John Noble, Jimmi Simpson Announced As ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Main Villains

John Noble and Jimmi Simpson in "Star Trek: Prodigy" header

Two science fiction heavyweights are lending their voices to the newest installment of the Star Trek franchise. Today, Paramount+ announced John Noble  (FringeLord of the Rings) and Jimmi Simpson  (WestworldBlack Mirror) are voicing the antagonists in the upcoming animated kids series Star Trek: Prodigy.

John Noble is the Diviner (and Gwyn’s dad)

John Noble – best known for his roles in Lord of the Rings and the wacky scientist star of Fringe – will voice the series’ lead villain, “The Diviner,” a ruthless tyrant who controls the asteroid of Tars Lamora. According to the announcement, The Diviner “exploits wayward species,” which explains a bit about how the various aliens from the series find themselves at the start of the show on Tars Lamora.

Credited as a series regular, John Noble’s Deviner will stop at nothing in his hunt for the USS Protostar, no matter the cost.  The announcement also explained The Deviner’s motivations: “Though his goals are shrouded in mystery, his body is failing him and he created his progeny, Gwyn, to one day carry on his mission when she is ready for it.”

We have yet to see the Diviner, but Noble can be heard at the beginning of a trailer for the show in the trailer released last month saying “No one shall escape.” The Deviner’s 17-year-old progeny Gwyn (Ella Purnell) is of a new race called the Vau N’Akat and she can be seen in the trailer as she joins Dal and the other alien kids on the USS Protostar, a derelict Starfleet ship that includes an Emergency Training Hologram in the form of Captain Janeway (voiced by Kate Mulgrew).

Gwyn, a 17-year-old Vau N’Akat in "Star Trek: Prodigy"

Gwyn in the Star Trek: Prodigy teaser

Jimmi Simpson, spider robot minion

Jimmi Simpson is known for his starring role in the hit sci-fi series Westworld but may be better known to Star Trek fans for his role in the Star Trek-inspired episode of Black Mirror, “USS Callister.” Also credited as a series regular, Simpson is voicing Drednok, The Diviner’s deadly robotic enforcer.

According to Paramount Plus Drednok is heartless and cold. His sole purpose is to keep The Diviner on task and ensure that the Protostar is found. Drednok is a friend to no one, including The Diviner’s own daughter Gwyn and uses his menacing spider-like form to impose The Diviner’s will.

We can’t be sure, but Drednok may be one of the spider-like robots seen in last month’s trailer.

Spider-like robots seen in the "Star Trek: Prodigy" trailer. Is Drednok a special one of these robots?

Spider-like robots from Star Trek: Prodigy trailer

ICYMI: Prodigy Teaser

Watch last month’s trailer below. (See full TrekMovie analys)

[CLICK for international version]

Star Trek: Prodigy debuts on  Paramount+ this fall.

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And Sherlock Holmes’ father.

I’m excited about this show, so I hope no one takes this as my being a hater, which I’m not. But a dreadful villain called Drednok? A living rock called Rok-Tahk? A being with no form called Zero? A Tellarite whose name is one letter away from “Pig?” A blob called Murf? Who’s coming up with these ridiculous names–George Lucas? Come on. Star Trek can do better than this.

You know this is aimed at kids yeah?

…which in no way whatsoever negates what I said.

Sorry, it kinda does. I mean you asked if George Lucas came up with them– George who wrote an homage to kids sci fi serials. You called them ridiculous, pointing out silly names that are a hallmark of kids cartoons.

Ever try watching Star Trek: The Animated Series? Kids Trek has always been ridiculous.
Some of the best kids cartoons had ridiculous, silly names (including Beast Wars, one of my personal favorites).

His name is also one letter from “Nog.”

…which is true, but irreelvant.

Very relevant. I would argue silly names are intrinsic to Trek. How is “Rok Tahk” worse than “Spock” when you really think about it? Quark, Harry Mudd, Cloud William, TaMoon, Bela Oxmynx, Phlox, Morn, heck you’re one to talk, your handle is the name of an old fashion cookie for goodness sake!

An Android named DATA???!!!!

You know that Data’s name WAS ironic? And his was the only name like that on TNG. Lorna Dune’s got a point…

Really? I never watched the show. Thanks for explaining it. I would never have figured it out without your help.

The point is the franchise is known for whimsical names.

It’s a cartoon. You guys are the biggest buzzkills.

Think about “Pah” and wraith together.

Our minds are just glossing over the puns, but they’re not any less there.

That’s not the same thing. He’s an artificial being made by a guy with a whimsical approach to naming things.

You do realize you are arguing the dumbest thing you possibly can find in a cartoon aimed at 7 year old, right? And digging in your heels for absolutely NO reason other than to be a crotchety crank.

Chill. It’s a cartoon.

The most ridiculous name Lucas ever came up with was an early name for Palpatine Cos Dashit.

This thread is getting borderline nasty. It’s clear how people feel, both sides of the argument have been made. So let’s move on shall we? Thread closed.

Jimmi Simpson had a memorable role in the “Mr. Yang” episodes of Psych as well.

Still waiting on those Tyne Daly and Giorgio Moroder rumours…

Jimmi Simpson would make a great Data.

Star Trek-inspired episode of Dark Mirror, “USS Callister.”

Black Mirror :)

I wish Simpson was playing a McPoyle of the future instead, but I’ll take what I can get.

Thanks Trekmovie for shutting down the thread with the attacks on the naming of the characters in Prodigy.

Only the USS Waverider can stop Mallus and the Gromulans.

I’m starting to think that this show might not suck. But I wonder why they feel the need to have a regular antagonist… Things seem like the show might work just fine without one. But obviously it’s going to be yet another full on 10 (or so) episode story arc. Otherwise those two wouldn’t be deemed “regulars”. This is the first bit of news about the show in a long time that feels negative to me. But still holding out hope…