Watch A ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Clip; Robert Beltran, Jason Alexander, Jameela Jamil, And Daveed Diggs Join Cast

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Today at the Star Trek: Prodigy panel at New York Comic Con,  Paramount+ announced new recurring cast members and premiered a clip from the show of Hologram Janeway meeting the new Protostar crew.

Big names in recurring roles

Robert Beltran first announced he’d be appearing on Prodigy at STLV in August. He’ll be reprising his role of Chakotay, who’s now Captain Chakotay; whether or not he’ll be a hologram is yet to be announced. Daveed Diggs will play an Andorian character called Commander Tysess. Diggs is best known for his role in Hamilton, and has voiced characters on Bob’s Burgers, Central Park, and Star Wars Resistance.  Jameela Jamil from The Good Place (and whose Good Place co-star Jason Mantzoukas plays Jankom Pog) will be voicing Ensign Asencia, a Trill. And Jason Alexander, a longtime Star Trek fan who guest starred on Voyager, will provide the voice for Doctor Noum, a Tellarite.

Daveed Diggs, Jameela Jamil, Jason Alexander, Robert Beltran

Daveed Diggs, Jameela Jamil, Jason Alexander, and Robert Beltran are joining the cast of Star Trek: Prodigy in recurring roles.

Watch a new clip

After screening the premiere episode at the end of the New York Comic Con panel, this clip was shown, featuring Hologram Janeway’s introduction to the new crew of the Protostar.

Series premieres October 28

The one-hour Prodigy premiere, “Lost & Found,” about group of lawless teens exiled on a mining colony outside Federation space who discover a derelict Starfleet ship, will be available to stream on Paramount+ in the United States as well as Latin America, the Nordics, and Australia, and  CTV Sci-Fi in Canada.

NYCC Prodigy panel moderated by Lower Decks’ Dawnn Lewis

The Prodigy panel featured series stars Kate Mulgrew (Hologram Kathryn Janeway), Brett Gray (Dal), Rylee Alazraqui (Rok-Tahk), Dee Bradley Baker (Murf), executive producers Kevin and Dan Hageman, director and co-executive producer Ben Hibon, and Ramsey Naito, President, Animation & Development, Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Animation. The panel was moderated by actress Dawnn Lewis, who voices Captain Carol Freeman on Lower Decks.  Highlights from the discussion will be up on TrekMovie soon.

Catch up with the Star Trek Day trailer

On Star Trek Day in September, the first full trailer for Prodigy was revealed. Watch the trailer, then check out our analysis.

More to come from NYCC

There is more to come from NYCC including interviews with the cast and producers of Star Trek: Discovery as well as Prodigy. Stay tuned to TrekMovie for our full NYCC coverage.

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Great clip. Love the animation. And the ship, wow, is very very cool. This show is going big, with Daveed Diggs, Jameela Jamil, Jason Alexander…these are big names. I really like Diggs after watching Hamilton, he nailed it. Alexander is a real fan. Hope he could bring his comedian skills to this show. He is a great actor.

What brings me a lot of joy, is to see Beltran joining this show! Makes me very happy. Hope the whole Voyager crew can join as well!!!

Well, Beltran returning to Trek is certainly something unexpected. I think we all know about his bitterness towards the franchise. I guess money really does make the world go around.

It’s also possible that both time and a new production crew has helped resolve that bitterness (though I’m sure money played a factor).

His fans always hoped to see him back in his Starfleet uniform. For real actors, is not only money. Actors are passionate and have strong values. For many of them, to have a good script and defend what they represent, is also very important.

As he said a while ago, he loved his Voyager family, his fans. And he is giving a second chance. I am grateful these new shows are bringing our beloved characters/actors.

 For real actors, is not only money.

What is a “real” actor vs. a “non-real” actor? That’s silly. (Also, as someone who works in that industry, I can tell you this: for ALL actors, bar none, money is a big part of it.)

I mean, I think his bitterness was always directed at the way the stories and his character were written. If he’s given a chance for new, better material for his character – heck, they made him captain – then why not jump in and improve the Chakotay legacy?

It’s been 20 years. Things just change. And they are doing a great job getting people left and right who says they were done with Star Trek which also included Stewart and Mulgrew at some point.

Now, if they can convince Avery Brooks to ever come back then you know these people are real life miracle workers. ;)

The people who wronged him are no longer attached to the franchise. He’s dealing with an entirely new group of people–and not even the same production company. His fight isn’t with them.

The animation looks great, Janeway looks fantastic – I’m really looking forward to this! Obviously Prodigy is targeting a younger crowd, but that doesn’t mean it can’t tell some good stories. I’m hoping it will be somewhat similar Star Wars Rebels as far as being focused on a younger crowd, but still telling some excellent stories.

Anyone got a working international link to the videos?

It’s up now on

Great casting choices!

A pretty impressive/high-profile cast for a kid’s cartoon, no?

Diggs is great as the lead on Snowpiercer, too.

I just saw him play an orderly in a Melissa McCarthy movie — I’m surprised he’s not getting bigger roles.

Oh THAT’S where I know that guy from, Snowpiercer! Yeah great show and really liking Diggs in it. And now he’s in this! Another reason to be excited about this show.

Good enough cast that I’m already imagining a live-action version of them making an appearance in some future ST show/movie. (I know I’m getting ahead of myself here)

We live in a spaciety!

So Holo-Janeway is smart enough to assist the crew in getting the ship home… but not advanced enough to notice they’re children…. hmmm….

But the animation looks nice. Love the new delta on Janeway’s uniform.

You work with what you got.

She did say that she knew that they weren’t being totally honest with her.

Pretty sure children don’t look and act the same in every species… I’m purposefully ignoring their very childish voices of course :D

To be fair, it wouldn’t be the first time a Starfleet crew spontaneously lost (or gained) a few decades…

She obviously realized it. That was the whole point of her comment about them hiding something.

Well looks like they are trying to make Paramount+ a thing internationally, the party is over. Was hoping I wouldn’t have to subscribe to P+ here in Australia (there is very little on it) just for Prodigy and I guess that could also mean Strange New Worlds goes there too. Although netflix might get right of first offer because it has characters from Discovery in it and might count as a spin off…

Have any Discovery characters been confirmed for SNW? I know that Pike, Spock and Number One are there, but they’re really TOS characters. I wouldn’t be surprised if L’Rell or Tyler show up at some point though.

So far none. But like you I really want to see L’Rell and Tyler back too. And it seem like L’Rell will make an appearance eventually being the Chancellor. Of course they can kill her off or something but I really hope not.

I was refering to it being the Discovery iteration of Pike, Spock and Number One. Assuming the jumping off point is a new 5 year mission soon after the events of Discovery Season 2

Someone explained to me on another thread a month or so ago that Netflix basically gave up on the new Star Trek shows once they weren’t given the chance to have Picard over the others and sound like they moved on completely. According to that poster (I have to find that thread) they originally agreed that Netflix would get first crack of future Trek shows but CBS used a loophole of Picard not being a direct spin off to get other companies to bid on it.

It sounded like Netflix wanted to be the exclusive site to all things Star Trek abroad and the second that didn’t happen they lost interest and why Amazon now has more shows than they do currently. Now with Paramouont+ expanding, it only divides the shows up more.

And I kind of feel that while Discovery is doing well for them, it probably never delivered any huge viewings because they never talk about it. When something is a real hit on that site, like Squid Game currently is, we know it because they let everybody know it.

I wouldn’t expect SNW or any future Trek show on Netflix.

Looks great! And even better that Chakotay is back! The new Star Trek era isn’t perfect but it is bringing back a ton of legacy characters I never thought I would see again. Definitely with Beltran lol. I can’t wait to hear what other Voyager characters will show up in time. This looks like this will be a fun show for kids to get into and then get into Voyager and even other Trek shows.

I only know Jameela Jamil from The Good Place, which is my favorite show of all time – I’m excited she’s in the cast! Some serious comedic chops on this roster

I absolutely adore her. She’s hilarious, intelligent, and drop-dead beautiful.

I know I’m setting myself up for major disappointment, but since we know Chakotay will have his own ship, could it be possible in ANY way that he is Captain of…..Voyager?

Yes I know, GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!! But is it really that far fetched? She is still a newer ship for most Starfleet ships her age (but probably has tons of more light years on her compared to the average ship ;)). And after a lengthy refit is probably ready to get back out there. So why not give it to Chakotay if Janeway already ranked up to Admiral by now? It would also be like when Spock became Captain of the Enterprise for that twenty minutes in TWOK. ;)

But OK, maybe they don’t want to fanboy it up too much, then how about a Voyager A? The original ship has been shipped off to Presidio Park to be a museum for prosperity and they christen a new ship right away to replace her. We already know there will be a long line of Voyagers that go literally into the 32nd century, so wouldn’t it be fun to present the next one on this show?

I am guessing most likely it will be a different ship entirely, but food for thought, right?

Still just the fact that it’s even a possibility is really amazing where we are right now in terms of new Trek content! Seeing all these legacy characters and story lines being brought back brings a big smile to my face.

Chakotay was Captain of Voyager in the Relaunch Litverse.

Given that mainstay Litverse author David Mack is a consultant on Prodigy, and he seems to have been able to convince the Hageman’s to make Litverse species Brikarians canon, Chakotay as Captain seems likely.

Oh nice! I didn’t know that. Well that’s at least makes it a possibility if he commanded Voyager in the novels. Not holding my breath but there is a spark of hope at least.

But it will be cool to see Chakotay being a Captain! The guy definitely earned it.

To be honest, I’m disappointed to hear Beltran is the one they’re bringing in. Chakotay was such a bland character. I can only hope they write him better than the previous team did, and that the actor shows more of a spark than he did before. He was a total snooze.

I never had an issue with Chakotay although he’s far from my favorite XO. But hopefully he will be more enthusiastic on this show. Maybe not as enthusiastic as Riker is on Lower Decks, but somewhere in the middle lol.

He is easily the most boring character in the franchise. Which is quite a feat for a terrorist.

Will the videos be made available for us outside the US?

Reading the Youtube comments section of the new clip posted, it’s pretty positive! People seem very excited to have Janeway back and it’s probably a lot of Voyager-era fans responding who were probably young themselves when they started watching the show.

So it bolds well, at least so far! Maybe the show itself may not be as great as hoped but I do think a lot of old fans will be turning in for it to see Janeway and hopefully stick around. After all, that’s mostly why she is there. ;)