Star Trek Day 2021 To Feature Live Panels With Cast And Creatives From All 5 Paramount+ Shows

Star Trek Day - TrekMovie

For the second year in a row, ViacomCBS is celebrating the anniversary of Star Trek with a special day of streamed events—but for the 55th anniversary, they are doing it live.

Star Trek Day 2021 Live!

On Sept. 8, 1966, Star Trek debuted with “The Man Trap” on NBC, and 55 years later the franchise is still going strong. Paramount Plus is honoring September 8 as Star Trek Day to celebrate the franchise’s enduring legacy by inviting fans from around the world to join in a celebration of Star Trek Day on Wednesday, Sept. 8 at 5:30 PM, PT/8:30 PM, ET. The event will be streamed live from the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, CA, which will be hosting the Star Trek Exploring New Worlds exhibit, opening in October.

Hosted by Wil Wheaton and Mica Burton, the Star Trek Day event will feature back-to-back in-person conversations with cast members and creative minds from the five Star Trek Universe Paramount Plus original series. There will also be a special panel featuring “legacy moments” about the history of Star Trek. Paramount Plus is also promising “surprise appearances, announcements, and reveals” throughout the event. Star Trek composer Jeff Russo will be at the helm of the Star Trek Day stage with a live orchestra performing Star Trek music throughout the evening.

Check out the announcement trailer:

Fans worldwide will be able to live-stream the Star Trek Day celebration panels for free at The panels will also stream for free in the U.S. on Paramount+ and Paramount+’s Twitch page.

After their initial airing, the panels will be available on demand on Paramount+’s YouTube Channel and on Paramount+.

Just a couple of new tidbits

The Star Trek Day trailer is primarily composed of footage we’ve seen before from other trailers or past seasons of shows, but there are two things that caught our eye.

Q snaps back in Picard season 2

Strange New Worlds has a new title card, which may or may not have the finalized logo.

You may also notice a few HD clips in the trailer from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but those are from the scan of select footage that the DS9 documentary What We Left Behind: Looking Back at ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ did a few years ago.

Star Trek Day 2021 Panels

The following panels will include the casts and creatives from the iconic Star Trek television franchise:

  • Star Trek: Prodigy, with series voice cast including Brett Gray and Dee Bradley Baker, along with executive producers Kevin and Dan Hageman and co-executive producer/director Ben Hibon.
  • Star Trek: Discovery, with series stars Wilson Cruz, Blu del Barrio and Ian Alexander and co-showrunner and executive producer Michelle Paradise.
  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, with series stars Anson Mount, Rebecca Romijn and Ethan Peck, joined by co-showrunners and executive producers Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers.
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks, with voice cast members Noël Wells and Eugene Cordero alongside series creator, showrunner, and executive producer Mike McMahan.
  • Star Trek: Picard, with series stars Patrick Stewart and Jeri Ryan, co-showrunner and executive producer Akiva Goldsman, and a special live performance from Isa Briones singing “Blue Skies,” which was featured in the Picard season one finale.
  • Roddenberry Legacy Panel, featuring a conversation with Gene Roddenberry’s son and the CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment, Rod Roddenberry, alongside Gates McFadden (Star Trek: The Next Generation), LeVar Burton (Star Trek: The Next Generation) and George Takei (Star Trek: The Original Series) as they discuss the Star Trek creator’s indelible impact on science fiction and culture.
    The “legacy moments” will feature the following iconic Star Trek cast members:

    • Cirroc Lofton from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    • Anthony Montgomery from Star Trek: Enterprise
    • Garrett Wang from Star Trek: Voyager
    • George Takei from Star Trek: The Original Series
    • LeVar Burton from Star Trek: The Next Generation

More Star Trek Day celebrations

In addition to the live event, there will also be a social media component with the return of the #STARTREKUNITEDGIVES campaign. For every person who tweets the hashtag StarTrekUnitedGives (#StarTrekUnitedGives), $1 will be donated and divided equally by Paramount Plus and the Roddenberry Foundation to organizations who do the real-world work of championing equality, social justice, the arts, and innovation. Paramount Plus and the Roddenberry Foundation are also partnering on a new global campaign to engage fans in honoring the legacy of Gene Roddenberry. The campaign will launch on Sept. 8.

Additional details on the #StarTrekUnitedGives campaign are available at

There will also be a special Star Trek Day merchandise sale. On Sept. 8, fans can use the code “STARTREKDAY20” for 20% off sitewide at the official Star Trek Shop, which includes a curated Star Trek Day collection.

Exclusive Star Trek Day merchandise from the Star Trek Shop

Keep up with the Star Trek Universe at

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I cried like a baby with the clip. :-)

I’m not crying. You’re crying. Man, was that trailer stellar!

Did we see the new Strange New Worlds title card in that trailer?

Can the TrekMovie team kindly do a deep dive and screencaps for this and any other new content that slipped in?

The SNW title card is new, as is the “Q snap” from PIC S2. Everything else has been seen in previous trailers. I updated the article.


Chakotay with Seven… very curious choice to be included…

Definitely got chills watching that.

Amazing. Can’t wait to see the upcoming shows and stories. Very exciting!

Trek XIV cast announcement please

Setting aside that this event seems focused on the TV/Streaming shows, they can’t announce a movie cast that likely doesn’t exist yet. We’re about twenty one months away from this 6/9/23 release date. If this were on schedule, we’d be hearing about principle photography sometime in the first quarter/early second quarter of next year. So far….silence.

You do realize casting doesn’t happen a few weeks after a movie is greenlighted… right?

No, but it can. Though if we hear anything (and I think it’s possible) it might be a title and premise. Is this another Enterprise? A crew we’ve seen before? Another reboot? Something entirely new?

I do hope we hear SOMETHING about it, unexpectedly.

It’s been five months since the movie, and it’s early June 2023 release date, was announced. So far, this project seems to be tracking the same way the SJ Clarkson project was. Lots of early chatter, then, poof, vanishing act. Mr. Abrams tends to get the principle photography done roughly a year prior to release, which would have principle photography starting March or so of next year. That’s not to far off for there to be no news at all. No pre-production, sets, nothing from the Kelvin cast – Simon Pegg is always good for a comment on a script he hasn’t seen.

Now, Abrams has pulled a covert project out of his backside before – on of the Cloverfield movies, as I recall. Maybe that’s what they are doing here. So, anything can happen, I suppose.

I’m not watching it if it isn’t the Kelvin cast. I have no interest in spinoffs or weird standalone movies. I want to see Kirk and the intrepid crew of the Enterprise A. But it isn’t worth one more go round unless they have a worthy story this time. Not another space revenge movie.

I don’t understand this logic. Aren’t you already watching all the new spinoff and standalone TV shows? Why are you against a movie going the same way?

And the chances of it being another Uber villain movie looking for revenge is probably high sadly.

The only one of the bunch which was completely new and unknown was Discovery and they’ve had years to get people used to the new actors and characters. Even there they had Spock, Sarek, the Enterprise, Pike and Number 1 to anchor it to the Star Trek we know. The same with Picard bunch of new actors but a bunch we know to prove its Star Trek bonafides. You have Picard, Riker, Data, Troi, Seven. A brand new cast sight unseen is going to be a heavy lift.

I’m talking about TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, all the shows BEFORE DIS that presented new casts and settings. Fans have been watching new stuff for decades now. The movie series always relied on the shows to make them, but I don’t see Star Trek fans going any less to a movie with new characters. I just think the notion is silly, fans have been watching new characters forever now, but for some reason will shun them in a movie? Just odd narrow minded thinking but of course if you have to watch with a known character in it, that’s your prerogative. I’m watching it regardless, especially if the movie is something new and dare I say it innovative and not just resting on nostalgia.

And lets be honest, as long as the movie is GOOD, you’re going. ;)

From the panel line-up, it doesn’t look like there’ll be much of anything at all regarding the cinematic part(s) of the franchise. Moreover, if there were going to be anything movie-related, my first guess (and hope, FWIW) would be that it would be about the 4K restoration of the Director’s Edition of Star Trek – The Motion Picture, since that’s a) due much sooner (around the same timeframe as some of the seasons of TV being covered here), and b) being done specifically as something that will premiere exclusively on Paramount+, as opposed to the fourteenth movie which (at least for the moment) is still planned as a traditional theatrical release.

Happening through the night for us Brits which is great as there will be a tonne of stuff to look at first thing in the morning!

Funny, the star of the original show that started it ALL isn’t going to be at the event? What, did Shatner cost too much?

Same as last year if i recall correctly. Should definitely be involved.

Guess it could be cost. Maybe Kurtzman refused a pay cut.

I think it comes down to ageism. TPTB want new young fans, and to have some 90 year old guy talk about how it all started doesn’t fit with their agenda.

Takei is there, at a spry 84….lets face it, just about everyone else from TOS is dead.

Yes, Phil, but only on a panel with a bunch of B grade nobodies. Nobody from TOS is prominently featured.

I’ll leave it to others to debate the B Grade nobodies. Ms. Nichols is in poor health, so Mr. Takei pretty much represents a third of available TOS cast members. You take what’s available.

They literally have a show starring an 82 year old man.

Yes, and CURRENTLY in production, putting it in a different cateogory.

Given that they are actively marketing a show starring Patrick Stewart, that seems unlikely.

Definitely not ageism. But they want participants to be the open minded type who will make them look good, and happy to embrace the new shows which are the focus right now.

Shatner would be too big a risk to say something disparaging off-the-cuff about Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, or Strange New Worlds. He might even use his appearance to drum up fan support for an appearance the producers are not interested in…

… and he’d probably ask for a HUGE fee just to appear via zoom.

I think you’re right on all counts, Garak. Kudos!

I don’t recall him ever saying anything negative about the new series. Since they have a legacy panel it is a glaring omission for 2 consecutive years. Perhaps it was money or scheduling conflict. Hopefully they asked but who knows what goes on behind the scenes.

Off the top of my head I don’t either, but he was very openly critical of JJ Abram’s movie, and I do recall him making some pretty blunt comments refusing to return as Kirk in a cameo on Discovery or Picard. Right or wrong, justified or not, those kinds of comments do him no favors with producers.
The fact is, he does have a bit of a reputation for being blunt, for making comments that can get attention for the wrong reasons, and for being a bit unpredictable. Unless he’s starring in a new Trek show, he’s not what i’d call and ideal star you’d want making a public, unscripted appearance at an officially sanctioned fan event, and I hope very much they never asked. He’s little more than a self-promoter at this point.

And say what you want about the bland ‘company men’ like Frakes, Spiner, or Sirtis, their positive attitudes and even keel personalities are why they are always welcomed back at official events and for new shows. Even when they are critical of Paramount or CBS or Trek in general, their comments are usually couched in fairness, never blunt or rude, and always said with utmost respect for the franchise and its owners.

Same. He’s always been pretty diplomatic about the TV shows and the doc The Captains he’s downright glowing with praise (of course it’s harder to get them to show if you just insult them and their shows. ;)).

EDIT: I had typed up a comment and then after posting it saw that Garak’s Notebook had already said what I wanted to, and said it better :)

Thanks, but I still would have loved to hear what you said (if for no other reason than you agreed with me :)

Yes, Dr Beckett, that happens from time to time.

Maybe Kurtzman refused a pay cut.

See, comments like that one make it obvious a person is not aware of how Hollywood works.

maybe he’ll a surprise guest (to announce a special something)

Maybe he’ll be shilling the Medicare Hotline with JJ Walker? Can’t have to many home aids at his age, now.

He could be already booked for that day. The guy still seems to get a lot of work!

His ego certainly does, he’s such a bag of hot air.

True, but in all fairness, he was the FIRST starship captain. Talk about uncharted territory. He did a great job of hamming it up to offset the cheap sets and Gorns with zippers up their back.

Fair or not, having an outsized ego isn’t going to win anyone favors, especially when you’re really not needed.

Not to mention, at 90, all Shatner wants to shout is, “hey, you kids, get off my lawn!”

I’m not getting any work done that day! :/

I, like so many others, am hankering for an SNW trailer. “The Menagerie” has long been my favorite TOS episode, and can’t wait to see what else Anson Mount will do with his essaying of the role of Captain Christopher Pike.

I have to believe they will use Star Trek Day as a way to reveal the first trailer, or at least a teaser of some kind, maybe it’s a behind-the-scenes featurette. I really hope we get to hear Pike voicing that classic intro “Space. The Final Frontier”.

Every show with an Enterprise has had that intro!

If it doesn’t have the Alexander Courage theme it would be a real shame.

I actually don’t want that theme. It is immortalized in TOS. We still get the opening chimes in TNG and now DSC. I’d like to hear something new, but evocative of the past.

Interesting to see so much from Short Treks in there. I wonder if one of the announcements will be another season of those? That would be fun.

Yes, I really perked up to see them included.

Perhaps with the new execs in ViacomCBS the renewal of Short Treks has been unstuck.

I don’t think Short Treks are coming back.

The second season still has not been bought by Netflix, so what would be the financial incentive to create a third?

New series aren’t going to Netflix exclusively if at all.

ViacomCBS now has a policy of retaining the right to stream any content it produces globally on Paramount+.

While there are still previously negotiated exclusive licensing deals in place for Discovery with Netflix and for Picard with Amazon Prime, and an exclusive movie licence that just came into effect, new shows will be making a return on investment for Paramount+.

Since Netflix didn’t pick up the Short Treks, it seems likely that any new ones would just come out on Paramount +. That said, the existing licences might mean that Discovery and Picard may not be included in Shorts until those licences run out.

Great trailer, only down votes for it to be book ended with Mary Sue Burnham *groan* and lack of ST Enterprise!

Anyone who uses the term “Mary Sue” needs to be Mary Sued.

Unfortunately she is one and that’s why I feel I need to roll my eyes everytime she makes a “speech”/”preach”

I have problems with Burnham, but her supposedly being a mary sue isn’t one of them. People who make that accusation as a serious complaint reveal their hidden misogyny.

Agreed, Commander. By the end of Season 2 I was finished with her weeping and overly melodramatic speeches. Worst written major character of the franchise, imo. And that assessment has nothing to do with gender or race, because I otherwise like SMG. Just a poorly written lead.

THAT is what I agree with, Danpaine, not any of the BS about her being a marysue, and nothing against SMG. It seems like the writers and directors are obsessed with the show being weepy melodrama, and it rarely, if ever works. And I don’t even get why.

It’s sad too, because she IS a good actress– the entire cast is really– and I’d love to see what they could do in a show that’s even written just SLIGHTLY differently.

Yeah it’s just too much crying to take Burnham seriously, especially now that she is captain. I could be wrong but I think she cried more in three short seasons than all the previous Captains combined. I mean I remember Picard crying twice after 7 seasons and four movies.

And I still have a hard time with that with her being a mutineer and all and now captain. But it’s Discovery, like so many odd things on this show you just go with it and don’t over think it.

Please announce enterprise cast is back in some form for a proper ending 🤞

Good call, Mark. Totally agree, they need a follow up, a proper ending or a new beginning, new stories are always possible. Would love to see this crew again.

Would like very much to see the whole crew. Kurtzman, bring Trip Tucker back to life! The plot could be about Tucker and T’Pol.

They still could appear in SNW as cameo or in a timetravel-crossover. Or in the pilot. But will there be a pilot double-episode of SNW? DSC Season 2 already acted as some kind of pilot for SNW.

I always hated how the last episode was a TNG holodeck episode. Instead of making a goodbye episode for the fans and cast, they had to somehow make it about Riker or something. It was bizarre.

It’s been sixteen years since that show ended. Jolene Blalock has left the profession. Not to sure how you’d give them a proper send off with this much time having passed, without recasting the show. Please, no time travel or de-aging suggestions….

I guess with Trip gone and no one telling T’Pol he’s not really dead, she either gies back to Vulcan or kills herself, thus no need for Jolene to resume her role. Boy, are her fans pissed off they supported her all these years for her to quit. I know I am.

Yeah would love to see the NX-01 crew back too…in any form.


Will keeps disappearing off to the holodeck for adventures with Archer and co

Fully acknowledged bit of Trekian nitpicking: The display at the end of the clip that presents all the logos of the different “Star Trek” series at the end is missing the NBC animated series.

Yes, TAS needs respect too.

Especially as it’s the only Trek show that has received a series Emmy.

LDS is showing TAS respect with its Easter eggs, but it stands out that it wasn’t honoured.

On the other hand, the cast overlapped with TOS, so it wouldn’t be a separate panel or guest.

Where’s the Animated Series love in that?! Short Treks got a mention.

Good point, that would have been neat to see a bit of recognition for TAS.

Great Trailer! Looking forward to trek movies coverage. Hoping for a SNW trailer!

Let’s Fly!

I’m curious if there is going to be any kind of live audience. Skirball has at least two large spaces suitable for having the panels, band, streaming equipment/technicians and an audience; one indoors, one out. If they want to do the broadcast from a partially set up exhibit hall, they probably don’t have enough room for an audience.

What a frickin lovely trailer!

Just a thought: as SNW plunges into post production, the new feature film with the reboot movie cast will “in effect” design a TMP Starfleet accordingly.

There’s no reason that post-SNW we won’t see some SNW characters in the post TMP area.

Loved that, and the inclusion of some of the remastered DS9 clips that exist.

…speaking of, where did that shot of DS9 and the wormhole come from? At :16? I am struggling to place it.

Unless I’m wrong, They only showed clips from the ‘CBS’ IP TV series (past – present-upcoming). Interesting how VIACOMCBS is still are segregating the Paramount Trek Movie IP from the CBS TV IP in this ‘Star Trek Day’ promotion and having only 2 Trek movies on Paramount+ (pulled the rest of the movies form P+ this summer).
Could it be that they only want the TV series to be the focus and canon reference in case they (VIACOMCBS) need to split up Paramount movie division again and sell it off to focus on Paramount+ in the streaming wars and corporate profit struggle?
I know another Trek movie is in ‘development’ for maybe 2023 release so no need to confuse and muddy up the P+ series promos and Sep. 8 1966 was the TV premiere so the streaming TV will be the focus. THey may reference and show clips from the movies as well.

Yeah it’s sooo weird! But this has been happening since DIS and then Picard showed up. The movies have been a black hole especially the Kelvin movies.

This site only exist because of those movies. We know all these big events is to get people to watch the old and new Trek shows on Paramount+, but two if the Kelvin movies are also now there. Why not ONE panel to discuss making them. They still have fans (probably not many on these boards lol) and I’m one of them.

I always bring up they went from being the new future and hype of, sorry, next generation of Star Trek to nearly forgotten and ignored by both the studio and many of the fans less than a decade later.

Excited, I signed up for Paramount+, hoping that “Enterprise” might be added later once Scott Bakula finished with “NCIS:NO”. I also wanted to watch the new programmes as well as the movies and hoped I could watch what “Star Trek” there was here and subscribed before CBSAllAccess became Paramount+. Now, they’re planning to shift their movies over to AMC+? With Netflex and Hulu dropping their “Star Trek” episodes, I might as well go back to watching my DVDS. I can’t keep subscribing to new channels(?) without dropping others. That’s these mess I left behind when I dropped cable and satellite. Please…!

I was hoping they’d announce the HD remaster of Deep Space Nine, but i guess that is wishful thinking.

If they were going to announce it, they wouldn’t announce it until September 8. It is probably a long shot though.

Was every HD shot in the trailer from What We Left Behind? I recognized some, but don’t recall every one that was rescanned.

This should be a world holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently, this will be the final tour: