Star Trek TOS And TNG Movies Jump From Paramount+ To AMC+

Over the last couple of months Paramount+ started to expand its offering of Star Trek feature films, with twelve out of thirteen films available by July. Now there are only two.


ViacomCBS has made Paramount+ the primary focus of its business and this summer has greatly expanded its offering of feature films, especially films produced by Paramount Pictures. Starting in June Paramount+ in the USA has added hundreds of new movies each month, including over 400 new titles for August. While the total number of films is growing, some films have also been leaving the service.

As of June all six of The Original Series feature films along with all four of The Next Generation feature films were included in Paramount+. The latest film – Star Trek Beyond – was also added in June, with Star Trek Into Darkness added in late July, leaving the first J.J. Abrams Star Trek film the sole film not part of the streaming service.

However as August rolled in, instead of the film catalog finally being complete, all of the TOS and TNG movies disappeared. The six TOS movies and all but one of the TNG movies are now available exclusively on the AMC+ streaming service. Generations also left Paramount+ but is now not available to stream anywhere. In July Paramount+ did offer some warning that the films had a limited time on the service, sending out a tweet saying you can stream them until the end of the month. So, as of now only Beyond and Into Darkness remain on Paramount+.

Currently, the Spy Kids and Star Trek film franchises have equal representation on Paramount+

The home of Star Trek*

Having the streaming rights to movies move from one service to another is nothing new and certainly not unique to Paramount movies in general or the Star Trek films in particular, which have been migrating around most of the popular services for the last few years. And it appears that a previously agreed-upon deal with AMC is taking the Trek movies away for now. It’s possible this and more streaming licensing deals were made by Paramount and Viacom prior to the 2019 re-merger with CBS, which led to the 2021 launch of Paramount+. It isn’t clear how long the films will be streaming with AMC+ or even if they will come back to Paramount+ when the AMC deal ends.

Consolidating IP is a challenge in the evolving streaming wars, but others have been able to make this work, most notably Disney, which has brought Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars films into the Disney+ streaming service. And ViacomCBS has an opportunity to make the Paramount+ service the true home of Star Trek not just for the classic and new original television series, but the films as well. Star Trek is a critical brand for ViacomCBS, as evidenced by the latest $160 million deal for producer Alex Kurtzman to continue expanding the Star Trek Universe, as well as at least two Star Trek feature films in development at Paramount Pictures, with one arriving in less than two years.

Paramount+ has made it a key differentiator that you can get “every episode of Star Trek” on Paramount+ (see below Tweet). It is time to take the next step and make it the permanent home of every movie as well. And perhaps we have seen a glimmer of hope they are headed in this direction as Paramount+ will exclusively debut the 4k/HDR remaster Robert Wise’s Directors Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture in early 2022.

New Star Trek in August on Paramount+

Of course, there is good news for Star Trek fans on Paramount+ in August, with the premiere of season two of Star Trek: Lower Decks arriving on the 12th. There is more original programming coming this month as well as more movies, just not Star Trek movies. See some of the highlights in the promo video released today.

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Honestly the most disappointing aspect of Paramount+ has been how limited the movie selection has been. They really need to do better.

This is just like that time seven of the nine Star Wars movies left Disney+ for Crackle. ;)

I see what you did there.

I noticed this last night. Seems like a bonehead move. Somebody dropped the ball.

This happened with the Harry Potter films – they have only ever been on HBO Max for short stints, as if they were just being loaned out to their own studio. Makes more sense there though since HBO Max is a new service and those deals would have preceded it. CBS All
Access is one of the first streaming services. ViacomCBS just figures Trek fans are already hooked and wont jump ship if all the movies are licensed elsewhere.

It’s likely that AMC paid them a lot of money for exclusive streaming rights. The boneheaded move was thinking the payday was worth upsetting subscribers who wanted those movies.

The ONLY thing I can think is that data suggests that movies get less repeat viewings on the app than TV shows, and it pays to sell the rights to other apps, when the loss is minimal to P+.

But why help a competing app?

Paramount legally has to sell these to the highest bidder because those sales are tied to royalties of actors, writers, etc. Disney, on the other hand, puts weird clauses and buyouts in their contracts to keep their content on their own services.

Paramount doesn’t HAVE to construct their contracts this way, they’re just notorious for it because they’ve always lacked faith or courage of their conviction to stand by artists of any caliber. They co-finance and sell out everything they have because they run their organization like an under-performing Target store just waiting to be shuttered – – anything for short-term cash AND screw damage to future value of the property. It’s especially obvious in the handling of their IP crown jewels like Star Trek.

They’re a TV production house and have been for a really long time – and that’s how they treat their film production.

Paramount actually does have to construct their contracts to include royalties, just like almost any other studio, because otherwise they’d never get talent to sign on. And keep in mind these contracts go back to the 70’s, when Paramount had no exclusive network or service. And when they have (UPN, The Paramount Network, Paramount+), they’ve never been successful enough to warrant a buyout of all roylaties like Disney’s services.

I really don’t know what you’re saying, honestly. Giving talent royalties is not only standard, promising they’ll honor the best payout as per their contracts is standing by them.


Sorry, but unless and until you show me proof that there’s a clause in movie contracts from the 80s that says that they HAVE to shop streaming rights to the highest bidder, i’m not fully convinced.

Are you sure? Because while on the surface it makes sense, how can other services — not just disney– keep movies on their own platforms without issue? I know you say that “disney puts clauses and buyouts to keep content on their own services” but surely movies made pre-Netflix wouldn’t have those clauses, and movies acquired from other studios (Lucasfilm, Marvel, Fox, etc) might not either.

Regardless, if Disney and Hulu (a conglomerate of Disney and Warner Bros) can find ways to keep their movies on their services, Paramount can too– and should.

Any fan that really like those movies would already own them on DVD.

I haven’t watched a DVD in 15 years. I want them streaming. What are you, 75 years old, still clutching your physical media? Get into the 21st century!

DVD, sure. But Blu-Ray (nevermind 4K discs) is still much better image and sound than streaming. And not everyone has good high-speed internet.

For example, watch Lord of the Rings on streaming and the on Blu-Ray. No contest: Blu-Ray is better.

Dude I don’t even own a DVD player and I have no interest in watching those old movies.

I’m talking about people who want to see those movies. Go get yourself a DVD player and the dvds, because you’ll be waiting a very very long time before all trek movies are on one streaming platform.

What’s crazy is these movies didn’t just leave P+, they also left Amazon Prime, Hulu and Epix!

I have all of these and was pretty perplexed when every TOS and TNG film was gone not from one site but from ALL sites lol. And these movies have been on both Prime and Hulu for years now. Some may come and go, but for the most part they been there steadily.

What kind of deal did AMC have?? Leaving one site is one thing but all of them? It’s weird how these deals work. My guess is though it is temporary hopefully. P+ out of all sites really need those movies. And no one is going to be happy to just have STID and Beyond lol.

Clearly, there were some profoundly daft decisions made on Paramount licensing prior to the merger.

It’s notable that one of the most profound commitment Baklish had to make to investors post merger was to ban exclusive licenses to non ViacomCBS platforms for any ViacomCBS generated content.

I have been waiting for years for all Star Trek to be in ONE PLATFORM. Not cool for fans.

Sometimes I wonder if these decisions are made after a careful and serious analysis (trends, statistics, revenue data, etc) or simply taken by one executive with a bad hangover or terrible divorce. :P

Well, if this deal was made before the merger it’s possible AMC made Paramount an offer that sounded good at the time, and Paramount took it without thinking about the possible negative ramifications for what was still CBS All Access back then.

Now that’s an explanation that makes sense. If they signed this deal a year ago, to take affect now, suddenly it’s more forgivable. Thank you for being the first person with a reasonable explanation!

I agree with you Jay. I been saying for a year now ALL the movies need to be on P+ just like the shows. It’s so odd how they are seen almost as an after thought even though they are still very important to both the franchise and to canon (yes, even the Kelvin movies). And now thanks to the show Picard, the Kelvin movies feel much more relevant today .

In fact I was very excited to see STID show up last week. They finally had 12 of the 13 films all in place. FINALLY, that site was feeling like an all-in-one Trek site. They only needed the 09 movie which is on Netflix now in America. I assumed that would eventually show up on P+ as well, maybe even in a few months.

But literally just like that over night, a huge set back. Of course they will come back but it’s just very annoying. In fact with my grand rewatch of the franchise, I still had Insurrection and Nemesis to watch (just rewatched FC last week). Of course I will still rewatch them, just probably rent them (man paying to watch Nemesis again which is my least favorite movie shows how dedicated I am to the cause ;)). The crazy thing is the movies were on SO many different sites I didn’t really think I can lose them all since they were on four sites just a week ago. Maybe they will come back to one of them before I watch Insurrection but its still crazy.

Sure glad I always buy the discs!

Yeah. Anymore, if I like it, I buy the physical media.

Bingo! Maybe I’m “old fashioned” but there is no better way to ensure a complete Trek library than having them all on physical discs. Let’s just hope they don’t stop making DVD players, ha!

I was going to say: You just have to hope that you will always have a working device to play them.
I watch all my disks through a PC. Recently, I looked into the option of going 4K HDR but it seems to be almost impossible. What’s more, from what I read some PC disk drives that used to be able to play UHD blu-rays have actually been patched via firmware updates not to play them anymore.

I have a player I hook up to my TV and my sound system. I also don’t see BD players be them HD or 4K or even 5K going anywhere anytime soon. Sure, eventually they may go the way of vinyl or cassettes.

But one thing I did not consider is that perhaps one day decades from now the studios may opt to not release to discs to ensure people HAVE to subscribe. Which is pretty crappy but I wouldn’t put it past them.

Go the way of vinyl. I hear this phrase still used sometimes but then I see a vinyl section at Walmart–of NEW vinyl–and it zaps my brain a little. Whuuut? But it’s a good feeling. I hope movies will get the same physical media love in the future.

I have a small leftover DVD collection from the early 2000s but nothing to play them on. And i’m fine with that, I haven’t regularly watched DVDs since 2006 or so, haven’t touched a physical disc in almost a decade and i’m VERY happy about that.

Never going back.

Do you have a game console that can play dvds? I keep forgetting that my ps4 can play Blu-ray, but I don’t own any disks to try it out.

Me too.

Score 1 for physical media.

I’ve been shouting this to the heavens like a crazy uncle for years now.


Brother! I’m trying to remember… did we have a sister kicking around somewhere?

Also can’t be retroactively edited or pulled for Current Year Reasons.


Physical media: 1
Streaming media: 1,567

Good luck, physical media!

I can sure see physical medial DVD/Blu-ray making a comeback, as long as they don’t conspire to stop making the players so we are forced to use streaming.

Why is Paramount so bad at this?

It makes no sense. They also have great examples of streaming services in Netflix and Disney+. Just copy those!

It absolutely makes sense. This is a vestige of an older agreement. They’re contractually obligated to do this. The contract period will eventually end, so everyone’s over-the-top fan melodrama is just silly.

Yep, agree. Also, Par+ would like to lure some of those Walking Dead subs over to them, as well. Here are some 40+ year old movies that all the “real fans” own on every edition we dole out…

Probably because the re-merger with CBS happened in the middle of existing contract terms with other networks/streamers.

I’m rooting for paramount+ but this is disappointing. Luckily, I have them on dvd/blu-ray.

This is why I like to own movies.

Super-fun facts in the contract streaming factoids, which may have something to do with the turning of the calendar: The 3 Trek Bad Robot movies just popped up on Netflix Canada August 1st. Amazon Canada streaming only has Into Darkness and Beyond. Beyond was also on Netflix for a few months.

The TOS/TNG movies I haven’t seen anywhere streaming in Canada for years. However, I did just buy the Stardate TOS/TNG movie Blu Ray set awhile ago so I’m set (digital redemption version copies in Canada only work on Apple products and not on Google Play/Android)

This is one of the reasons I still buy Blu Ray discs. Once I have it, I have it. Go ahead and move it to someplace stupid on a streaming platform I don’t care about.
The other reason is streaming quality is still nowhere as nice as a 4k Blu Ray.

True, but physical media can’t beat the convenience of streaming. Start watching it on tv at home, continue on your phone on a work break, finish on a different tv at home. That’s why I want a streaming version of these movies. I have the Blue Rays of most of thw Trek movies to watch when I really want high quality, but sometimes I just want some Trek while waiting for the train!

Hard to enjoy it on the train when you don’t know who Paramount has sold it to this month, though… :P

Not for me. If I’m going to watch something like that, I like to do it in the comfort of my home on my 75″ TV with surround sound.
Some TV show’s I’m ok with watching on a smaller screen, like my iPad, but for the most part I want to be fully immersed in what I’m watching.

I’ll never understand why anyone would want to watch a 4K movie on their phone. Its like going to a 5-star restaurant and ordering a Coke and a bag of chips.

Streaming is beginning to feel like a game of Duck Hunt. Stop giggling at me, dog!

More like a game of whack-a-mole. Just when you think you’ve got the right critter, another pops up elsewhere…


Yeah… This is an excellent reason why owning things on disc is vastly superior to relying on streaming.

None of this matters to those who own the feature films on disc. We can watch them whenever we want and not have to be concerned with what streaming service has it this week.

Totally agree ML31.

We’ve some friends who will come over and watch movies on our home theatre. First time she came over, she asked to see our disc collection, to choose a movie. I picked up the remote, and opened Netflix and asked her to choose. I showed her Par+, Disney, Prime, you name it. My spouse is organized to the nth degree. She told our friends that she didn’t want to have to deal with storing all those discs. The next time, our friends hosted movie night. When we went to their place, the racks on the walls were full of cds, dvd, and blu-rays. There also were VHS cassettes around. We decided on which movie to watch. Our friend dispatched her husband to the basement for the VCR we needed. I helped her pull out the old CRT and connected the VCR to her TV. No room on the stand for it, permanently. We watched an old 90’s Disney movie in glorious 240P video quality and in thrilling monaural sound on the 2″ round speaker. When that movie was over? Yep, repeat the procedure. Get the right gadget, connect to the TV. and watch in glorious 240P. Yes, I own a few discs for when I watch on my home theatre. I’d rather stream it, though.

Hmmm…. I guess there might be people who still own VHS. I was a VHS collector back in the day. But when DVD came out I replaced all of them the instant I could. Then when BD came out I replaced nearly all of them with their HD counterparts. A few DVD’s have yet to come out in BD but the BD players will still play DVD. And the quality is still pretty good. I have a shelving unit that holds the discs for all to see that sucks up a grand total of perhaps 10 square feet of wall space.

If I want to watch any of them I just pop them into the player which is always ready to go. And I do not have to subscribe to 6 streaming services that I would barely ever watch or deal with their irritating menus and delayed action controls. When it comes to streaming something I own vs watching the actual disc, I just go straight to the disc rather than figure out what streaming service that feature is on that week.

I admit that there are cases where streaming would be the way to go. But I don’t find that they come up all that much. And your arguments in favor of streaming over disc just aren’t convincing.

Anything you truly love, you need to have on disc, because nobody can take those away from you.

I have the 79 jewels* on blu-ray. I usually watch them on Netflix, but if something weird happens, I have them.

*The 79 episodes of TOS made so much money in syndication that an executive at Paramount famously called them “the 79 jewels.” Of course, this was awhile back… :-)

Glad I’m not the only one who owns the Blu-rays but watches the streaming instead. Just want to keep them pristine as long as I can!

Ah, you’ve finally justified my laziness in failing to plop in the blu-ray but streaming instead. I’m “preserving” them … yes, that’s it!


*smile* It’s good that you know yourself. :-)

I stream because I usually watch on my computer, which is near my husband, rather than on my TV, which isn’t. But keeping the discs in good shape is another good reason!

Les Moonvrs once called Trek the Family Jewel of CBS.

The 79 episodes of TOS made so much money in syndication that an executive at Paramount famously called them “the 79 jewels.” 

That didn’t stop Paramount from telling Roddenberry, Shatner and Nimoy that the show still hadn’t turned a profit, even well into the ’80s.

There’s an AMC+?

Yes. And, bafflingly, you can’t even watch “Better Call Saul” on it. Or you couldn’t for the minuscule amount of time I was a subscriber, at least.


Pay fair market price for the best quality copy once has always seemed the obvious way to me. Why sub to a long term rental (which is what a pay for streaming service is) they can yank out from under you for the content you want to see whenever when you should purchase once to own it? I’ll always update aka purchase to latest and best versions of my faves like ST, series or movies as they become available, but these streaming rental services are for the birds. Good it puts money into the coffers I guess to help produce new content in the new age, but I’d much rather pay once and own it to watch on my terms when I want to. That is if it’s good, really good. If it is, like the Mandolorian or the astonishing HBO Dark Crystal: Age of resistance which sadly got just one season, I’ll buy it, Name your price. Otherwise I don’t wish to pay for what I won’t watch even once month after month to have a collection of my favorites.

Oh, how I dearly wish they’d give The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance another season, and how I wish they’d release the show on disc (with lots of extras, please!).

Huh, that’s interesting. We do have P+, and my wife has been enjoying some of their original shows. But for me, I’m a Trek guy, and would never be without the latest versions available to purchase of all the ST shows and movies on hard copy. That’s how I watch them still, and the sound and picture beats compressed streaming. Same goes for books, I want to hold it and turn the pages myself. It’s a new world, and I suppose we need to support what puts the money into their coffers for new content, but I’m all about paying once, name your price -if it’s good-, to own a quality version that’s not just a long term rental.

Be smarter than the beancounters – buy blu-ray. They cannot walk into your home and take that away from you. Ever.

Well, they can join Indiana Jones, The Godfather and multiple Mission: Impossible films as iconic Paramount movies they can’t actually afford to keep on Paramount+.

I haven’t seen Sonatine but it’s probably a solid choice. I remember watching Hana-bi (released in U.S. as Fireworks) which came out a few years later, late 1990s.

I swear, Paramount+ may be even worse at this than CBS All Access was.

It sounds like this deal predates the ViacomCBS merger,

or was done in the brief window post-merger before the new corporate policy of “no exclusive licences of Paramount-produced content to other streamers” was announced to investors.

It’s not surprising that several senior executives at Paramount have moved and been replaced in the past year.

AMC is mentioned as a possible Viacom takeover, but I don’t think this is related.

So now you need at least 2 different streaming service to watch all of Star Trek: AMC+ and Paramount+ in USA. Netflix and Prime in Europe.

This is exactly why nothing beats physical media ;)

at least where movies are concerned. I find streaming series much more convenient than shuffling through discs.

Ah yes, putting a disc in a machine, one of the Labors of Hercules, I believe. ;-)

Yeah… Every time I pop a disc on that tongue that pops out I just groan at the effort. As opposed to the east of opening up the streaming app… Then telling it to cast to the TV…. Then having to wait for the thing to load… Then having to negotiate the menus…. Having to type out what you want using your remote control one letter at a time while you go down right right right enter up up left left left enter down right right right right right right enter (etc)

Don’t forget the annoying button overlays on the credits sequences, asking if you want to skip the main titles, or forcing you to actively choose to watch the end credits, and perhaps shrinking down the show to a window a fraction the size of your screen while it waits for you to go back to full screen.

I get that lots of heathens out there don’t care about the end credits and such, but as someone who does actually want to see them, I hate the way streaming services treat them like an afterthought, just assuming you don’t want to bother with them.

Agreed. I absolutely HATE that. It is something you can set but even if you say to not automatically go to the next episode of something you still get all those annoying graphics.

Another thing that happens that is irritating as hell… I start up Netflix… Have to get up to do something but it’s on the menu page. If you don’t touch it for perhaps 5 seconds it starts playing whatever it was that it was featuring on their menu. What the hell is up with that??? And then of course there’s their pause that throws tons of graphics up on the screen with the pause and the FF and RW that move at a billion miles an hour when I only want to back it up perhaps 10 seconds.

And yes, I know streaming is popular and it is the direction things are going. I just have to hope those irritants get worked out. But the fact that they haven’t yet doesn’t instill confidence.

Exactly, Oystein.

Yes. It’s one of many reasons why physical media is vastly superior to streaming.

In reality the movies JUST got on Paramount+ like 2 months ago. I been watching them (TOS and TNG films) on Amazon Prime and Hulu (those also still have the classic shows as well) where they literally been for years now. That’s the REAL shocker to me, because those movies have been a mainstay at those sites for so long. In fact I thought when they went to Paramount+ both Hulu and Prime would lose them, but that wasn’t the case, you just had another option to watch them.

That’s why this deal is so nuts. AMC literally got some exclusive deal that took them all away everywhere. Until then, the movies were basically like the old shows, being shared on multiple sites. Now you can only find them at one place, at least for now and on a site I have zero interest in having.

I own all the DVD’s/ Blu-rays of Trek. I constantly re-watch episodes/arcs all the time, at my own leisure. I don’t have to stress if it isn’t available anymore, you never know these days what’s going to disappear or not.
Lesson: buy physical media before it goes the way of the dodo.

I am so happy with my extensive DVD and Blu Ray collection. Over the last decade I’ve painstakingly ripped all my physical media to digital and created my own personal streaming centre of sorts, at home. So I really have all my favourites available anytime I want.

My physical discs though are not going anywhere, still can’t beat the picture and sound when projected onto a big screen and plugged into a proper sound system for those special movie nights.

The point of my message is that for movie buffs, it’s always better to own the film physically. Even if someone buys a movie online there’s no guarantee it will be yours ‘forever.’

Good thing I still have the first ten Star Trek movies on Blu-ray. Can’t wait to see the 4K “Director’s Edition” of Star Trek: The Motion Picture on Paramount+ next year.

I’m an avid movie fan, and while certain streaming services can be a great thing for convenience (especially for the kids), the main reason I keep adding to my own collection of movies and shows is because I know I’ll never be able to access *all* my favourites in one place whenever I get the urge to re-watch something.

So thankfully, I am future-proofed with all the parts of the STAR TREK ‘franchise’ that I care for, and will definitely pick up the likes of the HD version of TMP:Director’s Edition’ when that comes out.

Thanks to doing this over the years, I also have plenty of old favourites (many cheap 2nd-hand) that I can now access at my leisure that will likely *never* be included on any streaming service in my lifetime.

I’m all for seeing new content, but I just hope that the majority of any future shows and movies that I really like will continue to pressed onto disc for many years to come.

Netflix just added the Kelvin trilogy this month in Latin America. They already had Into Darkness, but on August 1st they added Trek ’09 and Beyond. Prime Video has had all three for a while now.

When CBSAA launched it was the only platform that didn’t have the HD versions of Trek shows, and it was inexcusable. Thankfully, that was eventually fixed. But Paramount+ not having the Trek films is another HUGE misstep.

They should be THRILLED that they have so many subscribers, and use their library of movies as attractive content to appeal to new ones– rather than selling them to another, competing app.

Movies are just about on every other streaming platform anyway, no biggie.

they just can’t get out of their own way in terms of knowing how to deal with a franchise that should be raking in viewership and cash. Sigh.

Um…kind of going in the wrong direction. One reason I’ll always have my dvd’s of the films. P+ will continue to not receive my $$.

I bought them all on iTunes years ago (pre-Netflix), so I can (and do) watch them anytime. I used to also watch them on Netflix, because, well, I had it anyway.

I bought a couple from Flixster back in the day.
Then Flixter folded.
I certainly don’t see iTunes folding. But I definitely can see them decide to start charging you for access to your own movies. Caveat emptor.

True. If you don’t actually have it in your possession then then your rights to access it will always be tenuous.

While it would be nice to have all the movies and series in one place for trek fans to view at our leisure. One does have to wonder the reason to move the films around? It could very well be financial but you would think that P+ would desire that money rather than send to AMC+ so go figure. As others have stated here, I am just glad for the DVD/BluRay copies I have.

They may think they have Trek fans hooked already, so getting external revenue guarantees from other streamers makes more sense to them than limiting legacy Trek to P+. They got $500 million for South Park from HBO Max and made streaming deals for Yellowstone, Jack Ryan etc. when they could have self-dealt and hoarded IP. They likely regret some of those choices, but they don’t have as much of a cushion and diverse income to wait for the service to make money as others do. The older shows are still licensed everywhere, so it’s not that surprising to me.

I think you make a good point Ian, you just may have deciphered the “code” on their reasoning behind all this move business.

In defense of the DVD/BluRays… I have to say that I enjoy the extras or bonus footage you get. Commentaries, behind the scenes, cast interviews, etc.

I have them all on Blu-Ray, so I could really care less.

I feel bad though for any fans having to watch these films on “fake HD” streaming, with all of the compression artifacts, and crappy audio.

Wow. Star Trek movies leaving a Paramount service. Unreal.

Then again, “The Paramount Channel” on basic cable has NEVER shown any of the Trsk films or shows so far as I know.

That channel shows the Indy Jones movies over and over Every. Damned. Weekend. They mostly show those, and some show called “Bar Rescue.” I don’t think they show anything else.

Why wouldn’t “The Paramount Channel” show all the Treks, not to mention other old shows like Cheers, etc?

Ah well… Just waiting for Discovey season 4 and (especially) Strange New Worlds.

The Trek shows and movies I want I have on DVD or Blu-ray (Keep hoping for DS9 on Blu-ray…). Still sucks for fans though.

Then again, Paramount sucks. Why their vast film library isn’t part of Paramount Plus is beyond me.

That’s a good point. The only movies I’ve watched on The Paramount Channel are the Indiana Jones movies. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s odd they’ve never done a Trek marathon. Even little old IFC has done those.

I wouldn’t stream Star Trek Into Darkness on Paramount+ even if it was the ONLY movie ever made!

Agreed. I’ll very likely never watch that movie again.

Into Darkness is my favorite Trek Movie. I have a free month code sitting in my inbox.

Cool story.

So, this news makes me less likely to subscribe to Paramount +. I cancelled after Picard season 1 was over and have not subscribed since. I will wait until Paramount + gets all the Star Trek together nicely.

Cool story

Paramount+ sucks outside of new Star Trek. They don’t have many shows or movies as is. Some of the shows they do have don’t even have all the episodes. This will reduce their offerings buy about a day worth of time. I did see IFC did a 2 day marathon of all 10 movies so I guess AMC+ doesn’t really care that they bought them either.

Well a bonus to buying on Disc is if you want to watch Trek movies on the go, they have digital redemption codes (although you may have to dig out an iPod classic to watch Star Trek 2009)