‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 4 Not Done Yet: Actress Tara Rosling Recalled To Toronto For More Filming

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Season four of Star Trek: Discovery began production last November and it had appeared to be wrapping up this month, but it now looks like the show is going into overtime.

Discovery still shooting

The fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery was supposed to be almost complete, with pickup and location shots still happening in Toronto but much of the main cast (including Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, and David Ajala) already wrapped for the season. Last week executive producer and co-showrunner Michelle Paradise – as she prepared to head from Los Angeles to Toronto – said the show was headed into the “last few weeks of filming.”

And on Saturday morning, tweeted that filming continues on location, teasing that she couldn’t reveal what they were shooting and posting a picture of a set cone.

Actress recalled

But now it looks like there’s even more filming scheduled than they originally thought. Tara Rosling, who plays T’Rina, the President of Ni’Var, has been in Las Vegas this week for the 55-Year Mission convention. She appeared at a panel on Wednesday and was scheduled to be signing autographs all week.

Tara Rosling at 55-Year Mission convention, Las Vegas, August 11 2021 (Photo: TrekMovie.com)

However, on Friday a sign went up at Rosling’s autograph table saying “Tara was called back to set by CBS” with the words “YES filming more DISCOVERY” underneath. Other Discovery actors attending the convention have remained, with another planned panel on Sunday. However, Rosling’s recall could indicate that there’s more to be filmed for the season than pickup shots. There is also some unconfirmed reporting that some production may even run beyond August.

Tara Rosling’s booth at 55-Year Mission convention, Las Vegas , August 13 2021 (Photo: TrekMovie.com)

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