‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ Cast Talks Series Finale Disappointment And Unfulfilled Season 5 Hopes

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One of the livelier panels at the 55-Year Mission Star Trek convention in Las Vegas was with members of the cast of Star Trek: Enterprise. On hand were Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather), Connor Trinneer (Charles ‘Trip” Tucker III), Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed), and John Billingsley (Dr. Phlox). They were quick to point out to the crowd that unlike dozens of other celebrities, “We didn’t cancel!” Setting the tone, Billingsley added, “Actually, technically speaking, I am a clone of John Billingsley. He sends his love.

The panel covered what the actors were up to, favorite pandemic reads and streaming binges, and other light banter, but there was also some pointed discussion about their time in the 22nd century aboard the NX-01—especially about how it all ended and where it could have gone.

Season 5 hopes: Alive, and sex for Phlox

Star Trek: Enterprise was canceled in its fourth season. When asked if the actors had any knowledge of potential plans for what would have been the fifth season of the show, they generally agreed they had not been briefed on any details, and Dominic Keating suggested that the writers only planned “three or four episodes ahead.” But Anthony Montgomery did say he heard that Manny Coto—who’d joined the series in season three and was elevated to showrunner for season four—did have some thoughts:

When Manny Coto came in and what he did with season four… those two or three episode-arcs that you guys saw on the fourth season, that so many of you have come up and told us that you’ve loved. They said Manny was going to take us back to the Mirror Universe and that they had a lot of fun things in store.

John Billingsley chimed in with a bit of realism:

I had heard, though, that they did have some plans, and that did include going back [to the Mirror Universe]. I don’t think there was anybody in the upper echelon suites that entertained any realistic notion that we were going to come back. So I am not sure how fleshed out those plans were.

Connor Trinneer at the 55-Year Mission convention, Las Vegas, August 2021 (Photo: TrekMovie.com)

The actors differed in their hopes for the characters if the show got another season, although Trinner’s suggestion for Trip was pretty simple: “Un-dead… You all know I died, right?”

Billingsley’s season five goal for Dr. Phlox was also straightforward:

I would have wanted to have some sex. Anytime I ever got a little whiff of sex, it didn’t work out. Either my wife is throwing herself at Connor or something goes wrong. Everybody else, by the time the fourth season ended, I believe, had a little bit of sex.

As for Anthony Montgomery, he was just desperate for anything. At one point the actor said, “Did you see Travis? I can only do this so much [mimics control panel movements].” If there had been another season, he just wanted to explore Travis:

I would have liked to have learned more about my character. You guys saw Enterprise, our series became like The Original Series. It was about the captain, the engineer, and the Vulcan. So I was excited when we did “Horizon” and we got to learn about Travis. I wanted to see more about his family. That would have been fun.

Anthony Montgomery at the 55-Year Mission convention, Las Vegas, August 2021 (Photo: TrekMovie.com)

Differing views on Enterprise’s Mirror Universe… and evil Phlox sex

Season four included a two-episode arc set in the Mirror Universe. When asked what their hopes were had there been a return to the Mirror Universe in season five, Billingsley was quick to respond:

I would like to have seen him have more sex! His sex would have perhaps been more evil sex, but I still would basically want the same thing.

Connor Trinner made it clear he did not like season four’s “In A Mirror, Darkly” episodes and would not have welcomed a return, saying ” I don’t like playing a pirate.” The actor revealed that his over-the-top portrayal of Mirror Trip was due to a lack of direction and that he was actually “kidding,” but the director actually liked it, much to his chagrin.

Billingsley had a different point of view on Mirror Phlox:

I like those episodes because I got to be jolly. I was the jolly vivisector… Both characters [Prime and Mirror] were buoyant. That was my through-line. No matter what fucking universe I am in, I’m happy. No matter what I’m doing.

Montgomery again was just hoping for something more about his character, even the Mirror version:

I was told that we were going to go back to the Mirror Universe. There was going to be Empress Sato and even though my character was the silent, strong type, I was curious to see where he was going to go. It was fun playing a bad guy.

John Billingsley at the 55-Year Mission convention, Las Vegas, August 2021 (Photo: TrekMovie.com)

On series finale: Scott Bakula was our captain!… also more Phlox sex

Enterprise ended its finale season with the episode “These Are the Voyages,” which did double duty as a coda to the entire Berman era of Star Trek that began with Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1987. In so doing, the finale included elements of TNG including an Enterprise-D holodeck and the characters of Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and Troi (Marina Sirtis). When asked about this finale, the usually even-keeled Anthony Montgomery was uncharacteristically critical:

I love Jonathan [Frakes] and Marina [Sirtis]. They are wonderful people, but Scott Bakula is my captain… Archer. I would not have had them come on, because I didn’t even know that we were a part of the holodeck until I read those episodes. And it just made me go, “Wait, so those other 96 episodes never really happened?”

He also felt the series finale should have been longer:

Give us two hours, like for the pilot. Give us a two-hour finale. That way we could have tied up a lot of things.

John Billingsley agreed on that point:

I do think we were all somewhat disappointed that the show didn’t have a multi-episode conclusion. It’s awfully hard to try and conclude a series in a single 15-minute segment, regardless of whether you like the framing device of Riker and Troi. I think the bigger question was, it just needed a bigger canvas. So I personally would have said to give it a three-episode out.

As for what he would have done for Phlox if he were recreating the finale, Billingsley remained on point:

Phlox would have had sex! I can tell you that!

Dominic Keating at the 55-Year Mission convention, Las Vegas, August 2021 (Photo: TrekMovie.com)

While joking again about dying in the finale, Connor Trinneer said as an actor he found the work over four years gratifying. “They gave me so much to do and they fleshed out my character so well.” Regarding the finale in particular, he also took a different view from the others:

I was really satisfied with it, and I will tell you why. Trip was the only character on the show that got to complete the arc. You didn’t have to wonder what happened to him. And so that was satisfying, as the actor. It would have been nice to know what wound up happening to him had he not saved the ship. But, I’ve got no problem with it.

Billingsley had this to add about Trip’s death in the finale:

The one thing that bugged me wasn’t so much whether Connor died, that was fine, but the fact that he died foiling a second-rate jewel robbery seemed fairly pedestrian. It’s like save the universe at least!

John Billingsley, Dominic Keating, Connor Trinneer, and Anthony Montgomery at the 55-Year Mission convention, Las Vegas, August 2021 (Photo: TrekMovie.com)

Billingsley embraced the weird… also has Phlox spin-off pitch (actually not about sex)

When asked how much he was able to influence the character of Phlox, John Billingsley said he thought the writers did start picking up on his style, but they could have gone even farther:

This will be me being serious for once in my life. When an actor gets a part, you are bound by the words on the page. What you feel like you are doing is encouraging the writers to write into who you are as a person. So I think what happened is that they appreciated a particular aspect of my sense of humor, and kind of wrote into it. And I think that manifested itself. I did say to them, “Hey, as far as I’m concerned, I’d love to never give anybody a hypospray. I always want to put a bug up their ass.” They did not go as far as I would have liked… But I think we all could probably feel that we brought something of ourselves. And that encouraged them to write in certain directions.

At another point during the panel when they were all were talking about how much they liked getting episodes focused on their characters, Billingsley noted that these days he has a different idea:

That said, as you get older… At the age of 61, my idea for the spin-off is old, fat Phlox. Old, fat Phlox just sits in a rocking chair and tell stories about what happened in the past. And then young actors act them out. And I still get a healthy paycheck, but I only work half a day. [sings opening tune] ‘Old, fat Phlox he’s a-sittin’ on a box in the junction – Denobulan Junction.’

John Billingsley at the 55-Year Mission convention, Las Vegas, August 2021 (Photo: TrekMovie.com)

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We still have some more from the con, so stay tuned to TrekMovie for updates. And don’t forget to check out the coverage we’ve already posted.

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I’d totally watch Old Fat Phlox. But then I’d complain about how Kurtzman ruined it.

I’m sure they would have ruined the theme tune for Old Fat Phlox by choosing the wrong genre for it.

I spat out my coffee, LOL. Well played.

No offense, but “spat out my coffee” is used quite a bit, might something more original? 🙂

reH buqDaq wal ghogh HablI’ Dajem ‘e’ vItul, vabDot ghogh HablI’ DalIj!


Just loved the crew and the series ! It’s just a pity that the fifth note fell on deaf ears !

scrap s31 for Ent s5 (and 6/7)?

I second that! Or, at least an NX-01 miniseries. That’s mountains better than an S31 show

I 3rd that. Would much rather get just one final Enterprise season to truly wrap them up than see the S31 idea.

I don’t want a season 5. I want a Romulan War miniseries, set 10-15 years later. Because it would be just before the founding of the Federatin, and just before the actual finale, you could even get Trip to appear.

And I do want S31, but only if it’s an interesting premise: a group of time traveling heroes made up of new characters and Trek all-stars, venturing on important missions to fix problems around the multiverse; the ship’s crews recruited from various timelines, realities, and time periods, specially assembled for each mission (previously seen characters could sometimes played by their original actors, sometimes recast)… a different crew each week.

Now THAT would be exciting.

A Romulan War miniseries would be set no more than, what, six years later? Assuming it took place toward the end of the war.

Not hard to retcon a few of the details.

Your idea sounds like a Trek version of Legends of Tomorrow. Perhaps it shouldn’t be S31 but Temporal Investigations?

I’m okay with a Section 31 show, but the ship has (likely) sailed on a couple more seasons of Enterprise.


I would love to see a ‘ continuation , with the new crew , let that be set 15 years in the future, Trip not being dead , can be written off and ignored ( eg timer programmed a story that fit his circumstances as apposed to true ‘ history ‘ – but leave that more to fans own interpretation . It can be set for example with the crew , where perhaps , Reed is captain of ‘ those new warp 7 beauties , where the story though is not confined to just that crew but perhaps , the show could explore the construction of the first constitution class ships inter woven with the trials of ‘ nation building ‘, as a still young federation , first builds an intermediate ship , and then features , ‘ The captain right before April , then April himself, I mentioned a first captain, as the internet story ‘ first frontier ‘, ought to be acknowledged as a cannon story , as it’s story telling seems to gel much better with the kind of story telling in ‘ enterprise ‘, and then take us through to April , at the end of his 5 year stint , perhaps broken having lost the Kobayashi Mauru, to a rouge Klingon attack , something on those lines , but in short you’d also.want to add in Archer visiting enterprise, personally I’d have in that , an aged tucker , Phlox and still fairly youthful ,’ Tpol , now a Vulcan ambassador and mentor to a young Sarelk, .
They’ve hinted before about a show set over different ships, but perhaps not one that’s set in two eras, that are both seperate in the sense of ship and crew but a thread between both , the struggles of multiple races coming together, to build a ship that would be a symbol of the struggle to get to where they are , with ‘ Romulan dissident raids, only not a ” 200 year old bad mood ‘ , but one still.raw from.a defeat by the ‘ rag tag ‘ alliance fleet , to their interactions and shady deals with the Klingons , filling in , how did Klingons get their cloak.technolgy at a time when scientists were pushed aside as the great house begin to fracture , if written and told right, it could be the best yet , who knows if it was a true lost year’s show, then each season is a different ‘ decade in trek.history ‘, allowing closure for fans of enterprise, April’s story , they mysterious voyages of the enterprise B, ay on the twist would be have it disappear at the end of that season , and one set between stargazer , and of course the next fateful Enterprise.
It’s demise being the cause for ‘ why was the galaxy so big and powerful , what led Starfleet to build as early shows stated was the most complex ship ever . Like Picard’s last words in TNG , the sky is the limit , this is no fan wa** idea but properly written , not rushed, Spielberg very successfully told the ‘ Roswell story ‘ and set that over many decades, with every few episodes advancing into newer characters, while making you yearn to know and see more of each era .
Fans have long called for the blanks to be filled in , who knows maybe having a season with a ship and crew who’s tragic end you know is coming , which cannot be changed , would be just the sort of drama the show needs .

A wonderful dream , Jonathan . The post-series Enterprise novels carry on the Trip-T’pol story . But I would hope to see a novel dedicated to their future , and maybe a dedicated duet to dear Dr Phlox too !

Did Keating move into a trailer park?

Life hasn’t been kind to the NX-01 Crew !

Who’s keen for an old Phlox or old T’Pol cameo in Strange New Worlds? Presuming of course that Denobulans have 150-200 year lifespans like every other non-human species in the Star Trek universe (apart from Ocampa)


How about a Trip cameo in S31? They could do a flashback to the beginning of S31 and show that Trip’s death was faked (as it was in the post-series novels.)

I’m not a huge proponent of gratuitous fan service. As Jolene Blalock has left the industry, she’d need to be recast anyway.

Yes.. It seems like humans are some of the shortest lived species in the universe. I would have guessed that Klingon lifespans were a little shorter than humans.

“Getting From There to Here: The Story of Enterprise, the Spinoff That Killed Star Trek” is a documentary I want to see.

It didn’t ‘kill’ Star Trek. Even after the show was cancelled other networks and streaming sites still wanted to make their own shows, CBS just kept turning them down. There were also big filmmakers wanting to pitch new shows, Star Trek Federation being the known one and had came up with that show idea the same year Enterprise was cancelled.

And you know the biggest proof Enterprise didn’t kill Star Trek? Paramount announced a $150 million Star Trek movie directed by JJ Abrams less than a year Enterprise went off the air. I remember many people claiming at the time Star Trek was dead and that it needed to ‘rest’ for ten years before anyone do anything with it again. The fact that DIDN’T happen proved it was far from dead.

Yes it did.

The failure of Enterprise is what got the studio to stop producing new Star Trek tv shows, and reboot the franchise with the Kelvin films. That is a stone cold fact.

People, stop arguing semantics, and living in fairy dust land.

Dude the fact that you mentioned that they rebooted the franchise with the Kelvin movies proves they didn’t kill Star Trek lol. It didn’t GO ANYWHERE, they simply did something different with it a few years later. I’m not arguing ‘semantics’ if something is DEAD, we wouldn’t see ANY version of it for a long long time. And they certainly wouldn’t pour $150 million into something you supposedly ‘killed off’ just a year ago.

I get tired of this bizarre argument. If you want to argue Enterprise killed off Berman’s era of it, then YES, that would be more accurate. But Star Trek as a franchise was still going; hence this website being made in 2006. Funny how you create a website for something that was supposedly killed off a year before. ;)

“Dude” the fact that you seem to have a skewed interpretation of what “killed” mean is not my problem. It ended Trek on TV for well over a decade. End of story. You’re wrong. Highly suggest you just move along.

I’m saying is CBS MADE the choice to keep it off the air, not there was not rampant interest from fans and other networks to want another show, that’s all.

People act like no one wanted any more Star Trek because Enterprise got cancelled. That was NEVER the case and to say it killed off a franchise is HIGHLY misleading when they multiple big budge films a few years later.

But OK, this is starting to feel like splitting hairs. You have your view, I have mine. So no hard feelings.

I’d chalk it up to studio politics and the split of Viacom. And the failure of UPN itself. But the viewership lagged on Enterprise by its end, the show was expensive to produce. Still its nowhere the failure Nemesis was. Enterprise can be proud of its final season as long as you don’t mention these are the voyages. I sat in a near empty theater on the day Nemesis opened if you can even say it opened. The film was so misguided, poorly written and ill advised, sloppily edited and directed its shocking. the only thing that was good was the cast chemistry and Data’s death was handled well. The Special Effects were good, the score was good. But it was a colossal failure. TNG ended on a whimper. I wish they had a strong final entry like Star Trek VI had been for the original cast.

Nemesis killed Trek on film. Enterprise’s killed it on TV.

Voyager was getting a 4.7 Neilsen rating in its final season on UPN, with the finale spiking to over 8. Enterprise was hovering around 2.7 for most of its final year, topping out at 3.8 for its finale.

Lots of reasons for this, but it cannot be denied that the biggest reason was that audiences and critics alike did not respond to it in the way they had for previous Trek shows, and it would be the height of revisionist history to say it was a great show cancelled before its time.

I liked Enterprise. I’ve appreciated it more in the years since, and i’d love to see a miniseries revival for sure; but it was still not a great show, and has a lot of very serious flaws.

But those ratings would still have been the highest, or at worst least second or third highest ratings on The CW. I’m not saying Enterprise was a great show, but I do think it was canceled before its time. It was canceled largely because it didn’t fit in with The CW’s female-centric programming. Sure, it was more expensive than the other CW shows, but it also has a much greater return, still drawing in good numbers on Netflix, Hulu, etc., fifteen years later (what else from WB/CW is even close, Gilmore Girls maybe?).

By that time your at 15+Years of constant Trek on TV and the movies since TNG started. People besides the most core fans had become apathetic to the IP. It needed the break. Will see how long this new run can last.

You’re arguing over the “why” which is beside the point. The point is, critical and audience reaction was modest at best, that is not arguable. The point is, ratings were not good enough to justify continuing, that is not arguable. The network acknowledged that ratings were to blame for cancellation. End of story.

This revisionist history is becoming laughable.

a) Critic and audience reaction to Supernatural was modest at best, too. It went 16 years.

b) The ratings were comparable to those of its contemporary Battlestar Galactica, which continued several more years.

c) What network? Paramount was killing off UPN. The new network was The CW, which was heavily targeted at the female audience, and the only UPN show to make the transition was America’s Next Top Model.

This isn’t revisionist. I questioned Paramount’s motives at the time, too. There was a lot more happening behind the scenes. Had the CBS/Paramount split not happened, would Enterprise have been canceled? I think that highly unlikely.

Reports of Star Trek’s death are greatly exaggerated…..

Enterprise killed Trek for a time. Sad, but true. Thankfully, JJ Abrams resurrected it. And that’s why his contribution to the franchise– love him or hate him– should not be understated. Who knows how long it would have taken for someone else to attempt to revive it, or what such a revival might have looked like, or if it would have been successful at all.


I’ve been hearing fans say Star Trek was dead ever since TNG aired…

I am under the slight impression phlox wanted a bit sex. But could I be totally wrong.

I did a complete series re-watch last year and really enjoyed it. Season 3 was for me the best of the 4 seasons and like many, I thought that the series finale (while well-intentioned) was a complete misfire and not good way to conclude an otherwise enjoyable series.

Agreed with mostly everything you said. I actually did a complete rewatch of the show this year starting on New Year’s day (I’m doing a complete rewatch of the franchise as a whole) and it was the first time I watched the show from beginning to end since I first watched it and I really loved it. What was interesting is that every season got stronger than the last for me. I thought season 2 was nearly as strong as season 3 actually. Season 4 is without a doubt my favorite.

But yes the finale still stunk to high heaven. I don’t hate it as much as I first watched it but still very very bad. What were they thinking????

But Enterprise has aged very well IMO and I like it more today much more than when it originally came on. And I definitely like it more than DIS and PIC so far, without a doubt.

Good points Tiger 2. Like you I’m also doing a complete rewatch of Trek as a whole and have finished, TAS, Enterprise, TNG, DS9 and I’m midway through the final season of Voyager. I agree that Enterprise has aged well and it being available in HD (as opposed to soft and fuzzy SD) enhanced my watching experience. An enjoyable and charismatic cast and in particular I thought Blalock did a great job throughout, bringing a great deal of subtlety to many of her scenes.

I still maintain that the framing device in the finale is not the problem with the episode. Even if you take Riker, Troi, and the Enterprise-D out, the episode is, at best, an average season 2 kind of story. And a series– nay, an ERA finale– demands something more.

A mission to rescue Shran’s child is meaningless as a series capper. Had the show been a 2 hour story about the penultimate mission that ended the Romulan War– where Earth, Vulcan, Tellar, and Andoria teamed up to defeat the Romulans– leading to the founding of the Federation– you could have still included a post credits type scene with a group of crew members of the previous 90s shows, discussing the history of the original Enterprise. Maybe they’re at a Starfleet Academy Ceremony honoring the 200th Anniversary of Archer’s mission/signing/whatever, you get Riker, Troi, O’Brien, Bashir, Paris, Kim, et al at a banquet afterward discussing the original Enterprise’s legacy, without intruding on or minimizing the main story.

It’s great to hear when others are doing a complete rewatch as well. I have never done it before and just sort of decided to do it on a whim a few days before I started, mostly because I was already watching a lot of Trek and home ALL the time lol. But I’ve gotten through 3/4ths of the franchise now starting with ENT and finished TOS, TAS, DIS (first two seasons) and TNG. I’m literally on the final 10 episodes of season seven of DS9 and the last five of season 5 of VOY (watching them concurrently). Once I’m done with VOY though the rest will be a breeze lol.

As for ENT, I have really gone to appreciate it so much and found myself constantly rewatching episodes. It is a flawed show for sure (but you can say that about all of them) but in time the positives just started to weigh out the negatives for me and I just really grew to love the characters a lot. Ironically I really didn’t like T’Pol in the beginning and she really put me off the show when it originally started. But she ended up having not only one of best arcs on the show but in the franchise in general. She still seems to be a divisive character in some circles but I really love T’Pol and Blalock played her well. Her and Archer’s relationship really defined the show for me as well.

And another thing, you can tell just how much of a turnaround the show has had because look at this board. It’s like 99% positive about the show. So many people seem to love it now and a lot of people want it back in some form. Twenty years ago I would say the opposite lol. But it proves when it comes to Star Trek it does age like a fine wine more times than not.

In twenty years time people will be begging for more Discovery and how much they miss that show too. ;)

The cancelation was disappointing because the show was indeed getting better with every season. They managed a very good 24 episode season long story arc (proving that Trek is indeed capable of doing those in spite of the current evidence) and really found their way in season 4. I think the shows biggest problem was a miscast Scott Bakula. But I think they were doing about as good as they could with him, even though the part would have been better if another actor were cast.

I like to think of the penultimate episode as the actual series finale. I have the show on BD but I don’t watch TATV. I just can’t. It’s that bad.

The Novels about the romulan war and the beginning of the Federation should being picturized !

Highly underrated show. Felt more real as it felt they characters weren’t as perfectly formed especially as it was much closer to our future…

The post 9/11 stuff has dated a little though. Was a little to amercanised for my liking. America is not the world as Morrissey once said!

If you’re looking to Morrissey for lessons about politics, you’re probably a fascist.

Not to mention that 9/11 was a globally recognized tragedy that affected the entire world; but it’s affect on America and its collective psyche was monumental, and after all, Trek IS an American TV show.

Someone mentioned the idea of having an animated season 5 of ENT and I really like that idea.
I really have come to appreciate this show and it’s cast and there’s so much more that could be done with the characters and story. I know it’s wishful thinking but I think I’d be a great way to finish out the journey in a more meaningful way.

Maybe it could be called… Archer.

So, the facination with the MU would have been a part of season five. They should just do a series there and go balls to the wall with it. If it flies, it flies.

I would give anything to see a season 5. I know it will never happen but that would make my year. Enterprise certainly had its flaws, especially in the early season but like most Star Trek shows it improved immensely by the end. If it went 7 seasons like the others it may have been one of my top 3 shows and I’m not a huge fan of prequels at all.

I like the finale. Not so much as an Enterprise episode, mind you, but it’s a decent TNG episode.

Really? That big build-up to Archer’s speech, and then we don’t hear it?

Sure, that was a bad idea. However, I like the episode for what IS there (other than Tripp being killed, which was garbage) more than I dislike it for what isn’t.

Yeah that was so annoying. It would’ve been at least a good idea to end it on Archer’s speech signifying the birth of the Federation. That would’ve been so symbolic and a really nice way to end not just the show but the 18 year era of the franchise. Instead we hear Riker telling the computer to end program. (sigh)

I like them not showing the speech. That episode has a lot of flaws, but no speech they could write would ever live up to the fan’s expectations. I think having it end on his walking up to the stage was the right choice, dramatically, story-wise, and just for the good of the franchise.

Also, the truncated speech was symbolic of the truncated end of ENT overall. Furthermore, we had just come off Archer’s closing speech in “Terra Prime,” which I think gave us the flavor of what the Founding speech would have been like.

I suppose that’s one way to look at it. At least Moriarty wasn’t running amuck in that episode. ‘End program’ is just a touch…ironic.

I also am very unhappy with the finally. Trips death was not nessessary for one. The story line of saving the andorian child was weak but the TNG hollow deck senerio belittled Enterprise’s final send off. As far as the Archer’s speach, it’s probably true nothing could be written that would hold up to fan expectation. I think though Archer could of addressed the crowd of future federation members with something about Coming together in an alliance and their common goal while leading into the Space, the final frontier… Recited by the cast. No Riker,
no Troy no Enterprise D. and computer end program.

I don’t much enjoy the mirror universe episodes, either. When TOS did it, it was a fresh concept. When DS9 and ENT did it, it was just a gimmick. The stories relied heavily on the mirror concept and weren’t intrinsically interesting or compelling. If you take the mirror concept out of “Through a Mirror Darkly,” what’s left is a mundane story about good guys and bad guys. On top of that, nothing that happens to the mirror characters matters in the end. I’ve never understood the appeal of “Through a Mirror….”, and if that’s the best of what Coto had in mind for a Season 5 of ENT, then I can’t say I’m too upset about it not having materialized. I would hope that if a Season 5 of ENT had happened, it would have been more interesting than going back to the mirror universe well.

I tend to agree. But as MU episodes go Enterprise did the best job after the original. From what I can tell IAMD started out as a vehicle for a potential Shatner guest star. When that fell though they still stayed with the concept.

Bill Shatner has outlasted them all . He doesn’t need mirror tricks , he could play the Captain who has outlived/outlasted them all , to opine back over the life of his compatriots .

Actually the Enterprise MU episodes are my favorite out of all of them. They are just fun and love the way they connected it to TOS. I recently rewatched all the DS9 MU episodes and I do like most of them but yeah they got less good as they went and the last one was just plain horrible IMO. I have no idea why would you end a 5 episode arc on Quark saving the Nagus…again.

‘shattered mirror’ does have a glorious battle scene with the MU defiant.

As they say in Hollywood , ‘It’s Been Done !’ . It’s the Hack Hollywood Executives responsible for this staple in Satr Trek .

Interesting style choices by the cast , Keaton has…that happening and quite the hair by Montgomery.

We saw these guys on the stage at the con. They never disappoint, that’s for sure. While I was off to the side standing in line for an autograph from Isa Briones. I could hear my wife shout “We love you!” In which Dom replied, “We love you too!” It is just a huge laugh fest when you have JB on the panel. That man has a great comedic talent in his own way, he can go on and on, like the late Robin Williams could do.

I’m not a big fan of the MU but this show did the best job of it of the other shows that went there. DS9’s first foray into it was kinda OK but the others really changed it and what it was originally presented as being. Enterprise did a much better job of it. That said had they done a 5th season my preference would have been for them to leave the MU alone.

Regarding the finale… I tend to agree that it wasn’t the fact that Trip was killed. It was what he died for. He died so his Captain could get to a ceremony in time to make a speech? Are you kidding? And then there’s the whole TNG intrusion of Riker & Troi. Which was just completely out of place.

This show gets a bad rap. Really wish they got their 5th season. Most of the ideas I heard from Coto sounded fun. Among them he was going to do a Starbase 1 story and a story at Stratos.

Did Dominic Keating not say anything on the panel? He seems to have been left out of this story.

Looks like Scott’s running to reboot “QL”, not “Enterprise” and where is Jolene? Did she really quit acting like Robin Curtis did? Did I just waste my time trying to promote the return of “Enterprise” or what? I hope not. By the time, “QL” finishes, the actors will decide they really are too old and new actors will have to be recast. Just please dont let JJ Abrams recast them if there’s a chance 3+ seasons could be redone. I want the original actors to return! And stick with Manny Coto.