‘Star Trek: Fleet Command’ Expands To PC – Watch New Promo With TNG Stars

The popular mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command is jumping to bigger screens with a brand-new update bringing the game to PC. We have the details and two new promos, including one featuring stars from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Fleet Command goes bigger

According to game publisher Scopely, the massively multiplayer strategy game Star Trek Fleet Command has seen more than 14 billion battles and over 500 million hours played to date since it was launched as a mobile game in November 2018. And now players can jump onto a bigger screen with the PC update.

The PC launch of Fleet Command adds more ways to personalize the game, allowing a cross-platform experience. Players can seamlessly transition between devices and play from both their mobile devices and their PCs. This will include cross-platform versions of the game’s social features like Alliances and Battlepass.

Fleet Command jumps onto PC (Scopely)

Multiverse trailer

Originally based in the Kelvin Universe of the J.J. Abrams movies, the game expanded last year to include elements of the Prime Universe, including Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: Discovery, and most recently, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

This PC launch is celebrated in this brand new trailer showing the different Star Trek universes colliding.

Exclusive extras and Borg Cube PC sweepstakes

To celebrate the PC launch of Fleet Command, players who download and play on PC will have access to exclusive extras:

  • Cross-platform resource bundle: New players and existing mobile players who link their account on a PC will earn a variety of in-game resources when they log-in on their PC.
  • Unique cosmetic avatars and frames: For downloading during launch week, players will receive PC-exclusive pieces of flair to show off their style.
  • Exclusive deals: PC players can choose to take advantage of exclusive sales on in-game resources and extras.
  • “Resistance on PC is Futile” Sweepstakes: Players can win a custom Star Trek Fleet Command Borg Cube ATX Limited Special Edition battlestation to power-up their adventures in the multiverse by downloading the game on PC.

You could win a Borg PC (Scopely)

New TNG stars promo

Scopely has also released another one of their promos featuring Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, and LeVar Burton.


If you want to check out Fleet Command for PC go to startrekfleetcommand.com.

To try your luck to win the Borg Cube PC, visit startrekfleetcommand.com/sweepstakes.

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I will always love the TNG dynamic. Very fun to watch.

Ditto that!

Same! The TNG characters are my favorite crew out of all of them. Complete love!

Why did they model Jean-Luc Picard after Kevin Spacey???

Thanks for mentioning that. Now I can’t UNSEE it.

I thought that it’s Jeff Bezos…

I’m kinda thinking PC players are going to balk big time on the $100 resource packs. Today, games that are pay to win don’t do well on PC. Given STFC very much is, I expect we’ll see a storm of STFC bashing and memes from the PC community.

It’s a great ad to be fair, the lads seem like good craic

Why doesn’t LeVar Burton age like a normal person? I’m 42 and look older than he does at 64.