Set Images From ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Hint At A New Ship And More

Earlier this month, production on the second season of Star Trek: Picard wrapped up, and executive producer Akiva Goldsman told TrekMovie that production on season three began the next day. Goldsman also told us that the Q storyline will wrap up with season two, and season three will bring something new.

During these last few weeks, executive producer Terry Matalas has been sharing images from the set. Assuming these images are from season three, we are getting some clues about the future of Star Trek: Picard. Taken as a whole, a few things are revealed.

A Starfleet ship

The main ship for the first season of Star Trek: Picard was La Sirena, the independent freighter operated by Cristóbal Rios. This ship is also featured in the previews for season two, along with some minor changes due to the alternate timeline. But a consistent theme from Matalas’ tweets during September reveals what is clearly a Starfleet vessel from the late 24th century.

Here you can see the helm console for the ship, with Matalas noting the LCARS interface, introduced on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Matalas has also revealed a couple of alert displays as well, including one that shows part of the ship’s MSD mostly covered by a warning that the warp drive is offline.

There’s a hypospray dispenser from sickbay.

Captain on the ship

Reflecting on yesterday being the 34th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, today series star Sir Patrick Stewart shared a photo from the set, with how it “was a good feeling to both look back on and extraordinary to look around as there I was preparing to spend another day on a Starship.”


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Even an android’s got to eat, presumably. Matalas shared the menu display from Picard’s replicator.

And the ship even has some nice dinnerware. Note the late 24th-century Starfleet emblem and odd futuristic cutlery.

Aliens have to eat too; this looks like a Tellarite having lunch.

Deep cuts

Matalas has also shown how the show is dipping into Trek lore. This includes a Starfleet Boatswain’s whistle, which looks exactly like the one seen used onboard the USS Enterprise-A in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. In this case, it looks like it is being held by someone in a 24th-century Starfleet uniform.

He also showed off an even deeper cut with a neon sign for Arcanis Lager, with a sign that looked just like the one at a bar on Earth visited by Dr. McCoy in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Upon closer inspection, the sign is on a brick wall with some flyers like any bar, including one that says “Drink The Galaxy.”

Frakes is back, but maybe not Brady

In addition to the clues from Matalas, there are a couple of other bits from some cast and crew about season three. The first comes from actress Orla Brady (Laris), who shared a tweet earlier this month saying she had wrapped her work on season 2. The actress said “…it is time to take off my beloved pointy ears,” and as this tweet was sent after production had already started on season three, it could indicate she will not be returning for the season currently in production.

One person who appears to be returning in season three is Jonathan Frakes—as a director. Frakes directed episodes in both season one and two, and earlier this month, cinematographer Crescenzo Notarile shared an image of himself with Frakes “connecting our creative minds together in an episode we are about to embark on.”

Season two of Star Trek: Picard will arrive on Paramount+ in February 2022. Season three will likely have to wait until 2023.

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The new ship is probably the Enterprise G.

What? You think they’ll shy away from the big F?

Dvorak doesn’t give an F.

(Sorry, I had to!)


That would be a first for Star Trek Picard!

There’s no reason it can’t be the E. The D’s short tenure was unusual, and due to its destruction. A 25+ year service time wouldn’t be a stretch.

Personally, I think thematically it would make sense if this was the launching of the Enterprise F, a year after the E was retired. New ship, new crew, and Picard is there for the christening. If Season 3 really is the final season, this could be a way of passing the torch.

Maybe cast some known names for the captain and first officer, and spin it off as its own show in 2024.

Not a bad idea. But if the Excelsior class ships are anything to go by the Enterprise E could still be in service 70 or so years after its commissioning

Funny, your scenario is part of the reason I think that IF there’s an Enterprise, it has to be the Enterprise-E, not a new iteration. The Enterprise is a character, not a mere vessel. Picard had a connection the the E. If he’s just around for a christening or something like that, it’s not a ship he’s connected to. It’s like Kirk on the Enterprise-B. He knew it wasn’t his; it was distant and foreign and he knew it.

Would they have the rights to the E with it only featuring in the movies?

Everything is under one roof. Heck, the E was seen briefly as a model/archive photo in the first season. They can use whatever they want.

They’ve never NOT had the rights to the E. Stop watching Midnight’s Edge.

This stuff has been debunked eons ago. CBS OWNS the property, they can do whatever they want with it. The movies were only licensed by Paramount and since Paramount clearly could burrow anything it wanted from the shows to use in the movies then why on Earth could CBS not used anything it wanted from the movies?? It was always the strangest argument.

And Picard used elements from the TNG films already and of course the first Kelvin movie with the destruction of Romulus. So that’s neither here or there.

That doesn’t work for me, because I don’t want to see the end of the E and the end of Picard at the same time, I would rather the theme be not that “all things end,” but that “life goes on.”

that’s fair. I may also just be clamoring for the E-E once more. It’s my favorite ship and 3 appearances isn’t nearly enough :)

Not possible. As the Enterprise F has not been built yet

I think we saw that boatswain’s whistle in VOY “One Small Step”, too.

Looking at it more closely, that whistle is absurdly overengineered.

“But it looks COOL!” LOL

maybe it’s also a time travel device, like a space ocarina

It’s also a breathalyzer….

It has a manual override that can go offline.

It’s the PocketBuddy that his dad engineered in the first Gremlins movie.

Cool! Now for some set/prop images from “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds”….


Yeah and keep in mind these are images for season 3 lol.

It will be nice to get a REAL look at SNW. I suspect we will get some cool surprises when they do show more though.

It’s only a guess that these images are from season 3 because they have been posted recently. However, they could have been taken during the production of season 2.
That said, it’s true that SNW is keeping a closer lid on things. It being a new show, I guess they want to keep the surprise a little longer. Also, I don’t think CBS has revealed whether Picard or Strange New Worlds will be released first.

If they truly are heading right into season 3 then it would not be a stretch to basically call the two “seasons” the first half of season 2 and the 2nd half of season 2. And it would be the length of an actual normal TV season.

The two seasons will probably be telling different stories though.

Yeah, I think so too. I was getting quite concerned that Q would be in 20 episodes, complete overkill. Q is best in small doses. But it sounds he will only be in 6 of 10 episodes of season 2. I’m assuming we will never see him again after that. One final curtain call.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he continued to have the occasional cameo in Lower Decks.

The irony is he was only in eight episodes on TNG for seven seasons. I think six is more than enough for one season. ;)

TBH, I want to see MORE Q in future shows, just not de Lancie’s Q. We seen other Q’s of course but always in relation to de Lancie’s. I like to see them just expand the species more in general. Rosario Dawson said she would love to appear on Star Trek as a Q. My god, take her up on her offer before she gets completely swept up into Star Wars for the next five years.

Not only that but it’s likely they’ll air 6-8 months apart, at least.

Perhaps. But if they are being shot back to back there is really no reason we couldn’t see them perhaps 2 months apart. No more than 3. Any longer would mean there are real production issues.

Don’t get your hopes up. Its VERY unlikely we will see season 3 of Picard 2 months after the second season. SNW season 1, LDS season 3 and Prodigy season 2 will all come before season 3 of Picard. They have a tight schedule of shows to follow. Season 3 will probably air in early 2023.

Doesn’t matter. Still will feel like one full season.

Man I remembered how excited I was to see images of LCARS again in season one lol!

It felt like after many many years Star Trek was finally truly back.

From comments on Twitter it looks like Doug Drexler and Mike Okuda are involved in season 3 too!

YAAAY! It’s good to see more of the old guard work on these shows! Okuda is a legend on his own at this point.

Completely agree. I know that the new production crew members also feel the same way about the Okudas and others from Berman Trek. When I went to a production panel for Discovery back in 2018 Fan Expo in Toronto, it was obvious Discovery Graphics Art Director Tim Peel had nothing but abiding reverence for Mike and Denise Okuda and the work they did on TNG, Voyager and Enterprise plus the TNG movies.

It sounds like at least Mike will be back working on the new shows – that is great to hear.

One of the things people complained a lot on Reddit when Discovery came out is that there wasn’t enough influence of designs from the old shows into that show and why some had a harder time getting into it. And before people start typing, it’s not an issue of being different and people just wanted the ‘old stuff’ again, it was the point the show almost felt like it was almost in another universe entirely that was the main issue. It was suppose to be in the same universe of all the other shows but you saw practically no influences from any of them, obviously TOS being the biggest missed opportunity.

But I will say now, that has changed a lot, obviously starting with Picard and they purposely made sure that show felt influenced by TNG as it SHOULD. It still did it’s own thing in some ways but you can feel the TNG era in a lot of the show. And now you have some of the people who directly influenced working on it is a huge positive and looks like we may get more of that in the next few seasons. The Okudas really did shape a lot of that world.

Then of course we got Lower Decks which is a direct love letter to that era in every way in its look and style. You would basically think it’s the same people who created TNG created that show as well it gets the look SO right! Not shocked to learn he was working on that show too as a consultant. Another reason that show got more receptive fanfare. Even if you hate the show itself everyone seems to love it actually looks like Star Trek again and not BSG. ;)

You know I used to do the eyeroll when I heard SOME of what I considered to be ridiculous complaints about Discovery, but the bottom line is – that is the way SOME fans feel. Whether I think their complaints are legit or not, is quite honestly irrelevant.

Kudos to Kurtzman and others at CBSAA and Paramount who listened to some of the fan complaints. It is obvious things are much much better now, especially with 5 shows in production and not just Discovery.

I use to have some of the same complaints as well (as I’m sure you know) BUT none of it ever stopped me from watching the show or believe the utter nonsense that Discovery wasn’t part of the prime universe and all of that. I COMPLETELY understood why people were put off by it, but same time I understood they just wanted to update the look and make it feel modern and fresh. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that (and I was totally on board with it too), but I think they are realizing now you CAN do both. You can certainly modernize the show but still have influences from the other shows as well to at least feel more familiar.

Again, based on what we seen of SNW, that’s ALL most people wanted. And of course we saw a lot of that in Discovery season 2 which felt more influenced to TOS even if you thought the show was still a loser. But the Enterprise actually looked like the Enterprise. Another big reason people now wanted a Pike show. They proved you CAN do TOS in a modern fashion if you actually tried it. ;)

And yes they DO listen fortunately. That’s why Picard, Lower Decks, Prodigy and SNW isn’t getting the same complaints that Discovery originally got. Sure complaints for other things lol, but they all generally look and feel like they fit in both the Star Trek universe and their respective timelines at least. I honestly feel if Discovery just did that in the first season, there would’ve been a lot less scorn and they probably could’ve kept it in the 23rd century. But hey, I’m not complaining about the latter. ;)

Btw BSG2003 or BSG1978 haha!! Too funny!!

Can’t wait to see Picard S2 and SNW S1. Too bad SNW has to follow Disco S4. Oh I was at the grocery store in West end Toronto the other day down in Mimico and a couple were standing next to me, one wearing a production stunt crew shirt for SNW and the other looked surprisingly like Ethan Peck, but we were all wearing masks, so I have no idea if it was him or not. I just said to them “good luck on the new show” and they said thanks, can’t wait.

LOL definitely BSG2003. But that was a big complaint about first season from some; it felt too much like that show. Actually I rewatched BSG last year and the design actually looks a lot less advanced and sleeker than DIS looked, I guess mainly the style of the show people were talking about.

It’s great you got to bump into some of the people who works on the show. That was the one great thing about living in L.A. and where for most of my life Star Trek existed although I only had that opportunity twice though. My biggest was meeting Kate Mulgrew and Tim Russ when they were shooting in Santa Monica for Future’s End. Just happened to be in the city that day when they were filming. She was so sweet and amazing of course! And Russ was super funny. It was surreal to be on a Star Trek ‘set’ although it was location shooting in the most boring way since it was shot in present day.

The other time was running into Scott Bakula at a music store in Hollywood; maybe a mile away from Paramount studios. This was the first year Enterprise was shooting and the show haven’t premiered yet. I only said a few words to him and said I can’t wait to see it. You can tell how excited he was to be on Star Trek and said being a Starfleet captain was the best job he ever had. Also really cool guy!

That is so awesome about meeting Mulgrew and Russ and I hear Bakula was really proud of the work they all did on Enterprise. That is so great you got a chance to run into these guys down in SoCal. Here’s hoping that the pandemic goes away soon and there are alot more Trek sightings around your city and mine in the coming months and years.

As for BSG2003, even though it was too dark, I still liked the show but it could have lightened up a bit. As for the Glen A Larson BSG, too funny. And Galactica 1980 with Kent McCord from Adam 12 was so brutal haha. I must sadly admit, I did like the last episode they did with Boomer and Starbuck haha!!

Oh yeah great memories! I been to a few L.A. Trek conventions too where I first saw Mulgrew along with Shatner and Stewart at the same one. Voyager was in it’s second season then. So I’ve met all of the Captains before minus Avery Brooks. But its always great to meet just by chance and feels more personal. Maybe I can meet some in Picard which is crazy because several of the outdoor locations they been shooting at has been about maybe 30 minutes away from where I live like where Starfleet Headquarters was in season one.

You should have a lot more luck with more Trek shows now being shot in Toronto!

I’ve never seen the original BSG, but watched the new one 3 times now. But yeah it’s dark! I always describe it as if DS9 and VOY made a very dysfunctional baby. It’s a really great show and it proved how versatile Moore is as a writer. But it’s still not Star Trek. ;)

I STILL wish he could write for any of the new Trek shows, but it would now be a huge step down for him because he currently has many shows he created or developing on his own and a showrunner for most of them I think.

When you get a chance, just for historical tv sci-fi sake, check out the pilot of BSG1978. It was ABC’s answer to Star Wars haha. Although the acting was pretty campy, the story was pretty simple and the FX and production values look arcahaic 40 plus years later, they spent a lot of money on it and for the late 1970s, the visual effects were pretty good. John Dykstra (Star Wars) headed up the BSG visual effects department. IMO the best thing going for it was the opening theme song – which the remake used on occasion.

What is funny – IMO the TOS’ FX, even though it was made 10 years earlier, stood up pretty well compared to the high budget of BSG.

OK, you have a deal!

I went and checked and looked for it on my 2-3 dozen or so streaming services and I actually found the original show on one of them. It’s a free site here (with commercials) in the states called Tubi! Not sure Canada has it but the entire show is there. I’ll definitely watch the pilot in the next few days and let you know my thoughts! If I like it enough I may keep watching.

Meanwhile, enjoy this mash-up video as a thank you sir!

Have to admit, the music is pretty cool at least!

Haha that is great, thanks for giving me a good laugh on my lunch break.
Don’t spend too much time on BSG1978 – it lasted only one season for a reason!! But it was something for teenagers to watch between Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back.

You will probably find it fun to see how the original incarnations of Adama, Apollo and Starbuck differed from Moore’s 21st century remake.

OK, I’ll just focus on the pilot. Let you know my thoughts after I watch it!

And that’s pretty amazing when you consider that Drexler has been part of the franchise since he wrote an issue of the Gold Key comics line in the 1970s!

They could make SO much money semi-mass producing those items. 30 years of TNG and they still can’t figure out they’d make a killing selling LED interactive LCARS panels to people.

I’ve always thought LCARS looked great on a small TV screen, but were a ridiculous waste of screen real estate in any real-world application.

I reckon the ship is the Stargazer in some form of flashback / time travel plot line. The mix of TNG and ST:VI motifs would fit in to that time period.

Perhaps they did find a spot for James McAvoy after all.

Exactly what I’ve been thinking!

Stargazer had the computer graphics used at the end of ST4 on the Enterprise-A, and in 5, 6 and Enterprise-B in Generations.

I may be mistaken but this could be yet another step back to more classic Star Trek. If I were them I’d use S2 to retcon S1 as an alternate timeline, one that had already been changed by whatever created that fascist reality in the trailers. Not entirely yet but noticably…

Picard constantly seemed to feel that something was wrong with Starfleet in S1. Maybe it’s because some changed had already been in place but yet not all of them. When the darkness becomes fully tangible, he eventually realizes that time has been broken and Q comes in…

I hope that by the end of S2, we will see a version of 2400 that doesn’t have Starfleet officers living in trailers, androids treated like cattle and elderly Admirals cuzzing… The entire timelines event could easily restore our vision of the future…

I really like your idea Garth, let’s hope it comes true.

I regret that it’s more likely going to double down and prove that an alternate future would have been worse.

Even though Picard season one REALLY disappointed me, I said it many times I wasn’t really bothered that the universe was changed or ‘darker’. For me, it just felt realistic GIVEN how much had changed in the universe since TNG had went off the air and DS9 gave it a more darker (but yet still optimistic) feel. Sure it was more cynical but given what had happened it from the Dominion War to Romulus, understandable.

Now THAT said, I just did a rewatch all of Picard for the first time since it went off the air a few days ago. And after watching SO MUCH Trek in the last few months including all the 24th century shows again I will admit I missed the more positive vibe from the earlier shows. Again NONE of them presented the universe as some amazing place to live, but certainly a more uplifting one if you lived in the Federation at least. Picard didn’t imply that Federation didn’t exist anymore, but the characters we followed were more broken themselves which presented a more cynical view overall. Judging by what we have seen so far in season 2, I don’t think it’s going to be any different unfortunately and maybe even worse given the premise. But yes HOPEFULLY when they over come the dystopia future, things will feel a little more like Star Trek again.

I’m always the guy who says I want to see something different, and I truly do! I love TNG, love it to my bones. My grand rewatch reaffirmed that in so many ways but I never had an issue of showing a less positive view of the Federation which is why TNG is my second favorite show and DS9 is my first. ;) I like seeing different versions of the Federation and the universe in general, which is why I wanted a show to go forward again and why I was so excited to see Discovery in a very different Federation in the 32nd century.

But yes, the show could be a little more aspirational and optimistic again. I know that was a big issue many fans had against Picard (and just being a REALLY awful and half baked story line as the biggest issue overall) so hopefully we will get more of that by season 3 at least if season 2 is going down a darker path as implied.

Judging by what I see online that’s what a lot of fans want again and one of the biggest disappointments with the show.

Yeah, well… the muddled, half-baked plot I would have stomached a lot better if it had been served in a different manner. The final episode was a lot brighter, more Trek-like… with a TOS-ish planet and TOS-ish “less-is-more”-type androids. But everything up to the “mass effect suicide” on that admonition planet was so dire…

But I’m afraid you’re right. The superdark timeline may be the result of trying to change the not-so-dark timeline… That may be the lesson. But I hope you’re wrong…

The F-bombs were great.

I’ll never not be bemused by how people were so offended by a woman swearing on a television show – but they were totally fine when a male character did the same…

It’s got NOTHING to do with the Admiral being a woman. It’s got everything to do with her RANK, POSITION and AGE that makes me feel so sad about that. Admiral, someone to be ADMIRED, in the most noble organisation ever founded, talking down to this universes’ most respectable character like that…

I didn’t mind Tilly’s f-bomb at all. She’s a woman too, but it was dropped out of joy and excitement, by a much younger, more unexperienced person.

I was thinking the same. The chair in this picture ( almost looks like it’s from TOS. The graphics are obviously more modern.

The replicator LCARS shows some influence from the NX-01 LCARS. Cool.

Thank you for sharing these. For the two of us netizens who don’t use Twitter we thank you.

These images are great!

Seeing LCARS made me want to let out a nerdy squeal.

I think from the pictures it looks like Starfleet and the Federation probably gave Jean-Luc Picard back his commission, which is what he wanted in the first season anyways. And now that he’s in that Golem body he doesn’t have that disease that was preventing Starfleet from letting him go into space. So, after saving the Earth and all of time from destruction once again, Starfleet probably feels that Jean-Luc Picard still has a lot left to offer and they owe him one. They’re gonna do for Picard now what was done with Captain Kirk after he saved the Earth too back in Star Trek IV and that was to give him back a starship.

But because Strange New Worlds is coming out before Picard season 3 does and ViacomCBS does not like to cause brand confusion and seeing as the Enterprise will be the major focus of SNW, I don’t think this ship will be the Enterprise. I believe all that Starfleet stuff is from the USS Verity which was introduced in the Picard: Countdown comic BUT never introduced on screen. And according to ViacomCBS, the Picard comic is canon and we have yet to see her on screen so it makes sense to finally introduce her on screen in what is probably the final season of Picard. If Picard has his commission back, then he’s probably an Admiral again.

And we’ve never seen Admiral Picard on the Verity before on Picard. We’ve only seen and read about that in the comic and the novel. So my first guess is these pictures are from the Verity. Plus, Sir Patrick Stewart originally asked for Picard to be on a different ship other than the Enterprise when he was first pitched this show.

So that’s why I really think this stuff is from the Verity. My second guess is the ship that Riker showed up in to save Picard from the Romulans in the first season finale of Picard. Riker did say that there was a whole brand new fleet of that kind of ship that Starfleet just had built so it is possible, if Picard got his commission, that maybe he’s stationed on one of those ships? Or maybe these pictures are from the Titan?

They introduced her in Lower Decks in animated form perhaps that was setting the stage for her eventual live-action debut. I can’t wait to see what ship it is! I really think it’s the Verity🤞! Live long and prosper 🖖.

The prop people have no clue about grams. Huge portions!


Shouldn’t the light through Vulcanoid ears be green?

I was getting excited then reminded myself how abhorrent the writing was in Season 1 and how bad Season 2 looks already.

I really hope that ship looks less like a bad fan art riff on a ship from a Destiny 2 cutscene than the first one.

Could it be the Enterprise -F – with Captain LaForge, Captain Worf, or if as some speculate it is the very end of Picard, it could end with Captain Wesley Crusher – which would be awesome, since Wesley was created by Gene to represent himself (Wesley being Roddenberry’s middle name)

If they were doing fanservice i could see the Enterprise E and them going back to the First Contact movie with the time travel. But i doubt that will happen.

Yea, bring the new Enterprise and place the TNG – Crew in there!!! And let Q slip his fingers to bring back Data or B-4 with Datas mind..

Since they are upgrading all ships we know (like the enterprise in discovery) and the Enterprise E in this show would look very different to what we know, it would look like a later Enterprise anyway.. so let them put an F on it.

Old refit of a refit of an Oberth-class scout.