The Tom Paris Commemorative Plate From ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 2 Is A Real Product Coming Soon

One of the delightful surprises from the Star Trek: Lower Decks season two trailer released during the Friday Comic-Con@Home panel was an appearance by Star Trek: Voyager’s Tom Paris. Robert Duncan McNeill is back to voice the character who appears in an unusual way… as a plate. And the producers of the show and ViacomCBS are working with a new licensee to make this plate a real product.

Tom Paris the plate

In the season two trailer, there is a moment with a frantic Brad Boimler working in a Jeffries Tube talking to a commemorative plate featuring Tom Paris alongside an image of the USS Voyager. Returning home from the seven years in the Delta Quadrant at the helm the Voyager must have made Paris a bit of a celebrity. Having the plate or even speaking to it isn’t out of character for Boimler the Starfleet fanboy, however, the plate speaking back is a bit out of character for dinnerware.

What was also surprising was the announcement that the Tom Paris Commemorative Plate was being developed as a real product. Rimmed in real gold and featuring the same design as seen in season two of Star Trek: Lower Decks, the plate is being developed by a new licensee, Star Trek Unlimited. The official Star Trek Instagram account showed off a video featuring the plate.


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Each plate is 8-inches in diameter and will come with a stand. There are no details on pricing yet. Pre-orders will open up on August 11th, timed for the opening day of the 55-Year Mission convention in Las Vegas and one day before the season two premiere. Fans can register interest at

Showrunner’s dream come true

Lower Decks creator and executive producer Mike McMahan is having a lot of fun with this new product, including showing off his plate prototype on Twitter and taking pride in going retro instead of jumping on the latest trends.

Star Trek United is also having fun with the announcement, revealing an “alternate design” today on Twitter featuring lizard Paris from the infamous episode “Threshold.”

TrekMovie will have full coverage of the Tom Paris Commemorative Plate from the Las Vegas convention in August.

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No Plate for Harry Kim😕

He’ll be a saucer plate with his image at the bottom of the coffee cup.

I’m rewatching Voyager at the moment and it’s scandalous that Harry didn’t even get made Lieutenant JG in the voyage. I think some of the writers knew this and made some gags, but he should have gone up in S6 at the very least!

Harry was a modest person not overly obsessed with getting promoted. There hasn’t been a SINGLE main character on Trek being portrayed as an ambitious overachiever who just wants to rise in rank and position. That’s another thing I dislike about LDS… There you got countless know-nothings who are primarily obsessed with their careers; ranks, departments, ship transfers, elitist favoritism… It’s just not very Star Trekky… it’s late Roman decadence…

I’m rewatching Voyager as well, first time I have ever rewatched the show from beginning to end since it ended and I agree. Harry is one of the most resourceful people on that ship. He seems to have just as many ideas on getting out of a bind as the rest of them and the guy does quite a LOT. He’s not just sitting behind his console most of the time like Chekhov does and he’s very proactive. He should’ve been given a promotion looooong ago.

I never understood the issue against the character, he actually has LOTS of character moments and an arc throughout the show. But I’ve always liked Harry!

He got to be Captain in the last episode. Then Janeway wiped the timeline.

This is great. Looks like I’ll need to clear some shelf space.

LOL, inspired!


Perfection. I don’t know that I’ll actually buy one of those, but I am super tempted.

That would be me, as well.

In truth, I wouldn’t buy this kind of merchandise, but I think the idea behind it is great. Those who enjoy collecting such things will get a real kick out it. I’m just not one of them. :)

Yes, but does it start talking to you when you get high on fumes in the jeffries tube? If not, I’ll pass.

You supply the fumes and Jeffries tube, and I’m sure it will. :-)

This is awesome. Meanwhile, somewhere, an idiot troll is ranting about Kurtzman being terminated and CBS having ruined their childhood.

Sooooo one of the few new licensed products is essentially a Voyager one 😜😜😜

Despite my ‘toxic’ views on Discovery and Picard (obviously from me being a total bigot 🥱 and not the abysmal writing), I don’t mind Lower Decks or Prodigy. These shows are obviously tongue in cheek/not serious so best of luck to the teams making them.

I feel quite differently. While PIC and DSC aren’t perfect as far as story telling is concerned, they at least take the franchise seriously. There were some questionable choices (especially its strange flirtation with “mature” imagery) but DSC is getting better and PIC has the potential to go there as well.

LDS on the other hand is – as you said – just tongue-in-cheek stuff that DOESN’T contribute anything substantial to the franchise apart from ridiculing it (hopefully not beyond repair). It’s disrespectful, vile in parts and lacks any sort of narrative credibility with its constant self-referentiality used, breaking the fourth wall ad nauseum.

PROD is a completely different beast though. It looks like a valuable contribution to the franchise. Even a one-minute trailer has more of Trek’s inherent sense of awe and wonder. It may be for kids primarily but that’s exactly what I want: a return to the more innocent roots of the franchise that got me hooked at the age of 13. It’s a ticket out of here, pure escapism taken literally… exactly what PIC failed to be with its depressing melodrama…

PRO has not even aired yet lol. We don’t really know the tone of the show and seen literally just one minute of footage. And just because it’s a kids show doesn’t mean it can’t be taken seriously. Look at Clone Wars or Rebels.

If you feel a need to hang a lantern on the fact that people call you a bigot… well, that’s a pretty good sign that you are one and folks have your number. Also, if you find the writing abysmal on Discovery, then that doesn’t say much about your writing expertise. You seem to be under the impression you just mocked the shows and other fans, but all you’ve really done is make yourself look pretty bad.

Humour is the salt in the soup, the extra something, for every Star Trek incarnation. Some episodes, movies and series had a little too many grains of salt, some were lacking any seasoning. Most of them got it right though.

LDS on the other hand is an obtrusive overdose of pointless,,gratuitous humour. It’s like eating an entire package of salt without the proverbial soup…

Dude. It’s a cartoon.

I sometimes wonder about Garth Lorca. There’s something odd about that guy.

Hey we are trekkies. There is something odd about all of us.

— Hi everyone, corporate feels we should come up with a new Star Trek merchandise item. What have you got for me?
— Well, it could be a common household object, like a lamp, or coat hanger, or a plate…
— It will be hard to get Star Trek fans to buy plates.
— Actually, it’s gonna be super easy! Barely an inconvenience!

Isn’t it too early to steal plots from Big Bang Theory?