The Shuttle Pod Previews The 55-Year Mission Convention With Chase Masterson

Creation Entertainment’s annual Las Vegas Star Trek convention, now dubbed “The 55-Year Mission Tour”, will return next Wednesday, August 11, after a year’s absence.

While this year’s convention is a go, it hasn’t been without its challenges. The Delta variant of COVID-19 has caused a surge of infections in Nevada, with mask mandates returning to various counties in the state, including Clark County, where Las Vegas is located. This development has made both fans and celebrities understandably concerned about traveling to the city.

Most of the TrekMovie team will be heading to the con, including Shuttlepodders Kayla, Jared, and Brian. In this episode, they preview the convention, their own concerns about navigating a convention during a pandemic, and more. We also spoke to DS9’s Chase Masterson, who will be a guest at the con, about how Creation is working to keep the actors safe, as well as her work with Pop Culture Hero Coalition which she’ll be promoting at the show.

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Great to hear you will be there and will be reporting from there!
One thing you missed a bit (but that’s understandable among all the other things) is all those of us who are unable to even get there because we do not live in the US and are unable to even get into the country right now due to travel restrictions. I actually would be on a plane to the US right now if at least vaccinated people would be able to cross the border.

So, while brokenhearted for not meeting other fans, I’m happy you will give us the vibe and the news from STLV. And I hope to actually see everyone again for the 56-Year-Mission or whatever STLV2022 will be called! :)

To your point about the photo ops with the plexiglass shields:

I was at Ticonderoga for the Shatner Birthday Celebration. At that event, you stood behind Mr. Shatner with a “transparent aluminum” shield preventing you from breathing on him.

There may have been email messaging about this. But I missed it. I was somewhat let down initially that I would not have my photo next to Mr. Shatner in the captain’s chair…on the bridge.

Luckily, I am good with Photoshop and removed the “transparent aluminum” shield from the picture. But the original physical photo still has the shield sadly. And I had a photo op with Mr. Shatner in 2016 as well.

The only true negative to this is paying $100 for a photo that I had to alter to make it look like a natural experience. Even without the panel, it still looks odd for me to be standing behind him. But oh well. The Star Trek Original Series Set Tour put on a great event. It was a lot of fun. And I love going there.

The image (with glass removed) is on my Facebook and public if you would like to see it.

Good discussion! I’m actually glad that Creation does not have the official license. In the years that they did, CBS never allowed me to do presentations on NASA’s planetary exploration missions at STLV. Trek fans tend to be major enthusiasts for planetary exploration, and I like to “give back” to our community because Trek inspired me to become a planetary scientist. This year I will be doing two talks, because Adam and Gary appreciate my efforts.

See you next week! Dr. Dave, ASU planetary science professor

It really is starting to seem like they should just cancel the convention. Even with precautions, there just isn’t really any way to safely put a lot of people in one place right now. And it sounds like its not going to be a lot of fun anyway, because of the precautions.