See The Terran Enterprise-D Crew Face Off With Regent Worf In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: The Mirror War’ #2

Last month IDW returned to the Mirror Universe 24th with the launch of Star Trek: The Mirror War mini-series, bringing back writers Scott and David Tipton to pick up after their previous Mirror mini-series. Joining them on this 8-issue journey into the Terran Empire are cover artist J.K. Woodward and artist Gavin Smith.

Star Trek: The Mirror War #2


When one of Picard’s secret supply caches is raided by “The Obnoxious Okona”—putting an obstacle in the way of the crew getting to Faundori—the Captain vows revenge. Meanwhile, Worf remains on their trail…


Five-page preview: 

Issue 2 Available Wednesday

Star Trek: The Mirror War #2 is available on November 3rd13th. You can order individual copies at TFAW. Or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

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The Mirror Universe again…

It’s a multi-issue mini series, so yeah, it’s going to be the Mirror for the run of it.

Yep. It’s just a matter of time before TPTB decide to do a show there…..though the first season of Discovery almost qualifies.

Well, as long as they don’t do the next movie in the MU… But we all know there isn’t likely to be any next movie any time soon, with all the BS-ing around from the suits…

The mirror episodes was the best thing in season 1 of Disco. They were highly entertaining and everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves. Honestly, I’d rather see a ”Mirror, Mirror” show than a section 31 show.

I’d rather see some exploring strange new worlds… maybe some seeking out new life and new civilizations. You know… where no one has gone before.

You’re asking them to be original and come up with new ideas? Like to actually be creative with thought provoking plots? How silly of you…

So like “Lower Decks” and the rather aptly named “Strange New Worlds”? Even “Prodigy” looks to have a lot of exploring to it.

Noraa, fine, let’s put those shows on one side of the scale and all this mirror universe shit — programming, comics, merch, etc — on the other side and see if it balances out. I’m simply stating MY OPINION that it’s become overkill. Can’t even get Funko Pops of the entire TOS crew, but we’ve got their mirror universe counterparts showing up. I guess it’s just me — I never really enjoyed the MU episodes outside of that initial TOS offering and the first DS9 one. It’s gotten too silly and campy for my tastes.

Oh, I don’t disagree that the MU stuff has gotten a bit out of hand, but it’s silly to argue that we’re not seeing strange new worlds, etc. when that’s exactly what is happening in Lower Decks and we’re literally getting a show titled Strange New Worlds. Verdict is still out on Prodigy, but just based on the pilot and the various trailers, it certainly comes across as a show with a lot of exploration to it.

Opinions will vary. As someone who has generally enjoyed the new streaming shows, Season 1’s very lengthy diversion into the MU was way to long a distraction.

It seems like “Star Trek: Section 31” is in development hell, so you may have nothing to worry about.

Why is Okona popping up all over the place all of a sudden?

I know. it’s outrageous!

I see what you did there.

I am so tired of the mirror universe. It’s time for IDW to close that door and go back to telling stories about the casts of the TV shows and films. IDW used to be a great publisher when it came to Star Trek and the Tiptons used to be great storytellers. But all this mirror stuff is lazy, redundant and dull.

Speaking as a guy that got his BFA in illustration and ad design from one of the best art schools in the country, I have to say that Woodward’s art is really bad. All he can do is trace from screencaps of the show, his use of color is muddy, and his technique rather sloppy. There…I feel better now.

Woodward’s artwork on other series has been great… but, yeah, the artwork above isn’t very good. Maybe he had trouble connecting with the material. I can’t blame him, as IDW’s mirror stories have gone on for too long.

While I don’t disagree that the MU stories have gotten a bit out of hand, the MU stories in the IDW comics have been at least fun. Plus, they’re comics, that’s the best place to explore these types of stories. Hopefully, now that Georgiou is gone from Discovery, we won’t see any more MU stuff there. I could see LD maybe having an MU episode – but I trust LD to make it appropriately fun and absurd.

As far as IDW focusing too much on the MU, they did just finish a massive 25 issue run for Star Trek Year Five, so I’m totally fine with them doing another short MU mini-series, but hopefully they’ll get back to the prime universe soon. We haven’t had a Discovery comic in quite a while, and I’m curious to see if IDW could pull off a LD comic – complete with LD-style animation.