Official Star Trek Magazine Relaunching As ‘Star Trek Explorer’ This Fall

Titan’s long-running official Star Trek Magazine sent out its 79th issue earlier this year, and now they are relaunching with a brand new name and new features, too.

Star Trek Explorer

Today Titan Publishing announced Star Trek Explorer – The Official Star Trek Magazine. Titan promises that Explorer will be the “#1 destination for everything Star Trek,” and like the original magazine, it will include in-depth interviews and features to take fans behind the scenes on all the shows and movies from the franchise. In addition, the new look Explorer also includes two brand-new exclusive Star Trek short stories, and a bonus 16-page themed supplement bound inside each issue.

The premiere issue features a definitive guide to Captain Kirk. Issue #1 also includes exclusive interviews with Star Trek: Discovery stars Blu del Barrio, Ian Alexander, and guest star David Cronenberg, along with co-showrunner  Michelle Paradise. The first issue will arrive in stores on November 2nd, 2021, likely shortly before season four of Discovery debuts. Subsequent issues of Star Trek Explorer will be released quarterly.

Issue 1 newsstand cover

“The Star Trek brand is so exciting right now with new shows and storylines,” exclaimed Editor Nick Jones. “We wanted to match this excitement with a new, fresh-look magazine that will thrill long-time and new readers alike. We will be exploring the entire Star Trek Universe in a cool, fun way. I can’t wait to share with our readers!”

Subscribers of Star Trek Explorer will also receive an exclusive digital magazine, direct to their inbox with every quarterly issue. Each digital magazine will feature bonus short stories, printables, activities, and more.

Previews exclusive cover for issue #1

Star Trek Explorer is priced at $9.99 per issue. An annual subscription will also be available for $29.99 (saving 25%). Issue #1 will arrive at magazine retailers and comic stores beginning November 2, 2021. You can pre-order the newsstand edition now for $6.99. You can also pre-order the Previews exclusive cover version of issue #1 for $6.99.

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Dang. I wrote a show outline for a show I called Star Trek: Explorer. I guess that’s off the table now.

What was wrong with Star Trek: Communicator? That was a perfect name for a Star Trek magazine.

The Communicator was a competing fanclub magazine that died in 2005. It is not identical with the Official Star Trek Magazine / Star Trek Monthly (till 2006).

Out of mere curiosity… For what purpose did you write that Explorer show outline? As mere fan fic or to hand it in to the offical IP owners at Viacom? Do they even accept fan contributions these days? I remember that back in the 90s there a had been some sort of open script policy.

When I finally handed in some ideas, I got an answer fro Paramount that they had just discountinued that policy but wow, I got an official anwer from Paramount via mail :-)

Well, I still got gazillion of ideas floating through my head. If there was such an open policy again, color me interested.

If its just fan fic you are writing, you probably could still use the Explorer title…

My only contribution to Trek… and I can’t even be sure about that…but I’m still sort of proud that I have probably “named” Star Trek Beyond.
I suggested that title back in the day when Bob Orci was a regular contributor on this site. While his original story wasn’t chosen to be Trek 13, the title made it… I’ll probably never find out if he or some other guy read my post and made that happen but even not knowing, it is still a good feeling the movie got the title I wanted it to have… co-incidence or not.

I hope the next one will be called “Star Trek Forever”… probably fourth KT movie, maybe it could even feature the Guardian of Forever… If I’m right again, that would be just so coooool…

Yeah, I also took advantage of Michael Pillers open submission policy. But it didn’t amount to much for me, other than me getting an agent. So there’s that.

But the Explorers show was this animated thing I wrote like ten years ago. It was cool but It sounds like Prodigy is very similar to it, so yeah.

But I loved the old Communicator magazine and still have a few old issues. I miss that mag

Funnily enough, I used to share an office with the company that did the layout for Communicator, Black Eye Design in Montreal. Really nice people. When Communicator closed down it kinda took a big chunk out of their revenues (they had also done other design work for Decipher, the parent company whose business was collectible card games, which suffered a crash around the same time).

In a twist of fate, when they moved offices, their street address ended up being 1701. :)

Their founder, Michel Vrana, closed the biz and went solo and now he’s a successful book designer.

Star Trek Communicator was a separate magazine that is unrelated to the current one. The current one is a reboot of Star Trek Magazine.

As for your show outline, unless you’re a known name in Hollywood there was never any chance you’d be able to pitch it anyway. :)

What about my subscription to Star Trek Magazine? I only received one issue, #79.

I received a letter in the mail from Titan and they will convert the ST Magazine subscription over to Explorer.

Me too! That’s all I ever got for almost a year. WTF. They are like the Lootcrate people.

If this is going for a format like Empire or Total Film then this will make me much more interested in getting a subscription.

in the early 90s i’d pick up the official fan club magazine every now and then when saw it in the comic store or just flick through it to see if was worth buying that month(or bi month)..there were the little updates on the next movie VI (also updates in the editorial page of the DC comic i used to get for a while) and the ever growing centre pages catalogue filled with trek goodies i couldnt order (as i was in UK) .. then around the mid 90s it disappeared until saw a new issue ‘Communicator’ (the new name for TOFC mag) around same time as Generations so was buying that on and off throughout 90s .. then there was ST Magazine again buying every now and then (in fact ive only recently bought a few issues cheap on ebay)

I like that it will feature original fiction. I wonder if it will also have comics.