Get A Look At The Rest Of Season Two Of ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’

During the Star Trek Day celebration, Paramount+ dropped a new trailer for Lower Decks, giving us a look at the second half of the season.

Link to internationally viewable version

We’ll have a full trailer analysis later on, but for now, here are a few of the interesting things we saw in the trailer.

They have ballroom dancing just like on the D!

A visit to the Mirror Universe, or just another workout for Mariner?

The different pieces of the Pandronian character (a colony species introduced in Star Trek: The Animated Series) go flying

More to come

There is much more to come on this big Star Trek Day, with more announcements expected. So stay tuned to TrekMovie for our full Star Trek Day coverage.

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Is that Bem’s cousin? Nice!

Nice use of the Pandronians. Star Trek’s most “really only works in animation” race.

same with lt arex’s species the character that was made to replace chekov since they could not afford to have walter as a member of the cast in tas

Borg? Mirror Universe? Ballroom dancing? Just another typical day as a Starfleet officer!

Ha ha The Pandronians for us TAS fans!

I love all the love this show showers upon TAS (even if that includes a disturbing apparent fate for Spock Two). It’s had Boimler acknowledge Kirk meeting Spock Two (I think these “The Infinite Vulcan” references give LD the distinction of being the only other Trek production to acknowledge not only general lore established by TAS, such as the existence of Caitians or the Forge, or Kirk’s middle initial standing for “Tiberius”, but actually acknowledging the specific narrative details of any TAS episode). It’s also shown us a derelict Antares type ship (also seen in the remastered TOS, but originating in TAS), plus so many TAS aliens – Caitian, Aurelian (& Skorr?), Vendorian, Edosian, Kzinti, Em/3/Green‘s species (“Nasat” according to certain books), Pandronian, Phylosian (not actually seen as yet, but one is said to serve in Tactical aboard the Cerritos)… they just keep piling on more and more nods to TAS, like Tribbles in a grain silo. Having a special fondness for TAS myself, I am deeply appreciative of LD for its own apparent devotion to its forerunner in animated half-hour Star Trek.

I’m with you Blondie. TAS was a big part of keeping my interest in Trek alive too.

And it will always have my love for bringing our kids into the world of Trek with the DVD set.

I think one day we will have a CGI TOS continuation. Or maybe even a movie era 5 year mission.
The big one to look for is Secret of Vulcan Fury, a cancelled computer game written by D.C. Fontana. Appearently it has voice recordings by the original cast.
I think they will one day just redo all the CGI as a mini-series.
Can you imagine a new mini-series with DeForest Kelly as Dr. “Bones” McCoy and James Doohan as Montgomery Scott written by D.C. Fontana?!?!?
I assume they are saving it for maximum impact a couple years from now or they are fighting over the price of the content.

Prodigy can’t come soon enough.

Can’t wait to see how they finish up the second season.

Blowing up a Connie, apparently….

I’m guessing that’s a holodeck. Rutherford said that he got “blown up” with air quotes, and we saw him working in the Wrath of Khan engineering. He’e probably doing some kind of training thing.

Looking Good!

I’m pretending the Gumato episode didn’t happen ;)

There were some good things in it, but it will be going in the infamous / went too far for family viewing bin.

No spoilers but the latest episode was very solid! Another great episode and no controversial Mugatu (or is it Gumatoo?) sex scenes. ;)

Just a fun and well written episode. I really love this show and was great to have right after Star Trek day.

that was a Constitution refit that done got blowed up!

OMG, they have a Connie refit?!?! I am in Canada, it won’t let me see.
They should all transfer to a Connie refit on freighter duty or something. Lol

Check it out here:

Yep. Kla-bowie.

A small favour to ask the editors of this site. Would it be possible to also post the international version of the trailers? It’s extremely annoying for those of us outside the US.

Especially as the global links are available on the site.

Continues to delight and amuse. It fills the void futurama left behind.

It occupies the void that Futurama left behind, but its a void that can never truly be filled.

Thank you Lower Decks for taking the p*** out of phaser rifles. So pointless.