adored about season 3 but the plot, the villains the Burn and its payoff were a joke. Something i’d expect from a fanfilm or fanfiction.

I don’t disagree with you about Picard, it was the closest we had to classic Star Trek since 2005, but it still reeeeaaaally lacked for me unfortunately. And yes part of it was turning Picard into a Synth (sigh). I hope the first thing Q does when he sees him again is wipe that whole mess away.

I really did enjoy season 3 of DIS, but I will admit a big part of it being in the far future. It made every episode a lot more interesting. And I admit I’m a sucker for some of the big fanboy moments like seeing the GoF again, Voyager J and the Vulans and Romulans finally reunited. All that stuff made me smile!

But yeah, its still Discovery and had a lot of eye rolling elements to it, the Burn and the Emerald Chain two of the biggest. And I can’t disagree there wasn’t much of a plot outside of solving the Burn which was a really BAD resolution IMO. But season one of Discovery is still my worst season of the franchise. At least they explored a bit in season 3.

I’m crossing my fingers both shows will be much better next season but they are currently still my least two favorite shows in the entire franchise. I’m praying SNW will fare much better in its first season.

I admit the nod to Nimoy Spock was nice. I feel old, i remember when Unification aired, it was just before the release of the Undiscovered Country. And Leonard Nimoy looked so young then, now he is gone. Its kind of bittersweet.

Oh yeah that Spock scene from Unification was a total fanboy geek moment lol. It was just a shock to see him, even if it was just a clip, but such a great way to tie in TOS, TNG and DIS together in that one scene! Another reason why I’m so happy they moved the show to a future era to do that kind of stuff.

Funny. For me the show started amazingly slow. But once we met the guy with the ship (forgot his name) the show got better. Hitting its zenith with “Stardust City Rag”. The best episode of the series. From there it wend straight downhill again. But mainly due to plotting issues. If they had narrowed their focus it all might, MIGHT, have gone down better.

Outside of that episode, our views of Picard aren’t that far off. We both saw potential but unfortunately both thought the season sucked. Sadly like Discovery, it just comes down to a lot of plotting issues. But I think I just saw potential a little more than you did. ;)

And I didn’t hate Stardust City Rag. I mostly enjoyed the episode (and excited to see the Cerritos crew return to the planet in season 2 IF it’s really the same one from the trailer). But it was the first where the story started to crumble for me. BUT it was also the episode that introduced us to Seven of Nine and I loved seeing her again. So yeah, I’m conflicted lol.

Perhaps we are on similar pages. The show didn’t suck like Star Trek Discovery sucks. But it wasn’t good either. The the big positive for Picard from my perspective is the characters (apart from Picard himself ironically) are FAR more interesting and better developed than anyone on Discovery. That right there makes the show far better and gives it more potential. A show set on that ship without J-L (or perhaps J-L as a semi-regular) could be a winner, in my eyes.

And so the hate for a new Trek show begins.

Um, you said yourself the show would be boring before it even got the greenlight hypocrite. Do us a favor and don’t watch it then. Or at least don’t post about it. Go away now.

Yea, it’s sad, but sooo predicable in these times that we live in. There are a lot of entitled, angry people on the internet these days.

Why haven’t they brought back William Shatner? and Uhura, Checkov and Sulu??? Get them
before they pass into space…..

Huge fan of TOS here. I still consider it the best show of the lot and Kirk to be the best captain and the Kirk Spock McCoy relationship to be the best friendship in Trek.

But their day is over. We must move on.

Actually they all got a guest role in some way in a TNG series or post TNG series or film except for Nichelle Nichols. Shatner was in Generations. Dee Kelley was in Encounter at Farpoint, Doohan was in Relics, and Generations. Koenig was in Generations. And Takei was on Voyager. And of course Majel was on TNG as Troi’s mother and the voice of the computer.

I hope things will line up with the Original Series. Captain Pike’s story will now be finally told after 57 years since The Cage.

Sure hope so!

Bring on the first trailer!

Great new!
I’ve got a question on another matter. Does anyone knows why Picard was/(and maybe is) not filmed in 4k? I wonder because other much smaller productions are in 4k also series productions and star trek alwas been a leader in regards to technology both on screen and “behind the scenes”. Or was it indeed filmed in 4k and just haven’t been released in it?

Could be the cost of doing everything in 4K. Particularly rendering time on special effects in 4K.

If the CW can shoot Superman and Lois in 8k with a view to HBO Max and streaming, Star Trek is looking behind the times.

It would be nice for Star Trek to bump it up a notch, but all the CW shows have fewer detailed 3D models being built because they are mostly shot on Earth and take place in the same mostly real city from week to week.

Also speaking of the Super-man and Lois budget notice after the first couple episodes they quickly resorted to regular use of the cheaper “impact” landing (where it isn’t really justified) rather than the more expensive gentle landing that would be more likely in almost all non-battle moments.

Picard is 3.4K raw but the DI is 2K. none of the shows for Trek have been 4k. Disney’s Mandalorian is but Disney Star Wars has unlimited money.

I heard Picard would be the most expensive series in the world. An episode costs more then a game of thrones episode and this had a 4k release.

IS ther any source to that claim? Maybe this is just hearsay and just wrong…

I’ve been a fan of Anson Mount since Hell On Wheels. I follow his podcasts and have been lucky to speak to him, several times at conventions. I’m guessing but I think he thought long and hard before accepting the part. He mentioned that he’d had dinner with William Shatner. It was before he announced he’d signed. I suspect he asked Bill about the pitfalls and the upsides.
Anson also mentioned he didn’t really like being on a soundstage 12 hours a day. I live near Toronto. There have been several sightings of SNW on location. That bodes well for planet of the week stories.
The impression I got from him, after speaking to him several times is that he wanted Pike to be a fleshed out flawed character. I overheard Anson say that to John Jackson Miller, author of the excellent Enterprise War. I think he might have been the last hold out, cast wise. From articles I’ve read, times I’ve briefly spoken to him and the interviews I’ve seen or heard? Anson Mount knows how important Pike is to the TOS legacy and it’s fans. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he’d had a lot of creative input into the character. I expect to see an executive producer credit as well. If SNW tanked for some reason, Anson wouldn’t want the stink to be on him or his career. I enjoy all the Trek series. I am rooting for SNW to be the standout. I’d pay money to see some SNW films at the theatre as well. If SNW is done right, we might see it segueway into Kirk and Spock after a 5 year run. A Trekkie can hope.

If the show continues with Kirk at some point, they really shouldn’t replace TOS!!! They could either do Years 4+5, decanonizing TAS (again) or jump right into Kirk’s second five-year mission after TMP… Or they COULD make Years 1+2 and declare TOS Years 3-5 of that first five year mission. Whatever they do… the only demand I’ve got is to keep TOS canon…

The period in between TMP and the Wrath of Khan interests me the most as does the, time in between Star Trek VI and TNG. Plenty of room for a lot of stories.

Interesting take. Personally I would love to see a post TUC set show. Preferably closer to TUC than TNG.

I wouldn’t be against a show set in that time. I’d prefer it to anything Discovery has done. But given what we have seen from Secret Hideout I’d almost rather not see them sully the TOS era at all with whatever they are going to do. SNW people are saying the right things and past history does not always reflect current performance. But it sure doesn’t calm any nerves either.

best that this the last bit of nostalgia for the franchise.
time to move forward with ST, not back again to the OS era.

I just don’t get why fans think that we have seen on screen the “historically important” story of an era.

I would be interested in staying within an era – and using it as a universe unto itself.

As someone who was NOT excited about Discovery going back to the 23rd century I fully agree with this too. There are obviously tons of stories to tell in this period, especially since ironically it was the least covered content wise, especially compared to the 24th century.

But I think its a psychological issue for some fans too and once they moved into the 24th century then it felt like that era was now completely covered. But yeah it’s silly of course (and there were still 23rd century stories being told even after TNG started with the final two TOS movies).

And yes if they can have three new shows that now cover the 24th century period with Picard, Lower Decks and now Prodigy (which is now 6 shows total shows total for this century–crazy), I think having one with SNW being the sole representative of 23rd century stories won’t exactly be a big deal.

I admit, I was very much not a fan of returning to this era, but mostly because I was sick to death of prequels and just wanted to see at least ONE show that finally moved forward again. I was afraid we may not get that for years once Discovery showed up, like 5-10 years. But those fears died the second Picard was announced and in fact I even predicted we were going to get even more post-Nemesis shows from that point on which we are and ironically that ended up including Discovery lol. I didn’t see that one coming at all of course, but we know that was mostly due to all the complaints over the show’s canon and how badly it fit in that era because it felt waaaay too advanced to even be there; not they wanted to stop doing 23rd century stories completely.

Now that we have so many post-Nemesis shows I wouldn’t mind to have more shows in the 23rd century again, just post TUC or even another 22nd century show. Of course I’m still pining for a continuation of Enterprise on some level. ;)

Finally, something to give us hope with Star Trek!
Discovery has been nothing but disappointment for me, but after years of being adrift in space, this might point the franchise ship in the right direction, .

That depends on what your focus is. If you want the stories and writing to be more to the traditional Trek, then yes probably. If you want the FX and the Art design more canon as in true TOS then probably no.
I for one am willing to let a modernized look slide if the stories and the writing are intriguing.

Great job by the cast and crew to get S1 in the can and on schedule – especially considering the lengthy pandemic restrictions up here in Toronto. We are finally opening up again, so hope the cast got to enjoy some of the city before leaving for home.
Really looking forward to the premiere episode of SNW. LLAP everyone and stay safe.

As a TOS fan, I sure hope so. The rest of modern Trek leaves me pretty cold.

You should buy a coat. It’s going to be a cold one.

I enjoy dark that’s why DS9 and battlestar galactica are my favorite Sci fi shows ever but over it just want some fun trek with some character growth. Hoping this is the show to be this in the modern era of bloated dreary trek

Oh, sweet Jesus, let’s hope they get THIS one right!!

I have a good feeling about this one Harry.

Dvorak, last year, when they showed us the Enterprise bridge, I nearly wet myself. Now, let’s hope the storylines of SNW live up to the production values!

With you on that one, Harry. Their record so far is not good.

queue the “this is not star trek” haters >_<

They are already here.

The word you’re looking for is “cue.” “Queue” means to stand in line; “cue” means to give a signal that prompts an action of some kind.

Where is Minnesota Fats when we need him? ;-)

Will SNW start at the beginning of Pike’s tenure as captain of the Enterprise?

Or will it start after the battle with control?

@ Tarnwood – either way, I’ll personally be looking on SNW as an ‘alternate universe’ show to the events of the original TOS one. But very much looking forward to this pariticular ‘individual storyline’, episodic version of Trek.

Will we see Captain April?

I’m so looking forward to Strange New Worlds, whether it would live long and prosper or die short and suffer.

Kinda weird we still don’t know officially if Picard is shooting back to back seasons. You would think it would haven been announced by now. I wonder why there’s silence

Anyway, I’m looking forward to SNW. I’m going out on a limb here and say it will be a winner.

Back to back was the original official announcement, but then there were quasi-official comments that this wouldn’t be possible due to COVID.

Now we have John de Lancie and others basically saying that plan A is back on track. It’s clear that at least some of the scenes are being done for the third season if not full episodes.

Yeah, sure. But I’m puzzled by the secrecy. If you look at SNW they have been pretty transparent on how the production has been going, there’s been plenty of updates. But with Picard almost nothing really has been revealed. Don’t know what to make of it, hope there’s no trouble in writing/schedule or what have you. I hate their to be a repeat of season 1, where they had to stretch the first two episodes into three and ”made up as they went along” two part finale.

Picard does have a teaser but nothing from SNW. Which seems a bit odd to me given what we know about where the productions stand.

Nothing surprises me anymore. Those most vocal against the new shows play the same cards (writing, producers, themes), or have stopped trying to hide their veiled dislike of anyone not white and male.

I’m looking forward to yet another Star Trek series. Don’t know if it will be great or mediocre, but given the team behind it I’m not just hopeful, I’m excited beyond measure.

To those who will point out this problem and that – I am so glad you were not old enough to communicate during the first 2 seasons of TNG, or the last 2 seasons of TOS. All Trek has had a teething period until it found it’s footing.

“Those most vocal against the new shows play the same cards (writing, producers, themes), or have stopped trying to hide their veiled dislike of anyone not white and male.”

It gets so old, doesn’t it? And some of these types get so emboldened that it’s nothing to them now to also start personally attacking fans here as well, as you can see by some comments in this article. I mean, it’s like Middle School all over again, with the gatekeeper types her lording over other fans by calling them losers, telling them they have no friends, and telling them to go away and not post her anymore — like they are in charge of this web site??? Very sad.

Yees, “white and male” has nothing to do with it. Discovery has crap stories and the characters are NOT interesting. Simple as that. Boy, were they ever right when they said, “if it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the stage”! GET BETTER WRITERS!

Some people have such a hard time getting past that. Those folks don’t understand that for the vast VAST majority of viewers the ethnicity and gender of the cast and crew have nothing to do with the quality of the show itself.

I have high hopes for SNW, but Discovery and Picard have been incredibly underwhelming. And that’s being kind.

Sadly agree! But you still hope for the best!

Only thing I was curious about when readin this on Saturday was the line…..With Comic-Con 2021 behind us…..and there were still two days to go,lol! Anyways,STProdigy looks like fun,not bothered with the s2 trailer for Lower Decks because the geolocked crap is just so bloody annoying. Might watch it later though as I did enjoy s1.

The Trailer isn’t geolocked, only the youtube version is. The Twitter-, Facebook, and startrek.com versions all are freely available. Also, there should be an Amazon Version of it coming out soon.

Yeah,gonna check it out on startrek.com,as that usually works,I just tend to forget there’s a lot of stuff there to watch,lol! When I watch it on insta or twitter,the picture is usually cropped or something,as I don’t get the whole picture. Thanks for reminding me about startrek.com though.

I echo the sentiment that they are indeed saying all the right things. But there is still some trepidation here. They have the advantage of learning what NOT to do based on the examples of their current Trek brethren. We as fans can only hope that they learned from it.

Well, I’m excited to see what y’all complain about!