Watch The New Trailer For Season 2 Of ‘Star Trek: Picard’

Release date from the Star Trek Day trailer

A new trailer for the second season of Star Trek: Picard has just premiered as part of Star Trek Day.

Internationally viewable version

Based on what we see in the trailer, it would appear that the timeline somehow gets fractured (perhaps by Q?), sending Picard and friends sent into a dystopic future that resembles Nazi Germany, and they must go back to 21st century Los Angeles in order to repair the damage and save the future.

Patrick Stewart, Jeri Ryan, Michelle Hurd, Alison Pill, Santiago Cabrera, Isa Briones, and Evan Evagora are all back for season 2. John de Lancie returns as Q, with Annie Wersching making her debut as the Borg Queen.

A dramatic reveal of the Borg Queen

Star Trek: Picard‘s second season will premiere in February 2022.

In the coming days we will do deep dives into this and all of the other trailers premiering during Star Trek Day. In the meantime, give us your thoughts below!

Nothing says “fascist future” like ominous black and red drapes in a huge room

and black uniforms

The Borg Queen entrances Agnes

More to come

There is much more to come on this big Star Trek Day, we’ll have more coverage of the evening event and trailer analysis. So stay tuned to TrekMovie for our full Star Trek Day coverage.

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Looks so good.

Isa Brione’s haircut doesn’t look good! But the story possibilities are very intriguing. And I’m getting excited to see how Q figures in to everything.

I am excited to see where this takes us, however, a bit nervous with what looks like the whole or a majority of the season taking place in the 21st century. While I know change is good and Star Trek needs change, part of me misses Picard behind a Federation starship.

A Star Trek series or a whole season) playing in the 21th century is the next logical step. However, I would expect a series which deals with the first steps of space travel outside of the solar system. Placed between First contact and Enterprise.

Change should be improvement.

Why change that is a regression? This looks like very generic sci fi.

Picard should never been commanding a starship. Under his command he lost the flagship to a 50 year old Bird of Prey. I suppose he won Wolf 359 and destroyed the fleet, but that was his mind being used by the Borg. His victory in First Contact I say was him being manipulated by the Borg into bringing them Data being suddendly and obviously in communication with the unimind.

He was dealing with soran, not on the bridge at the time.

I wouldn’t even engage.

Whatever happened to “A Captain is responsible for the conduct of the crew under his command?”
I guess it doesn’t apply to Picard. Must be why he went off to construct an evacuation fleet made up of robots programmed to act as slaves.

Knowing Terry Matalas’ track record, I’m wondering how many different bad futures they’ll have to work through to get it right.

And what was Picard running from anyway?

Agreed TG47!

Terry Matalas is what keeps me excited for this season. People are saying this looks too dark and they are not wrong. But this is the guy whose last series was based on a virus wiping out 3/4ths of humanity in the future and turning into a dystopia which they used time travel to go back to present day (and a few others) to try and change… kind of in his wheelhouse. ;)

We know that our future in Star Trek’s timeline is gonna get worse, because there still is world war III ahead of us. To get it right they have to assure that our bad future happens.

and the xindi attack, romulan war and battle with the cardassians before we get to the relative calm of early TNG.

Touché! That’s right, but I was referring to our near future… 😉

Gabriel Bell (bell Riots is 2024)?

Reunification of Ireland? in 2024? ;-)

Darkest before the dawn…

Squee! I can’t wait.

Here we go again… With yet another time travel story. -Ugh-

did we have one in Picard that I missed?

No, but the whole travel back to the present time story is crap. I absolutely HATE those stories, they are always unwatchable. This whole season is now unwatchable for me.

How dare you talk that way about Star Trek IV.

LOL, so you hate City on the Edge of Forever, All our Yesterdays, Assignment: Earth, Past Tense and The Voyage Home? Really?

Do you hate Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny too? ;-)

I said present day. I especially hate The Voyage Home.

Wow. OK, your opinion.

He’s not alone. I can’t stand TVH either. It’s easily the absolute worst Trek movie ever. And it’s not even close.

a bit of fun inbetween dark chapter of the OS films. and one of the most successful at the box office.

Not for me. Stories like these always scream of big budget cuts.

No, they don’t. THE VOYAGE HOME had the largest budget of the three “Genesis” movies, by far.

Personally, I love them and feel like every decade needs one. It’s a great opportunity to poke some fun at ourselves while making a statement. We’ve done it in the 60s, the 80s, the 90s, the 00s, and now this version of the present day. I think it’s fitting.

Exactly! It’s fun to continue the tradition.

Let’s totally ignore the whole AI = life thing. Nothing to see there!! Not even the Borg care…(?!?!)

This is not the 1980’s/ early 90’s any more. Things have to adapt to stay relavent.

It’s not the early 2000’s anymore, either. There isn’t anything new here.

So its robot Picard on a time traveling adventure which i assume will totally gloss over he is a robot, and Q won’t even mention it.

I was hugely disappointed by the Picard season finale. Nevertheless, your assertion that Picard’s present condition will be glossed-over or even unmentioned contradicts what the actors and other parties have been saying for months now.

Agreed… I’ll watch it, but Star Trek has done time travel to death…

Funny,my first reaction was “ah! a time travel story! Now THAT’S Star Trek!”

Same! My favorite Trek stories are time travel stories. They are always so much fun. Put it this way I can count on one hand the time travel stories I DIDN’T like in the franchise, so for me, it’s great.

I’m not sure there’s a time travel story I haven’t liked. This season looks promising.

Same. There was a time when I just ate up time travel stories. I used to love them a ton. But I kinda feel like TVH was what ruined them for me. I was so looking forward to it for so many reasons. Among them, a time travel story. After that train wreck the time travel stories just got tiresome. At this point I’d just as soon not see another Trek time travel episode (or as is the case these days, a full season of one) ever again.

But I can understand if younger audiences might still enjoy them. I’ve just grown cynical towards them as I’ve grown older.

Its always fun when Star Trek characters come and visit the modern day. I don’t think they’ve done that since Carpenter Street.

I don’t see Guinan so I’m disappointed.

Guinan will know that the timeline has been altered.

She’ll probably be hanging around in the 21st century.

Guinan: You told me you’ll see me in 500 years! It’s only been 100!

Picard: And you never told me about this meeting period. What else did you know about my future that you never told me?

Guinan: Don’t ask me, that hasn’t happened to me yet.


Hosting a TV show, perhaps?

That would be hilarious if Picard discovers Guinan hosting a morning chat show.

She hosts ‘The Viewscreen’, where guests from all over the world join in via zoom chat. :P


technically we don’t know if Guinean will be on season 2. We only know that they Patrick Stewart invited her onto the show but given that they’re filming seasons two and three back to back we don’t know which one she’ll appear on.

This looks super dark and grim, again. Just even visually, but obviously the mention of the “totalitarian nightmare” doesn’t sound like it’s going to be packed with laughs. What with everything that’s been going on, and the relentless bleakness of the times we live in with Covid I think I’m going to sit this one out for the good of my mental health. I really need some optimistic escapism from my entertainment.

I’ll place my bets on Strange New Worlds and hope or the best! It looks really promising and I can’t wait to see how it goes!

You do realize that the U.S. nearly experienced a coup de’tat this past January that would likely led to a totalitarian state, don’t you?

For my part, I am so glad Star Trek will clearly be addressing this and providing hope — the glass is half full on this, not half empty — I want to see how Star Trek addresses these troubled times.

hahahah don’t let the wind blow your tinfoil hat off.

More comfortable than wearing a MAGA cap and rose colored glasses.

Go to conspiracy theory podcast instead.

Unlike microchips in your vaccines or pizzagate, or whatever else the right wants to say about the left, these are conspiracies. These things actually happened.

Unlike microchips in your vaccines or pizzagate, or whatever else the right wants to say about the left, these aren’t conspiracies. These things actually happened.

Great, a pro-Trump, anti-democracy, gaslighting Trekker?

You are now just inventing things in your head. Absolutely NONE of those things were remotely stated. You are just looking for a fight due to your smug superior attitude.

That must have happened in a timeline the rest of us never experienced. In the current timeline the US is presided over by a senile puppet put in office by an evil and faceless cabal.

<insert Picard facepalm>

See, this IS the conspiracy tin foil hat talk. A “faceless cabal”. Seriously, listen to yourselves. Time for admins to close this thread!

Obviously I wasn’t being serious. It was in response to the equally ridiculous coup d’etat comment.

Agreed, Methusalah, I don’t think people realize how close we were to something really really bad. I have friends of friends who are under FBI arrest, who openly espoused trying to take over the country with the aim of reinstalling Trump as a forever president, and wanted to execute the sitting members of congress to do it.

It’s pretty clear what the producers were going for with this season. Ever see that 90s Outer Limits episode called “Decompression” with Bruce Boxleitner and CCH Pounder? This season could be something similar.

Good grief. It was hardly an insurrection. Just look at the videos. No one in their right mind would think those clowns had any kind of plan in hand. It was nothing. They were corralled fairly quickly. The police shot someone and to this day we have no idea if it was justified or not. Congress went right back to work the same day. And no one was charged with sedition or any kind of insurrection-y kind of crime. The country has FAR from collapsing from it. There was no chance in hell of that group successfully delaying the certification, which seems to have been their kinda sorta goal. The nonsense story about the goal was to make Trump a “forever” president is just conspiracy theory hogwash.

If you want to see totalitarianism, just look at what Australia is doing. Scary stuff. Many here in the US seem to want to go that route too. Including those in high ranking positions it seems. It’s enough to make one’s skin crawl.

If you really want a Trek show that’s “packed with laughs” we already have Lower Decks!

Or The Orville! 😏

Well…. It’s certainly not packed with laughs. I wish it was. It would be much better if it leaned on the comedy. But at least when they do go for a laugh, at least they hit more often than they miss.

Based on season 1, no. Haven’t seen season 2 yet. Probably going to start next week. So based on your comment the show has improved? I really hope so.

It’s a bit curious how the Picard people seem to have been a little clairvoyant with what would happen just a year after they broke story. I mean, look at what is going down right now for real.

Still no sign or mention of Guinan, yet she was one of the first people to be mentioned regarding season 2. I wonder if there was a change in concept.

If the timeline has changed, Guinan will know it and will probably come looking for Picard.

She was the first to be invited onto the show but given that they’re filming season 2 and 3 back to back it doesn’t necessarily follow that we’re going to see her in second set of episodes.

Is this a Yesterday’s Enterprise style thing with Starfleet being more militaristic, or more like the mirror universe evil Star Trek timeline.

I don’t think it’s just more militaristic, it’s definitely a right-ward jolt politically with that iconography.

Looks just as far left Soviet style.

Far left soviet style, lol you must be historically illiterate

My family has first hands living under Communism so I would say we very much know what far leftists are like.

Well watching through it carefully I saw that at some point they end up in or near a ‘sanctuary district” which we last saw in Deep Space Nine when Sisko, Dax, and Bashir were sent back to 2024… so presumably, we will end up in the near future… and frankly the future from “past tense” seems way nicer that the current state of things, sanctuary districts or not… and sadly I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if we ended up with actual Sanctuary Districts anymore… only 3 years to the events seen in Past Tense…

Elsewhere in the trailer it looks like Picard gets arrested and interrogated by a detective at some point and Rios is in handcuffs being transported by the Department of Homeland Security, Raffi and Seven steal an LAPD vehicle… and well the rest is anyone’s guess…

That was a terrible DS9 episode. But if certain people are not held in check with their blatant disregard of the Constitution and SCOTUS we may be heading that way. It seems they already are starting to divide us in the 1st and 2nd class citizens.

Sarah Silverman better show up somewhere!

Interesting. I mean no strong opinions yet on the cast returning other than “more Patrick, cool”, the design looks fairly good, doing an Earth-X version of TNG is dystopian but it’s also 1. Not out of character for Q to show them dystopic things and 2. Hopefully actually an opportunity for some nuance and sophisticated reflection about what actually constitutes decision-making “now” that’ll result in a totalitarian dystopia? I’ll be a little miffed if our Data or Geordi or Worf cameos are in an Alt-Timeline. I’m still not that keen on whole seasons of a show being dedicated to storylines they could tell in a two-parter, but that’s from the general lack of content out there – in a world with more content than ever, there’s not a lot that’s substantive, chunky, fills you up like a bowl of stew content.

But my big takeaway is probably that the Borg Queen “recasting” is kind of a misnomer, yeah? I mean that’s a different species, which more or less could be canon confirmation that the Hive Mind “Borg Queen” is something that’s installed into a physical form for … I dunno, almost ambassadorial duties in assimilating … for a purpose; but that like, Alice Krige’s Borg Queen and Susanna Thompson’s Borg Queens are different bodies playing host to the Hive Mind’s Queen Program? That does give stakes in the “Oh I hope Seven doesn’t become the Borg Queen” at least.

Jeez, love it, but they gave way too much of the story away for my tastes. I feel like I already know 75% of the storyline.

No you don’t.

I clearly said “I feel like,” not “I know.” Do you understand the difference?

Ignore him. All he does is troll.

As I noted above, Terry as showrunner and the words “Time is broken,” are a combination that we’ve seen before in 12 Monkeys.

Based on that series, it’s unlikely that we’ll see a one-and-done version of the alternate past and future the way we did in any of the other Trek time travel movies or television episodes.

Time is harder to fix than that. It may take several iterations to get it right and deal with whatever Picard is avoiding.

Undoing the totalitarian government is likely just the first phase. My bet is that they’ll fix that and then find themselves in another bad future.

Time is harder to fix than that. It may take several iterations to get it right and deal with whatever Picard is avoiding.

Undoing the totalitarian government is likely just the first phase. My bet is that they’ll fix that and then find themselves in another bad future.

Sounds like Picard: Season of hell.

Make that two seasons of hell and you’re likely on the right track.

Given that we already know Q will be back in season three (based on Delancie’s comments), my best speculation is that Matalas has tightly and specifically mapped out all the clues and ratchets of the timeline changes right through to the season three / series finale.

“Time is harder to fix than that.”

It’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.

Great song from 1974 by The Sweet!

This looks amazing!

And it’s great to see this show continue the time travel to the present day plot line! Ironically one TNG itself never did although they traveled to Earth of the past TWICE! Haven’t seen it done since Enterprise for “Carpenter Street”.

Anyway, looks really interesting. Using the Borg Queen out of all people to help them is really turning things on its ear. This may be an amazing season…but I said that about first season too lol. So remain cautious but at least ticking all the right boxes so far.

Anyway, looks really interesting.

I agree. I’m thinking Q changes things so that Colonel Green wins WW3 — or maybe Q actually prevents WW3, resulting in things on Earth continuing to get worse during the 21st century and beyond without WW3 to stop that stuff in its tracks. I can imagine Q throwing the second scenario in particular at Picard; you’ll remember the theories I posted on the other thread a few days ago regarding the dilemma this would present for Picard.

Speaking of which — Thank you very much for your reply on the other thread, especially your very kind words. I’ve actually been quietly following the main discussions on Trekmovie during the past few months, but mostly I didn’t feel I could add anything constructive beyond the excellent points other commenters had already made. (I’ve enjoyed reading your comments as always, of course).

I did reply to one of your comments about Section 31/Kovich a few weeks ago; along with the fact that Kovich’s black attire may be a reference to the alleged real-life “men in black”, I suggested that the reason for Kovich’s anachronistic glasses/suit/tie may be that Kovich is either originally from the 21st century or he’s spent a lot of time on 21st century Earth doing Section 31 black ops stuff (possibly including laying the groundwork for WW3, especially since the future Federation can’t exist unless WW3 happens first). So it would be an interesting plot twist if Picard actually runs into Kovich on 21st century Earth during PIC Season 2! Maybe David Cronenberg has a surprise guest appearance planned… ;)

Jai, I like your speculations about Kovich.

Not yet convinced, but definitely agree that he may be a man out of time or universe himself.

I would be surprised to see Cronenberg show up in Picard though since it’s produced in California. He definitely likes dropping into act in Toronto productions, and he notes that acting in each other’s works been a thing in Toronto since the early days of the 80s. Not sure if he’s even do it in Vancouver.

Of course it’s great to hear from you Jai! TM is a really small board for the most part. When you click on a thread, ANY thread, and recognize 90% of the handles at any time, then yeah. So it’s always nice to hear from people I like and respect here, even if we don’t agree on everything. And when you stop seeing certain handles after awhile, you DO notice. That’s the difference between big boards. I won’t go as far as to say its community here (because it is a lot of arguing lol), but pretty close to one. And only a few annoying trolls and people who want to argue with everyone. But most are just here to discuss things at least.

And no, I didn’t see that post about Kovich/Section 31. Unfortunately you spend a few days on a thread and most of the time when I move on, I never even think to check back. Again because its such a small board, after 2-3 days you assumed its all been said by everyone.

And yes I LOVE that theory as well. I think a lot of us want Kovich to be a Section 31 agent really really bad lol. Only because they have made the guy SO mysterious so they kind of built him to be a guy who has all the secrets or at least knows where all the bodies are hidden…we’re just not sure what century or universe they are hidden in. ;)

Maybe he is something akin to a Gary Stevens and been operating with a different agenda in the past but then somehow recruited by Starlfeet/the Federation. It is REALLY odd how the guy clearly dresses like modern day and no one else does in that century. So as usual, I can’t dismiss your theory. It may not be that at all BUT there is nothing that says it can’t be that either. I hope whatever the guy is they reveal it next season. But I also would love it to be something along these lines, a guy who has been jumping universes or time periods.

But they might subvert our expectations and he will just be a guy with a desk job, just with high clearance to know things. ;)

Yup cautious optimism for sure. The trailer looks fantastic, in fact it reminded me of a trailer for a motion picture which of course makes sense since they will once again have a season long story arc that essentially is like watching a movie over 10 plus episodes. TNG, Voyager, Enterprise, DS9, TOS and Voyager – I always liked time travel episodes so bring this on for Picard.
I didn’t hate S1 (in fact I liked it overall) but I was really turned off by particular episodes beginning with S1E5. Chabon did acknowledge S1 mistakes so let’s see if the writers room can correct those mistakes in S2.

I agree, there was a lot to like in S1, but the Icheb death scene will always remain a major error along with the incest vibe with the siblings.

Bad, self indulgent writing choices that added nothing that could not have been achieved with better choices and lost a lot of viewers.

You know my feelings on Picard season one at this point. Again first half REALLY loved it, but yeah episode 5 and on is where things just really started to sink for me and others. And I don’t think ALL the episodes after season 5 were bad either. Everyone seems to love Nepenthe and episode 8 was really strong too. But that’s the problem when you only have 10 episodes, it doesn’t take much to derail the season if the story falls apart somewhere, even for a few episodes.

But same time, I also tell myself it was the first season and we know how well Star Trek has with first season shows goes lol. In fact many may be setting themselves up for the same disappointment for PRO and especially SNW. But that’s the thing, for hardcore fans most of us REALLY try to be as positive as possible, even if we still felt very disappointed with past shows.

Which leads me to Picard season 2. Like you, I just REALLY love the time travel episodes. Always have! As you may know, I’m doing a grand rewatch of the entire franchise (currently on season 6 of Voyager) and hands down most of the time travel episodes have been the most fun by far. I look forward to rewatching practically all of them. Speaking of Voyager, the irony about that show is everyone seems to love Year of Hell but I was NEVER a big fan of those episodes…until I rewatched them again recently and appreciated them a lot more than I did in the past. There are a lot of details you do forget. But for me, I always smile knowing we’re getting a time travel episode because Star Trek has done them so well.

But I know others are sick of them of them too. It just proves Trek fans are not a monolith. What one fan thinks is the greatest concept another thinks is tired and overdone. So I get it in THAT sense.

But what a lot of these people miss when they complain about doing something again with Star Trek is most of these things like time travel HASN’T been done in a long time now. That’s how you know you are a long time fan of something because you don’t really differentiate with time (no pun intended ;)). But a lot of the complaints fans are talking about reusing characters and concepts hasn’t been done in ages. The LAST time Star Trek had a true time travel story (not counting the 2009 movie) was in 2004 at the beginning of season 4 of Enterprise. It’s been 16 years! You would think we have been getting them every year for the last decade which obviously can’t be true since DIS just showed up in 2017. But that’s the thing, the passage of time has been a pretty big one with ALL of these concepts so it’s really easy for the new TPTB want to explore them again which ALSO goes to my second point.

The people who are making Star Trek today are generally new writers and producers to the franchise. And they want to put their OWN spin on things because now they have this vast playground to play with for the first time. Again, something fans don’t seem to take into account. If you are a life long Star Trek fan and you always wanted to do a story revolving around the Romulans, are you REALLY shocked we’re going to get more Romulan stories? Or alternate dimensions. Or Section 31? Or Borg? And on and on and on. Because just like us fans, a lot of these writers grew up with these shows and now want to do their OWN time travel stories or their own first contact story or their own Klingon story or their own stuck on a planet story and so on. Whatever. A lot of these people working on Star Trek today were probably inspired to work on that show because of those types of stories in the first place.

And for the record I’m not always happy either when we hear they want to go back to Khan (ugh) or do the umteenth Klingon saving the Empire story. I roll my eyes too a lot of times. But I get it, for a lot of writers its those stories and characters that inspire them to even do Star Trek in the first place. So as long as they can put their own spin on it, I’m ALL for it. And really, none of this stuff is going away, EVER, and I wish more people just accept it. ;)

Content. This is why they call it “content,” kids. Kurtzman boasts of how “cinematic” his product is, and he is correct- this looks like the trailer for hacky cinematic rubbish that I have seen 900 times. What utterly interchangeable, disposable corporate widgets this franchise has become. It’s funny, after 5 years of Alex’s “cinematic” widgets, when one goes back and watches, say, Enterprise, it comes off like bloody Jean Renoir. (OK, not every episode, ha.)

Why do you watch it if you hate it so much?

He’s holding out hope.

So when traveling back in time in Star Trek, what factors determine if the time travel creates an alternate timeline, like in Star Trek 2009, or not, like in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home?

How the writers are feeling that week.

I guess ultimately it’s all at the service of the story they’re trying to tell.


Yes! But what’s the science?

It’s possible that every single time travel event creates an alternate timeline like in 2009. But we only follow one timeline. The JJ Abrams movies are unique in that they follow the altered timeline. However that doesn’t mean that there isn’t another universe out there somewhere in which the whale probe destroys humanity, another one in which Edith Keeler lives, another in which Voyager takes 23 years to return to Earth, etc. We just ignore those and assume all alternative timelines have been erased.

The mirror universe could also be an alternate timeline that was formed from some time travel event. This could explain why the Guardian of Forever can send people into the past as easily as he sends people to the mirror universe, because both are different sides of the same coin. I think the explanation Kovich gives of parallel universes also backs this theory – as I recall he considered the Abramsverse to be parallel universe just like the mirror universe.

Also fits with TNG episode Parallels.

The implications of this are kind of disturbing. It means that when a character time travels to prevent some horrible future, they aren’t actually preventing that future at all. They are just creating an alternate universe so that they can personally ignore the fact that in another universe the Earth was conquered by Nazis, or a whale probe, or the Borg, or a bunch of their friends died.

That’s what is most challenging about this idea. The person traveling back in time to fix the future is really only fixing things from their perspective, but their original timeline, the one they’e left behind, continues down its own course. So traveling back in time to fix “your” timeline is ultimately pointless.

Right. They aren’t actually helping anybody by doing this, unless their only objective is to get themselves to a timeline that feels good to them. But Janeway did not, for example, save Seven and Chakotay. She just created a new Seven and Chakotay that did not die.

In fact, good intention time travelers are actually sprouting up new universes full of pain and suffering and death of their own, which will only result in time travelers in that universe going back and creating more universes. 

Well, I go back and look at what caused the time travel. Star Trek 2009 wasn’t actually time travel at all. The red matter created an alternate universe and the jellyfish and nero just happened to enter the kelvin universe at a specific point in that universe. The Voyage home was sling shot around a sun which creates time warp within the same universe.

That’s a very good theory to explain the different points of view on time travel!

Thank you :)

This article says the time travel is caused “perhaps by Q?”, but Picard’s dialogue in this trailer specifically states that Q went back and time and caused the totalitarian state. We don’t know for what reason, of course, but it does appear Q is the cause

Holy hell that looked so bad that I’m speechless.

Yeh I went from interested and somewhat excited to…wtf, Picard running around 2021 LA, and oh look a tyrannical government which is in no way (wink wink) based on our own political views of the opposition no matter who that opposition is and this is all a lesson from Q…you know like he’s done before, only not as interesting as working out the paradox.

Q went back in time? Oh no… He could actually turn out to be Q’anon… That thought gives me the shivers…

“We must go back and make sure the JJ verse never gets made”

Yeah, cause those 3 movies, truly the worst thing

At the very least, please kill British Khan before he jumps on the Botany Bay. ;)

I’ll sign up for that!

Seven of Nine not knowing how to drive a car is a nice reference to Kirk and Archer.
They knew how to pilot an alien ship but not a car. (altough little Kirk of the KT in 2009 knew it).

They’re not in either the Mirror Universe or the Kelvin Universe. I wonder if Picard and his crew will interact with Captain Archer and Zefram Cochrane in this altered timeline.

Also posted by Amazon AU/NZ an hour ago:

Anyone notice how at 1:46-47 the Romulan elf ;) fights off two Starfleet officers wearing FC/INS/NEM & DS9 grey shouldered uniforms? At least that’s how it looks like.

Is Elnor the casualty of the episode?

Is the Borg queen being used as a means of time travel somehow? I guess she was stored in some Romulan lab – notice how Picard & the crew beam in, see someone walk into the room, obviously very surprised and then Seven is nearly terrified and backs off a little? I think this might be the reveal of the queen.

Do we also see mother of Picard telling him about something big (universe?)? It seems that the boy standing in the big glassy room (a greenhouse?) might be small JL as Picard seems to flashback to the same boy/room earlier on.

I cannot say I’m a fan of the scenario presented in the trailer. It looks like someone (again) took a handful of best episodes and threw them in a blender. We have First Contact, Tapestry, Yesterday’s Enterprise and all 20th/21st c. episodes here all mixed. I don’t see much original thought behind this. If this is a revisit of the best episodes from the past – then what’s the point? If you have to lean on nostalgia – take the worst ones and remold them into something excellent or think of a way to make these old, worst episodes look better in retrospect. Take Ferengi for instance – DS9 remade the Ferengi, and made Quark one of the most compelling characters in Trek.

Good points. I do think they need the Queen to time travel and Seven is reacting to seeing the Queen. They need to justify the storyline or is this going to be Q shows up after all this time just to be entertained again? I don’t buy that. Season 2 needs to be more than just entertainment to be Star Trek. Season 1 started out that way but really became disappointing seeing how Picard threw away 2 decades and how Star Fleet / Federation values were just thrown out. I guess if anything has been overused in TNG Trek is Data’s family. Enough with it. The daughter would be plenty, but to throw in the rest is too much.

Sigh. Looks even worse than the first season. A retread of First Contact with Rafi and Seven doing jokes about 20th century technology, ohhh, cool! Rafi and Jurati, some of the worst Trek characters ever, still around. I wish I liked it more, but I can’t.
Discovery season 3 is a no for me, and I’m on the fence about this one. Strange New Worlds looking good, though.

Agreed. This trailer makes the entire season look like a rehash of what we have seen before. We really don’t need that. I’m not a fan of time travel anymore but if they were going to do it I would have hoped they would do something new or at least put a different twist on it somehow. There is nothing in this to suggest they did.

Back to 21st century … OK there’s nothing new to invent in the 23-24th ?
Maybe it’s cheaper also to film in our time era ? They don’t do good money so they have to save ?

The Borg in the High Castle? Cool

I I really like the trailer and the story it implies! I smell some messages/comments on society or politics in there! ;-) This will be a fantastic watch! Can’t wait to see Picard and Q again! :-)

There was a DC comic- TNG Annual one, I think- in which Q did much the same thing.

The Story looks to much concentrated on Earth for me. Looks like a lost Season with nothing new from 24th century.

Don’t blame Q, lol. He wasn’t to blame in All Good Things, why would he be guilty now? Most likely than not he’s helping Picard.

I wasn’t expecting Q to go full Biff Tannan but I’m digging it. I’m a sucker for time travel, especially the fish-out-of-water comedy element. I know it’s not for everyone but I love it.

Glad to see more Laris, her and Zhaban were favourites of mine last season.

Picard S2 was going to have a hard time persuading me to watch it–I found the characters largely unlikeable and found the story of season 1 messy and largely without payoff. And I don’t see this preview with Nemesis dune buggy levels of action as getting me back into it. At this point, I’ve just got to admit that Star Trek is going in new directions, and I’m just not into it anymore. Glad other people found this preview compelling though, and hope you enjoy it.

Yea, it looks like it’s not my star trek anymore also. I’ll give this season a last chance, but since they don’t give a sh.. about the other TNG characters aside from Picard obviously I think I don’t giving a fu.. about this star trek anymore too. But as I said, I’ll first watch it and will give it a chance.

And now imagine Worf and Data would have been in the car in this funny situation and the rest of the tng crew would be in our present time also. How absolutely wonderful it would have been to see the crew again like this! Such a wasted opportunity this is, makes me really sad. When I see Picard I also want to see his tng family, they are just belong together! When they don’t want to have the tng people they don’t have to take picard, they could have done it with unknown and new characters!!

Looks terrific. Can’t wait.

The fascist version of the Monster Maroon in the portrait was a neat touch

Star Trek is a platform for infinite storytelling possibilities including and limited to time travel, sci-fi fascism, evil artificial intelligence, time travel, sci-fi fascism, and evil artificial intelligence. And it’s funny, the Borg have been around, what, 33 years, yet there’s never been a story about using Borg tech to travel back in time to save the timeline or someone very special… until now. There are always possibilities.

Uh… First Contact was entirely about using Borg technology to travel back in time to save the timeline. It’s been well established that the Borg have time travel technology.

Your sarcasm detector is malfunctioning…..a quick adjustment to the chronometric particle emitter should fix that right up.

I can’t be sure, but the guy sitting across the table opposite Picard at around 1:48 looks like the actor who played Lieutenant Ducane on the USS Relativity (don’t think his name was mentioned in the episode “Relativity” of VOY). I may be completely wrong, but with all this mention of time travel it may involve the crew of the USS Relativity?

It would be VERY cool if they did a callback to that episode, but my hope is they do that in Yeoh’s S31 series, not Picard.

That said, I looked and I don’t think that’s him. That would be actor Jay Karnes and while the guy opposite Stewart does indeed resemble an older version of Karnes from 1998, that’s actually not what he looks like today (by photos I have found at least), though I suppose he could have put on a little weight and a wig… Good catch, maybe.

Maybe Karnes is playing Det. Dutch Wagenback and Picard has to go one-on-one with Vic Mackey!!!!

The more I see that trailer, the more I’m convinced that it’s the same guy! I don’t think Lt Ducane ever met Picard (at least not on screen) but he certainly met Seven, so she would recognise him in this series.
Of course even if it *is* Jay Karnes, he may be playing a totally different character. Would still be mega cool for that tie in though!

For those complaining about the season being set in the “present day” we still have no way of knowing how much of it will indeed take place there. They might travel back in time for 3 or 4 episodes, or just one episode, we don’t know.

This could be a “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “Scrooge” kind of story, and with Q’s involvement it’s unlikely they’ve just ‘forgotten’ about the golem situation. Lots of potential possibilities present themselves in this trailer.

The “dystopian timeline” may only appear in the premiere, the time travel may be the middle of the season, and they’re just showing us that aspect of it. Maybe Q sends him to three distinct timelines, and the crew has to travel to three different time periods.

Again, lots of possibilities, but I am ecstatic that we’re getting a classic Trek time travel story.

“Maybe Q sends him to three distinct timelines, and the crew has to travel to three different time periods.”

He’s kind of done that already. I’m hoping this is a bit more than it initially appears to be but there are few surprises left in Star Trek anymore.

Yes, I know he’s done that before. That’s the point: there are more options than “the entire season takes place in 2021”.


Are they dead in real life, anyone of them?


Are their characters dead?

NO! (Besides Data, but he’s a maschine anyway…)

Don’t they want to return?

NO! (everyone would love to!)

Don’t the fans want to see them?

NO! (I absolutely doubt that!)

Don’t the show makers want to bring them back?

Y.. !

Well, in the past none of them would have been born yet. So. There’s that.

It has been stated (and implied through various leaks/conversations with cast) that we will see more of the original TNG cast… So they may show up at some point either during the alternate timeline (think mirror universe versions of themselves) or in season 3 which is being filmed as we speak.

so star trek the next generation: the voyage home….this makes me look forward to DSC and SNW more now, which is unfortunate

This made me much more excited for PIC S2, which is fortunate! Disappointed we didn’t get a real trailer for SNW, and DSC once again looks unimpressive.

That shot of the Picard portrait… looks like he is in a black alternate version of the TOS movie uniform

Very underwhelming, as the whole show has been so far.

And the 2021 setting seems very heavy handed.

Heavy handed, maybe but definitely a lot cheaper.

Yes, welcome to Star Trek! Where contemporary settings are a budget cutting staple. TNG I believe was the only show that didn’t do an episode like that.

First Contact 2.0. Again with the Klingons….er, time travel.

Near the end, is that Shohreh Aghdashloo with Picard & Rios at some black tie-event?

Did I hear Picard correctly? “Q, I am way too old for your bullshit?”
Picard has embraced colorful metaphors?!

Merde? It’s also possible the cut in the trailer was as it is in the episode and he doesn’t even say it.

Yeah, he cursed in French in the first season of TNG.

I heard I am way too old for your bullying. But I could be wrong.

This was such a change from the first two trailers we have seen before. Even at the Vegas CON, there was no hint of this (no doubt due to the NDA) at all. But now we see what this is all about or at least a portion. Looks like my wife and I will open up another bottle of Chateau Picard wine, have some Brie, fruit and crackers to watch the first episode again. I wonder if they will show an episode while we are aboard the Star trek Cruise ship?

I think Picard is probably getting the lowest budget out of all the shows. The space and ship visual effects of the first season were on Enterprise early 2000s level and now they are basically resorting to going back to 21st century so they don’t have to create any extra visual effects. Anyone has any idea what the basic budgets for each show is and whether my theory about Picard is true?

If it is true, it is likely the result of Stewart’s salary requirements. It’s the same reason i’ve advocated for the JJ films to go for a smaller, simpler story. The cast are now big stars (Pine, Saldana, specifically but the others will want more too), and they alone could suck up $75M in budget.

But Trek to me does not need the best effects. Trek past TWOK was rarely cutting edge in terms of SFX. Write a good story and I can live with a modest FX budget. Problems with Season 1 were not the cut and paste ships or weak CGI.

The problem is they are not writing good stories so the low budget and copy-paste fleets end up becoming more obvious. Besides Trek in general, even in its cheapest incarnation had relatively good special effects or at least much better and clearer space shots.

When Star Trek stops being a nuanced, thoughtful metaphor for modern societal and ethical dilemmas and just decides to blatantly throw their characters into present-day 🙃