Watch New Clips And Character Promos For ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ [UPDATED]

Star Trek: Prodigy arrives on Thursday and Paramount+ has been releasing more promos to build buzz for the premiere of the kids’ animated series, including airing two clips during Sunday NFL games on CBS.

New clips

The following clips were shown on Sunday during CBS NFL football. First up is “Truck” showing Dal trying to escape from the prison mining asteroid Tars Lamora (also available at

“Power” shows Dal and Rok-Tahk powering up the USS Protostar and discovering the universal translator (also available at

And earlier this month Nickelodeon released a clip on Instagram showing Dal and Gwyn’s complicated relationship.


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UPDATE: Janeway promo

On Tuesday Paramount+ released a special promo for Kate Mulgrew’s Hologram Janeway “Training Advisor” character.

Character promos

Paramount+ has released a series of short videos on social media, featuring each of the characters from Prodigy, also identifying their roles on the show (these are also available on Instagram).

Dal: Captain

Gwyn: Communications Officer

Zero: Navigator

Jankom Pog: Engineer

Rok-Tahk: Science Officer


Prodigy arrives Thursday

The Prodigy debut will be available to stream on Paramount+ in the United States on October 28. The series is also coming to Paramount+ in Latin America, the Nordics, and Australia, and  CTV Sci-Fi in Canada. It will debut in 2022 in parts of Europe with the launch of the Paramouint+ Sky partnership.

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The subtlety of the facial expressions is incredible.

One can really see what the EPs were talking about wanting to achieve in the recent TrekMovie interview.

Bring it! I’m ready!

For Canadian viewers, CTV Sci-fi channel will be show Prodigy twice each Thursday: 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm Eastern time.

Very nice that it’s running early enough for younger audiences.

The first promo, with the rock crusher hammers, immediately made me think of the “chompers” scene from Galaxy Quest.

This all looks very good. Still exciting to see another Star Trek show being born again. The new characters looks fun and should be appealing for kids and I’m personally excited to be back in the Delta Quadrant again. Now this this show takes place AFTER Lower Decks right? Star Trek is becoming Star Wars and I’m getting confused with all these time periods lol.

I think Prodigy and LDS may be contemporaries, now that we have two seasons of LDS out there.

Oh you mean they are taking place at the same time the way TNG/DS9/VOY was when those aired? I’m not sure about that, I think they are suppose to be a few years apart IIRC. But if I’m wrong, cool! Two 24th century shows running at the same time again! The 90s are BACK!!!

Hopefully Prodigy will turn out to be a great show like LDS turned out to be! But Star Trek lives!

They’re close, though not simultaneous in the way DS9 was with first TNG and then Voyager back in the day.

Lower Decks began in 2380, the year after Nemesis took place (so to view it in context against TNG, DS9, and Voyager, we can imagine the show had begun running in 2003 instead of 2020), and the just-ended second season was in 2381. As I understand it, Prodigy will begin in 2383, so a couple years after the latest season of Lower Decks.

IIRC, Mike McMahan talked in an interview not long ago about how the various Trek showrunners confer and make sure they’re not stepping on each other’s toes, and how he wanted a particular character to show up in Lower Decks that the Prodigy team was using, and said that he wound up altering the character’s appearance for consistency with the upcoming Prodigy appearance. With Billy Campbell having already stated a while ago that he’d be back as Thadiun Okona in Prodigy, a number of fans have been guessing that the character McMahan was talking about is Okona, who had a brief nonspeaking cameo appearance in Lower Decks S2’s “An Embarrassment of Dooplers”, and that the detail in question was the eyepatch that Okona has in the Lower Decks episode but not the original TNG episode “The Outrageous Okona” – presumably he appears in Prodigy with an eyepatch that he’s apparently had for a while.

OK, thank you! This helps a lot.

So LDS takes place basically a few years after the Dominion war and when Voyager is back in the Alpha Quadrant of course since we saw Tom Paris again. But Prodigy will be a little farther along which I guess makes sense if they now have a Holo Janeway onboard the new ship and Chakotay is a Captain now.

Also interesting about the showrunners having meetings to keep it all in line lol. It must be a little hard trying to keep track of where all the characters are suppose to be when there are so many of them and you have shows within a 10-15 year period of each other with Picard, Prodigy and Lower Decks. It’s fun to imagine characters appear on all of those too!

I remember the article about Okona being on Prodigy. I just thought it was a mix up with the show’s name and his appearance on LDS was what he was talking about. But then he had no dialogue so it sounds like he will be on both.

This is set in 2383. Season 2 of LDS was 2381. Presumably, season 4 of LDS will be set at around the same time as season 1 of Prodigy.

OK thanks! So not very far apart. It seem like it would make their lives easier if they just put these shows in the same year but I guess since the Protostar is in the Delta Quadrant, like Voyager before it, it won’t be influenced by what is happening in the Alpha Quadrant much.

Given the nature of the two shows, they probably wouldn’t really conflict too much even if they were in the sake quadrant.

Obviously agree. And they always tried to have the shows do their own thing even when DS9 and VOY were running. That’s why VOY was put in the Delta Quadrant in the first place, so it can just have its own mythology and do what it wanted.

LDS and PRO are very different animals, which is a good thing.

Actually, at the end of LDS S2, Tendi says she’s been on the Cerritos for two years.

That means the end of season two is in 2382. But yes, that still puts them one year behind Prodigy.

I don’t know. Maybe. I mean, Lower Decks is already aimed at kids for the most part. These promos actually make it look like it’s made for both kids and adults. Like Clone Wars and Rebels was. A tough line to straddle but it can be done.

Lower Decks is an adult cartoon.

It looks good, but does the catboots joke really work if the characters aren’t actually speaking English?

I remember similar jokes in DS9. I think the joke itself might be about how they’re not speaking the same language, given the Dal Rok-Tahk clip was a little bit about the universal translator.

Not if you think too hard about it. But we also do not know the context of the scene. They both could very well be hearing their native tongue.

And does an alien know what a “cat” is? Don’t worry, translators will manage.

Alexa, what’s a cat?

While my granddaughter is just an infant, I hope to watch this show with her, eventually.
I am impressed with how big the scale is with everything. The benefits of animation, I guess.

The more of this I’ve seen and heard/read about the less I’ve wanted to see it.

I was a kid. I started watching Star Trek after school when I was 7. I didn’t get all the jokes, but I laughed in a lot of places rich with character based comedy.

I would have hated all the stupid hi-jinks and dumbing down of the characters in this. Because it’s sci-fi I would have turned it on, but would be doing other things, NOT watching or giving a crap about stupid characters behaving stupidly. Would just as readily watched a Scooby-Doo realtor-based scam/mystery.

I watched a 15-minute section of an episode provided by a friend that works at Disney. The diaglog synching and facial expressions are no better than the Marvel What-If show – which is shockingly, inexcusably bad.

Why did a Disney employee have access to a Viacom/CBS show?

And would it be a final version or just an extract with the sound not well aligned. ( I’ve seen live action series samples where this happens and I always wonder how it’s possible to have the sound synchronized that off.)

that’s fairly common in town, especially amongst certain formally trained grads – and contractors and consultants that do piece work – in order to get outside-the-pack feedback. Same thing between Disney ride/show development and Universal Studios.

The dialog sync failures are do to the software used to automate the process.

That’s giving it the old college try there! ;)

Star Trek: Prodigy is go!

Loved Thunderbirds as a child. I see what you did there.

Looks adorable and funny. Very excited.

It’s amazing how devoted we Star Trek fans are. I remember when so many of us were excited for the first Kelvin movie because it was a HUGE slick action movie bringing back the original TOS characters we haven’t seen since the show ended in 40+ years. It was exciting.

Now we’re waiting on a kids cartoon and many of us are just as excited about this show as the first Kelvin movie because Janeway is back lol. End of the day nostalgia has a huge hold on every fandom out there.

Hopefully in about 20 years time, the young kids who will watch this show for the first time will be excited to show their kids whatever new Star Trek show or movie will be running by then…because Dal or Gwyn is in it and the tradition continues. ;)

That’s what keeps Star Trek going, to see it expand, evolve and be something different for the next generation!

I liked the scene between Dal and Rok-Tahk. It doesn’t get much more Star Trek than a couple of characters learning they’re not what the other expected. Star Trek is above all about communication, and a clip like this shows that this show continues that theme, just as all the other shows have done. Looking forward to Thursday!

What is a Tellarite from the Alpha Quadrant doing in the Delta Quadrant?

Good question. Also? What is a Brikarian from the Alpha Quadrant (Rok-Tahk) and a Medusan (Zero) doing there as well?

Clearly, a mystery to be resolved.

Indeed. It suggests that the Federation has expanded into the Delta Quadrant, but how? Janeway destroyed the Borg transwarp conduit and there are no other means to get there.

There are plenty of potential other ways to get their. Wormholes, slipstream drives, Iconian gateways, Suspiria, Q, etc.

Also Carl/GoF, but I guess the portal is a bit too small to fit a starship through. ;)

Lost in Space….oh, wait.

Well…. Forced to admit this show is looking promising. But then, so did Lower Decks. So we shall see…

Most folks in these parts are pretty vocal that Lower Decks has exceeded expectations. That’s clearly not unanimous , apparently.

The first season was okay, but what I’ve seen of the second makes me wonder why they think it is for mature audiences when there is nothing mature about it. Prodigy looks much smarter and, consequently, more interesting.

Another negative against Lower Decks is that it relies far too much on fan service and pandering to nostalgia. In contrast, Prodigy seems to be more about world building, which is a positive.

Whereas Lower Decks more often than not treats callbacks to previous shows as a gag and insignificant throwaway line, Prodigy seems to be more reverencial and treats the existing Trek universe as seen through the eyes of the new characters with more awe and wonder.

Clearly the jokes on LDS are for an older audience. I don’t think parents will be comfortable showing their 8 year olds the orgy scene from “I, Excretus”. ;) Well, unless they are my parents I guess lol.

LDS is definitely a different type of show, but one that I love. But Prodigy seems like it will be a more traditional Star Trek show, just for kids. Its cool the characters will be assigned different roles like engineer, communication officer, etc. One of the writers sort of hinted they will be getting uniforms in the future too. May not happen but pretty cool if true!

Ironically, the same people who applaud Lower Decks for its humor would hate that same humor if it was a live-action series.

LOL probably right. I didn’t think I would even like it animated but I was pleasantly surprised.

I disagree. With a few exceptions clearly the gags on LDX are geared towards younger children. The jokes overall are very soft and monumentally simple. Yes, there were maybe two instances last season where their bad jokes were of a subject matter questionable for the age of the audience the entire rest of the show was aiming at. Take those moments out and no parent of a 9 year old should have any issues with their kid watching Lower Decks. If my kid was that age I wouldn’t have had any issue with him watching.

I’m not prepared to say what Prodigy will be without seeing it. But your assessment doesn’t come off as unreasonable.

Personally I didn’t find LDX’s first season “ok” in any way. I wanted to like it so much but was amazingly disappointed with what I saw. But the 2nd season did have one good episode. But then Star Trek Discovery had one good episode too.

I just noticed the absence of one role that Star Trek series traditionally have: a ship’s doctor. Considering that they’re on a starship that’s already established to have emergency holograms on board, could there be another returning character from Voyager that they’re keeping secret?

Wow I did NOT think about that. Yeah there is no doctor. This is Star Trek, every week a character is in sick bay for something lol. So you could be right, we may get an EMH on this show. It may not BE The Doctor, but c’mon, if there is a show for him to reappear on….

I have a feeling this show is going to give us lots of surprises that will make old fans squeal.