Best In Show At Las Vegas Star Trek Convention Costume Competition And Our Favorite Cosplayers

One of the best things about returning to the in-person convention is all of the amazing cosplays we got to see. At this year’s 55-Year-Mission Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, it was clear that fans have been itching to show off some of their absolutely amazing skills. Many of this year’s cosplay masterpieces could be seen roving the convention hallways, but some of the very best were on full display at the annual costume contest. Of all the entries, only the top 30 got to strut their stuff on the main stage during the actual competition, which was hosted by Star Trek: Discovery’s own Mary Chieffo (L’Rell), with costumes judged by three Trek celebrity judges: Mary Wiseman (Tilly), Noah Averbach-Katz (Ryn), and Robin Curtis (Saavik). Read on to find out who took home the gold (and a $1000 Creation Entertainment gift certificate), and who stole our hearts.

First place winners

Taking first place was a pair of punk rock aliens, a Cardassian and an Andorian. (Who says we can’t have peace in the Quadrant?)

Winners of the costume contest rock out with Mary Chieffo

The winners rock out with Mary Chieffo

Our two winners as they showed the judges their stuff

Our two winners as they showed the judges their stuff

Runners up

The Cardassian-Andorian punk alliance took home the gold, but a total of four costumes got recognition at the competition. I don’t know how they did it, as all of the costumes were truly outstanding, but the judges chose Lego Spock, Herbert F. Solow (or, well, his title card in front of the Balok puppet), and the Xindi insectoid to win official prizes. We have to say, among these three, the Herbert F. Solow title card has got to be the most creative deep cut meta cosplay EVER, and the Xindi insectoid is beyond outrageous in quality and complexity.

Perhaps the most endearing costume also goes to the insectoid, or rather, the cosplayer inside it. The cosplayer was a young boy, and his mom hand-made the entire costume herself. The only trouble was that the kid was blind as a bat in the costume, and watching him slowly inch his way to the microphone to introduce himself and the costume (and then slowly inch his way back off stage) was maybe the funniest moment of the evening.

Lego Spock makes a grand entrance onto the main stage at 55-Year-Mission

Lego Spock makes a grand entrance onto the main stage

The executive in charge of production Herber F. Solow's title card gets his winning certificate from judge Noah Averbach-Katz, who is trying to do his best impression of the Balok puppet

The executive in charge of production Herbert F. Solow’s title card gets his winning certificate from judge Noah Averbach-Katz, who is trying to do his best impression of the Balok puppet

The Xindi insectoid takes his prize certificate from celebrity judge Robin Curtis.

The Xindi insectoid takes his prize certificate from celebrity judge Robin Curtis.

Seriously, take a look at the detail in this costume. Outstanding.

TrekMovie’s “Best In Show”

It’s really impossible to choose a favorite, but that’s just what we are going to try to do here. There was one costume that didn’t win a prize, much to our shock. We were absolutely sure that Mini Mirror Michael Burnham wormed her way into the hearts of the judges just as she did ours. A mother-daughter pair in Discovery mirror universe garb took to the stage, and they looked absolutely stunning! More than just the quality and craftsmanship of the costumes, however, was the pizzazz from Mini Michael, who stole the show with her charm and adorableness. For this reason, TrekMovie’s Best In Show prize goes out to Mini Mirror Michael and Mom!

Mini Mirror Michael Burnham and mom stole our hearts

Mini Mirror Michael Burnham and mom stole our hearts

More from the contest

Of course, every cosplayer on the competition stage is a winner in our books! Here is a gallery with more of the competitors.

And more cosplay from around the con

Plus, there were so many more costumes roving the con that didn’t end up in the competition. Check out this gallery of some of our favorites.

More from Vegas

We still have some more from the con, so stay tuned to TrekMovie for updates. And don’t forget to check out the coverage we’ve already posted.

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I must be missing something about the punk rock costumes, because the other three winners look MUCH better to me. Maybe you had to be there. :-)

I really love the creative thinking that went into the Solow title card entry!

I don’t get it either.

Glad I’m not the only one!

You’re not wrong, the other costumes were better

Because punk rock RULES! In every galaxy!

Why in the world did the punk rock costumes win? I’m honestly confused about this. They were cute, sure. But the others were much better. And that Herb Solow card? GENIUS. It was the obvious winner. Who was judging this contest???

Very clever and creative thinking on the Solow card entry, for sure!

The Herb Solow card one is my favorite too!

Agreed on the Herb Solow card, a credit etched into any TOS fan’s memory LOL Even those from born in the 80s apparently which is crazy!

Ha ha, Riker from Angel One!

Klingons don’t wear khakis.

Tellarites never get enough cosplay love. I must fix that, if I can ever go.

But I love the Herb Solow credit. That’s genius!

Perhaps some people don’t gravitate to the idea of dressing like walking hog all day. But I’d love to see your Tellarite arguing with some dealers on the showroom floor, “No, YOU! Will give me this Andorian action figure for $15!!”


We did not get the Punk Rock either. Sure we saw them there but never in my wildest Romulan Ale infused dreams would I have thought that would be first place. The mini Michael was very cute, we spoke them them both in the hallway. But the end credit card with Balok was indeed the most creative. The Xindi Insectoid was the most elaborate I have seen in 17 years of CONs.

sooo in luv with lego figure Spock – – I think I’ll have to steal it for Halloween!

The insectoid boy was from the TNG ep ‘Future Imperfect’.
Even the couple hastily dressed as Bajoran wormholes was more creative than ‘Punk Rock ____’
Miranda Jones was also a real stand out. Herbert F Solow was real genius.

The judges also admitted they did a terrible job.
The rest of the con ran so smoothly, but no one appeared to be in charge of the costume contest.

Not ‘Future Imperfect’ after all. But why not, mom; why not?

The Trek Punk Rock costumes won because they drew inspiration from the source material and created something new, as opposed to just copying something. Good for them….

I agree, they did a good job. No need to belittle their achievement.

Thanks for explaining; that makes a lot more sense now!

Agreed. They were fantastic. The Herb Solow one doesn’t do much for me.

That’s a very good point!

so fun! so clever! agree, the Herb title card is brilliant :)

Some of these are absolutely gorgeous, just brilliant. Love the Illya one. And, of course, the lower decks squad :D

Yeah, you got to have the legs to pull that one off. (And she does.) I love Doctor Miranda Jones too, and of course Balok!

Still think Herb Solow/Balok Guy got robbed!