Watch ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Character Promos And More To Prep For Season 2 Premiere [UPDATED]

Season two of Star Trek: Lower Decks arrives on Thursday on Paramount+. And they have been releasing a series of brief promos on social media to get fans excited. There are also some new audio logs from some of the crew.

UPDATE: Riker is back!

Here is today’s promo, featuring a clip of The Beard himself, USS Titan Captain William Riker (Jonathan Frakes).

The lower deckers are back

Over the last week, Paramount+ has released some character-specific promos for season two. Yesterday they posted one for Beckett Mariner featuring her doing some Anbo jyutsu.

And on Monday the promo for Brad Boimler features an homage to Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

And earlier they released promos for Rutherford and Tendi, both trying to do their jobs on the Cerritos.

[NOTE: International versions are available on Instagram]

The Pakleds are back too, still not so smart

The Pakleds from Star Trek: The Next Generation came back with a vengeance in the season one finale of Lower Decks, and are now the main recurring bad guys for the show. In this clip released on Monday, Commander Ransom and Lieutenant Kayshon have to deal with a Pakled spy.

Crew logs

The official Star Trek Logs account on Instagram is back, with crew audio logs from three characters.

Dr. T’Ana talks about Peanut Hamper.


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Captain Freeman discusses the improved Cerritos.


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Rutherford deals with his memory loss.


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Season two will debut on Paramount+ on August 12th in the USA and CTV Sci-Fi in Canada, and on Amazon Prime on August 13th. It will debut in September on Paramount+ in Latin America.

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Looking forward to tomorrow


Just wish the clips in the tweets were were region free.

As usual, some of them can be found on the official Star Trek Twitter channel in a what seems to be a region-free version, but you need to sift through the posts there

Wow… These are just sad.

The only one that was semi entertaining was the Caitan’s. The cursing is indeed losing it’s humor value. But there does seem to be hope. If they could play up any feline tendencies with her the potential for humor with her could go up. Similar to how sometimes on Family Guy (back when it was funny) they felt that we needed to be reminded that Brian is a dog. He would speak about being afraid of a vacuum and other such canine things that ended up being funny.

They’re just web extras bruh… watch the ones for Discovery and you’ll see that they literally put no time or effort into the Star Trek logs. It’s just content for their Instagram, but I thought these new ones were 10x better than the Disco ones from last year.

I’m VERY excited for the return of Lower Decks TONIGHT!!!

True but they are designed to generate audience. If you have a comedy you want to get people to see, it would help if the promo material was funny.

Have you stopped to consider that your opinion of the show is just that…. an opinion?

You seem to be utterly incapable (from what I’ve read over the last week) of understanding that there are others that have a different opinion of the show. You need to realise that just because YOU think something it does not make it the absolute truth for everyone. You’re coming off as an intolerant and angry fanboy.

That’s just how ML31 posts. It comes off that he’s speaking for others but he’s only speaking for himself. He’s just very convinced about it.😉

Question: How does it come off that I am speaking for others? It is uncommon when I do and in general I do not like to speak for others as it is not my place to do so. And to clarify, just saying “Show X is not good” is certainly NOT speaking for others. Now if I said something like, “The Rotten Tomato average for show X is only 20%” then I could claim that I am speaking for others, but even then it’s only 80% of others. Not an absolute.

I have no idea whatsoever why you would think that. Literally EVERYONE here presents their take on things. You are no different than I am except that I don’t call someone out for, (horror!) expressing an opinion in a thread that is nothing but opinions! I find it redundant and ridiculous to clarify that an obvious opinion is indeed, an opinion. It’s talking down to the audience. I like to think that most folks are better than that and understand that when someone says something like, “Apples are terrible” that it is an obvious opinion and no need to get and huffy because of it. Unlike some governments, I don’t like treating people like children.

“Ensign Tendi is climbing a mountain. Why is she climbing a mountain?”

I am so ready for more of this show. Honestly, I wish the forthcoming seasons of Discovery and Picard could just be another 23 episodes of Lower Decks, instead, for a second season totaling 33 episodes. But I guess that’s not realistic for an animated series…

And in yet another bit of fan service, (on top of the more obvious jet boots) notice that Boimler is also wearing a white shirt with the same slogan Kirk did in FF. Cute. But funny? No. And this is a very good sample of what the show is.

These are great! I didn’t want to watch all of them but man I am definitely missing this show! And it’s so great to see Riker back. I hope he’s in more than the first episode. Anyway, less than a day to go now guys!!!!! Getting pumped!

Frakes really seems to be having fun with this….

Frames just love playing Riker again! I’m hoping he’s back on Picard next season too.