‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Showrunner Hints At Writing Season 5 As Production On Season 4 Continues

The fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery is coming late this year, but there is an indication that planning has already started for the fifth.

Season 5 writers room preparing to assemble?

Paramount+ has not officially announced if Star Trek: Discovery will be getting a fifth season; however, a hint that work for another season may be starting up soon came over the weekend in a roundabout way. Discovery writer Kyle Jarrow showed off some face-painting from a child’s birthday party, which elicited a reply from co-showrunner Michelle Paradise, saying she would be “seriously bummed” if he didn’t “show up for the first day of the room” with the face paint.

This indicates that Paradise is planning on getting her Discovery writers room back together, possibly soon. Writing for season four wrapped up in May, so they have had some time to take a break and think about the direction for the show.

Traditionally CBS All Access/Paramount+ doesn’t announce new season pickups until the latest season has begun to stream, and for Discovery that won’t happen until season four kicks off, likely around December 2021. Another season of Discovery would not be a surprise, as just last weekend ViacomCBS announced a new five-year deal with executive producer and co-showrunner Alex Kurtzman to continue developing and producing Star Trek Universe shows for Paramount+.

Some still shooting season 4

Production on season four has continued, even though some members of the cast have already wrapped. The remaining work is likely for pickup shots as post-production has also been underway for some time. While some actors have already wrapped their work for the season, other are still at it: Just this week Wilson Cruz (Culber) showed off a COVID protocol sign joking how it made sure he and Sonequa Martin-Green (Burnham) maintained social distancing on the set.


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Both Cruz and Martin-Green had to cancel appearances at the Creation 55-Year Mission Convention which takes place this coming week (August 11-15). However, other members of the season four cast including Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, and David Ajala will be in Las Vegas for the event. Martin-Green and Cruz will be appearing with Wiseman, Ajala, and Rapp at Creation’s Sci-Fi Summit in New Jersey, which kicks off September 10th.

As for Paradise, she is taking a day off from her season four post-production work, as she revealed in a Twitter reply to the official Grudge account celebrating International Cat Day.

Rebecca’s custom Strange New Worlds wrap gift

Primary production on the first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds wrapped in late July, although some pickup shots are expected to be done this fall. Earlier in the week, Rebecca Romijn (Number One) revealed a set of custom jackets she made for her fellow cast members, each with a bedazzled light-up USS Enterprise, saying on Twitter: “BOLDLY SEWN. WHAT NO ONE’S WORN BEFORE.”

Celia Rose Gooding, Rebecca Romijn, Ethan Peck, Melissa Navia, Jess Bush, Christina Chong, Babs Olusanmokun, and Anson Mount show off their custom jackets (Twitter/Rebecca Romijn)

Actress Melissa Navia showed her appreciation, saying the jackets inspired her to change up her usual style.

Strange New Worlds has been confirmed to be coming in 2022 to Paramount+ in the USA and Latin America, and on CTV Sci-Fi in Canada. Other markets have yet to be announced.

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I heard Discovery was canceled after the first season. Have I missed something?

Heh. Funny.

Will be use lf in future lectures at film and TV school as an example of how not to write a TV show

I’m pretty impressed at the dedication people have to show up at work long after they’ve been fired.

“Traditionally Paramount+ doesn’t announce new season pick-ups until the latest season has begun to stream”

Traditionally? Paramount+ has only existed for a few months now :-)

i knoticed the enterprise rebecca made looks to be a mix of tmp refit and tos 1701 elements which is interesting as it meshs well with the the semi silloette top veiw cbs made for the strange new worlds production crew shirts which had tmp refit pylons

Hey, Rebecca: you’re gonna start a TREND with those awesome jackets….. pretty soon, the fans will be thinking along those lines as well …. lines shaped like Matt Jeffries’ iconic starship design that’s so eye-catching, especially with the vessel all lit up like that. Warp Speed, Indeed. Well done, Number One!

I know a lot of people are still divided on this show (especially on this board lol) but I really hope this show can go several more seasons. I just want them to keep exploring and building on the 32nd century. I was so excited when we realized we were going a thousand years into the future and more so when they made it clear it was going to be their permanent home and not just a one season thing.

Out of all the new shows so far, Discovery now has the biggest opportunity to leave an imprint on the franchise because it can set the universe any way it wants. We obviously got that with the Burn but they can do some really interesting and crazy things with it and especially in an era where they can push the technology in whatever direction they want.

When Discovery was a boring prequel, I wasn’t excited about it as much, but still supported it. But now I’m completely onboard with it that they have gone where no one has gone before in Star Trek. So although I’m still on the fence with the show overall myself, I’m still looking forward to its future (pun intended ;)).

Not bad for a show that bankrupted CBS a couple years ago. Looking forward to season five…

Bankrupted? Source please?

He’s being sarcastic.

He’s one of the commenters who thinks it’s hilarious to make constant references to terrible clickbait Youtubers like Doompock.

I was never one of those people who believed those silly claims, but I do wish they were true.

The current state of Star Trek is a classic corporate example of failing upwards.

I am definitely looking forward to season 4, 5 and beyond. I love Michael and the entire crew. I was to watch them for years. Season 3 is rerunning here in Japan and I plan to watch from season 1 on Netflix. I very much like how flawed Michael is and I hope being captain doesn’t prevent her from being able to put pieces of the puzzle together.

Best Trek Ever. Discovery made me a Trek fan again.