Watch Main Title Sequence For ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ With Theme From Michael Giacchino

The kids’ animated series Star Trek: Prodigy arrives on Paramount+ this fall, and today they revealed the main title sequence to build up excitement.

Prodigy is coming

Check out the title sequence featuring a theme scored by Academy Award-winner Michael Giacchino.


Prodigy composer revealed

Giacchino is known to Trek fans as the composer behind the three J.J. Abrams Star Trek movies. He also directed and scored the Short Treks animated episode “Ephraim and Dot.” In a statement, Paramount+ also announced that the series music will be scored by composer Nami Melumad, who has collaborated with Giacchino on a number of projects. The Israeli/Dutch composer made history as the first woman to compose music for the franchise with her score for the Short Treks episode “Q&A.”

“I am excited that I had the opportunity to write the main theme for Kevin and Dan’s latest project, and as always am thrilled to be a part of the ‘Star Trek’ family,” said Michael Giacchino in a statement. “I’m especially looking forward to everyone hearing the incredible work of composer Nami Melumad, who will take the reins of scoring the episodes. Not only is she extremely talented, she is a true ‘Star Trek’ fan.”

Composer Nami Melumad

The title sequence debuted during Paramount+’s virtual Television Critics Association (TCA) presentation. Stay tuned for more from that event.

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Looks and sounds really good!!

Links for foreignlanders?

It’s available on the site as the top news item on the main page.

How fantastic is it that we now have 3 TNG-era Star Trek shows running simultaneously?

I’d say it’s at least pretty fantastic, though I’ll need to see this show before I can safely say it’s super-fantastic, let alone give a precise measurement in fantasti-units.

But seriously, I’m really looking forward to this one.

Pretty great! Especially after listening to people for a decade saying the TNG era was forever dead and buried lol. Uh huh!

And I like they are all in different time periods so we are seeing different angles of the post-Nemesis era. It’s cool we still get Riker and Troi on the Titan in LDS but then semi-retired versions of them in Picard. And also in different formats. Never thought we would get anything like this but here we are!

TNG still dead. These shows take place long after the final episode of TNG.

What are you talking about!? I can see an updated version of TNG all over this show. :P

Ignore the toll!

Just happy the TNG era is back! :)

It’s dead Jim

TNG is back! Deal with it troll! ;)

Quantity over quality. More is not always better.

Let the complaining about starship contrails begin….

Contrails are not unexpected. The crew is inexperienced, so they’re likely using wrong plasma mix. What is worrying is the starship that apparently got taken over by Transformers XD

It’s an experimental ship. Remember what the U.S.S. Prometheus could do? I think this ship is going to be badass!

Looks like it’s a designed to be a slipstream ship with secondary warp engines.

The litverse has dedicated slipstream prototypes on several covers. They have that streamlined styling.

Given that the Titan in LDS was pulled directly from the design for the book covers, I can see the animators taking inspiration from both the Prometheus and those slipstream designs.

USS Aventine (Vesta class)

From Star Trek Online (extracted from a book cover)

comment image/revision/latest?cb=20121114140807

Wow interesting! Thanks as always TG47!

And maybe that propulsion system is a big part of the story line as well now that it’s been revealed the villains want the ship itself. They may want to harvest slipstream technology if that’s what it is.

If we have holographic Janeway, wonder if Seven, Tom, and Harry have something to do with this ship. With all the Borg knowledge, I think of Seven.

Holographic Harry Kim is still an Ensign… 😆🖖

I guessing it was added purely for dramatic effect…….not the wrong plasma mix.

Interesting! I wonder if the Protostar has variable warp geometry like Voyager or new form of propulsion…

I believe it has a new form of (experimental) propulsion. And the testing has gone wrong, making the ship crash land somewhere in the Delta Quadrant.

Killing all hands.

My guess is this is a ship that is designed by Starfleet as an unmanned exploratory vessel to make contact with the Delta Quadrant (perhaps even with someone specific, like Neelix?) hence why they would put an AI of Janeway on the ship.

Then the ship is lost, and discovered by the show’s main characters.

No would build a ship to meet Neelix. You build a ship to get away from Neelix.

Interesting mix of the traditional ship flyby and the more symbolic elements used in the title sequences of more recent series (e.g. Discovery and Picard). Are all the “crew” accounted for?

There are no credits in these credits! Is this just a “clean” version of the visuals, and in the show proper it’ll list Mulgrew (and the rest?), like in our first look at the Star Trek: Discovery title sequence, or will this be the first series in the franchise to completely eschew crediting the leads in its opening?

Its really not at all unusual for American animated TV series – very much the opposite, actually – but it would be a first in this particular franchise, which has always had cast credits in its opening titles, even for the two animated shows that already exist in it.

Ah, just saw it mentioned elsewhere this is indeed merely a “clean” version of the sequence, and that it’ll have a full complement of credits in the actual show.

I recall them doing this for Disco & Picard, too

This is looking good.

OMG love it!!

Seeing the ship zipping everywhere with so much beautiful space imagery and that adventurous score is fun! It’s definitely going to get kids attention. And it looks like that ship will do some really interesting things, at least propulsion wise. I love the the way it ‘transforms’ throughout the intro. We know it’s an experimental ship but I’m really excited to see exactly what it does. I mean it could even be more advanced than Discovery is. ;D

But the last few seconds of the bars from the original theme and Janeway and the other character’s image in the title shot really brought it home for me!

So much better than Giacchino’s “downer” Star Trek movie theme

I loved that movie theme! A perfect successor to TNG and TOS!

I love Giacchino’s work generally, and his “Starbase Yorktown” theme from “Beyond” is one of my favorite pieces of Trek music, but I find his main theme kinda depressing (unlike TOS and TNG). Just one of the many things I didn’t like about the JJ movies.

I enjoyed “Starbase Yorktown” too. But in general I don’t think he ranks up there with Alexander Courage, or Jerry Goldsmith, or James Horner. Cliff Eidelman produced an amazing score to TUC, but his spec work for Discovery was underwhelming (as is the Prodigy theme).

Well, I LOVE “Enterprising Young Men” to death. This here seems to be a very strong variation on that theme. I can spot the EYM tremolo in the background. That trademark is there, but there is so much more awesome “Happy-Kids-Celebrating-Christmas-in-a-Pixar-Animated-Purple-Nexus-Watching-Good-007-Movies-With-Harry-Potter” to it :-)

I kept hearing echoes of Casino Royale, but still liked it

The David Arnold score? I don’t hear it. Completely different styles.

Actually I think he did a pretty good job with all 3 of those scores.

That’s got to be the best theme of all the shows we currently have.
I can actually hum it after listening!

The looks are stunning, but it feels somewhat long to me and the melody is not something that kids will remember and hum or sing along with – I actually don’t remember a theme from that melody after watching it.
That said, again, it looks really good, the visuals are great, and I’m really looking forward to the series!

I bet my 7 year old grandson will be humming this in its entirely by the end of the evening…just like he did with Lower Decks.


Wow! I LOVE it.Both the music and the artwork. I can spot many influences from outside Star Trek which makes it superfresh for the franchise. I love Giacchino. I just love that guy!

My observations:

Let’s start with the one and only downside: the exhaust trail. GR would have certainly hated it but it’s okay with me.

The visuals are so artistically diverse and exciting. It’s VOY on acid with some shades of wild lilac. It feels coherent and yet super imaginative.

The music… wow, so many exciting tunes mixed together. The main theme reminds me of the strong orchestral background bits of a very good traditional Bond song. But there is a lot more… The bit at 0:30 contains some jolly mickey-mousing that is only briefly used for feel-good purposes. The ending contains something that reminds me of one of the later Harry Potter movies.

Strongest NuTrek theme so far… And I liked PIC a lot… But this is a lot more exciting!!!

Garth Lorca, did you notice that the exhaust trail isn’t always there.

To me this is indicative of different drive mechanisms, and my guess is that the trails are an indicator of an experimental drive that we haven’t seen before.

You also notice that in one sequence the ship goes through a tubelike corridor. My bet is that is a slipstream corridor for hyper fast long range travel.

Good observation. You always catch these details very quickly.

Our kids (now teens) have trained me well.

The title sequence is already up at Paramount+. They waste no time over there.

I thought this was the kind of stuff we were going to get on Star Trek day. It’s nice we don’t have to wait until then for any new footage or news.

This looks amazing. But god, I hate when people use elitist phrases like “true Star Trek fan.” True and false fans don’t exist. They’re not a thing. There are fans and there are people who don’t like the show. Enough with the elitism already.

Agreed. As long as Star Trek is in the title of whatever you are watching that makes you a true fan: TNG, ENT, DIS, Kelvin movies, whatever! Just be happy people are watching any of it to keep it flourishing.

Giacchino is a hack fraud.

As long as you’ve backed up that argument with thought-out analysis, I can see where you’re coming from.

Right… he only pretends his music is great. It may only sound great, feel bombastic but if you take away all the cues, the instruments, the themes, there is nothing left LOL

Love it!

I love the music and also the profile shots of The Protostar flying through warp, which I think they took from the 2009 feature, my favorite effect.

Still think its a mistake to not have any Human kid characters.

I feel the opposite, if there is a human kid, they would become the only point of view character.

Kids imagine themselves as many fantastical and alien beings. This gives them the freedom to choose an alien that most resonates with them.

Wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL. Totally awesome title sequence and Giacchino composition. Love it.

I am getting big Voyager opening vibes from this opening which is kind of intentional I guess since Janeway is involved. Giachinno coming in to score this reminds me of Jerry Goldsmith doing the Voyager theme which is still my absolute favorite Star Trek theme.

Great (seems a bit long to hear every time). I was expecting, “Into the thick of it…” 😉

Wow, Nami Melumad looks very much like my daughter! If she had lighter hair and glasses she’d be my daughter’s twin!

Anyway, it’s so cool that more women are getting involved behind the scenes. We need more women in all film-making roles to increase diversity and creativity.

And there are some wonderfu musical pieces of hers available at YouTube… An American Pickle and New Zealand’s Guide to Tessering are my favorites… The first one feels pretty close to this main title… same Giacchinesque background “railway” tremolo…


Very clearly a Giacchino theme. Not bad at all!

Nice mix of visuals and musical styles from previous and current eras. The visuals seem to be a combo of Voyager and Discovery/Picard style flybys with faces and equipment peppered through, and the music is strong. I agree that there’s not an obvious melody that you can pick out and hum like you could with the older TNG era shows, but it fits with what they’ve been doing on the more recent ones.

My only real “issue” is that they don’t need to include elements of the Star Trek theme in every show to prove that it’s Star Trek. That theme was reserved for TOS, TNG and the associated films. DS9, VOY and ENT all had their own unique themes. It fits in PIC because that’s an extension of TNG, but it’s not needed really in DIS, LDS (the opening notes are a riff on the TNG theme) or this one. If anything, since it’s a Delta Quadrant show featuring Janeway, it would have made more sense to loosely tie it to the VOY theme.

As much as I am a sucker to hear the original Star Trek theme in everything, I have to agree as well. It is odd how EVERY new show they find a way to stick the theme in somehow (although the bigger irony is it isn’t added in LDS which goes out its way to reference everything, but not that). But they didn’t feel the need to do it in the older spin offs and as you said had their own music. I really like how its done here (always hated how it was done in Discovery) but yeah it would’ve been a lot more appropriate to have a few bars of Voyager’s theme in there since this is clearly a spin off of that show. And its such an amazing theme on its own.

LDS chose to lead the opening of the credits with the key note sequence from the melody of The Animated Series.

Which makes sense for the first animated series in nearly four decades.

And of course many of us consider TAS to be the fourth season of TOS.

Meh… I generally like Gianccino’s work but this one seems a little pedestrian.

Couldn’t help but think the trailing “exhaust” from the KU version of warp.

When the ships nacelles moved I was thinking, “what is this an X wing?” Then we as a 3rd nacelle? A little weird but let’s see what they have in mind with that.

I think the third nacelle is the slipstream drive.

We can see it engaged when they are in the corridor.

Actually it made me think of the non-canon dreadnought class.

The opening credits are too long, and the theme is non-descript.

But I woke up this morning with the theme running in my head, and it took me two videoconference meetings to shake the ear worm.

Maybe not as nondescript as some people think.

It sounds like a combination of his Kelvinverse themes with a bit of the Goldsmith Voyager theme. Consider these thoughts though before criticizing Giacchino: Its not at all unusual for composers to have a style that manifests over a lot of their different scores – all the greats (Korngold, Newman, Herrmann, Williams, Goldsmith, Barry… and I personally would add Leonard Rosenman) and current major composers (Giacchino, Zimmer, Elfman) have a characteristic style that most times is obvious enough that you can say ‘that’s a (insert name) score’ – at least most of the time. All of Goldsmith’s scores contemporary of TWoK’s sound similar. And that comes from two big things: 1) Getting hired to do a score because the filmmakers want that composer’s ‘style’ in their score and 2) Often working on multiple scores at the same time to both a deadline and a budget. As opposed to most classical composers, who either work on one piece at a time, perhaps putting one aside to take a break from it and work on another; and mostly they didn’t have deadlines, nor worry about fitting a budget.