The Mirror Universe Invasion Begins In ‘Star Trek Online: Reflections’

After wrapping up their Year of Klingon in May, Star Trek Online is now jumping back into the Mirror Universe for the latest season update.

Star Trek Online: Reflections

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have launched the latest season of Star Trek Online, with a Mirror Universe invasion. Season 24 titled Reflections is available now for free on PC, with an update for Xbox One and PS4 coming in November. In the previous season, STO celebrated the end of the longstanding Klingon Civil War. Unfortunately, this newly restored peace in the galaxy proves to be short-lived, as a new danger emerges from the Mirror Universe, bringing back with it Admiral Leeta (voiced by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Chase Masterson) from the dreaded Terran Empire. A new featured episode that kicks off a brand new, multi-part story arc for the game is available now for the free-to-play MMORPG.

“Reflections” Trailer

“Reflections” Story

Here is the synopsis of the story:

In Star Trek Online’s last season, House United, players witnessed the conclusion to the longstanding Klingon Civil War. While the bloodshed has ceased, things are far from peaceful in the Final Frontier. The chaos begins when players receive an unexpected visit from the savage Admiral Leeta (played by Chase Masterson, a Star Trek Online fan favorite and Deep Space Nine star), who has traveled from the Mirror Universe to warn the Federation of a looming threat which could endanger all life in both of their universes. She is being hunted by the Mirror Universe’s Kuumarke, a Terran Empire special agent who has been sent to a Prime Universe data station to steal classified information. Though she was once the enemy, players will need to team up with Admiral Leeta to stop Kuumarke and her Terran forces from using the stolen information to bring destruction to the Prime Universe.

New Features

The game’s newest season also introduces a host of new features, including:

  • New Featured Episode – In the update’s newest episode, “Firewall,” players will need to visit a high-security Federation facility to speak with Admiral Leeta. Together they will embark on a mission to protect the Prime Universe from Kuumarke and her Terran forces.
  • New Task Force Operation – With the release of Reflections, Captains will have access to a brand new 5-player ground Task Force Operation called “Operation Wolf.” Players will participate in a Holodeck program created by Mirror Leeta that trains them to infiltrate Mirror ESD to steal classified information.
  • Reflections Special Event – Over the next month, Captains can participate in numerous episodes and TFOs associated with Mirror Universe to earn a very special reward, the brand-new T6 Mirror Gagarin-class Miracle Worker Battlecruiser.
  • New Lower Decks Content – Captains can visit the Lobi Store to check out new weapons and uniforms from the popular animated Star Trek series, Lower Decks.
  • Captain Elite Training Token  – Players can apply the new Captain Elite Training Token to increase 1 Additional Personal Ground Trait Slot, 1 Additional Personal Space Trait Slot, 1 Additional Kit Module Slot, and 1 Additional Device Slot.

More screenshots

Charity contest

To celebrate the launch of Reflections, Perfect World Entertainment’s charity initiative, Perfect World Level Up, and Star Trek Online are hosting a special fundraiser to support Boys & Girls Clubs of America, a nonprofit organization that enables all young people, especially those who need support most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. From now through October 5, players can purchase select in-game items for Star Trek Online at a discounted price on and 100% of net proceeds will benefit Boys & Girls Clubs of America. In addition, is hosting a contest to give out a cabin for two aboard the Mariner of the Seas as part of Star Trek: The Cruise, plus every expansion pack in Star Trek Online. For additional details, please visit

Star Trek Online is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game that allows players to explore the Star Trek universe from within. It is currently available on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. To download and play Star Trek Online today for free, visit

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Ooooh, Leetaaaaaaaaaa!!!! :P

Admiral Leeta? Well, that’s just so silly.

Mirror Universe Leeta is a totally different character, much like Kira was different in the MU.

Don’t even get me started on Mirror Kira. I mean, sexy as hell, but using a character’s bisexual nature to try to convey a “deviant” and “evil” nature is just a little … dated. I get that “Admiral” Leeta is a different character, but it still seems ridiculous and like quite the stretch for some reason.

You can advance in rank very quickly in the Terran Empire if you kill the right people.

She have to kill a LOT of the right people.

Didn’t Hoshi Sato go from communication officer to Empress? Almost the same.

Every time when i play a Terran map on STO an hear “This is Admiral Leeta…”…. i cant stop laughing . She even commanded the I.S.S Enterprise . Every time she loose, it ends with hear retreat and “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” .

I just played this last night, It was good and I look forward to facing the Mirror version of my character.

Why is there a 24th Century Terran Empire again?